You love tech?

We do too!

And we aren’t afraid to show this geeky side of ours to the rest of the world either!

Wanna know how we manage to pull that off?

Meet our brand-new project at “World Cup Tech”, where we bring you the hottest new gadgets that come out every month including the latest computer accessories, office tools, printers, laptops, smartphones and everything else that you might be waiting to hear reviews on!


Our Goal And Aspiration


World Cup Tech was a tech event held in 2016 and 2017. It was a competition of tech startups. They were given prize on six different categories.

After the events were finished, we thought, why stop at an event when we can reach to our readers each day, every day?

The idea behind creating this project is to bring you a set of unbiased opinions that you can rely on.

While the market is fully packed with colorful products that promise to bring you comfort and convenience, not all of them live up to their promises till the end.

And that’s where the “World Cup Tech” comes into play!

It helps you find the products that suit your style, increase your efficiency and most importantly, bring joy to your everyday life!

This site is constructed with the hope of keeping our readers up-to-date with the coolest gadgets that just came into your town!

Along with buying information, user reviews and opinions from the experts, we also add our own views on the subject and then present the complete package in front of your eyes so that you get to think about it in a fair, unbiased way.


The Editorial Soldiers

We are calling them soldiers as they are the ones that make our site up and running day after day by being on the front line!

Our experienced editorial team, writers and management work tirelessly to get every ounce of truth they can possibly get and help you decide what tech to buy or which one might be a better fit for you.

As the whole team spends a quality of time researching, and reviewing products for you, rest assured. The information that we provide to our readers and the gadgets that we put up for recommendation are something that we are willing to stake our reputation on as they are that much reliable!


Why Put Your Trust In Us?

No matter what big company is behind the manufacturing process, if we find a product that doesn’t meet our expectation or might not make the cut after long-term use, we don’t hesitate to let our readers know about that immediately!

Yes, we do earn a small commission from each product that you purchase following our link. However, that doesn’t cloud our judgment even the least!

If it’s good for you, we will let you know! If not, then we will unashamedly explain why it’s not a good choice and leave the final say to you!

Want to know why we show this much adamancy to stay transparent?

Cause, we don’t believe in compromising our ethics for some extra couple of bucks!

After all, the trust that you guys put in us is just as important as the products and gadgets that we feature on our site!

And that’s why we focus exclusively on the authentic info that we provide on our websites and let you be the judge so that you don’t regret after making a purchase.