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Best 3 Ring Binders 2022 | Top 10 Picks

Is your table a cluttered mess? Have essential documents laid on top of the table unorganized? Are you having trouble in the case of organizing the important papers and reports? Well, what you need in that regard is a three-ring binder.

From managing school papers to reading materials of college to office documents, a three-ring binder can make organizing tasks feel like a breeze. And getting the best 3 ring binders will definitely allow you to carry out that task more efficiently.

Now, you might ask, how will I get a decent binder among all the options that are available in the market? Well, as you have found us, you can be a little worry-free because we will make choosing one feel like taking a walk in the park for you.

Our Best 3 Ring Binder Reviews

There are a plethora of binders in the market. But not all of them are created equal, nor are they all designed to make the organizing task easier. Well, we kept all the factors in mind and complied a list with only the recommendation worthy ones. Have a look at the list that we have made exclusively for you:

1. Case-it Mighty Zip Tab 3-Inch Zipper Binder

Let us start our review section with this offering that is from Case-it. It is probably the best heavy duty 3 ring binder that is out there, and the name “mighty” does live up to its name.

Now you might wonder what makes a binder heavy duty. Well, to begin with, this one that we are looking at has a zipper. Because of that, it will be able to ensure that the materials that are secured inside do not fall off. It also ensures that the things kept inside do not get damaged during transportation or while moving the unit.

Apart from that, it sports a Ripstop Square Patterned Traps on the body. This sort of material pattern are well known for preventing punctures. That means even if anything sharp does collide with the unit, the chances of it piercing through will be very minimal.

The binder has mesh pockets inside. Those will allow you to carry supplies and stationaries alongside the essential documents. Yes, we are talking about carrying because it does have a handle and a shoulder strap. Those two will enable you to take the entire thing with you easily.

Other than that, the zipper that it has is angeled. That placement of the zipper will keep the gussets away when it is opened, which will make it easier for you to write on the secured documents inside.

Lastly, the overall capacity of the binder is three inches. That means it can accommodate a large number of papers and other materials inside.

Highlighted Features:

  • Zippers for eliminating the chances of documents falling off
  • Has Ripstop pattern on the body for preventing punctures
  • Shoulder strap and handle for easy carrying
  • Features mesh pockets inside for holding supplies
  • Total capacity is 3 inches for carrying a large number of documents

2. Avery Durable View 3 Ring Binder – Best 3 Ring Binder For School

While having a large capacity is great for securing a large number of documents, not all of us might have the storage space of storing them in the drawers and cabinets. Well, Avery factored it and are offering different size options for this binder.

As we mentioned above, the unit comes in different sizes. There are five different sizes, to be exact. You have options to choose one from 0.5 inches to 3 inches capacity. And as these have slant rings, they will be able to hold about 20 to 30 percent more than the units that have a similar capacity.

Other than that, the unit is exceptionally durable. It is sturdier than most of the plastic binders that are out there. And it achieves that amount of durability because of combining the DuraHinge and DuraEdge technology. These make it tear-resistant, extremely flexible, and split-resistant.

It sports a unique design for securing the pages. As the rings are mounted at the rear panel, the documents will lie flat. This design would make it writing on the pages easier while being secured on the rings, which would not have been possible if the rings were on the spine.

You will not have to worry about the inks getting transferred from one document to another due to the nonstick PVC free material that it implements. That material will also let you customize the spine, back cover, and front.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in five different sizes
  • Each of the sizes can carry 20 to 30 percent more in comparison
  • DuraHinge and DuraEdge for making it exceptionally durable
  • Features a unique placement for the rings to make the pages lie flat
  • Nonstick PVC free material ensures no inks get transferred

3. AmazonBasics 3-Ring Binder

The manufacturer AmazonBasics seems to have an extensive lineup of basic products that are of decent quality. And the same can be seen in the case of binders too. They probably have the best heavy duty 3 ring binder for the price.

To begin with, the manufacturer is offering three different size options. It is available in 1 inch, 1.5 inches, and 2 inches. There are black and white color options available for all the sizes too. Even the smallest option is not that small when it comes to overall capacity. The 1-inch model can hold up to 175 sheets of documents.

As it comes with a plastic overlay that is fully transparent, you will have the full freedom of customizing the spine, front, and back. This overlay will also provide extra protection against moisture and prevent ink from getting transferred on the cover.

Apart from that, these come with interior pockets. There are two of them inside, which will allow you to pack loose sheets or store necessary writing supplies inside. The maximum size of documents that these are able to accommodate is 8-1/2 x 11 inches. That means you can almost pack all types of papers inside these.

Other than that, the rings are mounted in a unique position. Because of that, you can write on the pages even when they are secured to the rings. Also, the cover is of thick paper, which makes these extremely durable.

 Highlighted Features:

  • Three size options with a comparatively large capacity
  • Efficient ring placement to make writing on the papers easy
  • Durable thick covers
  • The overlay is of transparent plastic for allowing customizability
  • Can accommodate documents that are up to 8-1/2 inches x 11 inches

4. Avery Economy View 3 Ring Binders 05710

The market is full of options in the case of three-ring binders, but not all of them have protection to avoid bubbling or wrinkles on the surface. However, this one that Avery is offering does have that protection.

To start with, it is available in five different sizes. You can choose any from 0.5 inches to 3 inches. Apart from that, you also have the choice of buying them in bulk. There are 4 pack and 12 pack options available, which offer a high-value proposition.

Even if you happen to choose the smaller options, the number of papers that you can store in that is not small. For example, the 1-inch one accommodates about 175 pages, which is relatively more than what most of the other units offer.

And that capacity goes a bit more because of the inclusion of the interior clear pockets. There are two of them inside, which will allow you to store loose pages, pens, and other supplies.

Unlike some of the units that are out there, this one features a fully adhered cover that has a textured pattern. That pattern will not only eliminate the chances of the cover wrinkling or bubbling but also will make it extremely resistant to tears.

As the rings are mounted on the rear instead of the spine, the pages will lie flat. That means you will not have to detach the pages to write on them.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in five different sizes
  • Bulk options are available that has a high-value proposition
  • Has a fully adhered cover
  • The covers feature a textured pattern
  • Has a relatively high capacity compared to the size

5. Samsill Economy 3 Ring Binder Organizer

Even though there are heavy-duty options available in the market, for home use, getting a heavy-duty one seems a more of an overkill. Well, Samsill kept the home users in mind, and that is why they brought this one out in the market.

First of all, the units are of polypropylene or vinyl which is ideal for light home, office, and school use. Even though they are suitable for light use, do not think that the durability is not up to par. The cover is exceptionally sturdy and will be able to withstand daily abuse without any issues.

Apart from that, there are five size options available. The sizes range from 0.5 inches to all the way up to 3 inches. All of them will come with a non-glare overlay. Because of that, you will have the full freedom of customizing the front, back, and spine of the unit that you choose.

Other than that, the inside is of nonstick polypropylene and PVC-free material. These materials will ensure that the ink from the pages is not transferred to the other ones stored inside. You can keep your essential documents inside without having to worry that much.

The rings that it utilizes for securing the pages are round in size. And as they are mounted in an efficient position, they will let the pages lay flat. That position will also eliminate the chances of pages getting punctured. There are two pockets inside, which will allow you to keep loose pages and small supplies.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for light-duty storage but still has a sturdy cover
  • Has a fully customizable overlay
  • Comes with nonstick and PVC-free inside
  • Available in five different sizes
  • Includes two extra pockets inside for carrying loose papers

6. Avery Economy View 3 Ring Binder 19201

The manufacturer Avery has an extensive lineup of reliable binders to offer to the market. And this one that we are going to have a look at is not an exception.

Just like some of the units that the manufacturer is offering, this one also has a textured pattern on the exterior. That exterior does not only make the cover sturdy and tear-resistant but also ensures that there are no wrinkles or bubbles on the surface.

Also, there are five different size options available for this binder. The size starts at 0.5 inches and goes all the way up to 3 inches. And you can also buy them in bulk. There are 4 pack and 12 pack options available.

The rings that they feature are round in size, which are known for holding a large amount of paper. For example, 1.5 inches one holds about 275 pages, where the other rings hold about 250 pages. Each of the models will also come with two clear pockets. Those pockets will let you store loose pages, pens, and other supplies inside.

And because of the efficient placement of the rings, the pages will lie flat. For that reason, you can easily write on the pages even when they are secured to the rings. You will not have to get them detached just to write on them. The interior of the unit is of a material that is nonstick and PVC-free.

Highlighted Features:

  • The exterior has textured material to prevent bubbling and wrinkles
  • Exceptionally durable
  • The rings efficiently placed
  • Comes in five different sizes
  • The insides are of nonstick PVC-free material

7. Five Star Flex Hybrid NoteBinder 72009

Most of the binders that are available in the market will be able to accomplish the same task that is to hold the papers in place. But not all of them will allow you to use them just like a notebook cover. However, this one that is from Five Star will let you do that. 

Unlike some of the units that are out there, this one has a plastic cover. But just because it boasts a plastic cover, do not think that you are not going to get enough flexibility. In fact, it folds back just like a notebook cover, which will allow you to open it and use it just like a regular note-taking copy.

Apart from that, as it is of plastic, the durability of it is quite praiseworthy. It will be able to provide adequate protection from sharp objects. And the rings that it utilizes are quite durable as well. You can expect them not to break or bend even after using it for a prolonged time.

On that note, the rings feature TechLock technology that enables them to easily open and close. That means adding and removing pages from it will feel effortless. Also, the rings are one inch in size, which will enable you to store up to 200 sheets of paper.

To make them look a bit classy, they come in painted covers. You can choose from black, blue, green, purple, red, and white.

Highlighted Features:

  • Plastic covers that are exceptionally durable
  • Features durable steel rings
  • The rings have TechLock technology that makes using them easier
  • Can store about 200 sheets of paper
  • Comes in six different colors

8. Wilson Jones 3 Inch 3 Ring Binder W362-49W

When manufacturers do tend to push out 100 percent recycled products in the market, they tend to put a price tag that is higher than the rest of the competition. Well, that is not the case with what Wilson Jones is offering here.

Unlike most of the binders that are out in the market, this one is of 100 percent recycled materials. And in that, there is about 75 percent of post-consumer waste. Even though the chipboard is entirely eco-friendly, the price did not take that much of a hit. It is well under the affordable price range.

And the value proposition gets higher with the 12 pack option that they are offering. Apart from that, there are three color options. It is available in white, blue, and finally black. All of them blend well in your cabinet.

Other than that, the size of the rings that the unit feature is 3 inches. For that reason, it will be able to accommodate well over 500 sheets of paper. It can hold 550 sheets, to be exact. That means you might not have to use two binders for storing all your essential documents securely.

And just like most of the units, this one also has two interior pockets. Those will let you store torn of papers, loose pages, pencils, and pens inside. Also, as the insides are of PVC-free polypropylene, you will not have to worry about inks getting transferred from one document to another.

Highlighted Features:

  • The materials used for manufacturing are 100 percent recycled
  • Can hold about 550 sheets of paper
  • The insides are of PVC-free material
  • Has two interior pockets
  • Comes in three different colors

9. Cardinal Economy 3 Ring Binder 79520

Have a large amount of paper that requires organizing? Well, if the number of sheets is above 400, you might need to get multiple binders. And getting each of them separately can hurt the wallet a bit. In that regard, Cardinal has got your back with the economic bundle options of binders.  

Unlike some of the manufacturers, Cardinal is offering this bundle in a pack of four. That means you are going to get four of the size that you choose. And the sizes that you can select are 1 inch, 1.5 inches, 2 inches, and 3 inches.

Apart from that, each of the sizes can comparatively accommodate a large number of sheets at once too. For example, the two inches one holds about 475 sheets of paper. And as you are getting four of them, you might not require any extra purchase other than this.

Other than that, the insides come with two pockets that will offer extra storage space. Also, there are dividers inside that will let you efficiently organize the papers. These also have a three-hole pencil pouch. You are getting a lot for what you are going to pay for.

The cover that these come with is transparent. That means you can customize the front, back, and spine of the unit according to your preference. The insides are of a material that is entirely free from PVC and is nonstick in nature, which means you will not have to worry about ink getting transferred.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in a pack of four
  • Each of them has a comparatively larger capacity
  • These have extra pockets, pencil pouch, and dividers
  • Fully customizable
  • Has four different size options

10. bloom daily planners Binder

Are you tired of seeing bland covers for the binders that you are stumbling upon in the market? Want something that is unique and will stand out? Well, bloom daily might have the perfect offering for you in that regard.

To begin with, it comes with covers that have a different pattern on them. There are a plethora of pattern options that you can choose from. You can choose from two versions of Pam Leaves, Blue Floral, Daydream Believer, Geode, and many other pattern options. Those patterns will make your binder look unique.

Apart from that, the units measure 10 inches wide and 11.5 inches tall. They all have 1-inch metal rings inside. Because of that, they will be able to accommodate more than 200 sheets without any issues at all. You will not have to get multiple binders for storing that much amount of paper.

Other than that, both the cover and the rings are incredibly durable. The cover is sturdy enough to withstand daily abuse. It will not sharp things puncture a hole in the sheets that are stored inside. And as the rings are of metal, you will not have to worry about it bending or breaking.

The insides of the unit have PVC-free nonstick material. Because of that, the inks will not be able to get transferred from one page to another. That means you can store your essential documents on it without having to worry too much.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in different patterns of covers
  • Looks unique and will stand out in the cabinet
  • Features 1 inches rings that are of metal
  • The cover is exceptionally sturdy
  • Accommodates 200 plus sheets
  • The insides are of nonstick material

Top 8 Comparison Table


Sizes Available

Color Options

Bundles Available

Case-it Mighty Zip Tab 3-Inch binder Zipper

Three inches only

Black, Blue, Mint, Pink, Purple, and Red

One or a pack of six

Avery Durable View

0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 inches

Plain white with transparent cover

1 pack, 4 pack, 6 pack, and 12 pack


1, 1.5, and 2 inches

Plain white and Black

Pack of four

Avery Economy View

0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 inches


1 pack, 4 pack, 12 pack

Samsill Economy Organizer

0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 inches

White, Black, Dark Blue, Red, and Light Blue

24 pack, 12 pack, and 4 pack

Avery Economy View

3, 2, 1.5, 1, and 0.5 inches

Plain White

1, 4, 12 pack

Five Star Flex Hybrid NoteBinder

1-inch only

Blue, Black, Green, Purple, Red, and White

1 pack or 3 pack

Wilson Jones 3 Ring binder

3 inches only

White, Blue, and Black

1 pack or 12 pack

What to Look for Before Buying?

We know that you are pretty excited to get yourself one of the binders from our review section. But before you spend your valuable money in one of them or in any other one that is available in the market, you will have to keep some factors in mind. These will let you scrutinize the units properly. The factors are:


First and foremost, the thing that you have to factor in is the size of the binders. Most of them will offer you four or five size options. 

However, do not mix up the size with the measurement of the unit. The size here implies to the overall capacity of the binders. Many refer the size to the size of the rings too.

The higher the size, the higher the number of sheets it will be able to accommodate. For example, the 1-inch models can hold about 220 sheets, while the 1.5 inches accommodates about 375 sheets of paper. 

So, if you want to accommodate a large number of sheets, you will have to opt for large-sized ones.


Apart from the size of the units, you would want to factor in the covers too. The covers play an important role in the case of protecting the papers stored inside. And the thicker they will be, the higher the protection they will be able to offer.

That means if you happen to choose one that does not have a durable cover, your essential papers are in a risk of getting punctured. And you would not like holes in your important documents, would you?

Most of the covers are of PVC, polypropylene, plastic, and paper overboard. The plastic or the PVC ones are generally the ones that are most durable and can offer a high amount of protection, but the other ones are not that far behind.

The Rings

You will not have to worry that much about the durability of the rings because most of them are of metal. What you need to consider is the style of the ring. There are two different styles that binders implement. 

They will either have round rings or a D-shaped ring.

The round rings are the most common ones. You will find them in most of the binders. These are ideal for holding a relatively small amount of papers. They will make it easier for you to handle a small number of sheets.

On the other hand, the D-shaped ones are usually used in the heavy-duty binders. Most of them have a unique detaching mechanism that will make handling a large number of papers effortlessly.


Other than the size, the pockets can extend the overall capacity of the units. These offer extra storage space for putting loose sheets, pencils, pens, and other supplies inside. 

So if you plan to carry these, we would recommend you to opt for something that has internal pockets.


While most of the units will not feature a zipper, the ones that do have one make transporting the units around easier, you will not have to worry about papers falling off. The zippers can also add a layer of extra protection to the important documents that are stored inside.

Inside Material

Last but not least, you will have to check whether the material that is used inside is nonstick and PVC-free or not. If the one that you are shooting for does not have a nonstick material inside, the inks from one paper can transfer to the other one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many papers can a three inches binder accommodate?

The number of papers that a binder that has a three inches rings accommodate is about 570. This number can be more or less depending on the design and the placement of the rings. 

2. Will I be able to attach dividers inside the paper binder?

Yes, there are many aftermarket dividers available in the market. You can even get them in different colors. These dividers will let you organize important documents more efficiently.

3. What is the largest three ring binder available in the market?

The largest three-ring binder that is available in the market right now has a six inches ring. That binder will be able to accommodate more than a thousand papers without any issue at all. However, they will be enormous in size too.

4. What is the smallest 3 ring binder available?

The smallest one that is available has a 0.5 inches ring. That size will allow you to store about 120 sheets of paper. They are ideal for organizing papers in home and small offices.

5. What size of binder should I go for if I want to store 200 pages?

If you want to store about 200 pages, then the size that you would like to shoot for is the 1-inch one. Most of them will be able to accommodate about 210 to 220 sheets of paper.

Final Words

Organizing papers can be a tedious task if you do not have the right tools for it. Albeit, there are cloud computing solutions available for making backups of essential papers, but that might not be the cup of tea for anyone. And in that regard, three-ring binders are the best solution.

Hopefully, we could narrow down the overall amount of products to a certain extent that it is now easier for you to choose the best three ring binders. With that said, we want to wrap things up here by hoping that you can organize all your essential papers efficiently.

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