Best 5 Port Gigabit Switch

Best 5 Port Gigabit Switch In 2022 | Top 7 Picks

Let us talk about the elephant in the room. Most of the companies require high-speed internet connections for different operations. And even if you do not have a full-fledge company, you would need fast data transfer among the devices that are in your small  business or office to manage all the information efficiently.

Well, no other network solutions will be able to ensure a faster and stable data transfer rate other than a gigabit switch. Gigabit switches are available in a variety of port options. However, the ones that people mostly seek for are the best 5 port gigabit switch models that are out.

And if you were having trouble in the case of sorting out the decent gigabit network switches that are in the market, then you have just stumbled upon the perfect source. We will ensure that you get the most out of the money that you are going to spend.

Comparison Table

TP-Link 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch TL-SG105
  • Type: Unmanaged
  • Power Intake: 2.43 watts
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1000 Mbps
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NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet GS305
  • Type: Unmanaged
  • Power Intake: 3 watts
  • Data Transfer Rate: 10000 Mbps in full-duplex
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D-Link Ethernet Switch DGS-105
  • Type: Unmanaged
  • Power Intake: 2.7 watts
  • Data Transfer Rate: Up to 1000 Mbps
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Aumox 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch AM-SG205
  • Type: Unmanaged
  • Power Intake: 58 watts
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1000 Mbps
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TRENDnet 5-Port Gigabit EdgeSmart Switch TEG-S50ES
  • Type: Managed (comes bundled with EdgeSmart Web-interface)
  • Power Intake: 3.42 watts
  • Data Transfer Rate: 2000 Mbps in full-duplex mode
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Linksys SE3005 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • Type: Unmanaged
  • Power Intake: 3 watts
  • Data Transfer Rate: Up to 1000 Mbps
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Tenda 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch SG105
  • Type: Unmanaged
  • Power Intake: 2.5 watts
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1000 Mbps
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Best 5 Port Gigabit Switch Reviews

Just like every other product, the market is full of 5 port gigabit switches that are from different manufacturers. However, not all of them will be worth the price tag that they have.

To make choosing a decent performing one more manageable for you, we went through the most popular ones and huddled a list with only the recommendation worthy ones. The list is as follows:

1. TP-Link 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch (TL-SG105)

When it comes to network solutions, TP-Link has been dominating the market for quite a while now. They are now go-to options for most of the people. And this model that we are looking at is probably the best 5 port gigabit switch that you are going to find in the market.

First of all, the setup process for the device is straightforward. It boasts the plug-and-play configuration that most of the network devices are implementing nowadays. You will not require any software, nor will you need any sort of modifications to get the system going.

Apart from that, the unit sports the auto negation RJ45 ports. These ports are of 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps gigabit speed. They will be able to automatically expand the network capacity, depending on the workload that a connected device requires.

The IEEE 802.3 control will make sure that the network flow is stable. Gone are the days of having slow internet.

Other than that, the device has a sturdy metal case. It is relatively compact, and sliding it in a network server or a small room will not be an issue. And as there is no fan, it will not make any operational noise either because the metal case will be able to keep the dissipated heat under control.

It also features the 802.1p and QoS latency smoothening technology. Those will ensure that the data traffic is optimized. They will also offer lower latency in the case of voice and video transfers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Setup process is straightforward.
  • Five port RJ45 connectors with an auto-negotiation mechanism.
  • Features a sturdy metal case.
  • Ensures lower latency data transfer.
  • Sports 802.1p and QoS to optimize data traffic.

2. NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS305)

Another manufacturer of network solutions that are widely recognized in the world is NETGEAR. This one that we are going to have a look at features a versatile mounting option that makes it stand out the most.

As we mentioned, the device has mounting options that are quite versatile. You can mount it on your desktop server station, or you can just mount it directly onto a wall. The compact and lightweight form factor will also make the mounting procedure much easier for you.

Apart from that, it sports a fanless design. For that reason, it can operate while being completely silent. All the heat that the chips inside are going to output will be distributed to the metal body.

On that note, among all the chips that it boasts, there is IEEE 802.3az. This chip is highly efficient and catered towards low power intake situations. That means the cost of operation will not be that much for this device.

As it integrates the plug-and-play configuration, you will not have to worry about fiddling around with network modifications. All you have to do is connect the ethernet cables to the ports, and you will sign yourself up to enjoy high-speed data transfer rates.

Also, the ports that it features are rigorously tested for durability. And there is a chip inside that will optimize the flow of data. You can expect to have a stable transfer rate for an extended amount of time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Does not require any setup thanks to the plug-and-play configuration.
  • Has versatile mounting options.
  • Features a sturdy metal body with durable RJ45 ports.
  • Boasts a fanless design for silent operation.
  • Comes with an energy-efficient IEEE 802.3az chip.

3. D-Link Ethernet Switch DGS-105

Even though there is a plethora of gigabit ethernet switch out there in the market, there are hardly a few that boast an efficient traffic prioritization chip. However, this one that D-Link is offering does have that.

To begin with, it comes with the IEEE 8021p chip. This QoS chip is well known for optimizing the flow of traffic from one port to another. It will first monitor the workload of a connected device and then allocate the bandwidth accordingly. All the ports also have the auto MDIX/MDI crossover.

Apart from that, it also has a store-and-forward scheme for secure switching. You will not have to worry about information leaks. It also sports the IEEE 802.3x for ensuring a smooth flow of data in each of the ports.

As the device has the plug-and-play configuration integrated, you will not have to worry about dealing with any sort of intricate software. The setup process will feel like taking a walk in the park because of that.

Other than that, it features the D-link’s proprietary green technology that will be able to lower the heat production and energy consumption significantly. And as it sports a fanless design, you will not have to worry about it making any annoying operational noise.

The metal body that it has is quite sturdy. Due to compact and lightweight nature, you can set this up in your preferred location without any issues at all.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features a rugged metal housing that is compact and lightweight.
  • Supports IEEE 8021p traffic optimization QoS chip.
  • Easy setup process.
  • Sports the D-link green technology.
  • All the ports have MDIX/MDI crossover for optimized data flow.

4. Aumox 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch AM-SG205

In the case of distribution bandwidth to different devices, having stable gigabit speed in all the ports is an essential factor. Well, Aumox factored that in and brought out this network switch that has the auto-negotiation mechanism.

As we mentioned, the unit comes packed with the auto-negotiation function. Because of that, the bandwidth will be efficiently distributed to all the ports. The distribution will depend on the workload of the devices. For that reason, large data transfers will not take that much amount of time.

Apart from that, each of the ports has lightning protection. This protection chip can withstand about 6KV of lightning-induced current. It will enhance the stability of the device significantly by ensuring that the ports do not get damaged if any sudden surge of current occurs.

Other than that, the fanless design that it features makes the device operate quietly. And to control the overall heat, it has a sturdy metal body that will distribute the heat efficiently and cool off the chips that are inside. You can expect to get a stable overall data transfer.

The unit is exceptionally versatile too. You can either mount it directly to your desktop server or to a wall. It has small wall mounts that will make it easier for you to mount it directly to a wall.

And after you are done with the mounting, you can just insert the network cables and enjoy a high-speed data transfer right away. It will not require any software setup because of the plug-and-play configuration that it sports.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features auto-negotiation for all the gigabit ports.
  • Comes with adequate lightning protections.
  • Operates quietly at a lower heat.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Has the plug-and-play configuration.

5. TRENDnet 5-Port Gigabit EdgeSmart Switch TEG-S50ES

Having a plug-and-play configuration switch is great and all, but being able to configure the network using integrated software can come in handy. If you were looking for a device that has that feature, then you should definitely have a look into what TREDnet is offering here.

First of all, the device comes boasting with the EDGESMART network management solution. It is a web-based management interface that will enable you to configure the network accordingly.

The interface has all the common combinations that most of the SMB management requires. It is also refined substantially to let you make modifications easily.

Other than that, the five Gigabit ports that it sports has 10 Gbps switching capacity. Each of them complies with loopback detection, static link aggregation, VLAN, RSTP, Snooping, and QoS.

Moreover, the ports also support the port monitoring SNMP and SNMP Trap. You will have a flexible network integration experience with this switch.

The design that the unit features is fanless. That design allows it to completely silent during operation. All the heat that is generated by the chips inside is controlled by the metal body that it has.

And because of the compact and lightweight body, you will have no trouble at all in the case of mounting it straight to your desktop server. You can also mount it directly on the wall.

Also, there are different data transfer rates that you can choose from in the web-interface. It supports 10 and 100 Mbps at full-duplex and 20 and 200 Mbps in half-duplex.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with five 10 Gbps switches.
  • Sports an EDGESMAR management interface.
  • Supports all the common SMB management combinations.
  • Two different mounting options.
  • Compact and lightweight body with fanless design.

6. Linksys SE3005 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Among all the devices that are out there, the ones that feature a half-duplex backpressure mechanism will be able to ensure the most stable data transfer rate. And the switch that can portray that perfectly is this one that Linksys is offering.

Unlike some of the units, this one does not only come with a full-duplex IEEE 802.3x control but also the half-duplex backpressure that we talked about. Both of them combined will be able to offer you the smoother and the most stable data transfer rate for all the five ports.

Apart from that, it has an intelligent congestion detection mechanism. That will monitor the data transfer rate at all the ports and control it according to the workload of each of the devices connected to it. All the ports also support the MDIX/MDI cable detection.

The chip that is used inside to control the overall transmission of data is quite efficient. You will not have to worry about it consuming too much power when the workload pressure is too high. It will also detect all the unused ports and stop monitoring them.

Other than that, the ports also have the auto-sensing technology integrated. For that reason, it will be able to switch from the flow rates of 10/100/1000 Mbps efficiently. And as it has the QoS prioritization built-in, it will be able to ensure that the audio and video data are transferred with a minimal amount of latency.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has both full-duplex flow and half-duplex backpressure control.
  • All the ports support auto MDIX/MDI.
  • Packs a power-efficient chip.
  • Sports the QoS prioritization feature.
  • Features an intelligent port congestion detection mechanism.

7. Tenda 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch

We are going to wrap up our review section with this network switch that is from Tenda. If you were in the lookout for a unit that has the auto-negotiation feature, then you should keep this one into your consideration list.

First of all, the unit has the auto-negotiation feature, as we mentioned above. That feature will allow it to properly distribute the network bandwidth by monitoring the workload that each of the connected devices. Each of the RJ45 ports can switch between 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps. Also, all of them support auto MDI/MDIX.

Apart from that, the body it features is compact and lightweight. For that reason, you will not have to face any hassles in the case of mounting it. You can easily mount it directly on a desktop server. It also has dedicated wall-mounting slots that will let you mount it directly to a wall easily.

As the unit sports the plug-and-play configuration, you will not have to worry about any software hassles after mounting. Just after connecting the ethernet cables, you can enjoy fast data transfer rates on multiple devices.

It also sports a fanless design to keep the operation noise at a bare minimum. The chips inside are quite efficient, and for that reason, the heat that they are going to produce will be relatively low too. Also, the power consumption will also be low because of the efficient chips.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features an easy plug-and-play setup process.
  • Can be directly mounted on a wall.
  • Sports power-efficient chips.
  • Has an auto-negotiation mechanism for efficient bandwidth distribution.
  • All the five ports support MDIX/MDI.

Best 5 Port Switch Buying Guide

Best 5 Port Gigabit Switch

You might already have a general idea about what you can expect from a decent switch. But if you want to scrutinize all the units properly and want to make an efficient overall decision, then you need to keep these factors in mind:

Hubs vs. Switches

Both the switch and the hubs look strikingly similar. Even though both of them have the same function, which is to split the internet bandwidth, the hubs are not as smart as ether switches.

It does not have the allocation chip inside to let it know where each packet of bandwidth is supposed to transfer. As a result, the transfer rate generally is poor for the hubs.

And as they look strikingly identical, you can get confused with a hub and a switch. If you happen to get a hub while planning for a switch, the network transfer rates that you are going to get will not be that much praiseworthy.

Auto-Negotiation Feature

Not all of the units that are available in the market will have an auto-negotiation feature. This feature is important because, without it, the bandwidth allocation that the switch is going to make will be just like a hub, which is not that efficient.

You will notice that the speed that you are getting will fluctuate a lot if the unit that you have does not have this built-in.

Mounting Options

Having multiple mounting options is always a great thing. In this case, what you have to make sure is whether the unit has wall mounts under it or not because most of them can be installed directly on a desktop server. The ones that do have the wall mounts will offer you flexibility when you want to install them.

Plug-and-play Configuration

Another important factor that you should consider before spending money on a unit is the plug-and-play configuration. If the one that you are planning for does not have this, then you need to go through a lot of intricate processes for the setup process.

On the other hand, if you shoot for the one that has a plug-and-play configuration, then you can enjoy fast transfer rates at all the connected devices right after connecting all the ethernet cables to the RJ45 ports.

However, if you want to configure the network configurations by yourself, then we would suggest getting the ones that have a web-interface. Those are pretty easy to set up, and you will not have to scratch your head while trying to understand how to navigate through the UI.

Network Stability

Most of the switches that are out there offers a good amount of transfer rates to all the devices that are connected to it. However, the one point that most will fail is ensuring the stability of the network. By stability, we are implying the constant rate here.

If you happen to get yourself a switch that can stabilize the bandwidth that it is transferring, the devices will have a lot of network fluctuation. For that reason, we would recommend you to only get the units that have a network stabilizing chip.

Build Quality

The last thing that you have to consider is the build quality of the housing. What we would recommend in this case would be to opt for the switches that have a metal housing. Those can distribute the generated heat evenly and can control it efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an ethernet switch?

The main task of an ether switch is to ensure an efficient transfer of data between the connected device. So if you have a lot of devices that require constant data transfer, then an ethernet switch is what you would want to go for.

What does unmanaged stands for in the case of an ethernet switch?

Usually, the units that do not have the plug-and-play configuration are the unmanaged switch. Those demands a manual set up before you can start transferring data to all the connected devices.

Are routers faster than a switch?

In some cases, the router can be faster than the switch. If you plan to port forward WAN and MAN networks, there is no alternative to a switch. However, the router can not ensure a stable flow of data.

Is a hub better than a switch?

Hub and the switch have the same function. However, because of the smart chips that a switch usually comes with, they are an overall better option.

Do I need a router if I get a switch?

A switch will come with wireless transmitting functionalities. So if you need a wifi network, getting a switch will not cut it. You are going to require a router for that task.

Final Words

By getting the best 5 port gigabit switch, you will sign yourself up for enjoying a hassle-free and stable transfer rate across all your devices. And now that you know about them, we hope that the choosing process got much easier for you.

To wrap things up, we hope that you can enjoy low latency data transfer across the connected devices with the switch that you decide to get.

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