Best 8 Port Gigabit Switch Reviews | Top 6 Picks

In case you did not have an idea about what gigabit switches are, they are one of the network solutions that ensure a faster and stable transfer of data among all the wired connected device.

Now, you might ask why you would need something like that? Well, if you manage a company, office, or business, you would want the devices to have a reliable data transfer connection, would not you? That is where gigabit switches steps in.

With that being said, you would want to know about the best 8 port gigabit switch that the manufacturers are offering in the market, right? Well, you just came to the right source for that. We are not only going to introduce you to them but also will provide a buying guide alongside that.

Comparison Chart

TP-Link 8 Port Gigabit Switch
  • Type: Managed (Easy Smart)
  • Power Intake: 5.46 watts
  • Transfer Speed: 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps
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NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet
  • Type: Unmanaged
  • Power Intake: 6.3 watts
  • Transfer Speed: 1000 Mbps in full-duplex mode
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TRENDnet 8-Port Unmanaged Gigabit GREENnet
  • Type: Unmanaged
  • Power Intake: 4 watts
  • Transfer Speed: Up to 2000 Mbps in full-duplex mode
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Linksys Business LGS108 8-Port Gigabit
  • Type: Unmanaged
  • Power Intake: 3.53 watts
  • Transfer Speed: 1000 Mbps
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Cisco SG110D-08 Switch
  • Type: Unmanaged
  • Power Intake: 4.2 watts
  • Transfer Speed: Up to 1000 Mbps
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Tenda 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • Type: Unmanaged
  • Power Intake: 5 watts
  • Transfer Speed: 1000 Mbps
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Best 8 Port Gigabit Switch Reviews

There are a plethora of 8 port gigabit switches out there. However, not all of them will offer the performance that you should get for the money you will invest in them. And we would not let that happen to you either.

For that reason, we went through the most popular options and compiled a list with only the recommendation worthy ones. Have a look:

1. TP-Link 8 Port Gigabit Switch TL-SG108E

We are going to start off our best 8 port gigabit switch reviews with this device that TP-Link is offering. If you were in the lookout for something that is optimized for multicast tasks, then you should definitely put this one into your consideration.

As we mentioned, it features IGMP Snooping technology. That ensures that multicast applications are adequately optimized. For that reason, the video and audio files will have a significantly lower latency while being transferred.

And to further improve the transfer performance, it comes with a 15K Jumbo frame. That frame will not only enhance the overall stability of file transfers but also will make sure that the large data transfers are optimized accordingly.

You will also be able to manage your network using the web-based interface effectively. There are many management utilities there and a plethora of monitoring tools. You can also monitor the Loop Prevention, Cable Diagnostics, and Port Mirroring using that.

The manufacturer did not skimp one bit in the case of overall security too. It packs a lot of VLAN features that will not only secure the network but also will ensure smooth traffic via segmentation. And because of the tag and port-based QoS, the latency of the sensitive traffic will be much smoother and lower.

Other than that, the device sports highly efficient chips. They will stop providing power to a port when the connected device is turned off or is in the idle mode.

Highlighted Features

  • Sports a 15k Jumbo frame for enhancing overall performance
  • Features an effective monitoring web-interface
  • Boasts plenty of VLAN features
  • Ensures lower latency for sensitive traffic
  • Optimizes the multicast tasks

2. NETGEAR GS308 8-Port Gigabit Switch Review

When it comes to Ethernet Switches, most people tend to opt for unmanaged ones because they do not have any complicated setup process. And Netgear is here to offer a well-performing one to the market.

To begin with, it sports the plug-and-play configuration. For that reason, it will not require any sort of setup, nor will you have to navigate through any type of interface. Just by plugging all the devices in, you will sign yourself up for enjoying a fast data transfer rate.

Apart from that, the unit is exceptionally versatile. It supports multiple mounting options. You can place it directly to your desktop server, or you can use the wall mounts for mounting it directly to the wall. The compact and lightweight body will also make the installation task feel effortless.

It will also operate by making virtually no noise at all. The design that it boasts is fanless. Instead, the metal frame handles all the cooling that it sports. And due to the efficient chips that it has, the produced heat will be relatively low.

On that note, it features the highly efficient IEEE 802.3az chip. That chip will ensure that you can experience an energy-efficient ethernet. It will also lower the energy cost by consuming a low amount of power to operate.

Lastly, all the ports are exceptionally durable. They went through rigorous testing and are extremely reliable. You can expect to enjoy a high-quality ethernet experience for an extended amount of time.

Highlighted Features

  • Features the plug-and-play configuration
  • Has multiple mounting options
  • Silent operation due to the fanless design
  • Sports durable and reliable ports
  • Boasts energy-efficient IEEE 802.3az chip

3. TRENDnet 8-Port Unmanaged Gigabit GREENnet Desktop Metal Switch TEG-S80G

Even though most of the ethernet switches will be able to offer a high-speed network connection to all the connected devices, not all of them will be able to ensure smooth traffic flow. Well, TRENDnet has got you covered in this regard with this unit that they are offering.

To start with, it has a switching capacity of 16 Gbps. That much amount of capacity will not only be able to ensure a faster data transfer but also will make sure that the data flow is smooth. You can expect to have a lower amount of traffic bottlenecks in the connected devices with this.

The overall footprint of the device is compact and lightweight. Being made of metal, it will not require any sort of fan to keep the internals cool. The metal body is enough to dissipate the heat by evenly distributing it to the surface area. Due to the fanless design, it will virtually make zero noise during operation.

Apart from that, the unit integrates GREEnet technology. That technology will lower the power consumption to about 70 percent. It does that by limiting the power that is consumed by the ports during the low link utilization periods.

Also, you will not have to go through the hassles of a setup process because of the plug-and-play configuration that it sports. You will enjoy smooth and fast data transfer rates just by mounting the device and connecting it to all your devices.

Highlighted Features

  • Has an overall switching capacity of 16 Gbps
  • Ensures a smooth flow of data across all the devices
  • Features a compact and lightweight body
  • Sports a fanless design for noise-free operation
  • Packs energy-efficient chips

4. Linksys Business LGS108 8-Port Desktop Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Network Switch

When it comes to network solutions, the manufacturer Linksys has an extensive lineup of reliable devices. And this one that we are going to look at is no exception.

First of all, the speed that it is offering through wired connection is quite something. The devices that you are going to connect to it can transfer data at a staggering 1000 Mbps. With that amount of speed, you will not have to wait for that much to transfer a relatively large-sized file.

Apart from that, the unit features auto-sensing ports. This technology makes sure that the overall bandwidth is efficiently distributed. That means it will ensure that the device with a higher workload gets the most of the data while the others have enough bandwidth to transfer data.

Other than that, the unit sports energy-efficient chips. For that reason, it will consume comparatively less power than most of the other switches that are out in the market. And due to the fanless design, it will make about zero noise during operation. Both of them make it ideal for office and home environments.

You will not have to go through that much of hassle in the case of the setup process too. It boasts the plug-and-play configuration, which means it will not require any software fiddling. You can expect to work right after connecting it with your devices.

It will also be able to optimize the overall traffic, thanks to the QoS prioritization that it boasts. All your devices will have a smooth data transfer rate for that.

Highlighted Features

  • The wired connection speed is up to 1000 Mbps
  • Features auto-sensing ports
  • Sports the plug-and-play configuration
  • Has energy-efficient chips
  • Ensures smooth traffic flow

5. Cisco SG110D-08 Desktop Switch

The manufacturer has been around in the network solutions market for quite a while now. They are well known for high performing routers that they offer to the masses. Also, the switches that are from them, like this one, do not lack one bit in case of performance.

First of all, the unit features a plug-and-play configuration like most of the switches that are out there. For that reason, you won’t have to go through any setup hassles. It will be fully functional right after connecting all the devices.

Keeping the tabs up with the rest of the devices, it also sports the automatic features. Because of those, it will be able to ensure a smooth flow of data across all the connected devices. Therefore, it will not output any network fluctuations, nor will you have to worry about speed throttling.

Design-wise, it has the fanless design for making sure that it makes no noise during operation. That design makes it suitable for work environments in both offices and homes. And as it has a sturdy metal case, it will not heat up that much too. The heat will get dissipated and cooled down efficiently.

To ensure the maximum level of security in the case of data flow, it has the Cisco Umbrella technology integrated. That will mitigate the costly breaches and will offer a substantial amount of data privacy. And if you want, you can configure the network modules using the built-in web-interface.

Highlighted Features

  • Sports the hassle-free plug-and-play configuration
  • Offers a smooth overall data transfer rates
  • Features a sturdy metal case that acts like a cooler
  • Fanless design to keep the noise level low
  • Supports the QoS features

6. Tenda 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch SG108

We are going to finish off our review section with this switch that Tenda is offering. If you were looking for something light and compact and has the auto-negotiation features, then you should take a look into this one.

Just like most units out there, this one also has the plug-and-play configuration. Because of that, you will not have to go through any installation software, neither will you have to do any configurations after turning it on. It will work right out of the box.

Apart from that, it has auto-negotiation features like most of the high-end switches that are available in the market. Those features will allow it to distribute the overall bandwidth to all the connected devices efficiently. It also supports the auto-MDI/MDIX, which will eliminate the need for crossing over cables.

As it boasts the IEEE 802.3x control chip, it will be able to ensure a reliable data transfer. You can expect to have a stable transfer rate in all the connected devices. All eight ports can switch between 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps. The switching will depend on the workload of the connected device.

Other than that, the units sport a compact and lightweight body. For such a footprint, mounting it at the desktop will not be any hassle at all. It even has the wall mounts on the bottom that will allow you to mount it directly to a wall if you prefer.

Highlighted Features

  • Features the plug-and-play configuration
  • Has the auto-negotiation features
  • Comes with wall mounts at the bottom
  • The small and compact body makes desktop installation easier
  • Boasts a built-in IEEE 802.3x flow controller for stable data transfer

8 Port Gigabit Switch Buying Guide

Apart from just reading through the reviews of the Ethernet switches, you will also have to keep some points in mind before you decide to spend your valuable money in one of the units. Those factors will enable you to scrutinize the devices properly and make an efficient overall decision. They are:

Managed vs. Unmanaged

If you want to get the best 8 port ethernet switch, you have to consider whether you want a managed switch or an unmanaged switch first.  

By unmanaged, we mean the ones that have the plug-and-play configuration. Those will not require any sort of installation software to operate, nor will they require any configurations. They will operate optimally right out of the box.

On the other hand, the managed ones will usually come with a web-based interface. Many might also have a mobile app-interface. Even though setting them might be a little tedious, the customizability options that they offer are worth the hassle.

Some managed switches will also let you monitor the data transfer rate across all the devices. You can ensure a stable flow of data by yourself with a managed one.

Power Efficiency

Most of the Ethernet switches that are out there will not consume that much amount of power.

However, if you do want it to consume a comparatively lower amount of power, you would want to go for the ones that have integrated Green technology or the ones that feature energy-efficient IEEE chips. You will find many that will only require about 3 to 5 watts of power.

Body and Cooling Capacity

Usually, a fan is not required for an 8 port Ethernet switch. But the chips that are inside do get heated up during operations. And as they will not have a fan, they will rely on the chassis or the body to dissipate the heat and then eventually cool down.

Keeping that mind, the ones that we would recommend you would be the ones that feature a metal chassis. Those will offer optimal cooling performance.

Auto-sensing Ports

Not all the units will feature auto-sensing ports, but those that do will be able to ensure a steady flow of data throughout all the connected devices. Even though the devices that have a higher workload will get more bandwidth.

The auto-sensing port will make sure that the other connected devices are getting an adequate amount of transfer speed.

Mounting Options

Almost all of the switches that you will stumble upon in the market can be installed directly to a desktop server.

However, there are many that will offer you the option of mounting them directly to a wall. Those will have wall mounts on the bottom. With those, you are getting flexibility in the case of the mounting procedure, which is always a convenient thing to have.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are hubs and switches the same thing?

Even though the functionality of both the hub and the switch is the same, they are different in some criteria. The one thing that separates both of them is the built-in intelligent chips. While the switches will come with them, the hubs will not. And without them, ensuring a stable and fast flow of data is not possible.

2. Can a router act like a switch?

Yes, you can repurpose a router like a switch. However, getting a router only to get the functionalities that a switch offers can be a little taxing on the wallet.

3. Will I be able to connect a router with a switch?

You can connect a router with a switch. By doing so, you will not require to insert any internet cables to a switch. The router will provide the internet to all the devices that are connected to the switch.

4. How many watts does a switch usually consume?

Switches usually have power-efficient chips in them. Those will not require that much amount of power to operate. The highest watts that a full-fledged advanced switch is going to consume will be about 50 watts. And usually, they consume around 5 to 10 watts.

5. What does unmanaged means in the case of Ethernet Switch?

By unmanaged, it means that the switch has the plug-and-play configuration. You will not have to fiddle around any software to make them operate.

Final Words

By getting the best 8 port gigabit switch, you will not only be able to enjoy a high transfer rate across all the connected devices, but you will also ensure that the transfer rate will also be stable for all those devices.

To conclude, we hope that our narrowed down list was effective and that the one that you get can transfer all your data securely and fast.

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