Best Bluetooth Printers

Best Bluetooth Printers 2020

We all like the convenience that comes with wireless printing. Thus, if you are looking for the best Bluetooth printers then you are in the right place. We look at some of the most versatile options that you can use with a range of Bluetooth enabled devices.

You’ll not only enjoy the freedom to install them nearly anywhere at home or office without stressful cables and cords, but you also enjoy the convenience of connecting them to nearly any type of device including smartphones and tablets. Isn’t this something you’d like to enjoy?

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Bluetooth Printers



Canon Pixma TS5120

  • Print Speed : 40 ppm
  • Maximum Media Handling :8.5×14 inches
  • Functions:Copy, scan, print, fax

HP OfficeJet 3830

  • Print Speed : 20 ppm
  • Maximum Media Handling : 8.5×14 inches
  • Connectivity : Copy, scan, print, fax

HP ENVY 5055

  • Print Speed : 9.9 ppm
  • Maximum Media Handling : 8.5×14 inches
  • Connectivity :Print, copy, scan, fax

Canon Pixma MG3620

  • Print Speed : 9.9 inches
  • Maximum Media Handling : 8.5×14 inches
  • Connectivity : Print, copy, scan

Canon PIXMA TS6220

  • Print Speed :15 ipm
  • Maximum Media Handling:8.5×14 inches
  • Connectivity : Print, scan, copy

HP OfficeJet 5255

  • Print Speed :20 ppm
  • Maximum Media Handling:8.5×14 inches
  • Connectivity :Print, scan, copy, fax

HP DeskJet 2622

  • Print Speed : 7.5 ppm
  • Maximum Media Handling:8.5×14 inches
  • Connectivity : Print, scan, copy

Canon PIXMA TR4520

  • Print Speed : 8.8 ppm
  • Maximum Media Handling:8.5×14 inches
  • Connectivity : Print, scan, copy

HP Deskjet 3639

  • Print Speed : 20 ppm
  • Maximum Media Handling : 8.5×14 inches
  • Connectivity :Print, scan, copy

Epson Expression Home XP-4100

  • Print Speed :10 ppm
  • Maximum Media Handling:8.5×14 inches
  • Connectivity : Print, copy, scan

Best Bluetooth Printers Review

1.Canon Pixma TS5120 | Best Wireless Bluetooth Printer

Look, printing doesn’t have to be a complex process. It’s no secret that you will marvel at the simplicity that comes with Canon TS5120 Wireless All-In-One Printer. You can easily and reliably connect the printer to your tablet, smartphone, and any other device through Bluetooth.

The device comes with unbeatable versatility, thanks to the unbeatable range of connectivity options. It is a designated Bluetooth printer but also allows Cloud, USB, and WiFi options. These options allow hassle-free printing when using this device.

The Pixma TS5120 is a cost-effective device that helps you to cut down on power expenses. It features an automatic on/off function that helps to save power when the device is not in use. It also hastens the printing process as the device gets print-ready once it is on!

2.HP OfficeJet 3830 | Best Bluetooth Printer For Home

Are you looking for a compact printer that allows you to work efficiently at home, office, or on the go? The device you are looking for is no doubt the sleek HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Wireless Printer. It measures a paltry 17.72 x 14.33 x 8.54 inches, so you have a miniature gadget for all office functions.

It is a versatile product that can print, scan, copy, and send a fax. So, you don’t need different machines for various office needs. More importantly, this is a good tool for handling nearly all printing needs. You’ll conveniently print concert tickets, posters, labels, glossy photos, and all other types of documents.

Do you treasure high-value printing? Well, we bet everyone does, and the OfficeJet 3830 performs remarkably well when it comes to value printing. You see, using original HP high-yield cartridges produces twice the number of pages than most printers guarantee.

3.HP ENVY 5055 | Best Bluetooth All In One Printer

The HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer uses the powerful HP Smart app to make your work easier. It enhances easy and reliable wireless connections between your printer and your computer or handset. It also enables scanning documents using your camera.

The level of connectivity that the device offers means that you will stay connected in every situation. It comes with a dual-band WiFi and a powerful Bluetooth capability to provide an unbeatable connection to your smartphone or network.

Finally, the optional HP Instant Ink feature ensures that you get you don’t run out of ink. It also ensures that you get inks at a cheaper price which further reduces the printing costs. Even more importantly, the device orders the ink and you receive them at your doorstep.

4.Canon Pixma MG3620 | Best Portable Bluetooth Photo Printer

The Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer is a perfect printer for anyone looking for quality, convenience, and versatility in a single device. Moreover, this versatile device comes at a stunningly affordable price. You won’t have to spend your entire savings to own it.

The device has a high resolution of 4800×1200 DPI. Such a feature guarantees that your prints will be sharp, clear, and vivid. The resolution of this device is also sufficient to print out high-quality photos with unbeatable color fidelity. Again, a 1200x1200dpi scan resolution is a great buy.

Finally, this compact printer features a powerful range of printing options characteristic of high-end printers. These features include Google Cloud Print, Airprint, Mopria, NFC, and Canon Print.

5.Canon PIXMA TS6220 | Best Small Bluetooth Printer

Save for the Canon PIXMA TS6220 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer, it is not easy to find an all in one printer that guarantees quality without sacrificing speed. It is arguably this reason that makes the printing machine one of the most popular in its category.

The voice activation feature prompts you to print from your Alexa device. You can reliably use your voice to review ink levels and listen through notifications. More conveniently, you can easily prompt Alexa to peruse through printing lists, templates as well as coloring pages to mention a few.

Tue Canon Print App allows you to print and scan to Google cloud. Also, it gives you an impressive opportunity to print photos from your social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Indeed, this is a feature that we would all love in a high-quality printer.

Bluetooth Printers Buying Guide

What are some of the essential factors that you need to consider when shopping for the best Bluetooth printer? The following should help;

  1. Versatility

You are in the market for a Bluetooth printer and not Bluetooth speakers. Right? So, the primary purpose of the device would be to churn out printouts of photos or documents.

But how else would such a tool benefit your office or enterprise? Don’t you think a multipurpose printer that performs beyond a standalone printer would be more viable?

Well, most Bluetooth printers are versatile tools that can also scan, copy, and fax besides printing operations. We advise that you go for a printing machine that will meet all your office needs that are related to printing. Not unless you are willing to invest in various office equipment.

  1. Print Speed

We all understand the level of convenience that comes with printing through Bluetooth. Printing remotely is something that we would all enjoy. However, comfort shouldn’t mean slow.

Choose a printing tool with ideal print rates. Interestingly, this article contains a range of budget printers that are pretty fast and convenient.

Some models here can print as fast as 40 pages per minute or more. You don’t need that if all you have is a few copies to print in a week. Consider your workload against your turnaround time.

  1. Other Connectivity Options

Look, Bluetooth is pretty convenient. But while technology should be tamper-proof and reliable, technology often fails. And Bluetooth can fail, too. We are not saying that it will.

Consider a situation when the Bluetooth connection option just failed, and you have an urgent printing task to complete! That’s annoying, to say the least.

That is why we suggest that you choose a printer with additional connectivity options. You will undoubtedly be cushioning yourself from future disappointments.

Notable options include Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet, and Cloud printing. In any case the Bluetooth option fails; you will find a reprieve by trying out another option. It could be wired or wireless, depending on the type of device that you want to print from.

  1. Size

The size of a printing machine is an interesting factor to consider when you are in the market for a new printing machine. Don’t pick a device that you won’t have a place to install in; neither should you go for a printer that will look odd on your table.

The size of the available space in your office or business dictates the size of the printing tool that you should purchase. If space is not a big issue, then consider other factors and ignore the size consideration.

However, if space is real estate for you, then you need a compact option that fits in the little space available.

Another factor that dictates the size of a printer that you will buy is your mode of operation. We always advise those who travel a lot to consider printing tools that are not only compact but also lightweight.

Final Word

In a nutshell, Bluetooth printers are a means to modern living. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to enjoy advanced connection features. For example, you have the convenience of connecting your printing machine to multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PC.

Printers with Bluetooth connectivity options are versatile and ideal for businesses. They not only guarantee fast and perfect quality printing as well as scanning, copying, and sometimes faxing functions. But more importantly, the best Bluetooth photo printer is a good tool for artists and photographers.

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