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Best Car Antenna Booster Reviews 2022 & Guide

So you are driving while listening to the radio, and they play your favorite track. Talk about a good day. Right?

That is when the radio starts giving out cracking noises. So much for a good day! We understand this frustration because most of us have gone through this crisis amid highway or traffic.

What you need is the best car antenna booster to enhance that cracking signal for good. And we have compiled just the right products for you to select from. Why should you suffer in silence when you could listen to your favorite tracks or daily happenings wherever your destination is?

So let us check out some suggestions below to help you make a choice for the better!

Comparison Chart For Car Antenna Booster

  • Description: FM Radio
  • Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • Frequency Range: FM 80MHz-108MHz
  • Gain: 10 dB
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  • Description: FM Radio
  • Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • Frequency Range: FM 48MHz-110MHz
  • Gain: 12-13 dB
Check The Price
  • Description: 4G LTE Cell
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Frequency Range: 700MHz-2500MHz
  • Gain: 3-7 dB
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Mr. Ho
  • Description: AM/FM Radio
  • Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • Frequency Range: 48MHz-860MHz
  • Gain: 25 dB±3
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  • Description: AM/FM Radio
  • Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • Frequency Range: 30MHz-120MHz
  • Gain: 12-13 dB
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  • Description: AM/FM Radio
  • Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • Frequency Range: FM 80MHz-108MHz
    AM 520KHz-1710KHz
  • Gain: FM 10 dB
    AM 8 dB
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att photo printerMACYLOE
  • Description: 2G/3G/4G Cell
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Frequency Range: 700MHz-2700MHz
  • Gain: 3-5 dB
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7 Best Car Antenna Booster Reviews

Say no to annoying distortion and head for the recovered sound quality. Here are the seven reviews of the topic. One of these will ultimately make way toward your shopping list, we are confident!

1. Bingfu Universal Car Stereo FM Radio Antenna Signal Booster Amplifier

Did you know this antenna can cut noises or disturbances swiftly like a knife cutting butter? Thanks to the copper signal wire, the device complements a strong anti-interference feature. It helps boost the reception and powers up the audio clearance to the next level.

Who would have thought this small item that costs so little could put out such distortions? It comes with an original factory head unit port to go with any automobile.

This works for both AM and FM radio, making it the best car antenna booster of our review list. So your daily driving to and fro work is not going to turn out that monotonous after all.

The product usually offers a gain of 10 dB for FM, all the while increasing reception sensitivity too. This means the distance of receiving signals is optimized further. Another cause of its high demand by the consumers is because of the straightforward installation process. We know that it should not be the main cause.

However, once you understand its work, the 12V power cord of 12.4-inch is surprisingly easy for anybody to set up in the car. Do not think we have forgotten about the fuse; neither has the Bingfu. It is there alright, ready to protect the work of FM radio stations silently.

Highlighted Features:

  • Good for both AM/FM radio reception
  • Universal 12V power supply connector
  • Radio amplifier improves signal strength
  • Dual anti-interference magnetic ring to reduce noise
  • Fuse insurance for radio work protection
  • Red light display when the amplifier is on
  • Quick assemble
  • Saves space and cost

2. KUNFINE Universal Auto Car Radio Antenna Booster Reviews

We have to say that this unit comes with a set of mixed reviews. Partially because it is designed for FM radio signal boost and kind of ruins your current AM band.

On one side, the device works wonderfully when driving in remote areas. There will be no interference or static heebie-jeebies to give you a creepy vibe in the middle of nowhere, just saying!

You can directly connect it to the 12V power supply without going over complicated installation methods at all. The amplifier has the universal connector; thus, there goes the complicated setup procedure out the window.

Nevertheless, we cannot tell why the device completely ruins the AM radio signal despite having mention it works for AM/FM both. It is a problem the manufacturer ought to look into.

The easy-going car antenna booster does help in finding weak FM radio signals and increases its sensitivity up a notch. That is why many still decide to go for this product that is inexpensive to acquire.

Of course, the antenna booster also has the insurance block or fuse insurance, entirely cased in a waterproof holder.

Are you still pondering whether to take it or leave it? It is up to you really, though we must say this booster is pretty adamant when it comes to amplifying those shy FM radio stations you hardly get to enjoy.

Highlighted Features:

  • FM radio signal enhancement
  • Anti-interference system with copper wires
  • Lesser components for quick assemble
  • Harmonic distortion and cross elimination
  • Output current is high
  • Universal pin-to-pin compatibility

3. Cellet Cell Phone Signal Strength Booster Antenna

This is a unit that increases (signal gain) the cellphone bar from zero to at least, let us say, two or three? Yes, it will not give you a full bar of strength, but it works anyway.

It does not matter what type of phone model you are using; this thing will keep that one single bar at all times. Admittedly, it is not much. However, the simple installation of the stick on the antenna ensures no heart-wrenching drilling on the car roof. You will only have to apply adhesive just once.

We suggest applying it on the windshield for better reception. So what makes this one special? First of all, it is reasonably priced.

Second of all, the device is compatible with almost all US carriers, including Verizon, Sprint, AT & T, and many more. Indeed, you must register this device with the wireless provider before operating.

Thirdly, even if you are fishing, hiking, camping, etc. in a secluded part of the region, the antenna booster actually amplifies the voice and data signals.

So where there was no bar, you will undoubtedly find a few to affirm security. We will not tell anyone if you secretly use your data at such places to pass the time.

You might face slight voice drops in the middle of the conversations and a little sluggish upload/download speed. But it gets better when you drive by the nearest cell tower.

Highlighted Features:

  • Hectic-free setup
  • Moderate cell signal boost
  • Operable to multitudes of cellphone models
  • Supports several users at once
  • Simple stick-on installation
  • Compact unit

4. Ho Car Radio Antenna FM AM Signal Amplifier Booster

What do we know about Mr. Ho’s car antenna booster? We can tell you that this one works for both AM and FM signals. Thus, gaining receiving distance on it is a child’s play! You will no longer have to miss out on words or part of the show when driving in the morning anymore.

The standard enhancing system will make sure your car is receptive of weak signals. Plus, it increases the amplification to a level from the station to enjoy the program as you drive.

Now, if we get to the external device construction, you will see that the antenna is made from robust copper wire. It is further shielded with thick aluminum to prevent external electromagnetic waves. In short, you will receive crystal clear audio output without static or interference.

Setting it up to the car is very simple as long as you have a pre-installed stereo, obviously! Even when you are totally clueless about what wire goes where the included user manual will guide you step by step to the end.

Make sure it is ready to connect to the 12V power supply for it to work. All in all, it works like a charm, not the best but close enough to get you through the day every day!

Highlighted Features:

  • Delivers strong signals
  • Picks up many stations; AM/FM
  • Noise and interference reduction
  • Suitable with Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and a few more
  • Quick installing guide
  • Includes a fuse holder with a shield
  • Durable construction

5. HerMia Car Antenna Amplifier Radio

HerMia car antenna does what any high-grade issued booster would do to an effective signal enhancer while reducing noise. Such combo undoubtedly caught our attention at first glance. It receives AM/FM stereo signals by increasing (gain) the receiving distance as much as the coverage could go.

You never know, you might find a new station with your preferred program that you were unaware of until after installing this genius. So take that leap of hope and hop on to the world of one of the coolest car radio antenna boosters.

The quick inserting of the plug to the back of the radio and the easy running of the power supply wire to a 12V source are the only steps you need to know for the setup.

If this is not time and cost-saving, we do not know what is. Besides, the compact design allows you to stick the booster effortlessly anywhere in the car, namely, trunk, dash, glove box, rear window, and more.

It also is a perfect means of carrying in other vehicles like motorcycles, boats, golf carts, and the list goes on! And let us give you a heads up; it is a lot better than all those wasted DIY ones. So if you want to know how to get better radio reception in the car, you have got yourself a winner here.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact structure to stick anywhere
  • Amplifies weak radio signals
  • Quick assemble
  • AM/FM radio signal enhancer
  • Universal connector for suitability
  • Delivers clear and stable audio
  • Front or rear windscreen vehicle placement

6. Bingfu Car Antenna Amplifier, Stereo FM AM Radio Antenna Signal Booster

We have come across another Binfgu car antenna amplifier that works for AM/FM and is easy to own. How? It is probably the cheapest amongst our mentioned products you will find.

However, the term ‘you get what you pay for’ does not quite apply here. It means the device will tremendously increase the signal from the radio station wherever you are heading.

The local towers will never be missed out due to weak coverage anymore. It comes with a Fakra Z Female to Male converter adapter to fit with VW, Audi, BMW, and many other vehicle models.

What we loved most about the product is the sleek design it incorporates. The compact, hassle-free radio signal booster helps pick up those lost stations you thought went extinct.

Moreover, it is fast to set up so far you know what you are doing. Make sure to connect it to the 12V power source. Always follow the instruction if you do not know how to do it yourself.

We assure you the item immediately starts working after connecting. It does amplify the hidden gems almost lost due to excessive interference. Well, not anymore!

Enjoy wonderful rides without an awkward silence or embarrassing noise interruptions from now on. We do not want you to feel like going through trials when trying to lighten up the somber mood in the car now, do we?

Highlighted Features:

  • Fakra connector adapter to fit universally
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Easy to install
  • Noticeable increase in signal strength
  • Reduces noises, static, and interference
  • Space and money saver
  • Delivers superior performance

7. MACYLOE Indoor Magnet Mount Antenna for Cell Phone Signal Booster

We cannot believe we have come to the end of the review section so soon! Let us part with you, our loyal reader, with a final product that works as an indoor cell phone signal booster.

Why should you choose Macyloe? Well, for starters, it is a magnetic mount antenna. You can say goodbye to drilling in the car roof! Quite a nightmare for some, we know.

Then, it promptly gains about 3-5dBm that will clear out the noise and improve voice quality. Plus, you can download stuff on the go due to the stable data rates.

The connector end is SMA Male with a pin; thus, you must confirm that your current signal booster has the SMA Female. Remember, this here is not a booster we are talking about but an indoor antenna. So, if you do not have a signal booster yet, we suggest looking over our list before landing here for the antenna.

Back to the device, the antenna consists of a 10-foot extension cable so that you can stick it on any iron surface of the car to get better cell service.

It will be able to enhance 2G-4G LTE data quality efficiently. No more sudden call drops in the middle of important conversations, no more lost signal when camping, fishing, etc. anymore.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super magnetic mount; no drilling required
  • SMA male connector
  • Ten feet cable for ease of setup
  • A gain of the 3-5dBm signal
  • Enhanced data rates
  • Improves call quality; no unexpected signal drops
  • Outspreads the coverage area exclusively

Things To Know Before Reading Best Car Radio Antenna Booster Reviews

Is it that essential to know what to look for before venturing into this world? Yes! It will save so much of the hassle that you will thank us later.


The reason we face lost connections is due to the small coverage area. It is important to find a booster that can stretch the service zone to the max in the case of radio towers.

When it comes to the cell signals, we instead focus on the uplink power. The stronger it is, the further you can enjoy fast data and non-dropped calls. So even if you drive away from the cell towers, your phone will still show full bars of signal.

Boosting Power

Cell phone signals or radio waves, there is a particular frequency band for this kind of radio spectrum. This signal is measured in dB or dBm.

We measure the dB (Decibels) to see the gain or loss of signal strength. dBm (Decibel-mill watts), on the other hand, show the amount of power your amplifier is capable of generating. It also shows how much power a cellphone is getting.

So how do you know whether you have a strong reception? Signals range from -50 to -120 dBm. The first being excellent reception coverage, while the latter indicates a dead zone.

Now to figure out how your booster increases (signal gain) the dB outputs, you will have to understand its numerical terms. For instance, if the current signal counts to -110 dBm and the amplifier gain about +60 dB, then your signal will be steady at around -50dBm. It is a simple subtraction problem.

So, do you see it now? It is imperative that you understand these relations before finding the best car antenna booster. 


This feature mainly focuses on how well it can reduce the noises and interferences to provide a better signal. It can extend its longevity by simply being waterproof as well! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do antenna boosters really work?

Yes, it will improve reception significantly. Surely it cannot boost the signal the radio station typically releases, but you can undoubtedly increase the gain once your antenna booster picks up the signal.

2. What is the role of a car’s chassis in boosting signals?

It works as the conducting surface for the antenna. Therefore, it is a very significant function for receiving signals.

Always check for corrosion or need to clean the paint before installing the antenna. This helps to boost the signal further.

3. How do I remove a car antenna?

Pop-out the headliner carefully, and you will see a nut underside between the roof and headliner. Now you just unscrew the nut, detach the wiring and the antenna.

We suggest following the reverse procedure to install a new one; otherwise, the car roof will have a hole to deal with.

4. Where should I mount the car antenna?

It depends on the model and your preference. The most common options include the roof, the rear bumper, and the windshield. Personally, we vote for the third choice for being optimal.

5. What is the difference between a car antenna booster and amplifier?

A booster enhances the cellphone signals inside the vehicles, while an amplifier makes that signal stronger.

Final Word

So how about moving on to a better signal for listening to your favorite track without any hassle? Once you install the best car antenna booster, that favorite talk show that you always miss out due to weak signals will be a treat to the ears!

If it is possible, jot down which one of these products seemed most suitable to your vehicle. Or whether it has further coverage to pull through wherever you drive, from deadly dunes, serene valleys to marching toward a chilling blizzard.

Even cellphone signals will be amplified without you having to get out of the car for an intended conversation. Are you ready to roll, then? 

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