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Best Cheap Printer 2020

Printers have become an electronic staple next to personal computers and smartphones in every office space and household. The growing need to keep operations going regardless of whether you have a nearby printing shop or not has compelled people to invest in personal printers.

However, everyone has specialized needs that they expect to be met from their printers. Be it for the hubbub in the office organization or for domestic utilization, not everyone requires the same kind of printer. In fact, it becomes an important ruling factor that your devices are as pocket-friendly as possible.

However, what factors determine the best cheap printer? This article is a grueling and candid review of just that. Keep reading to get more insight.

Comparison Chart For cheap printer



HP OfficeJet PRO 8025

  • Speed: 20 ppm (Black); 10 ppm (Color)
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Functions: Print, scan, copy, fax

Canon TR8520

  • Speed: 15 ipm (Black); 10 ipm (Color)
  • Weight:5 lbs.
  • Functions: Print, scan, fax, copy 

HP ENVY Photo 7155

  • Speed: 14 ppm (Black); 9 ppm (Color)
  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Functions: Print, scan, copy 

Brother HLL2300D

  • Speed: 27 ppm (Black)
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Functions: Print only

Brother Compact HLL2390DW

  • Speed: 32 ppm (Black)
  • Weight:7 lbs.
  • Functions: Print, copy, scan

HP LaserJet Pro M15w

  • Speed: 19 ppm (Black)
  • Weight:0 lbs.
  • Functions: Print

HP DeskJet 3755

  • Speed:0 ppm (Black); 5.5 ppm (Color)
  • Weight:13 lbs.
  • Functions: Print, copy, scan  

Canon PIXMA TS6320

  • Speed: 15 ipm (Black); 10 ipm (Color)
  • Weight:06 lbs.
  • Functions: Print, copy, scan, borderless printing

HP ENVY Photo 6255

  • Speed: 13 ppm (Black); 8.0 ppm (Color)
  • Weight:3 lbs.
  • Functions: Print, scan, copy, borderless printing

Epson Workforce Pro WF-3720

  • Speed: 20 ppm (Black); 10 ppm (Color)
  • Weight:9 lbs.
  • Functions: Print, copy, scan, fax

Best Cheap Printers Reviews

1.HP OfficeJet PRO 8025  | Best Budget All-In-One Printers

HP’s name comes first when you look for the finest printers for the right prices. HP has been the strongest contender when it comes to wireless printing and the HP OfficeJet PRO 8025 is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have a small working space, this is just what you need.

It is 14% smaller than standard office printers and that too at about 20 lbs. You might be quick to think that, “Oh, maybe it doesn’t have too many features.” Well, let us be the first to tell you that it packs a punch with its versatile functions that put other all-in-one printers to shame.

The convenient flatbed scanner lets you turn all your physical photos into digital prints. Surprisingly, the color quality seems to shine brighter than the original photos. And if you are someone who still finds the use of a fax machine essential in business operations, good news: this has a built-in faxing option.

Of course, printing and copying can be done in a jiffy. At about 20 ppm printing speed in black and 10 ppm in color, your prints will be served to you faster than you can finish a glass of water. Thanks to the HP Smart Tasks, all of these can be done quickly and remotely via your smartphone.

Highlighted Features  

  1. This printer is perfect for both offices and homes if space is an issue.
  2. The scanner produces photos at about 1.5 seconds with brilliant sharpness.
  3. It has little to no mechanical noise that is a constant with other printers.
  4. The mobile app lets you operate the printer remotely via your smartphone.

2.Canon TR8520 | Best Value Home Printer

The sleek Canon TR8520 has all the wireless printing, scanning, copying, and scanning goodness in one petite device. Not only that but it also goes the extra mile with added features like memory card slot, versatile connectivity options, and even an impressive 5-ink system that allows you to replace only the cartridge that runs dry.

The smart design doesn’t make it look too intrusive and everything is carefully concealed while still being widely accessible to use. A good example is the flatbed scanner which can be used once you lift the top paper feeder. Speaking of which, it has both a front and back paper support that enhances its user-friendliness.

For the design creatives, you can print out business cards with as many vibrant colors you want. This will help you sample out a suitable design before making the mistake of printing them all out in bulk. Scrapbooking is now twice more fun-filled since it produces various dimensions of borderless photos in a short span.

We have become avid fans of its networking options. Not only does it allow connection over Ethernet but it also has Bluetooth support, USB port, and it is compatible over a wide selection of social platforms that allows you to print remotely from your mobile devices using the Mopria platform.

Highlighted Features  

  1. The printer has an ADF capacity of 20 sheets.
  2. You can replace a particular ink cartridge if it runs out.
  3. It has multi-functional connectivity options for quick prints.
  4. The petite size is perfect for any home or small office.

3.HP ENVY Photo 7155 | Best Budget Inkjet Printer

This one is for all the DIY enthusiasts and students who have to pump out regular school projects. The HP ENVY Photo 7155 has absolutely brilliant and dynamic colors that liven up any design. You can get this printer in either black or white, whichever suits your workspace.

For smart homes, the HP ENVY Photo 7155 is a great addition since it connects without any technical difficulties with Alexa and can be operated using voice controls. This allows you to multitask between your tasks and always keep your productivity soaring high.

Although the entire unit must be replaced if a certain ink loses life, there are convenient ink refill options that ensure you are always working. You can either buy XL ink packages, standard ink packages, or even subscribe to Instant Ink that helps you save up to 50% on ink costs!

Of course, it has the renowned HP Smart Tasks that gives you the freedom to print without having to touch the printer. It is also compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS and ultimately to each of their designated cloud systems so that you never have to waste time converting your files.

Highlighted Features  

  1. You can print directly from your SD card.
  2. The ink refill subscription saves 50% on ink costs.
  3. It works with various dimensions of paper layouts.
  4. Bluetooth connectivity is possible, regardless of the internet.

4.Brother HLL2300D | Best Economical Printer For Home

Black and white printers are essential for a myriad of work situations like the dean’s office, administration, home use, etc. When it comes to black and white printing beasts, Brother is the ideal choice. Let’s see what the Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer HLL2390DW has to offer.

At 27 ppm, you can attain twice the yield compared to other standard printers and that is one of the lowest printing speeds in their product line up. Your business will be at a standstill no more. With the 250-sheet capacity paper tray that eliminates time lost in refilling.

This printer was designed in a way to help you lower production costs and boost productivity to the optimum. The 2600-sheet replacement toner cartridge makes sure that you get the highest yield in the shortest possible time. Our favorite is the Toner Saver Mode that prohibits the printer from wasting ink on less complex documents.

The duplex printing is just the cherry on top. Save on paper and feel better about saving more trees. But this does not end here – the N-in-One printing features allows you to print multiple documents in one page carefully minding the ratio and the proportion.

Highlighted Features  

  1. It has a printing speed of up to 27 pages per minute.
  2. It allows you to print multiple documents on one page.
  3. The printer saves toner when printing uncomplicated files.
  4. It has USB connection allowing you to print without internet.

5.Brother Compact HLL2390DW | Best Budget Wireless Printer

If you need the excellence of Brother printers with the added functionalities of printing, scanning, and copying, you will like the Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer HLL2390DW. With enhanced features, this has quickly become a top pick among small and home offices.

The Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer HLL2390DW is the ultimate productivity promoter. If you thought the previous model was fast, you’ll be amazed at the output it gives at 32 pages per minute. The flatbed glass lets you copy and scan all from the convenience of one device and no additional gizmo.

Unlike the Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer HLL2390DW, this printer has in-built Ethernet, USB, and WiFi connectivity that grants you easy connection to your favorite and handy mobile devices and desktops. This is especially beneficial for an office environment where every desktop can connect to the same printer.

The 2.7-inch color screen lets you print, scan, and copy in just a matter of a few finger taps. If you have repetitive tasks like making multiple copies of the same document, you can even set up shortcuts from the touchscreen to streamline the workflow and always be at the top of your game when it comes to productivity.

Highlighted Features  

  1. It can print out documents at a speed of 32 ppm.
  2. It has versatile connectivity options for remote printing.
  3. The touchscreen allows you to create shortcuts for repetitive tasks.
  4. The flatbed does both copying and scanning without any glitches.

Cheap Printer Buying Guide

Device Compatibility

One underlying problem with printers is that even though they do offer remote printing, some printers have very limited device compatibility. Then there are other printers that do not offer any compatibility other than a walk-in USB connecting option or being connected to an internet connection.

In this fast-paced life that we lead now, it’s important that our printers are able to connect to a plethora of devices, have their own WiFi networking capabilities, and be able to connect to a wide range of social platforms for ease of printing. Keep a good lookout for these features.


It seems awfully wasteful to buy multiple printers for multiple desktops in an office space. The best cheap printer should have networking options that allow all the electronic devices to connect to your printer so that everyone can use it from wherever their work stations are.

You can get these options for your home printers as well. However, it is to be noted that network sharing options for a home printer won’t be as heavy as they might be for offices because not every member needs to use it at the same time. This will help you reconsider your budget for a home printer better.

Home Printing vs Office Printing

While inkjet printers are a popular choice among domestic users, the technological prowess has now gifted us an economically well thought out design for laser printers that can be enjoyed by all types of users. 

Home printers do not require too many features. You are better off with a color printer or one that has both monochrome printing and color photo printing options. Office printers demand an all-in-one wireless inclusion that begs for functions like printing, copying, scanning, and faxing all from one machine.

Duplex Scanning

If you are particularly passionate about saving paper or want to cut down on paper costs, consider a printer that has dual-sided printing options, also known as “duplexing”. You can do this either manually, or automatically if your printer has an integrated automatic document feeder.

You could perhaps save a few extra bucks if you are only using the printer for simple dual-printing tasks and not using it too often. However, you could consider this as a long-run investment for increased productivity in an organization where time is money. Students could benefit greatly from this as well.


Conducting your own research on hunting down the best cheap printer can be stressful when you already have so much on your plate. However, you can sit back and rest your back because we have carefully tested, rigorously used, and have found the most favorable balance in affordable quality printers.

We have outlined the exact points that you should look out for if you are new at this. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions because at the end of the day you deserve to know what your money is buying. We hope our efforts have helped you gain some perspective! Happy printing!

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