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Best Check Scanner 2022

Do you own a small or large scale business? Or you are an employee who handles transactions? Do you need to scan checks to show your employer or anyone else the authenticity of your transaction? If so, you need a check scanner and fortunately, you are on the right platform to find the best check scanner.

Check scanning can be a bit tricky. Therefore, not every scanner can perform this task with utmost neatness. That is where we come in your assistance. In this article, we have handpicked the finest check scanners that graces our markets.

But what makes a check scanner “the ultimate catch”? Well, we have an answer to that question as well. So, without any further ado, let us dive in, shall we?

Top Pick

Panini VX 5050IJ

  • Connectivity Technology: Ethernet
  • Doc Feeder: Yes(50 doc)
  • Scan Both Sides: Yes

Comparison Chart For Top Check Scanners


Panini VX 5050IJ
  • Connectivity : Wired and Wireless
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Print Speed : 20ppm
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  • Print Speed : 1.2 ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : Wired and Wireless
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Canon imageFORMULA CR-L1
  • Print Speed : 13.5 ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : USB and Wireless
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Digital Check CX30
  • Print Speed : 18 ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : Wired and Wireless
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Panini VX50100
  • Speed: 50 ppm
  • ADF: 100
  • Connectivity: USB
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Digital Check TellerScan 240
  • Print Speed : 2.8 ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : Wireless, WiFi Direct, USB
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Digital Check TellerScan 240
  • Print Speed : 33 ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
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Epson A41A266111
  • Print Speed : 34 ppm
  • max media handling : 11 x 17 inches
  • Connectivity : USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
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Digital Check TS240
  • Print Speed : 20ppm
  • max media handling : 11 x 17 inches
  • Connectivity : Wireless, WiFi Direct, USB
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Digital Check CheXpress Scanner
  • Print Speed : 14.5 ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
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Best Check Scanner Reviews

1. Panini VX 5050IJ

Panini VX 5050IJ has garnered a remarkable amount of recognition in the market since its inception. So, if you are looking for a check scanner, this is most likely to keep in check all of your requirements.

This 7.07-pound scanner will fit in any space you want it to accommodate. The scanner offers 50 dpm. This inkjet machine allows 50 checks in its document feeder. Besides, its exit pocket can bear up to 100 checks to save you from the headache induced from messy scanning.

The high-tech device is capable of double feed detection with Ultrasonic technology. So, even if you get a bit absent minded while scanning, it will not waste your time by double scanning any check.

Moreover, it is designed with Auto-tuning separator rollers that can relentlessly handle various thickness of documents. So, if you want to sometimes scan anything other than checks, this little monster has got your back.

This machine comes with a magnetic reader that is supported by OCR assist system. Its greater MICR recognition feature and management makes sure that you get the crisp and correct finish to your scans.

If you are wondering about the images on checks, you will be glad to know that it is equipped with state of the art Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology (both front and rear).However, in case of non-MICR checks, it can scan the image excluding the information. Hence, such information has to be handwritten.

This sleek black scanner is Ethernet enabled. But if you feel more comfortable with USB operation, you can utilize the one coming in the package.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers 50 dpm.
  • Has a 50 sheets document feeder.
  • Scans checks with impeccability.
  • Ideal for MICR checks.
  • Can work with both Wi-Fi and USB connection.

2. CANON CR190i II

If you are seeking out a scanner that can scan checks in bulk, CANON CR190i II is the perfect choice for you. With this scanner, you can scan as much as 24,000 checks in a day. But honestly who needs to scan checks everyday in such huge quantity? Oh right, perhaps we are talking to someone from a bank!

This magnificent scanner is furnished with an automatic document feeder capacitated to bear 250 checks. It can handle versatile range of documents other than checks. Its optical resolution is 1200 dpi to capture finest details. On the contrary, its maximum output resolution is 300 dpi.

The device is capable of duplex scanning. It can speed at rate of 190 cpm both in case of simplex and duplex scanning. Besides, its Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection makes sure that you do not mindlessly indulge in double scans.As a result, it ensures harmonious scanning.

If you are living in the constant fear of being defrauded, you can take a deep breath of relief after purchasing the scanner.CANON CR190i II’sMICR is supported by OCR. Its readings are 99.9% error free. It captures decent UV images of company logos and any sign that helps you examine authenticity of the checks. Doing so, the device can simply tell if any information has been tampered with and thus it saves you from pernicious parties.

The scanner offers advanced features. Such as- built-In Jogger, Continuous Feeding, Color Dropout, Duplex,Deskew, Fine Text Filtering, MICR-based Sorting,MICR-based Imprinting, Paper Eject Button, Three Output Pockets (200/200/50),Waterfall Output Mode etc.

This undemanding scanner comes with flexible maintenance. You will not have to tear out your hair if you try to clean it. So, would it be wise missing out on such an amazing machine?

Highlighted Features

  • Has an optical resolution of 1200 dpi.
  • Scans 190 simplex or duplex check per minute.
  • Has a 250 sheets automatic document feeder.
  • Comes with fraud detection feature.
  • Daily duty cycle is 24000 checks.

3. Canon image FORMULA CR-L1

Are you sick your scans being not up to the mark? Then welcome home Canon imageFORMULA CR-L1 for this meticulous scanner makes sure that you are never bothered with distorted scans.

This 300 dpi scanner ensures sharp detailing for your scanned documents. If you need to reproduce them, the resolution will not be reduced and you will be provided with intricate outcome.

The MICR reading of this device is ensembled with OCR processing. You can also adjust your scans by removing unflattering backgrounds and enhancing edges around the checks. The Contact Image Sensor works proficiently to accurately scan any logo or image imprinted on you checks. So, the quality of the scans is the last thing you should be worried about.

This scanner can accommodate up to 50 checks in its automatic document feeder. It can blaze up at the rate of 45 scans per minute. If you are thinking that it will be slowed down in case of accurate MICR reading, you will be glad to know that you are completely wrong.

The device comes with Error Diffusion and Fine Text Filtering scanning modes. Hence, it will not be too far stretching to deem it as an absolutely reliable scanner.

Some of its other features are- Built-in Physical Printer,Automatic Page Size Detection, Infrared Double Feed Detection, Deskew, Device Logs for Troubleshooting and Maintenance, Virtual Endorsement. This machine can scan approximately 3000 scans every day. To transfer your scans, you will have to use the USB that comes with the box.

Highlighted Feature

  • Adorned with 300 dpi scanning resolution.
  • Scans 3000 checks on a daily basis.
  • Scans 45 checks every minute.
  • Comes with enumerable features.
  • Has a 50 sheets automatic document feeder.

4. Digital Check CX30

Do you need bank quality scans with precision for your checks? Then let me introduce you to Digital Check CX30 Check Scanner. Laying your hands on this, you are rewarding yourself with a professional quality scanner at an affordable rate.

When you use this machine in Scan and Return Mode, it scans up to 15 checks per minute. But if you decide to go for Pass Through Mode, it can run at the rate ofup to 30 checks per minute.

This scanner comes with special document handling feature. Hence, you can enable it to read those documents which have dark backgrounds. Not only that, it can efficiently handle checks having multiple colors or any other marks contributing to cause errors in even the smartest of the scanners.

Digital Check CX30also excels in the area of image quality and MICR.The Multiple Image Capture facility guarantees that the image quality is never fiddled with.Only a handful other scanners can compete with this scanner when it comes to this criterion.

Also, do you hate scanners that make a lot of noise? If so, you can blindly rely on its quiet service. In this era of hustle and bustle, there are so many frustrating things which will give you headache. But at least, you can make sure that your scanner is not one of them.

Talking about reliability, gone are the days when you would be confused between real and fake checks. Its Dual Adaptive MICR Read is designed to provide you with the paramount accuracy. Its Optional Franker for Fraud Deterrence does its job by detecting counterfeit checks.

Nevertheless, all these amazing features does not make it complex to use. This intuitive scanner comes with a single point of paper entry and exit. Additionally, it does not run high on energy. It puts itself to sleep mode if it is not being operated for a while.

Highlighted Features

  • Delivers professional quality scans.
  • Scans 30 checks per minute.
  • Comes with fraud detection mode.
  • Has advanced MICR feature.
  • Affordable and space saving.

5. Panini VX50100

The last entry on our list is Panini VX50100 Document Scanner. Now, let’s find out why we think it is among the top 5 check scanners available in the market today.

Backed by a solid foundation of IS0: 9001 quality, it had to undergo a toilsome examining as well as certification processes. Moreover, Panini has been in scanning the field from decades. Consequently, its constancy is unapparelled.

This scanner offers 100 automatic document feeder. It can flawlessly scan 50 checks per minute. Besides, it hasone exit pocket that can gather up to 100 checks.

The device is adorned with Advanced MICR reading algorithm including OCR correction. Hence, your checks will not only sharper than ever before but it will also make sure you are never tricked by scams.This high-tech scanner also comes with automatic cartridge presence detection and empty cartridge alert features.

Moreover, its superior auto calibrated image quality provides you with image resolution of 100, 200 or enhanced 300 dpi. As a cherry on top, it can scan dual Image.That is to say, this scanner scans up to 5 images (3 front + 2 rear) in one document pass.

To transfer your scanned items, you need to connect it through USB. But if you are bored with its usual features, you may simply upgrade the scanner via software through the network. Its scalability is something which makes Panini VX50100 one of the most user-friendly scanner ever.

Highlighted features

  • It comes with 100 checks sheet feeder.
  • This device can scan 50 checks every minute.
  • It comes with advanced MICR and OCR.
  • The scanner is upgradable.
  • It is adorned with superior auto calibrated image quality.

Check Scanner Buying Guide

Sheet Feeder

The size of checks is small that makes them adorable. However, this adorability can quickly turn into hassle as they are prone to flying away and getting lost. Managing a large quantity of checks while scanning can be headache inducing. Hence, always go for a scanner that can accommodate a decent amount of checks in its sheet feeder.

But how many checks can the best check scanner hold? Well, to find it out, check out our review section and decide on your own.

Daily Duty Cycle

Before buying any check scanner, you need to know for sure how many checks it can scan every day. If you buy a scanner but it cannot produce the adequate amount required for you, you will not be much benefitted.


The full form of MICR is “magnetic ink character recognition”. This technology is widely used in banking industry for the clearance of cheques and other documents. It helps in identifying the legitimacy of checks as well as other paper works. So, to avoid the risk of counterfeit, purchase a scanner armed with MICR.

Check Scanner


The speed of check scanners is not always expressed with ‘ppm’ like other scanners. Sometimes it is expressed with ‘dpm’ or documents per minute. An ideal scanner should be capable of scanning at least 30 checks per minute.

Final Words

So, which is the best check scanner as per your needs?

Choose a device whose speed and daily duty cycle are capable of match up to your requirements. Make sure the document feeder can contain a standard amount of checks and is MICR enabled.

MICR is important because we know the sensitivity of check scanning. Hence, all of our top scanners come with this feature.

Hopefully this article will be able to help you pick the ideal check scanner.

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