Best Commercial Label Printer

Best Commercial Label Printer 2022

For brands, labels are like the Yin to the Yang. They bring color and an immediate appeal to the customers of distinct brands. Small businesses, though, can only produce high-quality labels by possessing the best commercial label printer.

The departure of the typewriters from the market has made label printing more inconvenient. Yet companies have never ceased printing them, due to the innovation of label printers. Now you may wonder why use a label printer instead of regular printers?

This is because there are two challenges when it comes to printing labels. First, a lot of paper wastage occurs if you are not cautious. And second, printing them requires a specific type of printing paper that typical printers can’t support.

Businesses, therefore, require the appropriate commercial label printer to gain an upper hand over their rivals. But choosing the perfect device is the hardest part, and that is where we come in.

Top Pick

ROLLO Label Printer

ROLLO Label Printer

  • Automatic Label Identification: Yes
  • Speed : 150 mm/s
  • Label Type: Rolls and Flats
  • Print Resolution: 203 DPI

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Commercial Label Printers

MFLABEL Label Printer (DT426B)- Black
  • Speed: N/A
  • Print Resolution: N/A
  • Size: 13 x 8.8 x 8.6 inches
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Brother VC-500W
  • Speed: 3 IPS (Inches Per Second)
  • Print Resolution: 313DPI
  • Size: 4.60 x 3.80 x 4.30 inches
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ROLLO Label Printer
  • Speed: 150 mm/s
  • Print Resolution: 203 DPI
  • Size: 7.7 x 3 x 3.3 inches
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Zebra Technologies ZT23042-T01000FZ ZT230
  • Speed: 6 IPS
  • Print Resolution: 203 DPI
  • Size: 21 x 14 x 5 inches
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Arkscan 2054A
  • Speed: 5 IPS
  • Print Resolution: 203 DPI
  • Size: 9.4 x 6.5 x 8.3 inches
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Brother QL-1100
  • Speed: 69 labels per minute
  • Print Resolution: 300 x 300 DPI
  • Size: 8.7 x 6.7 x 5.9 inches
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MFLABEL Label Printer (DT426B)-White
  • Speed: 5 IPS
  • Print Resolution: 203 DPI
  • Size: 13 x 8.9 x 8.2 inches
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Brother QL-1110NWB
  • Speed: 69 labels per minute
  • Print Resolution: 300 x 300 DPI
  • Size: 8.7 x 6.7 x 5.9 inches
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Phomemo Label Printer
  • Speed: 6 IPS
  • Print Resolution: 203 DPI
  • Size: 103.9 x 49.6 x 42.5 inches
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MFLABEL Printer - Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High Speed Printer MFLABEL Printer (DT108B)
  • Speed: 127 mm/s
  • Print Resolution: N/A
  • Size: 10.9 x 7 x 6.5 inches
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Best Commercial Label Printer Reviews

1. Brother VC-500W

This machine is able to handle paper sizes up to a maximum of 2 inches wide and 17-inches long. Zink Zero Ink Technology is used to reduce extra toner/ink cartridge expenses. All you’ve got to do is place on Zink’s paper sheets, and that’s about it.

Direct thermal printing technology is used and it has a printing rate of 0.3 IPS (Inches Per Second). 313 DPI resolution provides impressive output results and you can print labels using AirPrint or Wi-Fi directly. The product is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows, thus can manage a wide array of necessities.

You can develop and print photos, stickers, labels, etc. for photo projects, office jobs, home décor and much more.The Color Label App allows you to develop and customize your labels/photos to your heart’s desire with fonts, filters, illustrations, backgrounds, graphics, and ready-made templates.

The device includes an integrated, automated cutter. You can pick the right size and choose half or full cuts based on your requirements.It can be synced to print from practically anywhere using Wi-Fi or Wireless Direct. You can even broadcast over the network right from your tablets or mobiles.

When connected wirelessly, you can make and print labels from your handsets effortlessly with this amazing prototype.

Highlighted Features

  • Supports wireless and mobile printing
  • Equipped with built-in automatic cutter
  • High-quality outputs due to 313 DPI resolution
  • Versatile editing options for a wide range of requirements

2. ROLLO Label Printer

This large-format model is capable of printing labels from a width of 1.57 to 4.1 inches. It has a flexible range of printing. Examples includedistribution labels,4 x 6 inches packaging labels, bulk mailing labels, barcode and ID labels, FBA labels, etc.

With a high pace of 150 mm/s, this device can deliver breathtaking results with a resolution of up to 203 DPI.This model is an expert label printing device that is able to comply with all worldwide distribution networks and shipment delivery services.

Regardless of the number of prints a day-be it 5 to 5,000; incredibly crisp and clear labels can be created at a rapid rate.You may use any label for direct thermal printing (even those provided by UPAS and Uline) to print ink-free barcodes and labels of high-quality.

The device facilitates both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. High-grade Mobile, Email, and Wireless-Desktop customer care is also offered.This model has a small and handy style that enables it to sit conveniently on your desk.

Simply pressing a button enables automated detectionof the label’s features and size. The model comes with a remarkable capacity to print each four-row label at a rate of 238 labels each minute.

Highlighted Features

  • Wide-format model to support sizes up to 4.1 inches wide
  • Phenomenal speed of 238 labels per minute
  • Automatically detects label characteristics and dimensions
  • Can support any labels compatible with direct thermal printing

3. MFLABEL Label Printer

Compatible with Windows only, this large-format device can produce outputs of up to 4.25 inches in width. It is also capable of accommodating 4 x 6 inches labels, barcode and ID levels, FBA levels, bulk mail and warehouse labels, etc.

The device comes with unsurpassable speeds to maximize your productivity and efficiency. Your label papers would never get stuck or clogged.It is also incredibly simple and straight-forward to set up and user-friendly to use.

It consists of a deluxe print head that can deliver the most exquisite, high-quality prints along with its high resolution. The durable model is also capable of providing a lifetime service.

It’s an awesome and inexpensive thermal printer for printing FED EX, UPS, USPS, and many other types of labels. The device is not only more cost-efficient than inkjet devices but is also speedier, more noise-free, and also saves more energy.

Highlighted Features

  • Wide-format and versatile device
  • Paper doesn’t get clogged
  • Durable to provide service for a lifetime
  • Cost-effective, less noisy and saves energy
  • Simple to set up and convenient to use

4. Zebra Technologies ZT23042-T01000FZ ZT230

This monochrome device can produce amazing label outputs with its resolution of 203 DPI. With a printing rate of 6 IPS, it can handle paper sizes of up to 4.09 inches wide and 39 inches long. It has a compact and sleek design that will conveniently settle in any corner of your desk.

Energy STAR certified, this device ensures environment-friendliness without compromising in delivering you the finest performance. It comes with several options for connectivity along with USB such as Ethernet, parallel, and wireless.

This model has been designed for higher print accuracy with fine-tuned regulations. Hence, it produces sharp and clear barcode/text prints no matter how slim the media is.Status LEDs that are based on icons effortlessly and instantly can keep you up to date with the printer status.

It is equipped with a Tear Bar which you can use to rip off the labels as they print away.The ZT230 is suitable for a wide variety of uses, from production,distribution, and management; to sales and healthcare. Object and sample labeling to shelf and container labeling; this device can take care of it all.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can support paper sizes up to 39 inches long and 4.09 inches wide
  • Ethernet, parallel and wireless connectivity options
  • Status LEDs keep you updated with device status
  • Tear Bar equipped to rip off labels easily
  • Environment-friendly
  • Higher print accuracy

5. Arkscan 2054A

This multifunction gear comes with a printing rate of 5 IPS and can support media sizes of a maximum of 4.25 inches wide and 90 inches long. It has a printing resolution of 203 DPI and can accommodate both fanfold and roll paper. The roll paper is located and can be reloaded inside while the fanfold paper is loadable from the back.

Thermal Direct technology ensures that you never require to refill on inks/toners. It can work with any form of label thermal paper. The Windows-only BarTender UltraLite Label Design Software Tool includes the most commonly utilized label-design print functions.

These include the capability to fully create graphics barcodes, texts and even serializing capacities.The device itself is capable of supporting Mac and windows OS but not smartphones.

It is simple to set up within a few minutes and you can even contact the 5 stars rated U.S customer care should you face any problems. The thermal papers used are usually adhesive and can stick almost on any surface.

Highlighted Features:

  • Supports both roll and fanfold paper
  • Easy to set up in a few minutes
  • It can support any type of thermal papers
  • 5 stars rated customer support available

Commercial Label Printer Buying Guide

Thermal Vs. Inkjet

There are basically two types of label printers: Thermal and Inkjet models

The thermal category of devices involves the regulated use of heat to produce labels. This is a conventional printing process that can be very cost-effective. This type of printer is subdivided into two more subcategories:

Direct Thermal Printing Technology:They apply heat directly to chemically processed materials by means of thermal print heads. The devices do not use ribbons or inks and can only produce monochrome images; making them suitable for printing barcodes.

Thermal Transfer Technology:This process uses resin-based or wax printer-ribbons. Heat is transmitted to the ribbon by means of a thermal print head. The surface of the ribbon melts down, and the application of wax/resin follows to develop the proper design.

The key benefit of this process is that it is capable of generating both color and monochrome labels.

Inkjet technology is also classified into thermal and piezoelectric subcategories.The piezoelectric model of inkjet printers is speedier, cheaper, and more efficient. They don’t use heat and thus are suited for use with a range of ink varieties for high-quality multicolor labels.

Quality And Speed

No one likes subpar labels. What’s worse is that premium brands having low-grade labels won’t attract buyers. Which is why it’s essential to find a product that assures high quality. Key features influencing quality include resolution, color intensity, and color accuracy.

Commercial Label Printer

A reliable and efficient label printer is appropriate for any commercial business. It makes a clear distinction between producing label printouts on time and a frustrating delay. The printer speed is determined by the number of labels generated per minute.


As with ordinary printers, compatibility is a crucial factor to consider when you’re looking for the best commercial label printer. What additional gadgets do you have in your company to complement the device? A system that is compliant with most devices would multiply your productivity further.

Usage of labels

A perfect label printer can deal with all your printing requirements. You wouldn’t know when to print and what sort of labels you need.So, the flexibility of paper size is the key aspect to consider. The larger format is recommended because it can be utilized for a versatile variety of label sizes.

Some versions utilize fan-folded stacks while others use sticker sheet rolls. But there are those that use it both.Venture with your preferences and necessities.

Different brand labels may sometimes be more costly. Therefore, opting for a standardized label is a great way to reduce expenses should you choose to print labels for brands.


The path to purchasing an efficient label printer is not a simple one. Several variables can play a role in making your device a bad, decent, or the perfect buy for your professional purposes.

Figuring the best commercial label printer is no small feat. So we placed ourselves in your shoes with a mission. It was to find out what may assist you to effectively fulfill your need for a suitable label device. Hopefully, these guidelines and reviews will lead you to your perfect gear anytime now.

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