Best Document Scanners For Home

Best Document Scanners For Home 2022

Are you swamped by the papers scattered around your house everywhere? Tired of all the overflowing filing cabinets? Buried under overcrowded desks and counters of your home?

Well, the time has come for you to go paperless to make your house feel more like home again.

You may not be able to fully eradicate paper from your home, but you could still simply create digital copies of almost any paper documents/photos.

The digital versions would be more effortless to find, access, share, and sometimes, even to edit. You’ll need to choose from the best document scanners for home to get started, and this is where we come in to guide you through.

So hang on tight as we go over some important factors to consider while making your buy. Detailed reviews and a summarized comparison chart of some current toppers in the market are discussed as well. These altogether will hopefully give you a clearer picture of what to look for.

Comparison Chart For Top 9 Document Scanners For Home

Fujitsu fi-7160
  • Print Speed : 20ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : Wired and Wireless
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Brother DS-620
  • Print Speed : 1.2 ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : Wired and Wireless
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Brother DS-740D
  • Print Speed : 13.5 ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : USB and Wireless
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Epson FastFoto FF-680W
  • Print Speed : 18 ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : Wired and Wireless
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Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500
  • Print Speed : 40 ppm
  • max media handling : 11 x 17 inches
  • Connectivity : Ethernet
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Epson WorkForce ES-50
  • Print Speed : 2.8 ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : Wireless, WiFi Direct, USB
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Epson WorkForce ES-400
  • Print Speed : 33 ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
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Epson Perfection V39
  • Print Speed : 34 ppm
  • max media handling : 11 x 17 inches
  • Connectivity : USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
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Canon imageFORMULA P-215II
  • Print Speed : 20ppm
  • max media handling : 11 x 17 inches
  • Connectivity : Wireless, WiFi Direct, USB
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Best Document Scanners For Home Reviews

1. Fujitsu Fi-7160 | Best Scanner For Home Organization

The Fujitsu Fi-7160 enables color scans at rates of up to 60PPM or 120 IPM. This was configured to be suitable for sitting on a computer for comfortable positioning at your home or small office environment.

Due to its 80-page ADF, you can leave the device unsupervised for long periods without hesitation and worry.Along with dual CCD sensors, this model comes with a 600 x 600 DPI resolution. This results in the formation of color, B/W, or monochrome outputs in high quality.

It has the capacity to support papers of sizes 2.0 x 2.1 inches to up to 8.5 x 220 inches due to its long document function.A dual feed identification sensor confirms that no papers are skipped.

Compact enough to sit on just about any of your desks at home, it is strong enough to maneuver across up to 4000 pages in a day. All these aspects combined, the Fi-7160 is unparalleled in pace, precision, and durability.

It has an LED source of light and comes with Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection (iSOP) as well. Inclusion of ISIS and TWAIN drivers turns this device compliant with practically every software.

Highlighted Features

  • Insane scanning speed of 60 PPM and incredible 80-page capacity ADF
  • Supports long document scanning
  • Can scan up to 4000 pages per day
  • Compact enough to fit your home environment

2. Brother DS-620

The DS-620 isn’t any different in terms of delivering Brother’s trademark HD quality scans. It’s as efficient as it’s exquisite. If you’re on the hunt for a dynamic device for your home/home office, the DS-620 could just be the thing. It starts with scanning standard documents and photos to even arranging them.

This multipurpose gadget is fit for scanning images, documents, receipts, drawings, sketches, and laminated ID cards to de-clutter your homes. It’s capable of scanning even the smallest, most complicated, and most weirdly shaped materials without any trouble at all.

The software offered would enable you to scan all of your data to a shared folder,printer, email, FTP, etc.This product can support a range of paper dimensions and materials. It can deliver amazing speeds of up to 8 PPM for a single-side page and 5 PPM for dual-sided page scanning.

Its performance quality is not impacted due to an ample resolution of up to 600 x 600 DPI.With a minimum volume of 100 pages capacity each day, the dimensions of papers that it can support up to 8.5 x 32 inches.

A further intriguing feature worth mentioning is the portability of the product. It has a weight of below a pound and is 11.4 inches length. There is no need for any power outlets since it’s a USB-powered device.


Highlighted Features

  • Supports a versatile array of paper sizes and types
  • Compact to save your home-space, portable and light
  • Requires no power outlets due to USB connectivity feature
  • Sufficient speed and resolution for home use

3. Brother DS-740D

This portable Brother DS-740D duplex scanner is ideal for on-the-go small office/home office practices.It has a compact and lightweight structure and comes with convenient workflow apps. You can readily scan either single or dual-sided pages at a rate of 16 PPM max with a single pass and USB interface.

Free Brother iPrint & Scan software may be used for scanning into various “Send-to” destinations, such as OCR, PC Network, Email, and Cloud Services. It is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OS; and encompasses drivers like ICA for Mac/SANE and TWAIN/WIA for Windows.

You can modify your scanned product is by automatic color-detection, adjustment of photo rotation (only Windows), background removal, bleed-through prevention, text enhancement, color drop, etc. The device delivers a resolution of 600 x 600 DPI at max, which is ideal and sufficient for all homely purposes.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for home and small office purposes
  • USB interface and portable design
  • Linux, Windows, and Mac OS compatible
  • Includes TWAIN driver that enables to work with almost all apps
  • Features for picture enhancement available

4. Epson FastFoto FF-680W

Perhaps this duplex ADF scanner is the only device of its type that happens to come with the technology to inhibit clogs. This helps keep your fragile media from being compromised.With a scanning pace of up to 45 PPM, it could be considered lightning-fast for all your tasks at home or your home office.

While most scanners possess a 600 DPI maximum resolution, the FF-680 comes with an incredible 1200 DPI maximum resolution. This is more advantageous in comparison with most others. Safe Touch Technology offers a worry-free scanning for almost any media, even Polaroid photos or postcards.

FastFoto Software turns everything simpler; with speedy editing of photographs and intelligent document management attributes. Conveying the ultimate versatility, the FF-680W provides a variety of enlargement, immediate sharing, and archiving options as well.

It has wireless connectivity for flexibility. Perfect Picture Imaging technology could breathe new life to your aged photographs via auto-enhancing, color correction, red-eye removal, auto-rotation, cropping, de-skew, etc.

Easy Auto Upload and Backup can automatically upload your data whenever scanning via Google Drive or Dropbox instantly.The Single Step Technology will capture it all – even any handwritten notes in the back along with the front, in one pass.

Highlighted Features:

  • Clog averting technologies to safeguard delicate documents
  • Spectacular output quality with amazing speed of max 45 PPM
  • Wireless printing for magnified ease
  • Smart file organizing and auto photo fixing

5. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500

The Scan Snap iX1500 is expected to make it much simpler for you to become organized at home. A large, 4.3 inches user-friendly touchscreen along its versatile software can help deliver enhanced functionalities over its ancestors.

The configurations of Direct Connect and Access Point Connect enable this device to be set up at any place that is most convenient for you. You can get scanning with just a single tap by using the Quick button. After that, you can determine how to handle and arrange the results directly on your computer/laptop.

Clear-cut icons will help to analyze the scanning status and they can be moved in to their appropriate locations such as your PC/laptop folders, Dropbox or Google Drive, etc. Preset profiles of approximately 30 individuals may be generated to reach the ultimate scan functionalities for your home.

This smart device even showcases the modern Scan Snap Home software. It integrates all basic features of document management applications, receipts, and business cards into a consolidated interface. This enables an effortless editing and convenient maintenance.

Auto Image Cleanup gathers and enhances files via auto-rotation,automatic cropping, blank page deletion, etc. With a scanning pace up to 30 PPM and a 600 x 600 DPI resolution, this device can provide outstanding scanning outcomes and experience.

Highlighted Features

  • Convenient 4.3 inches touchscreen display
  • Quick menu provides single-touch operation
  • Creates up to 30 user profiles for amplified productivity and efficiency
  • Document/photos are fixed and improved with Auto Image Cleanup

Document Scanners For Home Buying Guide

Media Type

The essential factor in buying the right device is to know what type of media you will be most likely to scan. They are mostly used for scanning pictures and open (unbound) papers. Nearly all types of scanners can support that.

But many other typical media types comprises of films, newspapers, books, 3D objects, stamps, business cards, etc. They may need unique characteristics; thus, if you intend to scan such media, stay alert and keep an eye out accordingly. In addition, consider the largest size of media in proportion to the scanner’s width.

Flatbed Vs Sheetfed

Scanning photographs and fragile originals on flatbed models are more comfortable and you don’t possess the risk of harming them.

Document Scanners For Home

Sheet-fed devices on the other hand, whether they are automatic or manual,are appropriate for scanning one-piece, long papers. They also play a role in amplifying your efficiency and can provide a more hands-free experience

Original Media Size

Ask yourself what’s the maximum document size you’re intending to work with. A certain response to this query will guide you in selecting and having the best home document scanner at your fingertips. Estimate the width and length of the biggest document you may intend to use in your home scanner.

In many of these cases, longer papers are effortlessly handled by sheet-fed models. However some flatbed devices have significantly bigger beds to support large-format media conveniently.

ADF And Duplexing

Devices with Automatic Document Feeders will automatically keep feeding papers without you manually having to do so. Such devices are an excellent way to boost your efficiency. So for when your home/home office requires a bulk amount of scanning, ADF devices are the way to go.

Duplexing implies scanning both sides of a document in one go. If you frequently require to digitize dual-sided documents, then a scanner with an auto-duplexing function is one that might attract you. These scanners are faster and more powerful than scanners that print single sides.

Additional Software

Supplemental software enhances the scanner’s flexibility. As a result, the more software provided with the device, the further high-tech tasks it can perform. Even though this may bring a rise in cost, but it is likely to be worth it as it will enable you to conduct extra functions.

Most advanced models come with various apps and software. Hence they are more likely to effectively and conveniently edit images, texts, produce searchable documents, and archive business data.


Investing in the best document scanners for your home is a great way to digitize and arrange your papers. It provides you the flexibility of retaining necessary documentation while being ready to be shared with your connections. In addition, digitizing your documents also allows you to maintain a tidier home environment.

All of such advantages are right there for you to indulge in.These digital scanning gadgets can rescue you from constantly searching through tedious heaps of physical media. So with enough knowledge now to finally take a step ahead, you can confidently gift your home its well-deserved upgrade.

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