11 Best Drawing Tablets for Kids 2022 – Reviews

‘That is an incredible piece of work!’ you say to your little kid. But you see your child’s frown. Why?

‘I don’t like this, it’s all smudged and ruined!’ says the child. You sigh because it is true. Papers tend to get messy when children, no matter how amazingly talented, attempt artworks.

There is nothing you can do, you think. Of course, you can do something! It is not the 80s anymore, you know. You can always gift the best drawing tablet for kids and see them thrive and indulge more in their passion.

Believe us when we say you are not going to forget the thrilling contentment they will feel upon receiving a present as such.

So, shall we head down to the world of honest reviews about the products and find out which one to grab?

Comparison Chart

iPad Mini 5
  • OS: iOS
  • Drawing Area: 7.9×5.3”
  • Resolution: 2048×1536
  • Stylus Pressure Sensitivity: Not Available
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Artist12 Pro
  • OS: Windows Mac
  • Drawing Area: 10.1×5.67”
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Stylus Pressure Sensitivity: 8192 levels
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  • OS: Not Included
  • Drawing Area: 10”
  • Resolution: 1280×800
  • Stylus Pressure Sensitivity: Not Available
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  • OS: Windows Mac
  • Drawing Area: 4×2.23”
  • Resolution: 4000LPI
  • Stylus Pressure Sensitivity: 2048 levels
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  • OS: Not Included
  • Drawing Area: 10”
  • Resolution: 1280×800
  • Stylus Pressure Sensitivity: Not Available
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  • OS: Windows Mac
  • Drawing Area: 13.55×7.62”
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Stylus Pressure Sensitivity: 8192 levels
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Cintiq 16
  • OS: Windows Mac
  • Drawing Area: 13.6×7.6”
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Stylus Pressure Sensitivity: 8192 levels
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  • OS: Windows Mac
  • Drawing Area: 10×6.25”
  • Resolution: 5080LPI
  • Stylus Pressure Sensitivity: 8192 levels
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11 Best Drawing Tablet for Kids – Review

Below are some amazing devices offering many functions for each product. They are all child-friendly. Let us have a look and figure out which one encourages your children to pursue their artistic skills!

1. Osmo – Creative Starter Kit for IPad

Our first selected product is a starter kit that is compatible with the iPad. It is quite a magical tool to interact with children through various games.

The kit can help the child in learning problem-solving activities to early science puzzles. It is an amazing accessory for starting out with drawing skills as well.

So how does this work? Attach the base and reflector to your iPad and place the creative board right before the device. That is all!

Of course, you must already own the tablet, or the kit will not work. And it should have the Osmo application installed beforehand.

Once the setup is complete, you can download the games and let the children play with tangible objects, all the while learning basic knowledge. In a sense, it does not just teach the kid how to draw but also improves on the drawing speed.

It can be an advantageous accessory to develop early-stage visual thinking, problem-solving, physics, motor skills, and more. So, we recommend giving it to the children aging from 5.

The continuation of real-time audio and visual feedback encourages them to enter the world of experimentation without feeling stressed. It allows them to feel as if playing in real life instead of on the iPad display.

This innovative method of learning can be quite boosting for young ones to feel more interested in engaging in new things every day.

We have to admit, this product is pretty unique compared to the items we have assembled in the following section. Give it a try!

Highlighted Features:

  • Multiple learning scope
  • Hands-on learning ability
  • Game progress tracking by a parent
  • Base and reflector for iPad only
  • Self-guiding task/puzzle-solving adventure
  • Merges tactile assessment with technology

2. Apple iPad mini 5

Even if it is quite pricy for handing out to your child, we have to say, iPad Mini 5 is one of the best drawing tablet for kids to have in possession.

Aside from all the non-relevant features an iPad usually comes with, let us pay more attention to the drawing details. It could be the most exciting present no creative adolescent would ever imagine.

And you could make that happen; give your kid the best and see how much he/she progresses. The perfect pixelated display allows for incredible precision when drawing.

However, the Apple pencil is to be bought separately. It delivers accurate pressure level right where it is needed when utilizing. So, the kids will never feel the odd difference between digital and real pencils.

You could either password-protect the device or set a touch ID with a fingerprint in order to keep the files from accidental deletion. It is also an amazing means of reading, taking pictures, listening to songs, FaceTime, and so on.

Take the iPad with you during a long journey to keep your precious angel occupied for hours with interactive artworks. Thanks to the 10 hours’ worth of battery life, your child will have no problem facing battery drainage.

Highlighted Features:

  • Supports Apple Pencil for intricate arts, sketches, etc.
  • 10-hour battery life
  • A12 Bionic Chip to run heavy apps with fast performance
  • Retina display of 7.9-inch to deliver stunning vibrancy
  • A readable screen in any light
  • 8 MP HD camera
  • Lightning connector for fast charging
  • 64GB storage capacity

3. XP-PEN Artist12 11.6 Inch FHD Drawing Monitor

This here is a tablet for children with advanced drawing skills. It is because the device requires a computer to work with and software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

So, if you have a preteenager with extremely talented art skills or interested in learning, this gadget is the right answer for their knowledge hunt.

As you can see, it is, therefore, a tad uneasy for the kids to grasp. Apart from it, the Artist12 is a versatile drawing tablet best for graphics and cartoon works.

The full 11.6-inch HD display ensures the user achieve captivating details that most cheap devices fail to show. Moreover, the pen pressure sensitivity is also another feature that gets the things accurately done.

As a result, the writing or drawing lines can be attained with various thicknesses according to the pressure you create.

We all know that each stroke a brush creates comes from the relentless practice, and your eager child can easily accomplish that with the Artist12 drawing monitor.

It has six express keys and a touch bar to quickly access shortcut functions such as zooming in and out. The many elaborated illustrations or drawings, then, will require less effort to finish.

In the end, this could be the best drawing tablet for beginners who have just initiated themselves with advanced-level art skills in complex software.

The user is going to love the pleasant outcome it produces in terms of drawing. Do not miss it out!

Highlighted Features:

  • 72% NTSC color gamut for vivid color
  • Portable HD display of 11.6-inch
  • Customizable 6 shortcut keys
  • 1 touch bar to roll, zoom of the canvas
  • Pencil-like feel stylus with an eraser; battery-free
  • Applicable for multipurpose
  • Versatile compatibility of software

4. Crayola Ultimate Light Board, Drawing Tablet, White

The Crayola light board is a very adorable drawing tablet that lights up as soon as you start creating strokes. Its interesting glowing effect attracts even the adults/parents to enjoy the articulate experience with their younger siblings/children.

Plus, the most fascinating light-up feature is what makes it a perfect gift for 6+ years old kids. It is very reasonably priced. The kids will love it!

This device comes with a drawing surface and a back panel that is removable. The user can learn the first step of art tracing by simply removing the panel. Just place the desired paper and start drawing on top of the glass surface.

And when you draw with the panel included, do not forget to switch on that LED for the magical aftermath of the art created by your kid. Keep in mind, though; use only the washable gel markers for this product.

Furthermore, Crayola’s ultimate light board has a 12-inch drawing area. It is wide for a child to lay out his/her creative ideas. The device also incorporates a built-in dual flip-out kickstand.

It requires three AA batteries that are not included, however. What we loved besides the glowing design is that the item is quite easy to transport.

Do not worry about losing the markers either because the frame provides integrated storage for the kids to organize the set by themselves.

If you see any residual marks of previous drawings, we highly suggest applying a damp paper towel and then wait for the board surface to dry out.

Highlighted Features:

  • 12-inch drawing tablet with transparent surface
  • The removable black panel behind the surface for tracing
  • Built-in marker storage to avoid losing them
  • Includes washable gel FX markers
  • Built-in LEDs into the frame
  • Flip out kickstand for keeping in an upright position
  • Travel-friendly

5. FLUESTON LCD Writing Tablet

This writing tablet could be the next best present your child could get on an event. It is not just cost-efficient but also provides infants to adolescents a place to doodle or scribble as much as they wish.

That is why the price is not the factor here, but the feeling of achievement is. It is designed to ensure your kids are never bored when traveling. Thus, they get to have their creative fuel running even on the move.

The reason this product has got so many praises from the guardians is because of its smooth scrawling function. Of course, how can we forget the splendid rainbow colors!

But first, know that the 10-inch LCD is made to provide fluent movement when applying the pen pressure. Flueston has even thought about the likelihood of losing the stylus.

Therefore, a lanyard is used to keep the pen at a close distance from the board anytime and anywhere. One single button below the display is all you need to erase and start a new drawing.

It does not require charging or whatsoever. The whole thing comes with a replaceable battery that normally lasts up to 12 months.

If you are still in doubt, you can utilize it for highlighting office meetings, making work/study drafts, create graffiti, or even switch it to a message board for the family in the kitchen.

But most importantly, it enables inspiration for the children to learn, discover, scribble, and doodle, that too, without any paper waste!

Highlighted Features:

  • Built-in battery; no charging needed
  • Vivid color result for LCD pressure-sensitive technology
  • Efficient and quick one-button eraser function
  • Smart-lock system to keep previous work intact
  • Extremely-thin structure for ease of transport
  • Lanyard linked stylus with real pen-like experience

6. Huion H420 USB Graphics Drawing Tablet Board Kit

The creative world is moving further and further towards the groundbreaking digital arts. However, not everyone can afford a graphics tablet when starting out.

This is why the Huion H420 model is made for every aspiring artist, may that be your 12-year-old kid, who can acquire a professional-level drawing pad within budget.

It is not suitable for young children but could be an amazing present/start-up gear for a talented prodigy. We have to admit that the design of the unit is pretty sharp and easily appealing to young artists.

So what makes it worth checking out? For starters, it is compatible with plenty of software applications. You must set it up with a computer containing Windows or Mac operating system, though.

As for the functionality, this is a compact graphics tablet that your child can take anywhere. Simply connect it to the laptop or notebook and start taking inspiration from the surroundings.

Additionally, the stylus will eradicate any issues regarding drawing on the display. The pressure level provides perfectly shaped lines with every stroke you make on the surface.

This pen requires an AAA battery; some might find this a little irritating. On the other hand, the device includes the complete package to encourage the beginner further.

From anti-fouling glove to USB cable and many more tools will help your kid by giving a better platform to enhance the drawing skills.

Highlighted Features:

  • A portable active area of 4×2.23 inches
  • 3 express keys for quick page control
  • Stylus pen with scrolling button and cursor
  • 10-inch wool liner bag for tablet protection
  • Two fingers glove and a USB cable
  • Driver CD and cleaning kits
  • Supports versatile apps and software

7. Orsen LCD Writing Tablet

Orsen tablet is an easy-to-use kids’ digital drawing and writing pad with the best LCD pressure-sensitive technology.

Whether it is for your son or daughter, this right here is an incredible gadget to encourage your children toward writing practice, drawing, and fun math!

It will definitely help expand their mind and unleash the hidden gems of creativity into the arts. And the active 10-inch area as a canvas is enough to doodle plentiful of colorful works.

The pen that it consists of happens to be an excellent assistant in teaching the kids various thicknesses of a brush. It will create the lines based on how hard you push.

Thus, your children will not merely draw but also learn when to deliver thick and thin lines with continuous practiced pressure.

What we personally liked about the device is the anti-glare function. Thanks to this feature, the infants and kids will not face harmful radiation. You can leave the board in their care for hours without worrying about eye strains.

We also think this device can be a splendid communicator for challenging children. A quick press of the button below the screen allows you to empty the drawings. However, if the child wishes to keep the content and continue later, the lock key in the device will protect it from accidental erasing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Requires button battery replacement after 12 months
  • 10-inch LCD pressure-sensitive technology
  • More than 100,000 times of usage
  • Ultra-thin design for portability
  • Stylus with smooth pressure level
  • Includes a lanyard to not lose the pen

8. Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 Graphics Drawing Tablet

There is only one issue with graphics tablets. They all will require a secondary device to connect with, such as a computer or a laptop. Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 is no exception.

So, before you go for this superb product, know that if your kid can operate it accordingly. The best part about the item is, of course, the canvas area. A full 15.6-inch HD laminated drawing surface to represent the vivid details!

Navigating through hidden errors will no longer be a problem with this much space available to you.

From precise brightness, screen clarity to identical viewing quality from different angles, it would feel just like regular paper art. Only you would have a handful of digitized advantages for a change. Basically, it will maintain the true and natural hues throughout the drawings.

As for the user-friendliness, the device is only 11.5mm thick and lightweight. Thus, the sleek design offers convenient transportation wherever the user goes.

The overall dynamic structure makes it the perfect gift for a young artist in the house. Both left and right-handed users can operate it smoothly. There are 6 customizable keys in addition to a navigation touch bar on the panel.

It also comes with a stand for convenient tilt-and-work benefits. All in all, this product is developed to impart maximum comfort when drawing with a battery-free stylus.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6 customizable press keys and 1 touch bar
  • 120% sRGB gamut to deliver richer color
  • Fully laminated 15.6-inch HD display
  • Anti-glare; reduces parallax to a minimum
  • Battery-free stylus with +/–60 degrees of tilt recognition
  • Sleek and thin design for easy carrying
  • Adjustable folding stand
  • Supports Windows and Mac OS

9. Wacom Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablet with Screen (DTK1660K0A)

Those of us who are into digital arts must have heard about the wondrous Wacom brand. It is an excellent graphics tablet for the many artists and graphics designers out there.

However, is it a suitable device for kids? Well, maybe not a good idea for the 3-8 years of age.

Although once you set the Cintiq 16 up to a computer and ready the device, the kids can enjoy the vast space with unlimited options to learn and work with.

The main aspects of the product are the quality screen and the ergonomic pen. Thanks to the superior HD resolution in a 15.6-inch screen, the user can focus intently on details with clarity.

Also, the scratch-resistant surface eliminates the glaring effect that often distracts a mind when drawing. It even offers foldable legs to rise to a tilting position.

Now a digital tablet, no matter how cool the features are, wouldn’t be of any use if the stylus is not included. Keeping the young creators in mind, the pen is devised with supreme accuracy.

So the thing will not lag at a significant line or gradient fill. Whether it is an anime art, graffiti, or standard drawing, the pen with the tilt recognition will provide you a brilliant work of your imagination.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatibility with multiple software and OS
  • Wacom Pro Pen 2 formulated tilt recognition stylus
  • Parallax reduction function for no-lag experience
  • Anti-glare and scratch-resistant screen
  • 6-inch HD display with detail precision
  • 3 in 1 HDMI connection for convenience
  • Foldable legs to adjust the drawing area

10. GAOMON M10K2018 10 x 6.25 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet

While other kids at their age read the awesome manga (Japanese comics), you notice that your star is more interested in creating them. What do you do to help develop that skill?

Gaomon graphics tablet brings to you the solution for such a creative mind within an affordable price.

It also has a pen of 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. Most importantly, it is ready to use whenever you desire without fearing of battery drainage. The harder you press, the thicker the line would be.

You can create thin to dense, smooth strokes with a natural pencil-like feeling. Hence, capturing the ideas in a fluttering moment becomes swifter and simpler.

The sufficiently large working area enables the adults as well as children/students to work on complex educational lessons. You must connect the device to a desktop or laptop for it to function, do not forget that!

Thus, the young ones that are trying to work on online projects or record ideas into art can do so due to the vast compatibility advantages to numerous apps and software.

There are 10 express keys in the panel with a touch ring in between. The keys work, however, based on the Photoshop settings. Surely, you can always adjust them to your liking anyway.

Similarly, the touch ring is also programmable for zooming, scrolling, and brush adjusting options on the canvas. It is a pretty good drawing tablet for the preteens, to be honest.

Highlighted Features:

  • Battery-free advanced passive tech adopted stylus
  • Excellent 8192 pen pressure level for natural strokes
  • 25-inch working surface
  • High-performing pen touch resolution
  • 1 programmable touch ring
  • 10 individually adjustable express keys for shortcuts
  • Versatile compatibility with drawing programs and OS
  • Not a standalone tablet

11. XP-PEN Artist12 Pro 11.6 Drawing Monitor

We conclude our kid tablet reviews with an incredibly advanced yet quick-grasping drawing monitor. You might find it a little steep in price but take our words for it, you will not be disappointed!

First of all, the 11.6-inch monitor is completely laminated for a seamless view with a scratch-free function. No parallax error to misguide the cursor, and the feeling of real paper-like drawing gives you the experience of a lifetime.

It is a multipurpose tool, meaning it is not just for drawing but also for scribbling down notes, creating MS projects, and so on. This is why the device can work with plenty of software and applications.

Undoubtedly, Artist12 Pro is a supporting gadget that must be connected to a desktop/laptop to run. As a result, it is compatible with Mac OS and Windows for convenience.

Second of all, along with the HD screen, there is a stand to relieve hand stiffness and eye stress. You can incline it from 20 to 90-degree with ease. There is also a pen holder to keep the pen nib safe.

Lastly, the stylus itself has become a favorite to its users, thanks to its +/–60 degrees of tilt recognition. This means the pen will let you work with an unbelievable accuracy for creating lines.

It even has integrated buttons to click pencil and eraser shortcuts. The Artist12 Pro by XP-PEN also comes with 8 shortcut keys and 1 red dial. And yes, they are all programmable according to your kid’s needs.

Highlighted Features:

  • HD display with 172-degree viewing angle
  • Replaceable optical film for anti-glare and scratch
  • Fully-laminated technology for zero parallax view
  • High precision, battery-free stylus with tilt support
  • Customizable 8 express keys with a red dial
  • AC 42 stand to prevent sliding or shaking
  • Pen holder to protect the nibs

Best Kids Drawing Tablet Buying Guide

There are plenty of reasons to dive yourself into research mode before finalizing on a tablet. It may sound difficult, but trust us; things will get simpler to make a better decision.

Drawing Tablets For Kids

Screen Size

The bigger the canvas, the wider a child can partake in wild creativity. Similarly, larger display sizes could let the kids focus more on their abilities without a barrier.

However, the size should not have any effect on the device’s weight, or transporting it could easily drain one’s interest.

Look for a comfortable dimension that your kid can easily hold, carry, and use.

Battery Life

It is better if the drawing tablets have USB-C charging port. The reason is quite obvious, prompt charging with lesser cables to deal with.


All the best kids drawing tablet should have few aspects to make the purchase worthwhile.

For instance, built-in screen pads are excellent for portable convenience. Therefore, having a wireless connection instead of a cabled one seems more sensible, right?

Furthermore, where do the drawings go after completing? They should be auto-saved as most children would not bother going through the trouble of looking for saving options.

So, make sure the device comprises a sufficient storing capacity. It does not have to be overly high because you can always transfer these files to the desktop or laptops.

Software Support

It should be user-friendly, meaning a child cannot understand complex and advanced software like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

Thus, the device must be easy to cope with where the kid can draw without running a tutorial for starters.

If the tablet is used by the parents/adults as well, see to it that the advanced software is good to run smoothly.

Pen Quality

The pen/stylus is an essential tool to draw anything on the tablet. It must be of good quality with sensitivity.

Now, the more advanced utilization of tablets the kids have, the better stylus quality you should consider obtaining.

It is basically the brush, pen, or pencil for the pad screen, so it must not give out after a few strokes.

Parental Control

This feature is optional if you are getting a tablet with zero internet activities. Parental control, on the other hand, is a must-have prospect if you are planning on getting a normal tablet.

As we are all aware, the web can be pretty shady and dangerous for our children. We must, as a consequence, be able to control the contents they can access through the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a drawing tablet without a computer?

Yes, some of our mentioned products, in fact, operate without a computer.

2. Is it important to prioritize tablet screen quality?

Yes, the best drawing tablets with the screen always come with a high resolution where it is easy to catch the details. Otherwise, it will be hard to improve art skills. We suggest learning about the tablets to avoid poor resolution display.

3. Is the stylus necessary?

A child would need a pen or pencil to hold on to learn drawing in the first place. The stylus is similarly a significant tool in the criteria to initiate a kid’s digital drawing practice.

4. What is the difference between a graphic tablet and a drawing tablet?

There is only one difference that sets both apart from one another. A graphic tablet does not have a screen to draw on and will require a PC to work with.

On the contrary, a drawing tablet is integrated with a screen where one can draw on with or without any assistance of a PC, depending on the model.

5. Is it difficult to master drawing on the tablet?

Technically, yes, a portable drawing tablet could be a challenging feat to overcome, especially for a child, if the device is not well equipped with easy-to-grasp functions.

Sometimes, switching from one tablet to another could also be the reason for mastering drawing challenges. 

Final Words

You will no longer have to worry about costly materials to get between your child’s creativity. So, give them the opportunity to push the limits.

And when you see them intently putting their imaginative characters into art, you would know it was worth everything!

We hope that our best drawing tablet for kids have brought to you abundant possibilities to select from with ease. Know that with such devices come further responsibilities.

Always set a time limit for the little ones to use the device, or it could strain their eyes.

Enjoying an art project is one thing, whereas using the tablet out of habit, as a matter of fact, is entirely different.

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