best DTG printer for small business

The Best DTG Printer for Small Business Success

With technological advancement and the ever-increasing need for complex and detailed cloth prints, printing has evolved from traditional embroidery and screen printing to advanced direct-to-garment printing (DTG).

Although traditional embroidery and screen printing are not going out of fad anytime soon, the demand for DTG printing is increasing at geometric proportions. This is due to its fast turnaround time and high-quality artwork.

Therefore, choosing the best DTG printer for small business is important to quickly create awesome designs without compromising quality.

Because it is a relatively new tech, many do not understand how DTG printers work and the factors to consider before purchase.

In this post, we consider the best DTG printer for small businesses. Of course, what you settle for will be determined by your personal preference. However, knowing what to expect from the products will do you a wealth of good.

Best dtg printer for small business for 2021 Review: Key Features, Pros, and Cons

Direct-to-garment printing (DTG) is the rave of the printing industry at the moment because of the high-quality output and fast turn-around time. If you need the best DTG printer for small business or for yourself, this table lists the best 7 on the market today.

HRM A4 DTG T-Shirt Printing Machine
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Resolution: 5760*1440DPI
  • Color configuration: C M Y K LC LM
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PUNEHOD L1800 DTF Transfer Printer
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Resolution: 2880 DPI
  • Color configuration: CMYK+WW
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Fancierstudio Power Heat press
  • Printing Technology: Heat press
  • Resolution: –
  • Color configuration: Blue Black
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Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3
  • Printing Technology: Dye Sublimation
  • Resolution: 2880 DPI
  • Color configuration: CMYK
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HRM Automatic A3 T-Shirt Printing Machine
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Resolution: 2880 DPI
  • Color configuration: C M Y K LC LM
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DTF L1800 A3 Printer
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Resolution: 2880 DPI
  • Color configuration: CMYK+WW
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CXB A4 DTG Printer
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Resolution: 2880 DPI
  • Color configuration: CMYK
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1. HRM A4 DTG T-Shirt Printing Machine

Highlighted features

  • Highlighted features
  • USB connectivity
  • Resolution: 5760*1440dp
  • Ink colors: C M Y K LC LM (6 colors)

Let’s start things off with our best overall, the HRM A4 DTG T-Shirt Printing Machine. HRM is a very popular DTG brand in the textile printing industry. It is worth taking a long look at. This A4-sized printing machine is perfect for small businesses looking to take a share of the ever-growing merch business.

When it comes to DTG printers, the first important thing to look at is the installation and operating manual. The HRM A4 DTG T-Shirt Printing Machine has clear instructions that make installing and operating easy for a newbie. Supportive customer service and tech support also mean you can get things set up and ready in a few hours.

This DTG printer works superbly on fabric. It imprints designs like a charm. For printing on T-shirts, this DTG printer is more than enough. The final result will be scratch-resistant, waterproof, and colorful prints. What’s there not to like?

We recommend this product because of its amazing prints, easy installation, operation, and HRM supportive tech support. If this is your first foray into the merch business, you can’t go wrong with this product. It also comes with 4 color ink to get you started.


  • This printer is suitable for light color and dark color T-shirt prints.
  • It prints images that are scratch-resistant and waterproof.
  • Installation and operation is easy for newbies.


2. PUNEHOD L1800 DTF Transfer Printer

Highlighted features

  • Auto heat station system
  • Alarm timer function
  • Insulated handle

Are you tired of slow-loading DTF printers? The L1800 DTF Transfer Printer will speed up your printing operations.

This printer comes with an advanced roll feeder. This, in combination with an auto-heat station, significantly reduces jams and increases overall efficiency.

Designed with an ink recycling system and a white ink mix, downtimes due to printer head clogs are effectively eliminated. When there are zero paper jams and clogs, you will print more merchandise and meet customer demands.

We also recommend this printer if you are just starting a merch business. The L1800 DTF Transfer Printer comes with PET films, an oven, and ink bottles to get you started. The oven has an easy-to-grip insulated handle that makes it super-easy to bake PET films.

Finally, it is easy to install. The package comes with video instruction to aid installation and operation. As such, it is perfect for newbies.


  • This DTF printer comes with an alarm function for easy temperature and time settings.
  • It comes with video instructions for installing and operating the machine.
  • It comes with an ink circulation system that makes prints colorful and beautiful.


  • No significant cons.

3. Fancierstudio Power Heat press

Highlighted features

  • Silicone-gel baseboard
  • Electronic time and heat control
  • Temperature Range: 0-699 degrees

Are you a newbie with zero knowledge about the merch business and not willing to shell a couple of thousands to kickstart the business yet? Then, invest in this heat press machine. The Fancierstudio Power Heat press was designed for home users, hobbyists, and professional crafters in mind.

Think about an easy-to-operate machine that easily prints images, numbers, letters on any garment of choice. Unlike many conventional heat press machines, this product does not need a fabric pre-heating process before beautifying engraving your designs.

It uses a sublimation heat-press and has a silicone-gel baseboard that grips your clothes and aids efficient print transfer even on the thickest of garments. In addition, this base ensures an even distribution of pressure across the printing surface. And comes with a programmable timer in four languages.

Fancierstudio Power Heat press is an up-opening model perfect for transferring images, numbers, and letters on ceramic tiles, ID badges, jigsaw puzzles, mouse mats, bags, garments, T-shirts, and others. Start with this unit if you do not have thousands of dollars to shell on a DTG machine but want to give the merch business a try!


  • This printer is inexpensive.
  • It is simple to use and transfer prints seamlessly to garments.
  • It is small and compact compared to other products on this list.


  • It takes about 25 minutes to heat up.

4. Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3

Highlighted features

  • Resolution up to 2880dpi
  • Color: CMYK
  • Printer Technology: Dye Sublimation

As a small business, you are likely short on working space. This means your working tools should be compact and fit the small space. If this holds true, go for the Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3.

This DTF printer is perfect for colorful prints. In addition, because it works with a sublimation pigment or ink, this machine can print directly on cotton or polyester fabric. As such, there is zero need for a printing plate.

Since you won’t need extra space for a printing plate, there will be free and comfortable movement around the machine. In addition, this printer is easy to operate. You only need to push a button for the printer to start transferring designs.

The Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3 can print color and white on different types of T-shirts. This and a 2880 DPI resolution allow for easy color adjustment and high-quality prints.


  • This printer can use both sublimation and pigment ink.
  • The printer is compact and portable
  • It is suitable for use on light and dark color garments.
  • It comes with a printing template that makes operation easy.


  • No significant cons.

5. HRM Automatic A3 T-Shirt Printing Machine

Highlighted features

  • USB connectivity technology
  • Fabric Glossy photo paper print media
  • Inkjet print technology

If the HRM A4 DTG T-Shirt Printing Machine is insufficient for your business, an A3 will get more done. This HRM printer is an excellent example of such a product.

It is a water-based ink printing machine that churns out quality prints every time. Of course, like many regular DTG printers, you will also need a pre-treating and a heat press machine to complete the setup. A heat press having adjustable pressure offers more benefits than just its heating elements. You can also experiment with a Teflon sheet for even higher quality.

Unlike the other DTGs on this list, the HRM Automatic A3 T-Shirt Printing Machine is unique. The machine auto-adjust printable height, saving you plenty of operating stress. Of course, this can also be customized manually when needed.

This DTG uses free printing software. It also allows you to create designs and print the same. Furthermore, since it uses water-based ink, the printer is eco-friendly and safe in a busy work environment. Overall, this printer is perfect for a small merch business of its attractive price, quality prints, and ease of operation.


  • This machine can print on pants, jeans, sweatshirts, hoodies, cotton material, T-shirts, socks, bags, and more.
  • It uses eco-friendly, water-based ink.
  • The machine auto-adjust tray height and positioning.


  • It is not suitable for a small workspace.

6. DTF L1800 A3 Printer

Highlighted features

  • 2880 DPI Resolution
  • Color: CMYK+WW
  • 297mm*420mm print size

The sixth product on our list works differently from the regular DTG printers. The process involves printing the intended design on a film before applying a heat press for transfer.

A little different from what you are used to, right? This does not come with fancy features like adjustable pressure controls or ceramic-coated surfaces. However, you can be sure of high-quality prints all the time.

In addition, this DTG printer does not need a transfer plate for T-shirts; just get a hold of any regular PET film, you are good to go. It will perform excellently on light cotton fabrics. This printer also has a decent temperature range and prints A3-sized designs around 297 x 420 mm.

The DTF L1800 A3 Printer comes with digital control that works with free AcroRIP software available on Windows OS. This device might be a little tricky to operate for first-timers, but you will get it working in no time. But if you need help, there is an excellent customer service team to attend to your inquiries.


  • It comes with an automatic ink circulation system that saves ink.
  • It is suitable for printing on many types of fabrics.
  • The package includes six inks in CMYK and white color to help you get started.


  • This printer might be a little tricky to operate for a newbie.

7. CXB A4 DTG Printer

Highlighted features

  • 210*300mm Max printing size
  • DuPont textile ink
  • Windows OS compatible

For newbies, it is good advice to start your merch printing business with a cotton-based fabric.  Why? These fabrics are easy to sell and make a decent profit from.

For this type of operation, we recommend the CXB A4 DTG Printer. It is an easy-to-operate printer that can transfer designs on flat and thin clothes. Moreover, the printer is considerably inexpensive, making it perfect for a small business.

You can also print on over 50% cotton materials, such as socks, onesies, and T-shirts. The DTG printer comes with a 210 X 300mm printing size and produces colorful and visible designs.

To effectively operate this machine, use only P5000+ series DuPont textile ink. You do not need to buy printing software before using this device. When you make a purchase, it comes with RIP 9.03 printing software ready to use.


  • This machine can print on both flat and thin clothes.
  • It comes with a free RIP 9.03 printing software.
  • CXB has an excellent customer support team on standby to help with your inquiries.


  • No significant cons.
best DTG printer for small business

Best dtg printer for small business:  Buying Guide

Since investing in the best DTG printer for small business is for quality output and profit, you need to be careful on the device you settled for. These machines cost a few bucks, and buying the wrong product will impact your ability to profit. So consider the following important factors before a buying decision.

Type Of Clothing

DTG printers can print on garments other than regular T-shirts. For example, newer models can print on sweatshirts, aprons, shopping bags, and many more. As such, ascertain the size of the printer and the surfaces it can print on.

During our research, we found many DTG printers with numerous features that allow unique designs and decorations on t-shirts and other garments. Therefore, we recommend investing in a DTG printer that best suits your merch business needs.

Quality of Print

Another important factor to consider before making a purchasing decision is the quality of prints. We recommend printing a sample apron or t-shirt if possible before the purchase. If you are buying online, check customer reviews. What are they saying about the quality and speed of the DTG prints? We recommend going for a printer having high color accuracy and resolution quality.

Printable Area

Go for a printer with a large printable area that can print on three or four shirts at a go. With this type of printer, you can achieve more quality prints every time you set to work. If you have the bucks, go for industrial-level machines that can print five or six shirts at once. This will save you plenty of time and stress.

Ease Of Use

As a relatively new tech, operation and a good understanding of features and functions might be challenging for a printing newbie. Fortunately, CXB A4 DTG Printer and DTF L1800 A3 Printer are user-friendly and easy to operate.

In all, we recommend going for a product that you feel most comfortable with.  The Epson DTG printer is an excellent example of a printer that is very easy to operate and user-friendly for newbies.

Printing Speed

A machine like the PUNEHOD L1800 DTF Transfer Printer with high printing speed is a blessing for peak periods when you need to mass print designs. It will boost production and also save plenty of printing time. The products on this list are some of the fastest DTG printers on the market today.

Besides high printing speed, consider other important features like resolution and single-pass printing to enhance product quality. Therefore, invest wisely in a high-quality DTG printer.

Printing Resolutions

Whether you need a DTG printer for small- or large-scale printing, it is essential to go for a product with excellent printing resolution. No customer will enjoy a poor-quality design on fabrics. As such, invest in a quality DTG printer like the Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3 with 2880 DPI resolution for quality prints.

We found from our research that 1440 dpi is the minimum required for quality DTG print. Any resolution below 1440 dpi will result in poor prints. Therefore, invest in a DTG rated 1440 dpi resolution or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is DTG ink expensive?

DTG inks are produced by manufacturers who protect their ink proprietorship. This is why they are expensive. Fortunately, during our research, we found that the CXB A4 DTG Printer works with many cheap third-party inks. Therefore, this printer is included in our review.

Q: Is DTG permanent?

After DTG printing, the ink needs to be cured into the fabric. This process makes it permanent. To properly complete a DTG printing on a cloth, there is a heat press. The end result is a beautiful design that will withstand several years of wash and wear when properly done.

Q: Is heat press the same as DTG?

In DTG printing, all colors are printed at once. With a heat press, parts of the design and the different colors are aligned by hand. The higher the number of colors, the more difficulty, complexity, and possibility of errors.


Choosing the best DTG printer for small business will depend on your budget and required output. Hopefully, with this review and buying guide, you have some ideas to help you make an informed buying decision.

While these DTG printers are perfect for small businesses, remember you need to put them to use. You shouldn’t be investing in a machine that won’t be utilized. Note, printers that don’t get frequent use may end up breaking down.

So, apart from choosing the best fit for your business, focus on regularly making good use of the printer. This will aid your decision-making process.

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