Best Dye Sublimation Printer

Best Dye Sublimation Printer 2020

Don’t we all love a printer that can produce professional prints on any material with home comfort? I bet we all do!

Dye sublimation printer is such a kind of piece of tech that brings the best of many worlds. I mean, you get professional quality prints on the surface of any material; most importantly, you can do it from home!

Dye sublimation printers are ideal for small businesses, crafty consumers, photo booths. Even if you are just a hobbyist printer who likes to print photos, you can use one too!

I will review some printers here to save your time of research to choose the best dye sublimation printer. So, let’s dig in!

Top Dye Sublimation Printer Comparison Chart



Kodak Dock PD-450

  • Print Speed : 1 ipm
  • Print Media Type : Paper
  • Media Size Maximum : 4 x 6 inch

Canon TS5120

  • Print Speed : 40 pages_per_minute
  • Print Media Type : Paper (plain)
  • Media Size Maximum : 8.5 x 14 inch

Epson Photo HD XP-15000

  • Print Speed :20 pages_per_minute
  • Print Media Type :Envelopes
  • Media Size Maximum : 13 x 19 inch

Canon Pixma MG3620

  • Print Speed : 9.9
  • Print Media Type :Envelopes
  • Media Size Maximum : 8.5 x 14 inch

Canon SELPHY CP1300

  • Print Speed :1 ppm
  • Print Media Type :Labels, Paper (plain)
  • Media Size Maximum : 4 x 6 inch

Workforce WF-7710

  • Print Speed :18 ppm
  • Print Media Type :Glossy photo paper, Envelopes, Paper (plain)
  • Media Size Maximum : 13 x 19 inch

Canon Office Products IP7220

  • Print Speed : 12 ppm
  • Print Media Type : —
  • Media Size Maximum : 8.5×14 inch

Canon Pixma iX6820

  • Print Speed : 14.5 ppm
  • Print Media Type :Envelopes
  • Media Size Maximum : 13 x 19 inch

Workforce WF-7720

  • Print Speed : 18 ppm
  • Print Media Type :—
  • Media Size Maximum : 13 x 19 inch

Primera Impressa IP60

  • Print Speed : 2×6 photo strips in 3-4 seconds, 4×6 photos in 7-8 seconds, 6×8 photos in 14-15 seconds
  • Print Media Type : Paper
  • Media Size Maximum : 6×24 inch

Best Dye Sublimation Printer Reviews

1.Kodak Dock PD-450 | Best Dye Sublimation Printer For Photo Booth

You will love this printer if you are passionate about mobile photo printing.

Kodak is a renowned name in the photo printing industry. They are old and make high-quality printers in small sizes.

Kodak Photo Printer Dock PD-450 is an entirely dedicated printer to print from mobile devices and smartphones. It is suitable for iOS, Android, Digital Cameras.

It’s a brick-sized printer cum dock for your phone. I can possibly write an extended essay about its features, but let’s keep it short, for I need to talk about other printers as well.

Just put your phone on the dock, the printer’s one-touch printing feature lets you print directly from your phone. Also, you can print wirelessly as well. It can recharge two of your phones simultaneously while doing the printing job as well.

Quick print and dry, fingerprint-proof printing, waterproof printing; there are so many exciting features, the printer comes with and makes it a convenient photo printer.

2.Canon TS5120 | Best Printer For Dye Sublimation

Canon TS5120 is an excellent choice for everyone who likes an affordable price tag with pretty decent performance.

If you have small businesses or you need a printer for your home office, Canon TS5120 is going to serve your needs pretty right. From document printing to concert tickets, school projects, or photos, it’s an ideal choice for all.

It can do fast scanning and copying. It features fast duplex color printing. With FINE Hybrid Ink System, you can maintain the perfect balance between performances and printing costs.

There’s a lot of flexibility while it comes to connectivity. The printer can easily connect to any of your devices using Wi-Fi, AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and USB. 

It is compatible with optional XL ink cartridges, which comes with great benefits, including saving printing costs and time of replacing ink.

3.Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 | Best Dye Sublimation Photo Printer

Are you a professional or hobbyist photographer? Looking for a printer that exceptionally focused on printing Ultra High Definition wide-format photos?

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 might be your new favorite thing to play with.

While it is outstanding in producing quality prints, it is almost 30% smaller compared to its predecessor. You can put it anywhere on your desk. The look is also very gorgeous.

It includes automatic two-sided printing with features like borderless printing and many more. The 50-sheet rear specialty tray can hold a variety of media, including cardstock, to make professional projects easier.

With 6-color Ultra HD Inks this wide format printer can produce stunning HD quality photos up to 13 ″ X 19 ″. The details in the prints are utterly insane. Colors look very natural, vivid, and bright.

Print Speed

4.Canon Pixma MG3620 | Best Inkjet Printer For Sublimation

Another great piece of a printer from the Canon Pixma series. If you already used a Pixma printer before, you are already familiar with its extensive feature lists.

The Pixma MG3620 one of the best in this series under 50$. With its compact size and excellent quality graphics and document printing quality, it’s one of the most popular printers amongst home users.

The print speed reasonably satisfactory for any home users; it can print 5 pages in just 47 seconds. The printer has an exclusive quite mode where the printers speed gets a little slower but allows printing without making any noises.

For connectivity options, there are quite a few, including Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet. Your smartphone, paired with the Canon PRINT app, can be quite a duo for printing and scanning photos.

If you are an iOS user, you can print using AirPrint, and for Android users, there are options available such as Morphia print and Google cloud print.

Print Speed

5.Canon SELPHY CP1300 | Best Printer For Sublimation Ink

As the title features the word “SELPHY,” you might already get a vibe what this printer is for!

Yes, this is an instant photo printer for your portable photo devices, including smartphones and digital cameras.

The best thing about it is its portability. With an extra battery, you can power this device anywhere you go! Print your memories on the highway, on the mountain, on the sea, instantly.

The printed photo dries instantly and is water-resistant; also, can last for a century! What can be the best way to create memories than an instant picture that lasts 100 years!

With the Canon print app, its very simple to connect your smartphone to the printer and print with a few touches on the screen. The USB option will let you print directly from your Memory Card or Pendrive.

With a 3.2 inch LCD screen navigating through the menus is and setting up this thing is very convenient.

Print Speed

Dye Sublimation Printer Buying Guide

You don’t need to pick a best dye sublimation printer blindly. Follow these buying tips to ensure that you don’t invest your hard-earned savings in a wrong printing tool.

  1. Media Handling

Firstly, we all know that dye-sub printers are best for printing on T-shirts and other fabrics. However, what sizes of media can the device of your choice handle?

Well, the above question is not an easy one to answer. And, solving it will involve predetermining the media sizes that you intend to print.

Notably, dye-sub printing sizes come in three formats, so are dye-sub printers. Desktop options will most often accommodate print media sizes that don’t go past A4 documents.

Narrow format models are mid-range options of wide-format models that will accommodate up to A3 media sizes.

Finally, there are true wide-format options that consist of freestanding devices. Most of them are roll-fed models that can accommodate more extended media sizes of up to 150 inches. The length is equally flexible.

So, the type of printer that you opt to purchase should conveniently accommodate the media sizes that you intend to use it for.

  1. Transfer Method

Dye-sub printers use a different technology from that of lasers, LEDs, and inkjets. Traditional methods use a select type of paper or cotton sheet to transfer the media on to the T-shirt or fabric.

However, some more modern models can directly transfer patterns on to materials. It’s a different ball game altogether, but this method shouldn’t give you any headaches.

However, you’ll need to be a bit more vigilant if your machine of choice requires a transfer medium. Find out the availability of the type of paper or cotton fabric that you will use as a transfer medium. It is also essential to look into its price and the cost-effectiveness of the entire process.

  1. Printing Resolution

Price is an unwritten factor when hunting for an ideal dye-sub printer. However, the cost of a printing machine should not override the quality that you desire.

Often, you’ll meet dots per inch (dpi) as the standard expression for print resolutions of printing tools. A higher signifies means better image quality, and the reverse is true.

Interestingly, most dye-sub printers with 300 dpi are perfectly fine for most dye sublimation tasks. Such a resolution conveniently meets the demands of most enterprises.

More detail and sharpness come from models that have a dpi of 600. Even more, machines with the highest resolution stand at a staggering 1200 dpi.

While shopping, consider what you need the printer for. Don’t spend too much when a lower resolution printing tool can meet your needs.

  1. Compatibility

Interestingly, all dye-sublimation printing devices are reliably compatible with Mac and Windows devices. So, compatibility shouldn’t be a big deal if your media device has either of the two operating systems.

However, more advanced options are also compatible with iOS and Android devices. Be on the lookout if you intend to pair the printing machine with any of these operating systems. Some options are not compatible with these.

Final Words

From a photo printer to a document printer, I narrowed down your best options in the reviews above. I hope this helped with your valuable time.

I am a ‘take a picture if you have a camera’ type of a person. I personally loved the Kodak Dock PD-450 & Canon SELPHY CP1300, for creating instant photos and storing them.

Whether you need it for printing documents or instant photos or other media, dye sublimation printing is really a wise choice. Go now, choose the best dye sublimation printer for your home or business projects!

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