Best Google Cloud Printer

Best Google Cloud Printer 2020

Google Cloud printing enables a safe and reliable connection between your computer and the web. But why is it even necessary in the first place? Look! Google Chromebook is now a common medium for surfing the internet, writing documents, and emailing.

The challenge, however, comes when you want to reproduce your documents and emails on paper. You see, not every printer out there is compatible with Google Cloud. Don’t fret about it. The best Google Cloud printer gives you an array of options to hook up your printer to the web and have your documents printed.

Comparison Chart For Top Google Cloud Printer



HP ENVY 5055

  • Speed :10 ppm Black,7 ppm Color
  • Duplexing : Automatic
  • Functions :Copy, print, scan

Canon PIXMA TR4520

  • Speed :8.8 ppm Black, 4.4 ppm Color
  • Duplexing : Automatic
  • Functions : Copy, scan, print, fax

Canon PIXMA TS5120

  • Speed :30 ppm
  • Duplexing : Automatic
  • Functions : Copy, print, scan

Canon Pixma MG3620

  • Speed :9.9 ipm Black, 5.7 ipm Color
  • Duplexing :Automatic
  • Functions :Copy, print, scan

HP OfficeJet 5255

  • Speed :10 ppm Black, 7 ppm Color
  • Duplexing : Automatic
  • Functions :Copy, scan, print, fax

HP DeskJet 2622

  • Speed :7.7 mono, 5.5 color
  • Duplexing : N/A
  • Functions : Copy, print, scan

HP LaserJet Pro M15w

  • Speed :19 ppm
  • Duplexing : N/A
  • Functions : Print

HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

  • Speed :20 ppm Black, 10 ppm Color
  • Duplexing : Automatic
  • Functions : Copy, scan, print, fax

Canon PIXMA TR8520

  • Speed : 10 ppm
  • Duplexing :Automatic
  • Functions : Copy, scan, print, fax

HP ENVY Photo 6222

  • Speed :13 ppm Black, 8 ppm Color
  • Duplexing : Automatic
  • Functions : Copy, print, scan

Best Google Cloud Printer Reviews

1.HP ENVY 5055 | Best Printer For Google Cloud

HP is a household name when it comes to the manufacturing of high-quality office equipment and computer accessories. The company cements that reputation with the illustrious HP ENVY 5055 Wireless Photo Printer. It is easy to use and features impressive functional features.

It is a wireless printing machine with versatile connectivity. The HP Smart App is arguably the most powerful printing app in the market today. It enables scanning with your camera. However, more convenience comes with the wireless connection options including iCloud, DropBox, and Google Drive compatibility.

Apart from the fabulous options when it comes to connectivity, the HP Envy 5055 prides itself on high-quality printing, copying, and scanning results. Rest assured that you will get sharp and crisp texts from this all-in-one device.

2.Canon PIXMA TR4520 | Best Google Cloud Print Ready Printer

If you are looking for a perfect printer for all office duties, then the Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless Photo Printer fits the bill. The device scans, copies, prints, and faxes. It does all these with utmost perfection.

The truth is that basic printing, faxing, copying, printing, and scanning does not require a large machine. The PIXMA TR4520 proves this. It measures 17.2 x 11.7 x 7.5 inches. You’ll agree that this is a compact printer that fits amazingly in the smallest of spaces in your home or office.

The device is easy to set up and use. It has features that enable the synchronization of all your apps and devices to work together. Finally, the Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless device enables voice activation printing from your Alexa device.

3.Canon TS5120 | Best Google Cloud Ready Printer

The Canon TS5120 Wireless All-In-One Printer is a printing tool that comes with unbeatable simplicity. It easily allows connection to your smartphone, tablet, and other favorite devices. You can also print from Cloud, social media, and through Bluetooth.

It is an ideal device for professionals. It features amazing speeds of up to 40 pages per minute. There’s no doubt that such a print speed meets the everyday needs of medium businesses and offices. It is also a perfect home printer for those who intend to utilize the convenience that comes with Google Cloud.

Unlike most printers from renowned manufacturers, the PIXMA TS5120 accepts the use of aftermarket or replacement cartridges. This means that you have a golden opportunity to save on ink costs. Again, it also enables extended time between cartridge replacements.

4.Canon Pixma MG3620 | Best Cloud Printer For Chromebook

Another Canon device makes it to our list of Google Cloud printers, this time it is the famous Canon Pixma MG3620 Color Inkjet Printer. It is a device that allows you to print from anywhere and whenever the need arises. Isn’t that what we all want from a good printer.

Apart from the versatility in terms of the functions that this printer effectively performs, this printer stands out for two reasons. One, both wireless and wired networks are highly effective and easy to connect.

Secondly, the printing mechanism is fast and convenient hence ideal for homes, offices, and small businesses. It features auto-duplexing characteristics that help you to save time. The speed isn’t something to be proud of, but the quality is certainly an aspect you’ll be glad to enjoy.

5.HP Officejet 5255 | Best Cloud Print Printer

The HP OfficeJet 5255 Wireless Printer is a tool for people who want to go out of the ordinary to find a device that accomplishes all their everyday office needs. The HP incomparably does that by bringing in unmatchable levels of efficiency, speed, versatility, and quality.

What’s the selling point of this printing machine? We can confidently tell you that that the machine’s selling point lies in the quality that the machine guarantees. It features a superb resolution that guarantees the best texts and graphics. It is also one of the few printer models that you can transform into a photo booth.

Despite all the amazing features, this piece of equipment is more moderately priced than other devices with similar performance. The cost-effectiveness of the Officejet 5255 extends to its impressive toner yield.

Google Cloud Printer Buying Guide

  1. Compatibility And Ease Of Use

Firstly, it is worth noting that not all printers allow cloud printing. So, be very keen to map out the compatibility of the device with Google Chromebook.

Secondly, Google Chromebook and Google Cloud technologies are relatively new ideas. So, if you are shopping for a Chromebook compatible printing machine to use for the first time, then you will need to confirm if the setup and usability are efficient and straightforward.

Often, the configuration is a simple process that you can quickly effect from the dashboard of your chrome browser. There is no logic on purchasing a printing machine that you can’t use.

  1. Cost Of Supplies

Owning a best google cloud printer is one thing, but consistently keeping it in a perfect working condition is another thing altogether. You see, the cost of a printing machine doesn’t stop at the initial price that you pay to acquire the machine.

Cartridge and toner costs are also essential aspects to consider in the overall costing of a printing device. They add to the total cost of the machine. So, find out what they cost as well as how often you will need to replace them.

There is also a range of other maintenance supplies that you will need to keep the machine running consistently. Consider their costs too.

  1. Print Speed

What are your expected workloads? How long are the turnaround times? More workloads require a fast printing tool. You even need a quicker printer if your business has a lot of deadlines. However, this should not worry you if all you have are a few copies of documents every couple of days.

  1. Print Quality

There are several beautiful things to say about Chromebooks. The first in the list is that they are exceptional business tools, and they guarantee high-quality. Wouldn’t it, therefore, logical to pair them with a perfect printer that ensures that the quality is equally reflected on the documents that come out.

Find a device with the right resolution for the job. Often, texts and general documents may not require high-resolution printers to look exemplary. An average printing machine will, therefore, do just fine.

However, if you intend to use the tool for the printing of photos and high-detail documents, then you need a machine with high resolution for your printouts to look sharp and clear.

Final Word

A printer that is compatible with Google Chromebook serves many impressive purposes. Though finding the right one isn’t an easy endeavor, it is perfectly achievable. Take note of essential features such as your desired footprint, speed, print quality, toner or cartridge yield among other essential features.

If you are having a hard time choosing the best Google cloud printer for business or personal use, then you should consider one from the options reviewed or listed in this article. They are not only compatible with Google Chromebook but also come with a limitless list of exciting features.

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