Best ID Card Printers

Best ID Card Printers 2022

Whether you are a student, a loyal customer, an employee or the boss of your own company, we all know the importance of identity cards for recognition. They are mainly a security measure to ensure that you are a student, member, or employee of an institution.

Now if you are part of a huge business/company, you are most likely to resort to secondary sources to get them printed for the large employee-base. But what if the company size is small-medium?

In cases like this, purchasing your own ID Card Printer comes to mind. Not only is it convenient and cost-efficient, but it also gives more control over the design and information.

For all those who are looking to buy one but don’t know where to start, look no further. This article is about to give you a sneak peek at some of the best ID card printers in the market.

Top Pick

Magicard Pronto ID-Card Printer

Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer

  • Printing Speed: 35 sec for per color photo & 6 sec for per black and white photo
  • Printing Capability: 500 cards Per Year
  • Ink Ribbon Capacity: 100 prints
  • Compatibility: Windows and Mac

Comparison Table For Top 10 ID Card Printers

Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer
  • 500 card prints a year

  • Ink ribbon capacity is 100 prints
  • Holo-Kote watermark for security
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MagicardEnduro 3e Dual Sided ID Card Printer
  • Can print 5000 cards a year
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding for more security
  • Comes with a camera for taking photos
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Badgy100 Color Plastic Card Printer
  • Compact and portable
  • Personalized designs
  • Perfect for individual needs within a limited budget
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Fargo DTC1250e ID Card Printer
  • Single-side printing
  • 10,000 cards a year
  • High printing speeds- B/W in 6 seconds and color in 24
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Fargo DTC1250e Dual Sided ID Card Printer51n
  • Dye-sublimation and thermal transfer printing
  • Eco-friendly consumables options
  • Supports QR print
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MagicardEnduro 3e Single-sided ID Card
  • Card Imaging Design software for customization
  • Comes with tech support
  • 50 design templates available
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Fargo DTC1250e Single Sided ID Card Printer
  • User-friendly
  • Erase and rewrite feature
  • Modules to enhance capabilities
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Evolis Primacy Dual Sided ID Card Printer
  • Automatic card flipping during double side
  • Input/Output Hopper: 100/100 for easy batch printing
  • Compatible with Mac and Linux
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IDP Smart 31 ID Card Printer
  • Drivers for Windows and Mac
  • Cost is low
  • Fast printing with full color ID in 23 seconds
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Datacard SD260 Single Sided ID Card Printer
  • Ethernet connectivity is built-in
  • Full color single-side ID in 18 seconds
  • Earth-friendly
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Best ID Card Printer Reviews

1. Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer | Best Card Printer

Get printing in a matter of minutes with this compact user-friendly model that comes with everything you need to get started.  The device is easy to set up and you can print full color IDs in no more than 35 seconds and B/W IDs in 6.

The device comes with a Bodno Software that will easily guide you to make the most of this model regardless of little or no experience. You’ll also receive an initial color ribbon to support 100 prints. Along with the traditional USB connection, the included drivers also enable it to support both Windows and Mac.

The device also aids in preventing unauthorized card copying. With any of its four different Holo-Kote watermark patterns you desire, give all cards that extra security they deserve.

You will also receive 300 Bodno Premium CR80 30 Mil Graphic Quality PVC Cards. Its edge to edge printing feature is bound to give you some amazing outputs. With the capacity to print up to 500 cards a year, this could be the ideal device for businesses, schools, Universities, hospitals, or any mid-size companies.

Highlighted Features

  • User-friendly
  • 300 PVC cards and a color ribbon with 100 print capacity is included
  • Comes with easy to use Bodno Software
  • Prints up to 500 cards a year
  • Edge-to-edge printing
  • Includes Holo-Kote watermark patterns for additional security
  • Compact design to save space

2. MagicardEnduro 3e Dual Sided ID Card Printer | Best PVC Card Printer

Another device that comes with the very handy Bodno Software and 300 Bodno Premium CR80 30 Mil Graphic Quality PVC Cards. With MA300 YMCKO ink ribbon that can support 300 prints, enjoy an amazing fast printing experience, both in black and color.

Followed by the same Holo-Kote security feature as theMagicard Pronto ID Card Printer, enjoy a safer product every time. Suitable for all middle-size business types, it can print up to 5000 cards a year. This device can do it all when it comes to anything related to card printing including designing and encoding.

With fast edge-to-edge printing of color IDs in 35 seconds and B/W in 7, this user-friendly model features an LCD screen, a USB port, an Ethernet port, and supports both Windows and Mac.  You can even add visual security to ID cards without any extra costs.Magnetic stripe encoding is available upon upgrade as well.

With dual-side and dye-sublimation printing, this model is capable of delivering spectacular quality both in color and B/W under a minute.

Highlighted Features

  • 5000 cards a year
  • 300 prints ink ribbon capacity
  • LCD screen
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding for improved security
  • Visual security without extra cost
  • Comes with a camera for taking photos

3. Badgy100 Color Plastic Card Printer | Best Cheap ID Card Printer

Don’t be fooled by its cute design as this little thing is nothing less when it comes to meeting your personal needs within a limited budget. Get to printing your personalized designs in 3 simple steps- choose a design, personalize it, print it. And voila! It’s done in under a minute!

Compatible with both Mac and Windows, go crazy with the Badge Studio software in creating your perfect ID.  This plastic device can instantly and independently meet all your simple printing needs. Download free personalized badge designs from the available library. Evolis Badge Studio standard version is included too.

With a print speed of 45 seconds per card, it has a color ribbon that supports 50 prints and 50 PVC cards are included as well. This mini plastic device with dimensions 5.78 x 7.87 x 10.86 inches can easily occupy any personal work space of yours.  Not only is it attractive, but easily portable too!

Badgy consumables kits are available conveniently for you and can provide everything necessary to print upto 100 cards. Print from a vast range of designs for all your versatile needs including employee badge design, loyalty card design, School ID card design, Membership card design, etc.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact and portable
  • Personalize badges
  • Print under a minute
  • Perfect for individual needs
  • Library of free designs that can be customized
  • Easily available consumable kit

4. Fargo DTC1250e ID Card Printer | Best ID Badge Maker

This model also comes with the Bodno software and Bodno Premium CR80 30 Mil Graphic Quality PVC cards- 250 of them. The included Fargo 45000 ink ribbon can deliver up to 250 prints. Similar with the device discussed above, this one also contains drivers to support both Windows and Mac OS.

This is one of the fastest printers you would find. It has the capacity to print B/W cards in an amazing 6 seconds and color IDs with two black panels of resin in 24 seconds. It can print edge to edge with a resolution of 300 DPI with excellent speed and efficiency.

The inclusion of an ID card camera also allows you to easily take photos. It can be ideal for small businesses, schools, and local governments with the phenomenal capacity to print up to 10,000 cards a year. The device contains a SmartScreen graphical display for simple and easy setup and operation.

You can also customize badges instantly using the Swift ID badging application. Monitor your printer from start to finish using theFARGO Workbench maintenance software. Have everything under no one’s control except yours.

This single-side printer has optional encoding modules accessible to further upgrade its performance. With rewriting technology to minimize ribbon usage as well, this could be the perfect compact gear with sleek design to meet all your versatile ID card needs.

Highlighted Features

  • 10,000 prints a year
  • Camera included to easily take pictures
  • High printing speeds- B/W in 6 seconds and color in 24
  • Optional encoding modules
  • Rewriting technology to minimize ribbon usage

5. Fargo DTC1250e Dual Sided ID Card Printer | Best PVC Card Printer

An improved version of the Fargo DTC1250e, but this one is capable of dual-sided printing. It comes with the same Bodno Software and the 250 Bodno Premium CR80 30 Mil Graphic Quality PVC cards. Similar to its twin, this includes drivers to both support Windows and Mac, the same ink ribbon and the same high-speed.

With the capacity to print 10,000 cards yearly, this device is optimal for schools, small businesses, hospitals, or any middle-sized organizations. You can even upgrade its capabilities via the optional available modules such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, card encoding, etc.

The device uses dye-sublimation printing for sharp color and detailed images. Thermal transfer printing is used for crisp and clear black texts and readable barcodes. It also supports AES-256 data decryption for higher security and protection of data. This model even has the capacity to print QR codes.

The built-in erasing and rewriting option ensures ink waste reduction by automatically removing temporary unnecessary data. There are eco-friendly ink-ribbon and reusable cartridge options as well if you feel like going green.

With so many great qualities, this particular model is a real gem for its price. You can enjoy the most of Fargo along with its free technical support, continuous development, and free updates. So if you are looking for a device you can trust with your eyes closed, this could just be it.

Highlighted Features

  • Dye-sublimation printing for sharp color and detailed images
  • Thermal transfer printing for crisp and clear black texts
  • Data security and QR code supports
  • Eco-friendly consumables options

Factors To Consider When Buying An ID Card Printer


This is the very first thing to take into account. Carefully estimate the number of cards you might need to print monthly or yearly. Choose a higher volume printers for higher expected numbers and vice versa.

Trying to cut corners by opting for low-volume printers when you have bulk amount of needs is bound to backfire. This is because the device will burn out faster and you would be spending more in replenishments and repair.

Card Appearance

Decide on what you want the cards to look like. Choose from single or dual-sided printing, monochrome or color printing, edge-to-edge or borderless, and high or medium quality.


Level Of Security

Determine the level of security you need to avoid fraud and tampering. Your card can either be basic just for visual security, or have further security measures. For example: Magnetic stripes for low security, smart cards for medium security, or high-security lamination cards with unique holograms or UV images, etc.

Longevity Of Card

If you intend to replace or upgrade IDs repeatedly, you can easily opt for standard quality cards. But if the goal is to create high-end cards to last ages, consider more durable measures. Lamination is a great choice in those cases as it greatly enhances the durability.

But the additional benefit of it is that lamination aids to add holograms in cards and it is also expensive. These factors make IDs more difficult to forge or tamper with.


Along with the basic USB connectivity, you most probably may require wireless connectivity or use it via android or iPhone. So make sure the printer you are aiming for supports wireless and mobile printing.

Printing Method

Dye sublimation printing is most common. But some of the best ID printers use reverse transfer printing which provides more high-definition output; while others have rewriteable mode in monochrome.

Maintenance Costs

Printer ribbons, ID cards and cleaning kits are the essential components needed for ID printers to function properly, providing a good service life. Depending on the sophistication of your needs, the printer quality will vary. The more high-end the printer; the more costly the consumables and electricity consumption.


Along with all the other bulky equipment cluttering your office, make sure that the ID printer doesn’t cause more congestion. Choose a size based on your budget, requirements and available space. The compact the model the better; given that your required performance is not compromised.


Purchasing an ID card printer may seem far more intimidating to most people than regular printer. It is somewhat of an alien field that one might want to avoid venturing or trespassing.

The goal of this article was to familiarize you with the basic know-how and get you out of that zone of discomfort.With some of the best ID card printers discussed above, you can now confidently take a step ahead to get that upgrade your office has been waiting for so long.

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