Best Laminator For Foiling

Best Laminator For Foiling 2022

Lamination is the ideal way to preserve and protect works of art, photographs, and an unlimited variety of papers from fading, scratches, stains, dust, smudges, and fingerprints. This also aims to increase print and color quality.

What does foil lamination mean? What’s the best laminator for foiling? Foil lamination is the procedure of using thin foils to strengthen the security and competence of special files.

As a result, foil laminates have many advantages, including the prolonged safeguard of documents from humidity. And as for purchasing the perfect foil laminator, it’s a tough call to make.

There are, of course, numerous aspects to bear in mind, but eventually, it all comes down to your personal preferences. Based on your budget and the volume of functions you carry out; the model that suits you may not always be appropriate for others.

Let’s take a quick ride through our buying guide and a few top models’ reviews to aid you in making the ideal choice for yourself.

Top Pick

Scotch Thermal Laminator worldcuptech

Scotch Thermal Laminator

  • Maximum Paper Size: 9 inches
  • Roller System: Two roller system with temperature settings
  • Warm-up Time: 5-8 minutes
  • Paper Thickness: 3mil, 5mil

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Laminators For Foiling

Scotch Laminator (TL901X)
  • Speed: N/A
  • Warm-up Time: 5-8 minutes
  • Maximum Paper Size: 9 inches
  • Maximum Paper Thickness: 5mm
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Scotch Brand Pro (TL906)
  • Speed: 15 inches/min
  • Warm-up Time: 5-6 minutes
  • Maximum Paper Size: 9 inches
  • Maximum Paper Thickness: 5 mil
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Crenova A4 Laminator
  • Speed: 250mm/min
  • Warm-up Time: 3-5 minutes
  • Maximum Paper Size: A4
  • Maximum Paper Thickness: 2 x 4 mil
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AmazonBasics Laminator
  • Speed: N/A
  • Warm-up Time: 4 minutes
  • Maximum Paper Size: 9 inches
  • Maximum Paper Thickness: 5 mil
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UALAU Laminator
  • Speed: 250mm/min
  • Warm-up Time: 5 minutes
  • Maximum Paper Size: 9 inches
  • Maximum Paper Thickness: 5 mil
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ABOX A4 Laminator
  • Speed: 300mm/min
  • Warm-up Time: 2-4 minutes
  • Maximum Paper Size: 9 x 14.5 inches
  • Maximum Paper Thickness: 3 mil
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YE381 Laminating Machine
  • Speed: 250mm/min
  • Warm-up Time: 3-5 minutes.
  • Maximum Paper Size: A3
  • Maximum Paper Thickness: < 0.5mm
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Blusmart Multiple Function
  • Speed: 3-5 minutes
  • Warm-up Time: 250mm/min
  • Maximum Paper Size: A3
  • Maximum Paper Thickness: < 0.5mm
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Crenova 13 Inches Laminator
  • Speed: N/A
  • Warm-up Time: 2 minutes
  • Maximum Paper Size: A3
  • Maximum Paper Thickness: N/A
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Fellowes 5736606 Laminator Saturn3i 125
  • Speed: 12 inches/minute
  • Warm-up Time: 1 minute
  • Maximum Paper Size: 5 inches
  • Maximum Paper Thickness: 5 mil
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Best Laminator For Foiling Reviews

1. Scotch Laminator (TL901X)

This simple-to-use device delivers lamination of high-quality, so that you can be comfortable about laminating photographs, recipe cards, essential or regularly used documents, artworks, etc. It has configurations for handling both3 mil or 5 mil thick pouches. This simple device is a portable addition to thermal lamination.

It contains a set of two rollers and two configurations of temperatures. The dual rollers deliver a more professional and smooth finishing. This makes this device ideal for not only home usage but also for offices or educational institutes.

The device is appropriate for photo lamination and can support pouches of 3 to 5 mil thickness. This model will take around 5-6 minutes to warm up. Your device will be sufficiently warm enough to initiate laminating as soon as the “Ready” light flashes.

It is a light and portable model weighing only a pound and with dimensions of 6.75 x 15.5 x 3.75 inches. It can produce perfect laminations with no bubble or wrinkle formations and no messes and is quite unlikely to overheat.

Highlighted Features

  • Two rollers for smoother finish, producing more professional-quality output
  • Lightweight weighing only a pound
  • Two settings of temperature
  • No bubbles or wrinkles produced in laminations
  • Suitable for laminating photographs

2. Scotch Brand Pro (TL906)

Another model from Scotch Brand with more advanced features. This gear comes with the usual 2 rollers for the smoothest and professional-looking laminations along with the dual temperature settings. It can support the usual 3-5 mils thick pouches and item sizes of up to 9 inches.

This product is only appropriate to be used with a 120V grounded outlet. It comes with an auto shut-down feature upon over an hour of inactivity which not only saves energy but also your time.

It also has a great laminating speed of 15 inches/minute to keep up with your workflow. The Scotch Brand Pro is equipped with never-jam technology which automatically can avert items from being misfed, ensuring no jams. The device even possesses a secret built-in storage for cord and a collapsible input tray

This device is straightforward to use and can provide great quality laminating. Hence, it can make you confident with laminating, essential, or regularly used documents, photographs, artworks, recipe cards, etc.

It can take around 5-6 minutes to warm up. The illumination of a green “Ready” button will confirm when it’s warm enough to get laminating. This advanced model is a treat to the eyes with its burst of color. This premium model is also equipped with LED touchscreen controls for easy operation.

Highlighted Features

  • Auto-shutdown feature after an hour’s inactivity
  • Equipped with never jam technology
  • LED touchscreen controls for effortless navigation
  • Attractive design with a bang of color

3. Crenova A4 Laminator

CrenovaA4Laminator is a flexible device for home or office use and a variety of school projects as well. It is easy to set up and operate, making it the perfect equipment for low to moderate laminating tasks.

It takes pride as a full starter kit for someone who wishes to do foil lamination via a single device. It includes additional equipment, along with a paper cutter, a corner rounder, and a 20 laminating pouch set.

If you have to laminate frequently and prioritize efficiency, this model could be the ideal choice for you. It has a very convenient warm-up time of about 3 -5 minutes.

In addition, it can laminate up to 250 mm per minute and a bulk of 50 sheets of foiled A4 sized files in less than an hour. Now wouldn’t these aspects be the perfect boost for your productivity and efficiency?

Jammed papers are amongst the most frustrating things when you have to get your laminating tasks finished on time. Thanks to the brilliantly constructed ABS lever, the CrenovaA4Laminator safeguards its users from this hassle. A simple pressure on the ABS lever essentially eliminates any jammed pouches or sheets.

Kudos to its small design and lightweight feature, this latest model delivers ultra-comfortable portability, well beyond what you expected. It happens to fit on any of your desks and serves to maintain the documents and treasured photographs that are handled frequently.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains additional features to make it a full starting kit
  • Can laminate 50 sheets of foiled A4 documents in less than an hour
  • ABS lever to clear jams
  • Portable and lightweight

4. AmazonBasics Laminator Machine

The AmazonBasics can promise high-quality lamination and has a compact design which can be ideal for you to use in your home, classroom, home office, etc. Simple guides and a feed system of 2 rollers ensure a simple and quick laminating experience with a professional finish.

It’s got an indicator light that will indicate to you when the device is warmed up enough and is all set to initiate lamination. The device comes with two configurations of temperature and a short 4-minute warm-up time.

As a result, you can effortlessly start to laminate all your projects and documents. It can support 3-5 mil thicknesses where the settings for 3 mil will warm up quicker than for 5 mil.

This model can even laminate media sizes of maximum 9-inches wide and is compliant with letter-size, business-card-size, legal-size, and photo-size documents. It could be a powerful resource for any home office or classrooms, and so much more.

The AmazonBasics is ideal for the security of an assortment of documents, photographs, art, seating charts, and any other relevant items. In the event of jamming, it also includes a lever for releasing jams to facilitate you to keep operating.

Highlighted Features

  • Shorter warm-up time of 4 minutes
  • Contains a lever for releasing jams
  • Compact design to save space
  • Easy to use with the aid of a simple guide
  • Can support letter-size, business-card-size, legal-size and photo-size items

5. UALAU Laminator Machine

This 4 in 1 dynamic UALAU OL280 laminating machine incorporates all beneficial instruments which are the laminator itself, corner rounder, laminator pouches, and a paper trimmer. All these bundled together can optimize your convenience to the max. This device is thus, a brilliant idea for home, office, and school usages.

It can laminate objects of up to 9 inches of width and can support pouches of thicknesses from 3 to 5mil. It would be perfect for laminating legal/letter/photo/ business card sized sheets.

It has a warm-up period of only 3-5 minutes and a high lamination pace of 250 mm/min. The device is capable of a prolonged operation duration of up to 30 minutes, which can enhance your efficiency and productivity.

It is equipped with an ABS button as well. So if paper jams take place, you can simply pull it to effectively rectify the jamming. You don’t even have to be concerned about the device breaking down. It also has a compact plus portable design.

Measuring 13.62 x 5.59 x 2.56 inches in size and weighing 3.09 pounds in mass, it is effortless to carry. Perfect for just about any home office as well as classrooms, it can guarantee that you can create laminations of high-quality. As a result, it will become possible to retain your pictures and valuable documents to last longer.

Highlighted Features

  • 4 in one gadget-laminator, corner rounder, pouches and paper trimmer
  • Warm-up time of 3-5 minutes
  • ABS button to resolve jams
  • Can operate for longer periods-30 minutes

Laminator For Foiling Buying Guide

Heat And Speed Adjustability

Most models are available with either mechanical or electrical thermostats. These designs should work easily for films of various thicknesses. Thicker foils need greater temperatures, although the opposite is true with thinner density foils.

Selecting a laminator with adjustable temperature and speed control brings more flexibility to your operations.

Jam Free

Foil lamination is a complicated procedure that needs a variety of items to function seamlessly for a hassle-free operation. Jamming of documents is a major concern that often surfaces. Pick a good device that ensures a jam-free service. More particularly, opt for a device with a jam release capability.

Laminator For Foiling

Warm-up Time

Warm-up time represents the amount of time your chosen device takes to reach the optimal lamination temperature. It’s measured in minutes always. While shopping for the best laminator for foil, pick one that possesses a brief warm-up duration if you perceive time to be a major consideration.

Thickness Of Foil

Pouch laminators usually come with a unique maximum thickness of foil that can be supported. The majority of them possess a range of 80-100 microns (micrometers). The smallest available thickness, however, would be at 50 microns. While the greatest thickness that a wide variety of devices can support is up to 250 microns.

When you are intending to laminate badges or passes, choose a version with a thickness range of around 200 microns.

Sheet Size

The categorization of foil laminators even takes into consideration the size of the sheets that the chosen device is capable of handling. Many of them would be able to take in sheets from A6 to up to as wide as A2 sizes.

Such a range of sizes implies that you can easily laminate an amazing variety of business cards, letters, IDs, legal documents, and other relevant documents.


Laminators are flexible pieces of technology that can easily accommodate numerous paper sizes and thicknesses of foils. They are also convenient for schools, colleges, home offices, and small-medium sized businesses.

We acknowledge that it is not simple to make the perfect decision when shopping for the best laminator for foiling. That’s why we have presented you with comprehensive reviews of some top models as well as an insightful buying guide to guide you along.

By now you now probably possess an upgraded knowledge from our efforts to provide you a blueprint for the perfect buy. Hopefully, you can now purchase your ideal gear with confidence.

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