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8 Best LCD Writing Tablet Reviews

Are you tired of wasting papers while trying to take notes in the class? Want something that is a more eco-friendly approach to writing stuff? Or do you just want a notebook that has the touch of modern technology in it? Well, if the answer to any of the above questions is a yes for you, what you are looking for is a writing tablet.

Now, you might ask how will you choose the best LCD writing tablet among all of the options that are available in the market. Well, you have stumbled upon the perfect source in that regard.

We are not only going to make the choosing process easy for you but also will make sure that you get the right one by providing your short buying guide. With that being said, let us get right into it!

Comparison Chart

Sunany LCD Writing Tablet,Electronic Writing &Drawing Board Doodle Board
  • Screen Size: 8.5 inches
  • Available Colors: Black, Blue, and Pink
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 thousands of erase
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  • Screen Size: 10 inches
  • Available Colors: Blue, Pink, and Yellow
  • Battery Life: Up to 12 months of run time
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KOKODI LCD Writing Tablet
  • Screen Size: 10 inches
  • Available Colors: Blue, Orange, and Pink
  • Battery Life: Can last for up to 10 thousand erases
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Mafiti LCD Writing Pad
  • Screen Size: 8.5 inches
  • Available Colors: Black, Blue, Cyan, and Pink
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 thousand erases
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Cimetech 12-inch Electronic Writing Tablet
  • Screen Size: 12 inches
  • Available Colors: Black, Pink, Red
  • Battery Life: Not specified
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Richgv Educational Writing & Doodle Board
  • Screen Size: 12 inches
  • Available Colors: Pink, Blue, Orange, Green
  • Battery Life: Not specified
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NEWYES Drawing Board
  • Screen Size: 8.5 inches
  • Available Colors: Blue and Pink
  • Battery Life: Up to 12 months
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AFN Colored Writing Tablet
  • Screen Size: 12 inches
  • Available Colors: Red, Blue, Black
  • Battery Life: max. 1 year
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8 Best LCD Writing Tablet Reviews:

As we mentioned above, the market is full of options in the case of LCD writing tablets. And you will surely be bewildered among them while trying to choose one for yourself. But, we would not let that happen to you, and for that reason, we went through the most popular and picked only the recommendation worthy ones.

1. Sunany Electronic Writing & Drawing Board

Highlighted features

  • Comes with a relatively large-sized screen
  • Panel can output lines of different thickness
  • Sports a relatively compact body
  • Available in three different colors
  • Eco-friendly materials make it safe for all environments

Let us start off our best LCD ewriter with this one that Sunany is offering in the market. If you were in the lookout for a decently large-sized tablet, then you should definitely put this one into your consideration.

First of all, the unit features a screen size of 8.5 inches. With that amount of screen space, it will enable you to take long notes and let your children enjoy drawing.

The panel can output lines of different thickness depending on how hard the pen is pressed on it. It will let your children release the natural instincts that they had for all this time.

Even though the screen is relatively large, the overall body is quite compact. That means you will not have any trouble in the case of carrying it with you. Apart from that, the materials that are used for the construction of the device are all eco-friendly material. For that reason, it is not only safe for home and offices but also schools.

It sports a built-in battery that will last for years. The number of erases that you are going to get from the screen will be tens of thousands. And as it is replaceable, you can easily replace the battery once it runs out of juice.

Lastly, there are three different color options. It is available in pink, blue, and black. The pen that it comes along will match the overall color scheme of the body.


  • Handy size and great for travel.
  • Radiation-free and non-glare screen protects your child’s eyes.
  • This tablet is capable of drawing up lines of different thickness.


  • Screen size is on the smaller end.
  • It doesn’t work well with a screen protector but it’s unnecessary.

2. FLUESTON LCD Writing Tablet

Highlighted features

  • Features a 10 inches large LCD panel
  • Three different color options
  • Panel has a coating that will protect the eyes
  • Can output different thickness of stroked lines
  • Built-in battery lasts for 12 months

Even though most of the tables that are for writing available in the market will have a decently-sized LCD panel, not all of them will have a coating to protect the eyes. Well, this that is from FLUESTON does have that.

To begin with, it comes with a 10 inches panel. That screen size is larger than what the other units are offering in the market. With that amount of screen space, it will not only enable the user to take long notes but also will allow the children to enhance their drawing skills by unleashing their creativity.

Apart from just being large, it has a coating on the exterior that will protect your eyes. For that reason, even if you do look at it for a prolonged time, you will not have any eyesores, nor will you feel uncomfortable.

Just like most of the units, the panel that it sports is capable of outputting different thicknesses of lines. It will depend on the pressure that you are exerting on the screen while stroking it with the pen. Because of that, it will enable the children to get extremely high flexibility when it comes to drawing.

Other than that, the devices have three different color options. There is one in blue, one in pink, and lastly, one in yellow. All of them will ship with a black pen that will match along with the overall color scheme. And the battery that it packs will last for a whole year without any issues.


  • Pressure-sensitive LCD creates lines of different weights.
  • Better for the eyes than a regular tablet.
  • Ultra lightweight and ideal for carrying around.


  • Colors are typically just yellow, green, and blue.
  • It’s a color-changing board but not a light up one.

3. KOKODI LCD Writing Tablet

Highlighted features

  • Boasts a large 10 inches screen
  • Panel has a protective coating for the eyes
  • Comes in four different colors with matching pens
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Relatively compact and easy to carry around

While there are many tablets out there, not all of the ones that are available will offer you as many color options as KOKODI is offering with this one.

First of all, there are four different color options that you can choose from. It is available in orange, blue, pink, and yellow. You will have more options than most of the other units that are in the market in the case of color for this one. The pens that each of the color options includes will have the exact same color as the body.

Other than that, the screen that it boasts is relatively larger than most of the other devices. It measures 10 inches, which is large enough to let you take long notes without having to erase frequently. That screenspace will also allow children to go full out in expressing their creative skills through drawing and doodles. Also, the panel that it boasts has an eye protection layer

And even if the screen is comparatively large in size, the overall body is quite compact. Because of such a footprint, carrying it around will not be a hassle at all. Also, the materials that it utilizes for the construction of the body is are environmental friend, which makes it ideal for office, home, and even schools.

Other than that, the unit is exceptionally durable too. The materials that it adopts are of high-quality. It is capable of withstanding the daily abuse that a child might exert on it. You can expect it to last for an extended amount of time.


  • Large screen provides a larger area for writing and doodling.
  • Lock, unlock, and erase keys are included.
  • Battery compartment is secured with a screw.


  • It requires bright lighting to be able to see the lines and colors brightly.
  • Color satisfaction is highly subjective.

4. Mafiti Electronic Writing Drawing Pads

Highlighted features

  • Packs a large-capacity CR2016 battery
  • Battery is easy to replace
  • Features a pen dock for easy storing
  • Comes in four different colors
  • Stylus pen also acts like a kick-stand

Among all the tablets that the manufacturers are offering, the ones that have an easy to replace battery are the most convenient ones. And this one that Mafiti is offering is one of them.

To start with, it boasts the CR2016 battery for powering on the panel. That battery has enough capacity to allow the panel to have more than 100000 erases. You can expect the battery to last for a long amount of time.

And even if it does run out of juice, replacing it will not be a hassle. The coin cells are easily accessible, and replacing them from the device will be an easy task too.

Just like most of the units, this one also has different color options. There are four of them to be exact. You can choose from black, blue, cyan, and pink. All of them will ship with a black pen and will have a pen dock that will make it easy to store it.

Apart from that, the unit features a kick-stand function. The stylus also acts like a kick-stand, which will allow you to display notes or masterpiece that your child has drawn on the panel.

On that note, the panel that it packs is 8.5 inches. That amount of screen space is more than enough to let you take long notes and let your child draw full-frame sized drawings. And as the materials that it utilizes are environmental-friendly, it is not only ideal for home uses but also ideal for office and schools.


  • Thin and ultra lightweight, it’s perfect for carrying around.
  • The stylus doubles as a kickstand for display or showing off artwork.
  • It is less expensive than other drawing tablets.


  • Lines appear dull, and brighten up only under bright light.

5. Cimetech 12-inch Electronic Writing Tablet

Highlighted features

  • Stylus pen doubles as kickstand
  • Erase button for easily clearing screen
  • Lock and unlock switch
  • Colored, pressure-sensitive screen

Thinking of getting your children or godchildren something extra special for the holidays? Although kids have a natural knack for high-tech gadgets and you may be tempted to get them an LED tablet, think about how that might affect their eyes and mental health.

Check out LCD tablets like this product instead! They’re fun to use and will never hurt young, underdeveloped eyesights unnecessarily. Or, you can get one for yourself. It’s a great alternative for all those expensive and wasteful sticky notes too. Hang it in your kitchen or fridge for household reminders and communications.


  • LCD tablets like this are more environment-friendly.
  • Pressure-sensitive screen permits drawing lines of varying thickness.
  • Colored lines make doodling and writing more fun.
  • Non-glare and radiation-free screen makes it healthier for a child’s eyes.
  • In many ways, it is fun and provides a better alternative to electronic LED tablets.


  • Colors depend only on where writing appears on the board.
  • There’s no way to assign colors for specific lines.

6. Richgv Educational Writing & Doodle Board

Highlighted features

  • Weighs only 0.24 kilograms
  • Shell is made with ABS material
  • Lock and unlock switch
  • Stylus and stylus holder included
  • Erase button

Looking for a better way to nurture your child’s creative side? Look no further. LCD tablets bring the safety and eye protection parents have been looking for a long time in tablet devices. Truth is, LED screen devices like smart phones and electronic tablets aren’t the answer – at least not for now.

Try an LED tablet instead. If you’ve never had one before, you’d appreciate how it lets children have fun but in a safer way. We love that it’s anti-glare and that there isn’t any radiation being emitted from the screens. The 12-inch screen simply equates to more fun but, we hope there’s a version with a multicolored screen.


  • Great screen size accommodates more room to express creativity.
  • It’s ultra lightweight and great for traveling and carrying around.
  • It can easily be squeezed into your child’s travel backpack or school bag.
  • The battery is housed in a slot secured with a screw.
  • Screen lock helps protect, save, and display writings and drawings.


  • There’s only one color for all lines.
  • This LCD tablet cannot display writing and doodles in multiple colors.

7. NEWYES Drawing Board

Highlighted features

  • Sports a compact and lightweight body
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Available in two different colors
  • Has an 8.5 inches screen
  • Features a unique lock button

Imagine that your child drew a masterpiece in the drawing pad. And for some reason, it all gets erased for an accidentally click on the erase button. That would definitely make your child sad, would not it?

Well, NEWYES kept that factor in mind and brought out this pad in the market with an advanced feature.

Let us talk about the feature that makes this one stand out the most. It comes with a lock button to ensure that the writings and the doodles that are on the panel do not accidentally get erased. That button allows the user to keep the image on the panel for a long amount of time.

Apart from that, it packs a lanyard to ensure that the detached pen has a lower possibility of getting lost. It also has integrated magnets to hold the pen on the body.

Other than that, there are two different colors available. It comes in pink and blue. Each of them will ship with a black pen that will blend well with the color scheme of the body.

On that note, the body is pretty sturdy too. You can expect it to last for an extended amount of time without showing any signs of defect or degradation in performance.

The body is pretty compact and lightweight too. But, you are not losing that much in the case of screen space. The panel is 8.6 inches, which is more than enough.


  • Made with an LCD screen which is better for protecting a child’s eyes.
  • LCD drawing tablets like this are better alternatives to wasteful pen and paper.
  • After-sales service is available for buyers.


  • Small screen and may not be suitable for older, more sophisticated users.

8. AFN Colored Writing Tablet

Highlighted features

  • .05 mm screen thickness adds to be durability
  • Multi-colored screen
  • Huge, 12-inch screen
  • Stylus hanging by a string
  • Backside magnets for hanging on the fridge

If you’ve ever seen children with their doodle boards, you’ll understand how fun it can be. This particular product adds tons of fun and excitement with the extension of the screen up to 12 inches! Yes, it’s a huge screen!


But, that’s not all. This LCD tablet also comes with a multi-colored screen that simply adds more life drawings as well as writings.


While it’s a great educational toy, it can also be a great product for other uses such as office or home reminders. If you own a restaurant, you might even find it useful for putting up your day’s menu. Teachers may also use it in place of a blackboard for online classes or one-on-one tutorials.


  • Huge, 12-inch screen provides more space for creative juices to flow.
  • Multi-color lines make writings and drawings more attractive.
  • It’s huge but stays lightweight and perfect for travelling or carrying around.
  • This product is great for kids but also works for adults.


  • The delete button may have to be pressed several times to clear the screen completely.

Things To Look For Before Buying

We know that you are pretty excited to get yourself one of the devices that we included in our review list. But before you do spend your valuable money in one of them, there are some certain points that you will have to keep in mind. They will allow you to scrutinize the devices properly and enable you to make an efficient overall decision. The factors are as follows:

Screen Size

If you do want to get the best LCD writing tablet, the first thing that you will have to factor in is the size of the device. By that, we are implying on the screen size. In this case, the bigger the screen, the more screen space you are going to have.

And with higher screen space, you can take long notes and draw full-frame sized drawings without having to erase the screen frequently.

Form Factor

Apart from the screen size, the other thing that you should consider in the case of dimensions is the form factor of the device. If you do require something small, then we would recommend you to opt for the ones that are compact and lightweight.

You can carry those without any issue, and they are pretty much ideal for every type of workspaces.


Another important factor that you need to factor in is the durability of the device. You must keep this point this in mind if you are planning to gift one of these devices to a child or someone that is a bit clumsy.

In this case, what you have to consider is the quality of the materials. If they are of high-quality, they will last for a good amount of time.

On the other hand, if you do happen to choose a flimsy model, it would be a pretty hard thing for you to get years of service from that device. For that reason, we would only recommend you to opt for the ones that are durable.


The battery is the core component of these types of devices. In this case, what you have to consider is the capacity of the cell. Most of them will guarantee you more than 10 thousand erases. However, there are many that will go up to 20 thousand erases.

If you do not want to go through the hassle of replacing the battery from time to time, you would want to go with the ones that come with a decently-sized battery.

Apart from that, you should also factor in the replacement process of the cell. As the battery will eventually run out of juice, you would have to get them replaced sooner or later. And the easier the replacement process will be, the easier it will be for you to change the battery.

Pen Dock

Even though most of the units will not feature a pen dock, the ones that do have one will reduce the chances of the pen getting lost. Apart from that, they will also make sure that storing the unit is a hassle-free process.

And you would not want to lose the pen that came along with the device because the tab would be pretty much useless without the pen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are writing LCD tablets and drawing LCD tablets the same thing?

Yes, both the devices are the same thing. LCD tablets will allow the user to both write and draw on the panel.

2. What are writing LCD tablets mainly used for?

Just like the name suggests, LCD tablets are basically for taking notes on a digital panel. You can also draw on them. They have gained quite a popularity overtime for being eco-friendly. By using them, you are going to reduce the wastage of paper, which will eventually lower down the need to cut more trees.

3. Are writing LCD tablets worth it for writing?

According to research, about 160 thousand of trees are cut down just to make paper. So in that sense alone, we would say that they are very much worthy. Apart from that, they do offer many other features that make them worthy.

4. How to save what I wrote in an LCD writing pad?

Some of the devices that are available in the market will have a built-in memory that will allow you to save the things that you wrote and drew on the pad. However, if the one that you got does not have this feature, you can always click a picture of the panel to save it.

5. Are there any hazards that I should know about in the case of LCD writing tablets?

Most of the devices that are out there are constructed of eco-friendly material. Apart from that, nearly all of them have a protective layer on the screen. So, there is no serious type of health hazards that you would have to worry about for these devices.

Final Words

Just like everything else, the market is full of options in the case of writing tablets. But we hope that we were able to narrow down the overall options to a certain extent that choosing the best LCD writing tablet is an easy task for you now.

With that being said, we would like to wrap it up here by wishing you good luck and hoping that you have a fun and productive time with the tab that you decide to buy for writing and drawing.

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