Best LED Printer

Best LED Printer 2022

How much do you know about LED printers? Maybe a little! Maybe not at all!

Well, LED printers are basically laser printers. The difference is how the printer works. I won’t bore you with heavy tech-savvy words.

Just a few words at most!

Both laser and the LED printer use photosensitive drums and print using melting the toner to the paper. The difference lies in how they illuminate their drums: laser beam vs. an array of LEDs.

The best LED printer features equal printing speed for monochrome and color printing. LED printers are most suitable for a heavy workload and fast printing.

Top Pick

HP LaserJet Pro M479fdw

  • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax.
  • Speed : 28 ppm.
  • Two – Sided Printing : Yes.
  • Max Page Size : 8.5 x 14 inch.
  • Display: 4.3″ color touchscreen.
  • Security features: Yes.

LED Printer Comparison Chart

HP OfficeJet Pro 8035
  • Connectivity Technology : Ethernet, dual-band 802.11/n
  • Duplex : Automatic
  • Max Print Speed : 22 ppm black, 22 ppm color
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HP Color LaserJet Pro M479fdw
  • Connectivity Technology :Ethernet/Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Direct
  • Duplex : Yes
  • Max Print Speed : 28 ppm black, 28 ppm color
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HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw
  • Connectivity Technology : Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n
  • Duplex : Yes
  • Max Print Speed : 20 ppm black, 10 ppm color
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HP LaserJet Pro M15w
  • Connectivity Technology : Wi-Fi, USB
  • Duplex : None
  • Max Print Speed : 19 ppm
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HP LaserJet Pro M254dw
  • Connectivity Technology : USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Duplex : Automatic
  • Max Print Speed : 22 ppm
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HP LaserJet Pro M428fdw
  • Connectivity Technology : USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Duplex : Automatic
  • Max Print Speed : 40 ppm
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HP LaserJet Pro M404n
  • Connectivity Technology : Ethernet, USB
  • Duplex : Manual
  • Max Print Speed : 40 ppm
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HP LaserJet Pro M404dn
  • Connectivity Technology : Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Duplex : Automatic
  • Max Print Speed : 40 ppm
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HP OfficeJet Pro 8035
  • Connectivity Technology : Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Duplex : Automatic
  • Max Print Speed : 20 ppm black, 10 ppm color
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Brother Mfc-L3770CDW
  • Connectivity Technology : Wireless, USB, Ethernet
  • Duplex : Automatic
  • Max Print Speed : 16 ppm
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Best LED Printer Reviews

1. HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw

As the title claim all-in-one, HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw definitely going to handle all your office emergencies with ease.  

This printer comes with an automatic document feeder, USB Port, and a 2.7-inch touchscreen for smooth operation. Whether you need printing, copying, scanning, or fax, M281fdw can do everything for you.

Now let’s talk about speed, this printer can print at the rate of 22 ppm for both color and monochrome prints. The first page comes out in 10 seconds for black and white and 12 seconds for color prints. No more wasting time for the printer to heat up for minutes!

With wireless printing technology, it’s a lifesaver while you do need to print from your smartphone. The HP smart app makes it simpler to operate and add ease to print from clouds, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

It’s is an actual big performance in such a small package.

2. HP Color LaserJet Pro M479fdw

Have you wonder, there is a particular tech gadget you love not for its one unique quality rather than its wholesomeness? Yes, the HP Color LaserJet M479fdw is that kind of a wholesome printer.

It’s a multifunctional printer to meet all end’s necessity and thus a well-rounded machine.

With a 50-page automatic document feeder, this printer features a tiltable touch screen to make it convenient to use.

Setting up the printer is very easy. Like all other HP printer, you will need to download the driver software from the website and connect via USB to your pc. Install the software, and you are good to go.

If you are not into cables much, there are wireless options available, as well as a USB port to print directly. HP smart app will make your mobile printing experience smooth like never before.

3. HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

Imagine you need to scan a document, send it right away via mail. The OfficeJet Pro 8035 can do this without a computer.

The scan-to-USB feature lets you scan a document and send it instantly to Email while it’s connected to the internet via ethernet or wifi. Oh, and never forget it also comes with a faxing facility.

This printer is capable of printing at a speed of 20 pages per minute. Its unique smart task feature lets you save settings for repetitive steps. You can be at least 50% productive and save a lot of time.

The HP smart app, combined with wireless technology makes wireless printing fun. It can connect wirelessly with all your gadgets around you, including your iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Tablets.

The printer is cloud printing friendly, works with most of the cloud printing platforms, including Google Cloud Printing, AirPrint.

While it performs like an all-rounder, the printer is 14% smaller than other printers in its category.

4. HP LaserJet Pro M15w

How about you get your hands on the world’s smallest monochrome laser printer? Yes, you read it right!

HP LaserJet Pro M15w is almost 35% smaller than its predecessors. Are you afraid of how it is going to perform good enough with being this smaller in size? Well, you know what they say, “Good things come in small packages.”

You will absolutely believe that old saying once you start using LaserJet Pro M15w wireless laser printer. It can prints up to 19 ppm. The first page comes out as quick as 8 seconds or less.

As it features Wifi Direct technology, you can print from your smartphone even when your router is switched off or broken. You can easily access and control your printer with this wireless connection.

Also, you can print or share your documents with all other devices that are connected to the printer.  

5. HP LaserJet Pro M254dw

Believe it or not! LaserJet Pro M254dw provides the fastest double-sided printing speed in its category.

It is able to print up to 22 pages per minute for black and white printing. It’s a compact size printer with big performances and multiple features.

With an 800 MHz processor speed and a 2.7-inch touchscreen, the printer can handle any heavy workload you throw at it.

It doesn’t matter whether you own an iPhone or an android, all you need is the HP Smart app. From ordering toner online, printing from the cloud, controlling your printer, you can do anything.

Dual-band wifi, a USB port, and Ethernet connectivity; all these features in the printer make sure your productivity keeps up all the time.

LED Printer Buying Guide

The proliferation of LED printers gives buyers alternatives when it comes to purchasing functional laser printing machines. However, this diversity also comes with a disadvantage. You have so many printing tools to choose from. So, what are the essential shopping tips for the best led printer?

1. Speed

LED printers are comparatively faster than printers of other rival technologies. But how fast should your ideal printer be?

The answer to this question relies on the amount of workload you hope to attend to with the machine. Moreover, your turnaround time will equally be of immense help.

LED Printer

Interestingly, while most LED printers take pride in their unbeatable print rates, it doesn’t make any sense spending more on a device with high speeds if you don’t need it.

2. Media Handling

Media handling for printers is not only about media sizes and media types. So, the ideal question would be to spell out what you intend to do with the machine.

If you want to use it for architectural drawings and other large-format documents, then a wide-format option is what you need. For standard document formats, consider a machine that will handle ordinary documents.

Again, a dual tray machine means that it will also accommodate other specialty papers. Envelopes, letter size, and legal documents are some of the formats that would be stressful if you don’t consider the media handling ability of the device.

3. Auto Document Feeding

The ability of a printing device to automatically take in documents through its feeder is known as automatic document feeding. Such a feature immensely increases the productivity of a printing device.

You don’t have to feed in every paper through the machine. Instead, the printer will independently take in a stipulated amount of sheets for printing.

It is also essential to note that ADF capabilities vary from one model to another. Some have more robust ADF capabilities, while others have considerably low capabilities. The choice will depend on individual needs.

This feature, coupled with automatic duplexing, will make your printer more productive. So, look out for options with a combination of the two elements.

4. Power Consumption

The economic recession dictates that we have to be mindful of our expenditure. Who wants high power bills, anyway?

Laser machines are comparatively robust, with some options consuming substantial units of power. Consider a model that has power-saving features.

Again, power-efficiency means less environmental degradation. If you share the rising global warming concerns, then a more energy-friendly option will suffice.

Final Verdicts

When you decide to choose the best color LED printer or monochrome one for your office, you should keep three things mostly in mind; Speed, Capacity, and Foodprint.

Depending on how big your office is and how much printing/scanning/copying job there will be, you should choose one that suits all your needs.

Also how much you are willing to spend on a printer. I hope you won’t go and buy a cheap & low capacity inkjet printer. LED printers are built for heavy-duty, so they are the best suits for offices.

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