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7 Best Networking Tool Kit 2022

Whether you work with networking solutions as a hobby or you are a full-fledged professional in that matter, you probably know how hard things can be if you do not have decent-grade networking tools with you.

And you might also know this by now that having top-notch tools with you will make networking tasks feel effortless to carry out.

With that being said, getting all those top-notch tools separately can be a bit taxing on the wallet. Well, in that regard, getting the best networking tool kit would be a more economically-friendly approach.

However, getting one of those kits in the market can be quite tricky for anyone. Well, as you have found us, you will not have to worry about that anymore. We are going to make the choosing process easier for you.

7 Best Networking Tool Kits:

Just like all the other tools, the market will have plenty of options in the case of networking tool kits. But not all of them will be worth the time and the money that you are going to spend on them.

To ensure that you get the most out of your money, we went through the most popular options and picked only the recommendation worthy ones. They are:

1. UbiGear Network/Phone Cable Tester

We are going to start off our best networking tool kit reviews with this kit that Ubigear is offering in the market. If you were in the lookout for an ultimate Cat5e kit, then this is the one for you.

To begin with, it comes with a cable tester. The tester is compatible with RJ45, RJ11, and RJ12 connectors. It has LED lights on the top that will flash in rotation only if the cables are properly connected. You can test out the signal connection of the wires with this quickly.

Apart from that, the unit includes a crimper that does not only work with RJ45 connectors but also RJ11 and RJ12. You might not need to get any separate crimper for working with wires anymore after getting this.

The manufacturer did not skim on the essential tools either. They included two 9 inches screwdrivers in the package. One of them is flat, and the other one is a cross headed. The package also has two pieces of punch down tools.

Other than that, you are also going to receive three pieces of wire cutters. One of them is adjustable, which will make wire cutting tasks feel like a breeze. The other two are cutting piler and a yellow cutter.

And the manufacturer did not stop there. They packed the package up with 100 pieces of Cat5e RJ45 connectors. With that much amount of connectors, you are set for years.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes an easy to use cable tester device.
  • Packs 100 pieces of Cat5e RJ45 connectors.
  • Has three pieces of wire cutters.
  • One of the wire cutters is adjustable.
  • Comes with two screwdrivers and one highly compatible crimper.

2. Gaobige Network Cable Repair Maintenance Tool Kit

Network maintenance demands durable and reliable tools. Well, when Gaobige brought out this kit in the market, they kept both of the factors in mind.

First of all, the package includes an efficient crimping tool. The tool is a 3 in 1, and it does work with only cat5 cables but also is compatible with cat5e wires. Alongside that, the connectors that it can work with are RJ45, RJ11, and RJ12.

It is also compatible with plugs that are in 8P8C, 6P6C, and 4P4C category. That means you are going to get a lot of flexibility with this tool.

Just like most of the other kits that are in the market, this one also has a cable tester device. That unit works with RJ11, Cat5, Cat5e, RJ12, RJ45, TIA-568A/568B, and many other similar types of wires.

It has LED lights that indicate whether the connection of the cables is proper or not.  You will not require any separate tools for testing wires anymore.

Besides that, the package that it comes along is quite portable too. It has sleeves inside for each of the designated tools. Such a design of the package makes it ideal for both home and work uses.

Apart from that, the package includes a wire stripping knife that will enable you to easily cut through wires. There are also two different types of screwdrivers. One of them is the cross headed one, and the other one flat-headed. You will also find a punch-down tool and a plethora of RJ45 connectors.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has a compact and highly portable package.
  • Package has slots designated for each of the tools.
  • Comes with a plethora of RJ45 connectors.
  • Includes an efficient crimping tool.
  • Two different types of screwdrivers.

3. DEKOPRO 168 Piece Socket Wrench Auto Repair Tool Combination Package

Having 11 in one and 12 in one package is great and all — but do you know what is better than that? Having 168 pieces of equipment in one box! And DEKOPRO is here to offer you exactly that!

To start with, it features an easy to carry storage solution. The housing that it has is blow-molded and is extremely sturdy. There is a handle on the top, which makes carrying it around an easy task. And there are slots inside to make organizing the tools an easy task for you.

Other than that, the package is full of comprehensive tools. The ratchet that it includes has 72 teeth, and maneuvering it around is pretty easy. You can quickly shift the direction by a simple flick.  It also includes professional-grade wrenches and a wide range of ¼ inches and 3/7 inches metric-sized sockets.

Apart from that, you will also find a broad range of screwdrivers inside. Starting Phillips to square to slotted to star to pozi, it has got them all. You might not need any sort of extra screwdriver after getting this kit. The handle of the screwdriver has a soft rubber coating that will make handling it a breeze.

Besides that, it also comes along with a plier, hammer, and a stripper for letting you carry out those intricate wiring tasks that you might stumble upon. All the tools of the kit are of high-quality steel with a finished coating that makes them resistant to corrosion and rust. They will last for an extended amount of time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes a wide range of comprehensive tools.
  • Ratchets are pretty easy to maneuver.
  • Comes with mostly all type of screwdriver bits.
  • All the tools are exceptionally durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Box is highly portable and is extremely sturdy.

4. SGILE Network Tool Kit

While there are a plethora of network kits available, not all of them will include tools that are designated for Cat5 and Cat5e. However, if you were looking for one, then we definitely think you should have a look into what SGILE is offering here.

Unlike some of the kits that are in the market, this one comes along with crystal RJ45 connectors. These connectors are of the highest grade of connectors that is available in the market. You can expect your network line to be highly stable with these.

Apart from that, it also includes 20 pieces of covers for those connectors. They will ensure that the connectors have an efficient with the device that you are connecting them into. Ther is also an RJ45 coupler and 100 pieces of nylon cable ties that will make cable management tasks feel effortless to carry out.

Other than that, the kit includes 9 different essential professional tools. You will find crimping pliers,  punch down tool, stripping knife, and many other essential network tools in the package. All of them are exceptionally durable.

The network tester is highly efficient too. It has LED lights that only light up when the connection is stable.

Besides that, the box is pretty sturdy too. It has all the slots designated for each of the tools. There is a zipper to ensure that the tools do not fall out while you are transporting it from one place to another.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with an efficient network tester device.
  • Has nine different essential networking tools.
  • The bag has a zipper to ensure safety during transportation.
  • Easy to carry and easy to maneuver.
  • All the tools are exceptionally durable.

5. InstallerParts 10 Piece Network Installation Tool Kit

In the case of a full set of networking tools, the box plays an important factor in the case of transportation and keeping them properly organized. InstallerParts factored that in when they brought out this kit in the market.

Let us start by talking about the tools first. The first thing that you are going to find in the box is the crimper. It is highly modular and will enable you to cut and strip most of the connectors that are out there. The ones that it is directly compatible with are the RJ11, RJ12, and RJ45 connectors.

Apart from that, there is also a network tester device in the box. That will enable you to test out the connections and make sure that they have a stable flow of data.

Because of that, you are not going to have to worry about having an unstable network configuration anymore. It will make carrying out most of the high-priority networking feel effortless.

Other than that, just like the other kits that are available in the market, this one also comes with a decent quality screwdriver. It is reversible and has two of the most common heads that networking tasks usually require.

Because of the reversible configuration, maneuvering it will not be that much of a tedious task. You will also find 4-1/2 inches cutting piler in the box.

Lastly, the box that houses all the tools is sturdy and exceptionally durable. It has a see-through glass and slots inside to allow you to organize all the tools efficiently.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a sturdy and durable casing.
  • Modular crimper that is compatible with most of the connectors.
  • Box has slots inside to let you organize efficiently.
  • Has a precision cable stripper.
  • Cable tester is highly efficient.

6. SILIVN Rj45 Crimping Tool Kit for CAT5/CAT6

Are you tired of seeing the tool kits being directly compatible with Cat5 only? Want something that is a bit upgraded? Well, SILIVN has got the right kit for you!

To begin with, it comes along with a professional-grade crimping tool. The EZ-RJ45 crimping tool will allow you to not only work with the RJ45 connector but also RJ11 and RJ12 ones too. You might not require any additional tools for crimping tasks after you get this.

Other than that, the crimping tool is pretty easy to maneuver. It offers full 360 degrees of maneuvering in the case of stripping and cutting through wires. You will also receive a stripping knife and stripping piler to get an additional grip in the case of cutting tasks.

Apart from that, the kit also includes a punch down impact tool. That tool ensures that the cables that you are working with have a secure end. And the NS-468 cable tester is highly efficient too. With that, you can ensure that the connection that you are making is stable and has an adequate flow of data.

The carrying case is highly portable. It is made of nylon that makes is exceptionally durable. For that reason, it will not wear down or show any signs of tears for a long while.  And because of the zipper that it sports, you can easily carry it around without having to worry about the tools falling from the inside.

Lastly, the kit also includes two different screwdrivers with a rubber coating. You will also find 10 pieces of crystal heads inside.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with both Cat5 and Cat6 connectors.
  • Comes with a professional-grade crimper.
  • Includes two screwdrivers that have a rubber coating on the handle.
  • Consists of a highly-efficient network tester.
  • Durable and portable.

7. Hiija Network Tool Kits Professional- Net Computer Maintenance

We are going to wrap up our review section with this kit that Hiija is offering in the market. If you were searching for a unit that includes a multi-functional crimping tool, then this is probably the one that you were searching for all this time!

As we mentioned above, you will receive multi-functional crimping piler in the box. With that, you can handle not only RJ45 cables but also RJ12 and RJ11 wires. You will not require any sort of additional tools for those. It works with 8P and 6P cables too.

The cable tester is quite versatile too. It will work with different types of network cables, telephone cables. There are LED lights that will indicate whether the connection is secure or not. Because of that, you can ensure a stable overall network connection.

You will also find different types of essential networking tools in the package. There are two screwdrivers, stripping pliers for cutting wires, a punch-down tool, and a plethora of RJ45 connectors.

Apart from that, all the tools are of high-quality materials. They are reasonably sturdy and will last for an extended amount of time without showing any signs of wear and tears. Moreover, they also have a rubber coating on the handle that will make it comfortable for you in the case of maneuvering them around.

Also, the bag that houses all the tools is pretty durable too. It has a zipper to ensure that the tools inside stay in place during transportation. There are slots inside to allow you to organize all your tools efficiently.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes plenty of RJ45 connectors.
  • Packs a versatile network tester.
  • Comes with a multi-functional crimper tool
  • Carrying case is highly portable.
  • Consists of different essential networking tools that are highly durable.

Comparison Table


Number of included RJ45 connectors

Box type

Crimper Type

UbiGear Network/Phone Cable Tester

100 pieces

Nylon with zipper

Nonadjustable 568R

Gaobige Network Cable Repair Maintenance Tool Kit

12 pieces

Nylon with zipper on the side

3 in 1 crimping, stripping, and cutting tool

DEKOPRO 168 Piece Socket Wrench Auto Repair Tool Combination Package


Blow-molded case with handle

Highly adjustable 72 teeth ratchet

SGILE Network Tool Kit for Cat5/5e

100 pieces

Nylon bag with zipper

Normal crimper

InstallerParts 10 Piece Network Installation Tool Kit


Plastic molded hard case

Modular plug crimper

Rj45 Crimping Tool Kit for CAT5/CAT6

Does not come with any

Zipped nylon bag

Industrial-grade EZ-RJ45 crimp tool

Network Tool Kits Professional- Net Computer Maintenance

20 pieces

Zipper nylon bag

Multi-functional crimper

What to Look for Before You Buy?

What to Look for Before You Buy?

All the tool kits that we have included in our review section are highly reliable and offer a high-value proposition. Even after that, there are some factors that you should consider before you decide to spend your valuable money on them.

Those points will ensure that you can get the most out of the money that you are going to spend. They are:

Carrying Case

The first thing that you need to consider to get the best network tool kit is the carrying case. Most of them will ship with a nylon case. They are adequately durable, and because of the zipper that they boast, they can ensure that the tools do not fall off during transportation. Carrying them around will not be an issue.

Apart from that, many will ship in a molded case — those are the ones that are able to protect the tools inside from impacts and drops. They will also have a handle on the top to make carrying them around an easy task.

You should also factor in the slots. If you happen to get one that does not have any divided slots inside, it would be pretty difficult for you to organize all the tools inside. For that reason, we would recommend you to put a greater emphasis on the slot.


This is one of the essential tools that every network toolkit should have. And for that reason, you are going to find them in almost every kit that you are going to stumble upon. However, not all of them will be multi-functional. For example, there are many crimpers that are only designated for RJ45 connectors.

If you do get one of the packages that have a designated RJ45 crimper, you would need a separate crimper to handle other types of connectors. That is why we would suggest you go with the ones that include a multi-functional and versatile crimper.

Network Tester

Even though most of the kits will include a cable tester device, not all of them will be efficient. The efficient ones are the ones that are compatible with a wide range of connectors and have LED indicators on the top. With those, you can check and ensure the network cable task that you did is stable and has an efficient flow of data.


All the tools that most of the kits are going to come with will be of steel. However, not all of them will be of high-quality steel. The ones that are of high-quality steel are the most durable ones. If the kit that you are shooting for has them, you will not have to worry about them wearing down or breaking down over time.

Apart from that, there are some in the market that will come with a coating on the exterior to resist corrosions and rust. Those are the ones that we would recommend you to shoot for, those will generally last for an extended amount of time.

Essential Tools

Last but not least, you would have to factor in whether the package includes essential networking tools or not. By essential tools, we refer to the ones that are mandatory for working with network cables. Tools such as pliers, screwdriver, punch-down tool, and wire cutters reside in this category.

Apart from that, you should also consider if the box includes RJ45 connectors or not. If it does not come with some, then you might have to get yourself some separately to get your network wiring adventure started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the networking kits compatible with Cat6?

Not all the tools that a networking kit might comprise of will be directly compatible with every type of wires that is out there. However, you will be able to make somehow the tools work those types of wires.

But if you do plan to work with Cat6 only, we would recommend you to go for the ones that are directly compatible with that.

Are pilers and crimpers the same thing?

No, pilers and crimpers are not the same tools. The crimper is usually for making a cold weld in between the barrel of the connector and the wire. Even though they might look a bit identical to pilers, they are not the same.

Is it necessary to have a wire cutter?

Having an adequate tool designated for wire cutting will make the task of cutting wires smooth. You would have clean cuts, and the copper wires would be pretty intact with them. So we would recommend you to stick with a wire cutter for any type of wire cutting task.

What does a punch down tool do?

Punch down tools are basically for the termination tasks. It is used to terminate cooper ethernet cables.

Can I use a knife to cut wires?

Yes, it is possible to cut wires with blades and knives. However, you are not guaranteed to get a clean cut with them. We would recommend you to get yourself a wire cutting tool for this type of task.

Final Words

We hope that we were able to effectively narrow down the overall options and choosing the best networking tool kit is an easy task for you now because of that. Hopefully, you will be able to get the most out of the money that you are going to spend on one of them.

With that being said, we would like to wrap it up here by wishing you good luck and hoping that all your networking tasks go smoothly.

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