Best Office Laminator

Best Office Laminator 2022

Are you sick of the wrinkles in your documents due to frequent usage? Do they even get torn sometimes due to mishandling? Do the uneven edges of your documents trigger your OCD?

If so, why do you not get yourself an office laminator? When you laminate your papers or photos, they will be much more durable. That way, your documents will look prettier. Besides, you will no longer have to be overly cautious while working with them.

But what makes a model the best office laminator? And which are the most trending ones available in the market today? Are they worth your money? Will they make your life easier?

Well, to find that out, stay tuned with us for we have elaborate answers to your questions.

Top Pick

Amazon Basics 9-Inch

  • Connectivity: Wired & Wireless
  • Print Speed: 18 Pages Per Minute
  • Item Dimensions: 13.38 x 4.84 x 2.44 inches
  • Heat Settings: 2 Heat Setting (3mil & 5mil)

Comparison Chart For Top Office Laminators

Scotch Thermal TL901
  • Print Speed : 20ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : Wired and Wireless
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Scotch Pro Thermal TL906
  • Print Speed : 1.2 ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : Wired and Wireless
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Crenova A4
  • Print Speed : 13.5 ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : USB and Wireless
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  • Print Speed : 18 ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : Wired and Wireless
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  • Print Speed : 40 ppm
  • max media handling : 11 x 17 inches
  • Connectivity : Ethernet
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UALAU Laminator
  • Print Speed : 2.8 ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : Wireless, WiFi Direct, USB
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YE381 Thermal
  • Print Speed : 33 ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
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Blusmart Multiple Function
  • Print Speed : 34 ppm
  • max media handling : 11 x 17 inches
  • Connectivity : USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
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Crenova 13 Inches
  • Print Speed : 20ppm
  • max media handling : 11 x 17 inches
  • Connectivity : Wireless, WiFi Direct, USB
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Fellowes 5736606
  • Print Speed : 14.5 ppm
  • max media handling : 13 x 19 inches
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
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Best Office Laminator Reviews

1. Scotch, 9″, TL901

Are you hellbent on preserving the documents you often use as well as waterproofing them? But are you on a budget? Well, fret no more. To keep all of your concerns in check, Scotch has come up with its Thermal Laminator TL901.

This compact machine weighs only 1 pound. So, in case you love to pace around while working, you can easily carry it wherever you go. The device can proficiently laminate all types of paper documents as well as photographs.

After you laminate your photos or documents with this device, its laminated surface will work as a shield again all sorts of odds. Not even water can seep through the surface. Therefore, they will be long-lasting and you will no longer have to worry about crinkling them.

The width of your media has to be limited to 9 inches. The printer is ideal for 8.5” x 11” photos and documents.  As for pouch thickness, it allows 5 mm at maximum. To render yourself more flexibility, switch between its 3 mil and 5 mil pouches as per your convenience.

After you turn on this device, it may take up to 8 minutes to be warmed up. The machine comes with a double roller system that lets you adjust your speed. As result, you can rectify your mistake in case of feeding the laminator any wrong media.

As a cherry top, it also offers you two different temperature options to suit your media. So, you are at full liberty to adjust the heat while laminating. Thus, you will not have to be afraid of damaging your precious goodies. It also comes with a storage to preserve its cord wrap.

This laminator can cover 15 inches in a second. Hence, to laminate an 8.5” x 11” media, it does not take more than 45 seconds.

Highlighted Features

  • Saves your documents from all kinds of damage.
  • It comes with two adjustable heat and roller settings.
  • Can handle up 5 mm thick media.
  • Its maximum width capacity is 9 inches.
  • Covers 15-inch area in a second.

2. Scotch Brand Pro (TL906)

Our next pick is Scotch Brand Pro Thermal Laminator that is yet another affordable machine to grace your office space. It weighs only 3.2 pounds. So, if you need to laminate on the go, you may count on it.

It is furnished with Never Jam Technology to make your laminating experience smoother than ever before. Consequently, if you misfeed any media, do not be upset. The device has got your back.

This machine takes 5 minutes to be ready to laminate after you turn it on. When it is ready to function, its green light indicator will signal you and you may start laminating right away.

It also comes with an automatic off feature. So, if it is kept unoperated for more than an hour, it will put itself to sleep. Therefore, it inhibits electricity wastage and rewards your wallet. Nevertheless, when you decide to get back into action, it does not take any warm up time. It can pick up from where you left.

This device will satiate all of your laminating needs. So, whether you need to laminate your drawing, recipe, ID card, business card, or any frequently used document- just feed your media inside the machine. And bam! Your media has just been blessed.

The device can handle throat width from 6” to 10”. It has adjustable pouches compatible with 3 and 5 mil thick documents. Its maximum width capacity is 9”. So, if you are eyeing on this device, keep these measurements in your mind.

This machine can laminate 15 inches in a minute. The machine should be used with a 120V outlet that is grounded. Do not use any random outlet or voltage converter unless you want to mess with this laminator.

To help your laminations look more professional, the machine comes with a dual roller system. You can also modify the machine’s heat depending on the media you are working with.

Highlighted Features

  • Laminates 15 inches per minute.
  • Comes with dual roller as well as temperature options.
  • Has an automatic shutoff feature.
  • One of the most affordable laminators.
  • Takes 5 minutes to be warmed up.

3. Crenova Laminator

If you are looking for the most efficient laminator for your office, at the most affordable rate, look no further than Crenova A4 Laminator. The machine can guarantee that no sort of air bubbles is produced during laminating so that your documents can be intact.

This device comes with all the tools needed for lamination. So, when you buy this laminator, you will not have to separately worry about buying 20 laminating pouches, corner rounder and paper trimmer.

The machine is really easy to operate. It does not take any more than 5 minutes as warm up time. When the laminator is ready to start working, it signals you through a green light. Its ABS lever helps you in avoiding paper jams. So, you can easily sail away through it.

This device can laminate 250 mm area in a minute. So, if laminating with quickness is your priority, we highly recommend this one for you. Every hour, it can deliver maximum 50 documents- that too in A4 size! So, just imagine how much it can maximize your productivity!

As for your concern about pouch thickness, it can handle from 2 x 2.5mil to 2 x 4mil. This machine can laminate 9” documents at maximum. Talking about media type, it is compatible with most paper documents.

This thermal laminator also offers a two-roller system considering the sensitivity of your documents. It lets you switch between cold and hot temperature owing to your document type. So, gone are the days when you would damage your documents while laminating.

This remarkable laminator weighs only 2.97 pounds making it perfect for your desktop usage as well as rendering its portability. So, laminate your photos and documents away to safeguard them against all the oddities.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with necessary laminating tools.
  • Apt to use in your office space as well as while you are on the go.
  • Laminates 50 documents in an hour.
  • Comes with an adjustable heating system to protect your documents.
  • Enabled with no jam technology.

4. AmazonBasics Laminator Machine

The next entry on our list is AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator. It is one of the most sought-after laminators currently. But why so? Let’s find out.

This machine takes only 4 minutes to be warmed up after you turn it on. Its light indicator will illuminate when the machine is warm enough to start laminating. It is one of the quickest laminators out there in the market for Amazon knows ‘time is money’.

The machine can work with a versatile range of media up to 9” in size. There are two pouches in the machine to handle 9.4″ x 11″ documents with dexterity.

Its pouches can handle pouches up to 5 mil density. Its 5-mil pouch is less flexible to work with. It is appropriate for papers that are on the thinner side.

On the other hand, its 3-mil pouch gets heated up faster and is compatible with thicker documents. It also delivers your laminations more quickly. So, based on your media type, make the adjustment.

You know how documents often get jammed up while being laminated inside the device? As a solution to this problem, this machine is furnished with a jam release lever. So, say hi to smoother and hassle-free laminating experience.

When you laminate your photos or documents with this machine, you are making sure that they will be preserved for a long long time. The laminated goods are not even bled through. Hence, you will not have to walk around in eggshell to handle your documents.

This beautiful laminator weighs only 2.44 pounds. Hence, even if you have bare minimum space in your office, it can easily fit in and get all your laminating works done in a jiffy.

Highlighted Features

  • Takes 4 minutes to be warmed up.
  • The lightweight and compact machine is perfect for a small office space.
  • Protects your documents from external damage.
  • Comes with two different pouch options.
  • Compatible with documents up to 9.4″ x 11″.

5. ABOX OL141 Laminator Machine

The last pick on this section is ABOX OL141 A4 Laminator. If a neat laminating experience is your utmost priority, this will come in handy for you.

It does not let air bubbles to mess with your laminations. Moreover, if you are into laminations that looks wavy, this machine can get the work perfectly done.

This device makes sure that the surface of your documents is resistant to folding or creasing after being laminated. Hence, your laminated documents are going to be durable.

This device gets ready for the action within 2 to 4 minutes of turning it on. It does not make much noise while working. Hence, if noise induces headaches for you, you have got your understanding match.

This machine is an appropriate choice for a fast-paced office. It can laminate ideally 300 mm in a minute. But if you are on a rush, it can run faster and cover 400 mm per minute.

It offers a dual roller system. Hence, you are getting both cold and hot laminating mode. The machine has an indicator to tell you when it is being overheated to avoid accidents.

This device can operate for 30 minutes at a stretch. But after that you need to give it a break for another 30 minutes. Otherwise, it may misbehave. So, why take any risk?

The machine comes with 12 pouches. It can handle documents up to 0.5mm in thickness. In case, you aim for more, the machine will be jammed.

In order to avoid air bubble or crinkle, the thickness of the pouches has to be exactly 75-mil. Nothing less or more than that.

This laminator can cooperate with documents up to 9” in width. ABOX OL141 weighs only 1.51 pounds. Hence, it can fit anywhere in your office.

Highlighted Features

  • Prevents air bubbles and crinkles.
  • Does not make much noise while laminating.
  • Takes 2 to 4 minutes to be warmed up.
  • Comes with 12 additional pouches.
  • Laminates documents up to 9”.

Office Laminator Buying Guide


Most laminators take some time to be warmed up when you turn them on. A decent laminator should not take any more than 8 minutes for that. However, the less, the better.

You also need to scrutinize how much area it can laminate in a minute. Its roller system as well as heating time plays a crucial factor in this regard.


Do you need to carry your laminator from one room to another in your office? Or you would like to laminate sitting in one particular place? Desktop laminators are sturdier than portable laminators.

Office Laminator

But hey, if your work demands portability, you can never say no to it, can you? In that case, check out a machine that is lightweight but robust. That way, you will be getting the finest of both worlds.

Media handling

The best office laminator is usually compatible with a wide range of paper types. If you have to deal with different kinds of papers, you do not want to spend money after several laminators. So, make sure that the laminator you are purchasing can handle a versatile range of photos and papers.

So, check out the machine’s paper width and thickness capacity. Moreover, you do not want to damage your documents owing to overheat while laminating. So, get yourself a laminator with adjustable temperature settings.

Final Words

So, these are some of the best office laminator models at your service. Laminating documents can be fun. It all depends on the machine you are working with.

Keeping that in mind, here we have only included the models which are simple to operate. However, we have not compromised with their features and quality at all. So, whichever you choose, make sure its speed, weight and media handling capacity are suitable for your needs.

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