Best Osu Tablets

Best Osu Tablets 2020

If you play Osu, then it’s fair to bet that it is more than fun! It’s about fast speeds, scintillating colors, and fantastic music. It is as competitive as it is addictive. However, the highest-ranked players on the leaderboards use the best Osu tablet instead of using an ordinary mouse.

The graphic Osu tablets help you to improve your skills and provide better tracking hence a more certain way to reach your peak potential. We present you with some of the top models available in the market.

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Osu Tablets



Walcom CTL4100 Intuos

  • Pressure Sensitivity : 20ppm
  • Resolution : 13 x 19 inches
  • Compatibility: Wired and Wireless
  • Active Area: 6×3.7 inches

Huion H20

  • Pressure Sensitivity : 2048 Levels
  • Resolution : 4000 LPI
  • Compatibility: Windows Win 7/8 and above Mac 10.8.0 onwards
  • Active Area: 4×2.23 inches

Huion H610 Pro V2

  • Pressure Sensitivity : 8192 Levels
  • Resolution :5080 LPI
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Android 6.0 onwards
  • Active Area: 10×6.25 inches

Huion New 1060 Plus

  • Pressure Sensitivity : 8192 Levels
  • Resolution : 5080 LPI
  • Compatibility:Windows 7 and later versions. Mac 10.11 and later
  • Active Area: 10×6.25 inches

XP-Pen StarG640

  • Pressure Sensitivity : 8192 Levels
  • Resolution :5080 LPI
  • Compatibility:Windows 7/8/10
  • Active Area: 6×4 inches

Huion Inspiroy H640P

  • Pressure Sensitivity : 8192 Levels
  • Resolution :5080 LPI
  • Compatibility: Windows 7 and laterMac 10.12 and later
  • Active Area: 6.3×3.9 inches


  • Pressure Sensitivity : 8192 Levels
  • Resolution :5080 LPI
  • Compatibility: Windows 7 and later versions Mac 10.8.0 and above
  • Active Area:10×6 inches


  • Pressure Sensitivity : 8192 Levels
  • Resolution : 5080 LPI
  • Compatibility: Mac Windows
  • Active Area: 10×6 inches

XP-PEN Deco 01

  • Pressure Sensitivity : 8192 Levels
  • Resolution : 5080 LPI
  • Compatibility: Mac Windows
  • Active Area: 10×6.25 inches

Huion 420 OSU Tablet

  • Pressure Sensitivity : 2048 Levels
  • Resolution :4000 LPI
  • Compatibility: Windows 7 or later Mac OS 10.12 and above
  • Active Area:4×2.23 inches

Best Osu Tablets Review

1.Walcom CTL4100 Intuos Graphics | Best Wacom Tablet For Osu

The Walcom Intuos Graphics is a perfect tablet for any creative artist. It features up to 4096 pressure sensitivity levels hence ideal for photo editors, digital artists, and animators. Besides, it’s easy to set up and allows versatile USB connection to Mac and Windows.

It comes with a battery-free pen that guarantees accuracy and control. The rubber grip makes the pen easy to handle and control. This allows you to enjoy free-flowing music and artistry without annoying delays.

As an Osu tablet, it features excellent precision and a hover distance that averages between 13-14mm. You can install and configure the tablet drivers to enjoy no cursor delays in the play area. The slightly rough surface makes it a better tablet for artists who drag and not those who hover.

2.Huion H20 Graphics Tablet | Best Cheap Osu Tablet

Osu enthusiasts and digital artists are perfectly familiar with the Huion brand of tablets. The Huion H20 USB Graphics Drawing Tablet stands out as one of the best from the company. It is small, compact, and effective hence most ideal for Osu!

The device gives considerable surface friction similar to that of a fairly rough paper. Such a feature enables quick tracking that every Osu enthusiast will marvel at. Moreover, it features 3 programmable express keys that make using the tablet more efficient.

The device is compatible with a range of Mac and Windows devices and connects pretty well through a USB system. Finally, the combination of 2048 pressure sensitivity levels, 4000LPI, and electromagnetic digitizer technology makes it a good device for Osu.

3.Huion H610 Pro V2 Graphic Drawing Tablet | Best Drawing Tablets For Osu

If you are looking for a graphic tablet that goes beyond superb drawing and photo-editing to provide excellent Osu gameplay, then Huion H610 Pro V2 Graphic Drawing Tablet is what you need. The driver allows the gadget to attune to a versatile range of software.

It features 8 press keys and 16 soft keys that are all customizable and pretty easy to set up. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and some Android versions. Even more importantly, the Huion H610 Pro comes with a battery-free stylus for more convenience.

It also features a report rate of 233PPS, a pressure connectivity of 8192 levels, and a comparatively lightweight built. Besides, the anti-slip design prevents the tablet from dropping as you focus on your gameplay or drawing.

4.Huion New 1060 Plus Graphic Drawing Tablet | Best Graphic Tablet For Osu

The Huion New 1060 Plus Graphic Drawing Tablet is a perfect device for any artist or Osu enthusiast. Thee 12 Express keys and the 16 soft keys guarantee a plethora of options to efficiently tailor your software and experience. You have the convenience to customize them to your needs.

It is an improvement of the original Huion 1060 Plus tablet and comes with better features. Firstly, it features a massive resolution of 5080 LPI and an incredible report rate of 234 RPS. These two features ensure that you enjoy topnotch clarity while using the device.

It features a bigger active surface with thinner borders than the predecessor. Other components that are worth mentioning include quieter express keys, an inbuilt 8GB microSD card, a pen carrier, and more advanced linearity.

5.XP-Pen StarG640 | Best Budget Tablet For Osu

The XP-Pen StarG640 is a perfect product for anyone working on a budget but still wants to enjoy the premium features that come with the right Osu tablet. It is ideal for Osu gameplay, painting, electronic signatures, sketching, and drawing, to mention a few.

The 266 RPS report rate enables smoother and quicker line flow hence guarantees better performance. This is an excellent replacement for an ordinary mouse. It comes with a battery-free stylus for a continuous and uninterrupted drawing and playing.

Despite featuring a compact and lightweight design, the device utilizes a massive 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. The graphic tablet is only 3mm thick and boasts of a one-click toggle that enables an efficient switch from an eraser to a pen and vice versa.

Final Word

Not every drawing or note-taking tablet with the word Osu will give you the amazing Osu experience. So, be careful not to fall for such a marketing trap. When shopping for the best tablets for Osu, consider their respective sizes, resolution, RPS, activation heights, hover distance and cursor delay!

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