Best Postcard Printer

Best Postcard Printer 2022

It is probably not known to you that you can print your postcards. Even if it is, you are guessing at the types of machines and materials that perfectly suit the job. For the record, you can print your postcards but you’ll first need to acquire the best postcard printer.

Postcards are very delicate pieces of artwork. The type of paper used is comparatively thinner than your ordinary piece of printing paper. Again, they are slightly more slippery hence susceptible to dye smear.

It is for this reason that anyone who wants to venture into postcard printing needs to be careful about the type of machine they choose.

Top Pick

Canon Selphy CP1300

Canon Selphy CP1300

  • Display: 3.2” Tilt-up Touch
  • Connections: Wi-Fi, AirPrint & Memory Card Support.
  • Max Page Size : Postcard (4.0” x 6.0”

Comparison Chart For Top Postcard Printers

Expression Photo HD XP-15000
  • Resolution : 5760 x 1440 dpi.
  • Max Print Size : 13×44 inches
  • Media Handling : Roll-Fed, Sheet Fed
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Canon SELPHY CP1300
  • Resolution : 300 dpi
  • Max Print Size : 4×6 inches
  • Media Handling : Paper Tray, Sheet Fed, Roll-Fed
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HP Designjet T130
  • Resolution : 1200dpi
  • Max Print Size : 24 inches
  • Media Handling : ADF, Roll-Fed, Input Tray, Sheet Fed
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Polaroid ZIP Wireless
  • Resolution : N/A
  • Max Print Size : 2×3 inches
  • Media Handling : Roll-Fed, Sheet Fed
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Canon SELPHY CP900
  • Resolution : 600 dpi
  • Max Print Size : 4×6 inches
  • Media Handling : Roll-Fed
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  • Resolution : 1200 dpi
  • Max Print Size : 24 inches
  • Media Handling : Input Tray, Sheet Fed, Roll-Fed
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HP Designjet T130
  • Resolution :1200 dpi
  • Max Print Size : 24 inches
  • Media Handling : Input Tray, ADF, Sheet Fed, Roll-Fed
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HP ENVY Photo 7855
  • Resolution : 1200 dpi
  • Max Print Size : 13×19 inches
  • Media Handling : Sheet Fed, ADF
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Workforce WF-7710
  • Resolution : 1200 dpi
  • Max Print Size : 13×19 inches
  • Media Handling : Sheet Fed, ADF
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Best Postcard Printers Review

1. Expression Photo HD XP-15000 | Best Printer To Print Postcards

It is not by coincidence that the Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wireless Color Wide-Format Printer takes the top spot on our postcard printer review. It is an HD photo quality printer, which means that quality is not a concern. Moreover, it guarantees borderless prints.

The wide color gamut makes it ideal for printing postcards as you can achieve products of all colors. The printer features remarkable speeds. But even more essential is the versatile connectivity that comes with the machine. It offers both reliable wireless and wired connectivity.

It is a wide format printer with the ability to print on media sizes that are as large as 13X16 inches. Therefore, you can print larger photos but also format your postcards in a bigger piece of paper and print multiple copies at once. This essentially enhances output without sacrificing quality.

2. Canon SELPHY CP1300 | Best Canon Printer For Postcards

Sometimes your job may demand that you travel. When that happens, it is only logical to tag the best of your tools and equipment with you. Well, the Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer cushions you when faced with such a situation.

It is compact hence ideal for home or outdoor jobs. You can make it more convenient for on-the-go jobs if you opt to acquire the compatible battery back for a consistent power supply. That means that you can effectively print photos, postcards, and other documents from anywhere.

It comes with a 3.2-inch LCD screen that allows you to view, choose, and edit your photos and postcards before you finally print. Thus, the screen also makes this machine easy to use. If you will be printing photos, then you will find it an incredible photo booth.

3. HP Designjet T130 24-in | Best Inkjet Printer For Postcards

The HP DesignJet T130 24-in Large Format Printer prides itself as one of the most compact printers that you will come across. Thus, it helps you to save space on your desk or when you are on the move. Despite the miniature size, it comes with features that ensure performance, efficiency, and longevity.

It is a perfect device for printing postcards and photos. However, the selling point of the T-130 lies in its versatility. AEC, MCAD, and GIS professionals will find it an ideal product for printing maps, posters, technical drawings, and other professional documents. It guarantees precise line quality and crisp texts.

The radically simple printer allows you to instantly print your postcards. It features an inbuilt WiFi that ensures that you can print from a range of media sources. The HP Click software also allows you to easily process and print PDF designs. You can at the same time use the HP Smart App to access files on the phone.

4. HP Designjet T100 24-In Printer | Best HP Printer For Postcards

There is no doubt that the HP Designjet T100 24-In Printer is one of the most popular HP printers in the Designjet T series. It is compact and affordable hence suitable for homes and small offices. While it is one of the smallest printers in this list, it conveniently produces print documents of up to 24 inches wide.

The T100 combines simplicity, price, speed, size, and quality in an unbeatable way. Depending on the type of assignment at hand, the printer can deliver detailed prints in less than 30 seconds. It uses a single printhead and 4 independent ink cartridges.

Look, the T-100 has a massive resolution of 1200dpi. Such a feature is a sure guarantee for quality. Moreover, it features a line accuracy of -/+0.01%.

5. Polaroid ZIP | Best Laser Printer For Postcards

have you ever imagined that you can print high-quality postcards from a device that is smaller than your smartphone? The truth is that the Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer makes this possible. Besides, you can also print portraits, social media photos, and selfies from a device that fits in your pocket.

The main advantage of owning this device is the fact that you don’t need any inks, cartridges, or toners to print your postcards. Moreover, this is a pocket-sized device that does not need any unnecessary installations.

It produces print sizes that are 2×3 inches in size. Also, it uses a sticky piece of paper that works well for postcards. The device is a sure way to enjoy incredible editing capabilities as you create fun prints.

Buying Guide – Postcard Printer

While printing postcards and cardstocks are consistently gaining popularity, choosing the most appropriate tool for the game is no mean task. We look into some of the essential factors to consider when shopping for the best postcard printer.


Connectivity is arguably the most critical factor to look for when shopping for a printing machine for postcards, or any printer for that matter. Often, the most versatile options come with both wired and wireless connections. Such devices are not only multifunctional but also efficient.

Postcard Printer

These options should involve USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi-Direct, Wi-Fi, and Cloud Printing. These options form a perfect combination of wired and wireless options. While not all these must be present in an ideal printing machine for postcards, you will need a perfect balance of the options as mentioned earlier.


Venturing into postcard printing is an enterprise that may keep you moving from one place to another. Think about customizing and printing cards at weddings, festivals, and parties, among other social occasions. And, who wants to keep moving with tons of luggage in the name of business equipment?

There’s a need to keep your luggage as lightweight and possible, a feature that starts with the type of tools that you buy. Printers with compact and portable designs are the most appropiate. Besides, you may need to consider options that come with carrying bags or those that will efficiently fit into your pocket, travel bag, or backpack.


Printing postcards is a beautiful venture because millions of people now want to see their photos or logos on postcards. And, a lot more prefer cards with images of their own choices. You can’t achieve this with a printing machine that is impossible to customize.

An excellent postcard printer should allow you to add an image of your own choice. It should also allow for editing and a perfect preview before you print. The editing feature enhances more customization on aspects that deal with sizing, contrast, and cropping.

Paper Handling

Making tea in an espresso machine sounds weird and impossible. That’s the same feeling when you try to print postcards on a device that is only meant for handling plain paper.

The truth is that cardstocks or postcards are specialized papers that require a machine designed and manufactured with that in mind. Ensure, therefore, that you choose a tool that can effectively accommodate such specialized paper.

Final Word

You see, there is immense pressure that comes with the ability to print standard postcards on your own. You get to completely customize the postcards with your logo, special designs, texts, and anything else you’d want to include. Printing your postcards is also cheaper than outsourcing.

But the process of printing postcards is a different ball game from printing ordinary documents. It is an extremely demanding process that requires a lot of precision and topnotch quality. To achieve this, you need the best printer for printing postcards. We have a few options for you to choose from.

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