Best Printer For Chromebook

Best Printer For Chromebook 2022

Are you frustrated at your Chromebook’s inability to be compatible with any printer, to the point that it is making you regret purchasing the Chromebook at the first place?

Even if you managed to stumble upon one or two compatible printers, do you find them not so worthy?

Well, picking up the best printer for Chromebook may demand hours of browsing. But who has got all the time in this world to spend surfing the internet?

Well,consider your problem solved the moment you reached us. In this article, we have covered the finest printers available in the market which work smoothly with Chromebook.

But what makes a printer pass as the wisest option? To figure it out, let’s dive in to our buying at first.

Top Pick

HP ENVY 5055 Photo Printer

HP ENVY 5055 Photo Printer

  • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
  • Print Speed: 10 ppm black, 7 ppm color
  • Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cloud Printing

Comparison Chart for Top Chromebook Printers

Brother HL-L2350DW
  • Speed: 32 ppm
  • Resolution: 2400 x 600 dpi
  • Functions: Print
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HP ENVY 5055
  • Speed: 10 ppm black/7 ppm color
  • Resolution: 1200×1200 dpi
  • Functions: Scan, copy, print
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HP OfficeJet Pro 9015
  • Speed: 32 ppm
  • Resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • Functions: Scan, copy, print, fax
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Canon PIXMA TS6320
  • Speed: 15ppm black/10ppm color.
  • Resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • Functions: Print, copy, scan
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HP LaserJet Pro M15w
  • Speed: 19 ppm
  • Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
  • Functions: Print
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HP Envy Photo 6255
  • Speed: 13 ppm black/8 ppm color
  • Resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • Functions: Print, copy, scan, fax
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Brother MFC-J491DW
  • Speed: 10 ppm color/12 ppm black
  • Resolution: 6000 x 1200 dpi
  • Functions: Print, copy, scan, fax
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Canon Pixma iX6820
  • Speed: 5ipm
  • Resolution: 9600 x 2400 dpi
  • Functions: Print
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HP Envy 4520
  • Speed: 20 ppm black/16 ppm color
  • Resolution: 600 x 300 dpi
  • Functions: Print, copy, scan
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HP DeskJet 3755
  • Speed: 8 ppm black/5.5 ppm color
  • Resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • Functions: Print, copy, scan
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Best Printer For Chromebook Reviews

1. Brother Compact, HL-L2350DW | Best Laser Printer for Chromebook

If you need a monochrome printer to pair with your Chromebook, Brother HL-L2350DW will come in handy for you.

It is a compact printer that does not need much space to get itself settled. However, it comes with manifold facilities within this small exterior.

This printer support swide range of media. With its 2400 x 600 dpi printing resolution, it can generate vivid outputs for your utmost satisfaction. So, whether you need professional quality text documents or nostalgia invoking photographs – it has got your back.

This printer is Google Cloud Print enabled. Hence, it is perfect for your Chromebook. But if you want to use it with other devices, you can connect it to your home network using Wi-Fi. It also features Wi-Fi direct.

Moreover, this printer is appropriate for your fast-paced business environment. It can race through delivering 32 printouts per minute. To reach your efficiency to next level, it comes with auto duplexing facilities.

Organizing scattered pages after printing can be toilsome. To save you that sweat, it comes with a 250 sheets input tray and a 100 sheets output tray.

By activating Amazon Dash Replenishment, you can enable it to hinder unnecessary toner wastage. That way, you will not have tobuy new toners for a long time.

It comes with a monthly duty cycle of 15000 pages with the recommended monthly volume of 2000 pages. 

Highlighted Features

  • One of the fastest printers with 32 ppm.
  • Produces crisp and classy monochrome printouts.
  • Does not cost a fortune after maintenance.
  • Its compact design saves space.
  • Maximum monthly duty cycle is 15000 pages.

2. HP ENVY 5055 | Best Printer for HP Chromebook

Are you in the lookout for an all-in-one printer compatible with your Chromebook? If yes, HP ENVY 5055 is your ideal match. With this, you can print, scan, copy- everything altogether.

This densely packed machine comes with remarkable features to leave you in astonishment.It is WIFI and Bluetooth enabled. So, if you need to print from anything other than your Chromebook, say no more.

Moreover, its HP Smart app lets you print from your cloud accounts such as-, iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox. Besides, it can print directly from your social media accounts.

Now let’s talk about its resolution. If you want to print your files in grayscale, this multifaceted printer can print with 1200 x 1200 dpi. But when it comes to color prints, it can provide you with 4800 x 1200 dpi. Hence, of course, your printings are going to come out with sharp details and glossy texture.

It can produce up to 10 black monochrome or 7 color pages in a minute. No matter if you prefer bordered or borderless prints, it is capable of them all.

Do you need to scan files frequently? Well, no need to spend money after a separate machine. This 2.2 mono touchscreen machine has a scanner of 1200 x 1200 dpi. So, say goodbye to your tedious errands to cyber cafes just for a couple of scans.

To minimize paper refilling, it comes with an input tray that can hold 100 sheets. On the other hand, it has an output tray that can handle 25 sheets.

To increase your efficiency, it is capable of auto duplexing. So, no matter whether you are printing, copying or scanning; you do not have to keep flipping the pages over and over again.

The printer supports different types of media.To name a few- legal, letter, A4,envelope etc. Its monthly duty cycle is 1000 pages.

This cost-effective machine equipped with Amazon Dash Replenishment can inhibit ink wastage. Apart from that, this smart printer can reorder ink on your behalf before giving out.

Lastly, it can make your printing journey easier with its voice control facility. But to enjoy this privilege, you must own Amazon Alexa.

Highlighted Features

  • It can generatehigh quality pictures and documents.
  • Eliminates ink wastage.
  • Can automatically duplex.
  • This compact printer is inexpensive.
  • Can print, copy, scan.

3. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 | Best Wireless Printer for Chromebook

If beauty and benefits- both are your priorities, then HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 is the one you have been seeking for. Its eye-catching exterior is not only pleasing to look at, but it also delivers refreshingly vivid printouts to satiate your needs.

Apart from its Cloud Printing Service for your Chromebook, you can also connectit to other devices with WIFI. Hence, you can print, scan, copy and fax from whichever device you may want to.

To let you flaunt your printworks with confidence, it prints with1200 x 1200 dpi in black. But if you go for colored documents, it can print with as high as 4800 x 1200 dpi.

This printer comes with HP Smart app. So, making alterations to your documents is as easy as ABCD now.

Moreover, its 1200 dpi scanner allows you to directly scan files to your cloud accounts. Searching them and editing them again is another option HP proudly offers you.

As if these were not enough, this resourceful printer comes with Smart Tasks. It can be synced to your QuickBooks, Google Drive to let you digitize your documents faster. So, say no to doing repetitive tasks time after time.

Moving on to its orderliness, its 250 sheets input tray and 60 sheets output tray make sure that you can print with maximum neatness. Moreover, its 35 sheets ADF is something you are going to be thankful for always.

With Amazon Dash Replenishment Service, it can measure your ink level. Thus, you can save up to 50% ink with HP Instant Tank. Or, upon placing reorders, you can save up to 10%.

Speed is another specialty of this beauty. It can print up to 32 ppm in color or grayscale. It supports bordered as well as borderless printing.

Finally, why should shady people have access to your hard works? To protect your sensitive data from intruders, this printer can be secured with encryption and password.

Highlighted Features

  • Can print, copy, scan and fax.
  • Prints up to 32 pages per minute.
  • Its monthly duty cycle is maximum 25000 pages.
  • Capable of auto duplexing.
  • Minimizes the need to indulge in repetitive works.

4. Canon PIXMA TS6320 | Best Printer for Google Chromebook

Canon PIXMA TS6320 is another remarkable printer on our list that will complement your Chromebook with its diverse features.

This 1.44” LED display printer can be connected with your Chromebook without any trouble. Other than that, it is AirPrint, Morpia, PictBridgeenabled. It can also print directly from social media.

Its LED status bar simply takes your commands and shows you printing status.

Do you want to check if the colors are evenly saturated while the prints are being processed or any other information? You can see them across the room while you are folding your clothes or getting anything else done.

This 5 individual tank system printer ensures the glossiest outcomes for your photos and documents. Furnished with a 4800 x 1200 dpi printer, intricacy is something it thrives on.

But do you know what makes it photographers’ favorite? It’s Easy-PhotoPrint Editor which lets them retouch the photos before printing.

It can effectively print over envelopes, glossy photo paper, greeting cards, iron-on transfers, plain paper, semi-gloss paper, matte photo paper, luster paper and what not!However, it does not allow media bigger than 8.5” x 11″ in size.

Apart from that, if you run out of a color tank, you need to buy that particular color only, not an entire set.

Moving on, it is blessed with Canon’s Chroma Life 100 ink. So,unless you place the pictures in an excessively shabby place, they may even outlast you. In an album, they can last for a century. But if you decide to frame it behind glass, it will remain as good as new for up to 30 years.

Its auto expandable output tray is a unique feature of this printer. Don’t understand what it is? Well, when the printer is off, if you press ‘Print’, it will be turned on. Afterwards, the output tray gets automatically set to collect your prints.

If you want to cut down ink wastage, just activate Amazon Ink Replenishment Service. It will also show you the ink level, that too without any charge!

Now if you are thinking, we have stalled the information about its speed because of it being slow, you are wrong. This magnificent printer can print 10 color ppm or 15 black ppm.

Highlighted Features

  • Can print, copy, scan.
  • Has an auto expandable output tray.
  • Has an Easy-Photo Print Editor.
  • Delivers long-lasting printouts.

5. HP LaserJet Pro M15w | Best Printer for Acer Chromebook

Last but certainly not the least, HP LaserJet Pro M15w is a compact printer capacitated to present you with lustrous monochrome documents or photos.

With its Google Cloud Printer Service, you can easily set it with your Chromebook. If you own other devices, its Wi-Fi connectivity is something you can always count on.

To print your monochrome files with paramount resolution, it is adorned with 600×600 dpi. Moreover, you do not have to be too choosy about media types as it can handle A4, or A5 paper, or ten DL, or C4 envelopes with ease.

By manually flipping over pages, you can print on the both sides of papers. So, do you want to contribute in saving paper and nature or not?

To help you work tidily, it comes with 150 sheets input and 100 sheets output trays. It can deliver 19 ppm.

It is enabled with Smart Tasks. One of its mention worthy feature is that it allows your smartphone or tablet camera to act as a scanner.

This smart LaserJet printer can sense when it is not being used. So, to save you from soared up electricity bill shock, it can switch itself off.

This is one of the most affordable printers available in the market today. Moreover, its maintenance cost is pretty low. By activating Amazon Dash Replenishment, you can reduce toner wastage.

Its monthly duty cycle is 1000 pages. So, rest assured that your wallet is going to like it.

Highlighted feature

  • This is one of the most budget friendly printers.
  • With its assistance, your smartphone camera can be used as a scanner.
  • It delivers meticulous text documents and photographs.
  • When running low on toner, it can reorder without any subscription fee.
  • Monthly duty cycle is 1000 pages.

Printer for Chromebook Buying Guide


If you are a proud owner of Chromebook, buying a printer with only USB port or Wi-Fi facility is not enough for you. You must buy a ‘cloud ready’ printer. That being said, to connect the printer with your device, it must have Google Cloud Print service.

There are certain printers which are not cloud ready. But after downloading certain app, you can connect it to your Chromebook.

However, a lot of users may have difficulty with it. So, if you cannot deal with anything less than the best printer for Chromebook, get your hands on a cloud ready printer.


The aim of a printer should be delivering high quality photos or documents. Now it does not matter, what other unique qualities a printer has. If it cannot provide you with paramount printings, it has failed itself.

But how do you know a printer can generate crisp output?

Printer For Chromebook

Well, you see the ‘dpi’ on the specification section of a printer?

Its full form is ‘dots per inch’ and it measures how meticulously the machine can replicate the pixels of the original source.

A printer should come with at least 300 dpi. But the higher it is, the more flawlessly it can print.

If your printer comes with a scanner as well, its scanning resolution should be 600 dpi. However, ideally it should not go above 1200 dpi.


‘Slow and steady wins the race’ sounds cool only in stories. In real life, unless you are extremely lucky, low speed can cost you a lot. Especially, when it comes to technology.

Printing speed is expressed with ‘ppm’ which stands for pages per minute. Depending on the type of your file, printing speed may vary.

But an ideal printer should be able to print 10 pages per minute.

Running cost

A printer may seem pretty low cost upon purchase. But it comes with after costs. From time to time, you will have to pay for ink or toner refills, papers etc.

So, go for a printer that can eradicate unnecessary ink usage. Modern technology bestowed us with printers that make sure not a single droplet of ink is wasted.

So, go for such printers.

Moreover, take into consideration the price of each ink replacement. If the amount seems reasonable to you, then go ahead to buy the printer.

Final Word

The best printer for Chromebook would be cloud ready. However, just because a printer is cloud ready, does not mean it can get away by offering inadequate printing resolution or low speed.

With an aim to introduce you to the finest Chromebook printer, this article has been written. Which one of these captivated your mind?

Whichever it is, it must be a smashing choice. So, hurry up or you will have to wait for it to be restocked.

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