Best Printer For Watercolor Paper

Best Printer For Watercolor Paper 2022

Art has gone beyond sculpture and painting. Thus, every digital artist will print their artworks from time to time. This applies to digital painters, graphic designers, and those who hand create art.

One of the finest materials to use is watercolor paper. Why watercolor paper and not any other printing paper? It is a special art paper that comes in different textures and finishes. Moreover, they are acid-free and won’t discolor or turn yellow when archived.

But not all printers have special features to produce high-quality prints on this specialized type of paper. So, which is the best printer for watercolor paper?

Top Pick

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

Epson XP-15000

  • Speed : 9 ppm
  • Connectivity: Wireless and Wired
  • Two – Sided Printing : Yes
  • Max Page Size : 13 x 19 inche

Top Printers For Watercolor Papers Comparison Chart

Epson Expression XP-15000
  • Speed : 20ppm
  • max media Size : 13 x 19 inches
  • Functions : Copy, scan, print, fax
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Epson Workforce WF-7210
  • Speed : 18 ppm
  • max media Size : 11×17 inches
  • Functions : Copy, scan, print, fax
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HP Designjet T100
  • Speed : 70 secs for A4 media
  • max media Size : 24 inches width
  • Functions : Print
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HP OfficeJet Pro 8025
  • Speed : 20 ppm
  • max media Size : 8.5×14 inches
  • Functions : Copy, scan, print, fax
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HP Designjet T120
  • Speed : 37 secs for A4
  • max media Size : 24 inches width
  • Functions : Print
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HP Designjet T130
  • Speed : 35 secs for A4
  • max media Size : 24 inches
  • Functions : Print
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HP OfficeJet Pro 8035
  • Speed : 20 ppm
  • max media Size : 8.5×8.5 inches
  • Functions : Copy, scan, print, fax
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Canon PIXMA TR8520
  • Speed : N/A
  • max media Size : 8.5×14 inches
  • Functions : Copy, scan, print, fax
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Epson SureColor
  • Speed : N/A
  • max media Size : 11×17 inches
  • Functions : Print
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HP Designjet T530
  • Speed : 0.5 ppm
  • max media Size : 24×150 inches
  • Functions : Print
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Best Printer For Watercolor Paper Reviews

1. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

The Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wireless Color Wide-Format Printer is a good machine that allows budget spenders to own a professional-grade printer. It is a good choice for artists and photographers who intend to print lots of artwork and photos.

It produces borderless prints of up to 13 X 19 inches. The prints are sharp and brilliant, thanks to the individual 6-color Claria that Epson incorporates into the device. Moreover, it provides the ultimate wired and wireless connectivity.

The Expression HD XP-15000 is an ideal tool for professional projects. Firstly, it features a wide color gamut. Again, it is a perfect product for professionals who deal with specialty papers such as card stock and watercolor papers. You will also like the incredible print speed that the device offers.

specialized type of paper. So, which is the best printer for watercolor paper?

2. Epson Workforce WF-7210

Epson promises performance beyond laser in the Workforce WF-7210 Wireless Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer. True to the company’s word, it delivers and surpasses its promise. The machine guarantees high-quality color graphics and vivid texts that stay clear for a long time.

Printing, like every other business, is about output against the input. When we looked at that, we noticed that the Workforce WF-7210 is very economical. It is, therefore, an ideal piece of equipment for small businesses that use specialty paper to produce photos and artwork.

It features impeccable convenience and versatility when it comes to paper handling. Imagine a combination of a 500-sheet tray and a 125-sheet output tray. Moreover, it comes with a rear-tray for specialty paper and envelopes. Such specifications mean that you don’t have to attend to the printer with every sheet.

3. HP Designjet T100 24-In Printer

If you are looking for a single product that helps you save time, space, and money, then the HP Designjet T100 24-In Printer deserves another look. It is a wide-format printer that is perfectly compact, lightweight, and portable. This printing machine will perfectly fit in that remaining space on your desk.

Don’t be deceived by the compact structure of the T-100. It conveniently prints large media with widths of up to 24 inches. Moreover, it features incredible speed without sacrificing the quality of your artwork. The truth is that being able to print an A1 document in less than 70 seconds is no mean feat.

Well, this is a product that features immense connectivity options. Firstly, it is WiFi-enabled hence a good medium for speeding up printing processes. The HP Smart App further ensures that you can print from a range of mobile devices including a smartphone.

4. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025

You will probably ask yourself why HP devices dominate our review. Well, it’s no doubt that HP is arguably the most famous company in the production of computer accessories. They don’t disappoint with the HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 All-in-One Wireless Printer.

The WiFi connection ability that the manufacturer deploys in this device is no doubt one of the best that you will find in a printer. It is a self-healing WiFi that ensures you stay reliably connected for consistent printing. It automatically detects issues and performs automatic reconnection.

Another unique characteristic of the device is the endless list of inbuilt advanced security features. It can protect sensitive data and security essentials which include WiFi passwords, document encryptions, and other basic passwords.

5. HP DESIGNJET T120 24-in

Do you want to take full control of your print jobs and deliver the best prints for your clients on watercolor paper? The HP DESIGNJET T120 24-in 2018 ED. is arguably the easiest to use Designjet printer. It helps you save time in setup and operation processes.

Its paper handling ability makes it a great product for home offices, small offices, and small businesses. You see, this device handles media widths of up to 24 inches yet perfectly compact and portable.

This is a plotter printer that features a sleek presentable design that will blend well with other gadgets in your office or home. Moreover, you can own it at a moderate price.

6. HP Designjet T130

The HP Designjet T130 is another brilliant creation from HP. This printer comes with the usual HP features, and the size makes it one of the handiest printers on the market. However, do not be deceived by the compact size; this device prints exceptionally fast at 35 sec/page on A1.

The super quality of prints adds value to your work. Do not worry about color; they are perfect for small and large fonts with even the tiniest of details captured and emphasized. With the HP bright office ink, you will join the league of happy reviewers who can bring their ideas to life on plain paper with sharp lines and bold images.

Being one of the fastest printers out there, it doesn’t compromise the security of your docs. It comes with dynamic security to ensure your docs remain private and safe. In addition, the printer can only function with a cartridge having an original HP chip. As such, your print won’t easily fall into the hands of criminal-minded people.

Like many HP printers, the HP Designjet T130 comes with WiFi, saving you time and stress hooking up with cables. You can start printing by linking up with your smartphone from any corner of your home or office.

7. HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

Hp is one of the top printing brands in the world. With no iota of doubt, this device will not disappoint you in terms of performance, longevity, and quality of prints.

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 comes with WiFi direct connectivity. As a result, it is possible to send your designs from any corner of the home or office to the machine. In addition, the WiFi is self-healing. It means the device will auto-undergo 3 stages of reconnection should there be a poor signal to conclude the printing process.

We love how simple it is to control the printer via the HP Smart printing app. It is even more superb, considering you can easily connect your smartphone or phone to the app. You can arrange documents and customize prints using your phone.

The HP Pro 8035 comes with a user-friendly LCD screen that accesses the printer’s control panel. Finally, this machine can print on a wide variety of watercolor papers and comes with a security feature to protect your data.

8. Canon PIXMA TR8520

This is another all-in-one printer perfect for faxing, copying, scanning, and printing. It comes with a large, 4.3 inches LCD touchscreen that is intuitive, easy to navigate and perform printing operations.

With the Canon PIXMA TR8520, expect a high-quality printout with a native resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. In addition, it comes with five individual ink cartridges that allow superb color printing. If you run out of printing color, simply order the low ink instead of buying the whole lot.

This machine supports various watercolor papers, including legal size, A4, letter, and square size. If you desire to output a borderless printout of any design, this machine is capable of that and much more.

Do you plan to use this machine for business? Perfect! Aside from churning out high-quality art prints, this printer can also print business cards to share with potential customers.

The Canon PIXMA TR8520 supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. It can print from any device that supports Google Cloud Print, Canon Print app, Mopria Print app, and AirPrint.

9. Epson SureColor

The Epson SureColor is excellent for users who want to do large-scale printing using watercolor paper. It can print up to a width of 36” with 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution.

With wireless connectivity, this printer will give your productivity a boost. And comes with plenty of connectivity options that include WiFi Direct, Wired Ethernet, Wireless LAN, and SuperSpeed USB. With WiFi Direct, you can hook up your smartphones seamlessly to this printer.

In addition, you can access the printer’s control panel via the LCD screen to modify print settings. It also features a PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead that ensures excellent print quality at all times.

It may also interest you that the Epson SureColor comes with an intelligent nozzle technology that auto-detects nozzle condition, adjusting it if clogged. And uses UltraChrome XD2 archival pigment ink that generates durable, vibrant prints. With an average speed of 31secs/ A1/D-size paper, this machine prints faster than most wide-format printers in its category.

10. HP Designjet T530

We are ending the review of the best printer for watercolor paper with the HP Designjet T530. It is a high-speed printer that can fit tight spaces because of its compact build and stand.

Do you want to print posters or technical drawings needing to magnify small details with precise lines and crisp text, this printer is perfect for you. In addition, it comes with wireless connectivity, allowing for seamless printing.

We love the HP smart app because it allows users to connect and print designs from anywhere and at a meager cost. In addition, this printer is super-fast without compromising quality. However, the printer does not support both wireless and cable connectivity simultaneously.

Worried about colors? Don’t be! This printer prints both small and large fonts excellently. And with the HP bright office ink, your art will be churned out with sharp lines and bold images that will instantly beautify any space.


Printer For Watercolor Paper Buying Guide

Like most specialty papers, the print quality that you get on watercolor will depend on the characteristics of the printing machine that you purchase. The following tips are essential when shopping for the best printer for watercolor papers

  1. Versatility

Another aspect that you need to look into is whether your business will do with a single-purpose or a multipurpose printer. Of course, single-purpose units perform one function- printing documents.

It is interesting to note that multifunction options can perform a range of tasks in addition to printing. They can scan, copy, fax, email, and convert documents into desirable formats. However, that’s not standard for all multifunction printing devices. Every model comes with a combination of features.

Printer For Watercolor Paper

The significant benefits that multifunction printers bring into watercolor printing include the fact that they save space and also help to streamline the management of artwork as you can handle all tasks from one place. However, the extra features may come at a price.

  1. Print Resolution

The print resolution of a printing machine determines the quality that you get from watercolor papers. As you probably know, watercolor printing requires high print resolution to provide fantastic artwork printouts.

So, look for a printing device with a print resolution that is as high as possible. Choose a machine with a minimum print resolution of 600 dpi. However, the maximum resolution available on the market is 4800 dots per inch.

  1. Paper Handling

Yes, watercolor printing machines are no doubt art printers. Therefore, can your printer of choice handle a versatile range of art papers?

It is less likely that your business will only focus on a single type of paper- watercolor sheets. You need a device with multipurpose trays to print of a variety of specialty papers.

There comes a time when you will probably need to print on business cards, postcards, envelopes, glossy photo paper, stickers, matte papers, luster papers, and canvas, among other art papers.

Paper sizing is also a perfect consideration to look for when it comes to paper handling. Ensure that the machine that you end up with can handle various media sizes, particularly those that you hope to use often.

  1. Connectivity

While wired connectivity matters immensely to most crafters, it comes with a few limitations. Currently, most of us store files on the cloud. You probably do, too. That implies that connectivity becomes a significant consideration to make when shopping for an ideal printing tool for watercolor paper.

This becomes even more significant if you store your files on mobile devices or on the cloud. The reason why we stress this is because not all printers come with wireless connectivity options. So, keep a keen eye for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Cloud printing applications as these will bring up more convenience.

Final Word

The sheer flexibility of the above-mentioned printers is the sole reason why these machines tick on watercolor printers. Artists that work with different types of media will, therefore, find them irresistible. And, watercolor papers give you a perfect medium to produce durable prints.

Irrespective of what you intend to do with the printouts, every artist wants a detailed and accurate color reproduction. Only the best printer for watercolor prints will deliver the desired quality.