Best Printers For Canvas

Best Printers For Canvas 2022

Taking photos and storing them has become much easier today than it has ever been. But some amongst the hundreds that we store deserve to be specially treated. They deserve to be printed out and cherished.

On the other hand if your profession requires you to print frequently, you should consider investing in a printer. Running to and fro print shops can really spike up your expenses in the long run, not to mention will take up a lot of time.

For such cases and more, a having a printer at your disposal can be a great advantage. With hundreds of designs and models for canvas printers out there, choosing the right one can be complex. Which is why we have broken it down for you and assembled a list of the Best Printers for Canvas.

Top Pick

HP DesignJet T130 24-in Large Format Printer

HP DesignJet T130 24-in

  • Speed : 35 sec/page on A1
  • Media handling: sheet feed, roll feed, input tray, automatic horizontal cutter
  • Max Page Size : 24 in x 150 ft

Comparison Table For Top 5 Printers for Canvas


HP DesignJet T100
  • Large Format printer
  • Compact Wireless Plotter Printer
  • Features mobile printing
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HP DesignJet T130
  • Set up is easy
  • Affordable
  • Sleek ergonomic design
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Epson SureColor T3170
  • Next generation PrecisionCoreMicroTFPPrinthead
  • Wireless connectivity
  • High speed printing
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Epson SureColor T5170
  • Ultra small footprint
  • Print resolution of 2400 DPI
  • High capacity cartridges
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HP Designjet T120
  • Affordable
  • Print resolution of 1200 DPI
  • Compact and small in size
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Best Printers for Canvas Reviews

1. HP DesignJet T100 | Best Large Format Printer For Canvas Printing

Ideal for professions like engineers, architects and construction professionals, thisHP DesignJet T100 is a large format compact wireless printer plotter. The device is compact and made easy to use so professionals can work with it through the comfort of their own homes.

The printer supports media sizes of 8.3 to 24-in wide sheets and 11 to 24-in rolls. Media handling wise, this can handle sheet feed and roll feed, and comes with an input tray and automatic cutter.

Even though this is a large format plotter, the size is small and compact. It will easily fit into home offices or corners of the house without the noticeable bulk.

Connectivity is a selling point in today’s world, and this printer comes with fast Ethernet of 100Base-T, Hi-Speed USB 2.0 as well as Wi-Fi. The mobile printing feature allows you to directly print using mobile apps on Chrome OS and Android.

If you are using iOS, the HP Smart app will work for you. This app will also allow you to print project sets and PDF documents. Besides these, other software that come with this printer include the HP App. Using this you will be able to create canvas print using the free premium photos, patterns and graphics that come with.

Highlighted Features

  • It is easy to use
  • On the affordable end
  • High print speed of 70 second per page on A1/D
  • Additional software included in package

2. HP DesignJet T130 | Best Printer For Canvas Prints

When it comes to printers, HP is a name that pops up a lot in our minds. Likewise, this is another steal from HP when talking about canvas printing. The HP DesignJet T130 is a large format printer that comes in a sleek and ergonomic design, complementing your workspace.

This also happens to be one of HP’s most affordable plotters, so if you are on the market for an affordable device, this should be on your radar. Besides being easy on the wallet, it is easy on the space, as it also happens to be one of the smallest plotters you will find.

PDF printing is made easy with HP click, while the HP smart app allows you to print directly from your phone. Printing at speeds of 70 A1 prints an hour, this is a great entry level plotter for beginners.

It works well with large drawings and plans. For an architecture or engineering student this is one of the finest options out there. You get the efficiency you want, but at a price reasonable enough.

The printer is dye based (C, M, Y) and pigment-based (K). As for media handling, you have the sheet feed and the roll feed, as well as an input tray and automatic horizontal cutter

Highlighted Features

  • High speed of 35 second per page on A1
  • Printer is very well made
  • Set up is easy
  • Provides great quality printing

3. Epson SureColor T3170 | Best Printer For Printing On Canvas

The Epson SureColor T3170 is a wireless desktop printer with breakthrough print speeds. Producing accurate results of A1/D sized prints in only 34 seconds, it is one of the most efficient printers you can find.

Designwise, you will find it has a clean and compact design with ultra-small footprint. The minimal outlook fits into numerous spaces and helps to enhance your workspace. You can easily fit this beside or on a desktop as well.

This printer allows you to virtually print from anywhere you wish, using your smartphone or tablet- a perfect feature for busybodies. It is easy to operate and the large LCD touchscreen that comes with it simplifies work further.

Next generation PrecisionCoreMicroTFPPrinthead comes with Precision Droplet Control and commercial-grade reliability. This allows for outstanding image quality through precise lines and crisp text. It also utilizes the durable Epson UltraChrome XD2 archival pigment ink technology for a 2400 DPI print resolution.

Providing outstanding productivity, this printer is simple to use and has high capacity ink cartridges for black (up to 80ml) and color (up to 50ml).

The printer is designed to work best and provide optimal results when used simultaneously with Epson brand cartridges. Using other brands might change the outcomes described, and can alter results.

Highlighted Features

  • High capacity cartridge requires less replacement
  • Wi-Fi direct printing available
  • Fast, precise and reliable printing
  • Easy and simple to assemble.

4. Epson SureColor T5170 | Best Canvas Printer Machine

The Epson SureColor T5170 is another gem from Epson that is a must check out when buying printers. This printer packs incredible speeds to give you precise A1/D sized prints in as little as 31 seconds. Coming with a large LCD color touchscreen, it helps to simply crucial tasks, because let’s face it, we are all accustomed to using a touch screen today.

With ultra-small footprint (4) and a clean minimal design, this will enhance your workspace look in no time. It also fits on a desktop very easily, and with the support of a stand, any other place you want to. Wireless technology allows you to print from anywhere you wish. Be it from your smartphone or tablet, you can directly command a print from your handheld device at any time.

High capacity cartridges mean you do not have to replace the ink as often. Cartridges go up to 50ml for color, and 80ml for black. This printer is ideal for professionals as it does blueprints and graphics very precisely up to 36 inches.

The PrecisionCoreMicroTFPprinthead with Precision Droplet Control ensures you get the finest commercial-grade reliability. Outstanding images, crisp lines, vibrant photos and the sharpest texts are the result if its durable Epson UltraChrome XD2 archival pigment ink technology.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use and operate
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Features ultra-fast print speeds
  • High print resolution of 2400 DPI

5. 2PX9507 – HP Designjet T120 | Best Canvas Printer

Claiming to give you “more for your money”, this HP Designjet T120 lives up to what it says. It is compact in size, making it versatile and easy to place. The printer prints letters A4 to D/A1 using the B+ A3 tray and 24 inch (610mm) roll. Built in Wi-Fi means you can place it basically anywhere and work it with it through wireless connectivity.

With this printer for HP you can print with confidence as it comes with high productivity and outstanding print quality. Deemed the smallest in its class, the HP Inks and Printheads have a long life, making it worth every penny. Great for people who like to get their plotting jobs done at home. Place it anywhere you like, because the small size allows you to.  This not only saves time, but money too over the long run.

Intuitive touchscreen makes work easier for tech savvy people. It makes the navigation and printing much easier than traditional methods would allow us. True print preview feature means you get to complete your work accurately and quickly. Front loading makes media handling a piece of cake. Connect the printer to your tablet or smartphone, and directly print your documents without the hassle of physically connecting them.

Highlighted Features

  • Print resolution is 1200 DPI
  • Print speed is 70 second per page for A1/D
  • Storage is 256 MB RAM
  • Comes with Built-in Wi-Fi

Printers For Canvas Buying Guide

Dots per Inch

DPI is a very important feature when buying a best canvas printer. You always want a high DPI level for the finest result and highest resolution. It will also ensure that you receive the sharpest prints. Without a high DPI your prints will eventually come out blurry and distorted-not something you want from printer you’re investing in, is it?

Print Size

When printing on canvas, the usual prints tend to be on large formats. If you end up purchasing a printer that does not support the large format you want, it ends up being a waste of money. Look out for large formats as with it you can accommodate various sizes, but one with a limited format won’t allow you to do that.

The Ink Set

This really depends on personal and work preferences. If you are a photographer who wants to bring out every color detail of the photo, opt for 9-color inks. It will ensure there is a higher color range in the print.

Printers For Canvas

However, if you want to print out blueprints or architectural designs that do not require a lot of color, a 6 color ink would suffice. Go for the one that suits your needs as otherwise it will be a waste of your money.

Wireless Connection

Not a necessary specification per se, but definitely one that can change your final decision. If you know you will be working in one single spot, wireless connectivity might not be a big factor. But if you tend to move around, or your work makes you, definitely look into models with this feature. It will be much more convenient for use. 


Traditional printers came in mostly large sizes. Today we have ones that do the same job, sometimes packs more features, but all in a smaller size. The small size makes it easy to place in different locations, it is lighter and easy to love, and doesn’t take up too much space.

However, it also limits you to the size of prints you can get. So try to base your final purchase decision on the print size requirement.


Speed depends on the processing power of the printer. Some can be devilishly slow, others super-fast, and some in the middle range. While we all prefer super-fast, it can get pricey, and hence we settle for the mid-range ones.

However, do keep in mind that slow ones are not worth purchasing, even at a cheaper price, as they will continue to lag. Whatever you invest might end up as a waste.

Final Word

When on the market for the best canvas printer, your final decision can be influenced by a lot of factors. It is imperative you do the proper research before jumping in to buy one.

From considering the frequency of prints, to the price range to availability, and where and how you will be using it, many models available in the market will appeal to you.

Since you cannot buy them all, take a moment to condense your wants and needs. Maybe our little list will act as a guide and can help you get your dream canvas printer in no time.

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