Best Printers For Mac

Best Printers For Mac 2020

There is no doubt that Apple is the epitome of the most accomplished electronic devices ranging from revolutionary desktop computers and music players to awe-inspiring watches and smartphones. In fact, Apple had its own line of printers at one point, which did not take off successfully.

Now that third-party printers are the only alternatives to this dilemma, a lot of manufacturers have built newer models keeping Mac computers into consideration. However, the hunt for the best printers for Mac can be a daunting experience if you are too fond of your Apple products (which you should be).

We understand how important it is to keep your computer devices as healthy as possible while you get the most service out of them, especially if you are a businessman, art director, account manager, etc. Keep your eyes glued to this article to find your perfect match.

Comparison Chart For printer for mac



HP OfficeJet Pro 8025

  • Speed: 20 ppm (Black); 10 ppm (Color)
  • Auto dual printing: Yes
  • Functions: Scan, copy, print, fax

Brother Compact HL-L2350DW

  • Speed: 32 ppm (Black)
  • Auto dual printing: Yes
  • Functions: Print only

HP ENVY 5055

  • Speed: 10 ppm (Black); 7 ppm (Color)
  • Auto dual printing: Yes
  • Functions: Print, copy, scan

HP Color LaserJet PRO

  • Speed: 28 ppm (Black); 28 ppm (Color)
  • Auto dual printing: Yes
  • Functions: Scan, copy, print, fax

Canon PIXMA TS6320

  • Speed: 15 ipm (Black) 10 ipm (Color)
  • Auto dual printing: Yes
  • Functions: Print, copy, scan

Brother Compact HL-L2390DW

  • Speed: 32 ppm (Black)
  • Auto dual printing: Yes
  • Functions: Print only

Epson EcoTank ET-2720

  • Speed:5 ppm (Black) 5 ipm (Color)
  • Auto dual printing: No
  • Functions: Print, copy, scan

HP LaserJet PRO M15W

  • Speed: 19 ppm (Black)
  • Auto dual printing: No
  • Functions: Print only 

Canon PIXMA TR8520

  • Speed: 3 seconds (Black); 60 seconds (Color)
  • Auto dual printing: Yes
  • Functions: Scan, copy, print, fax

Brother HL-L2300D

  • Speed: 27 ppm (Black)
  • Auto dual printing: Yes
  • Functions: Print only

Best Printers For Mac Reviews

1.HP OfficeJet PRO 8025

Some businesses require an all-around printing device for various tasks like scanning copies of receipts, faxing product order lists to a vendor, printing out spreadsheets of inventory, etc. It is time you make an investment in a printer and HP OfficeJet PRO 8025 is bound to be your savior in distress

It has a petite build which makes the entire unit almost 14% smaller than standard printers. It takes up little space in your work area and is portable as well. Perhaps you’d like to find a quiet spot in your workplace to quickly finish all the reports while enjoying a warm cup of Joe.

It has a 35-sheet automatic document feeder which means duplex scanning is going to be a breeze. The act of manually flipping over each sheet of paper to do the scanning can be an extremely slow process. To boost productivity and promote hands-free operation, the ADF automatically sucks the paper back in for dual-sided printing.

A mobile app lets you conveniently scan from email and social clouds easily and organize them neatly in folders. For repetitive tasks, you can pre-set the Smart Tasks shortcut. The printer has basic anti-hacking security measures that will help you protect sensitive data on the go.

Highlighted Features

  1. This printer is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  2. The Self-Healing feature detects and solves connectivity issues.
  3. It is made of recycled plastics and electronics up to 15%.
  4. There are multiple ink replenishment services suited for your need.

2.Brother Compact HL-L2350DW

If you own a retail clothing store or own a cupcake business and delivery service, managing your store, tending to customers, and tallying your expenses can be a handful. Thus, you need the goodness of wireless printing within your reach and Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer HL-L2350DW is right for the job.

Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer HL-L2350DW is a work of peak technological feat. This compact device has duplex print speeds up to 32 pages per minute, meaning you only have to assign it a task only once. The ADF will do the rest for you over a wireless network.

It spits out about two times the prints at a slashed cost compared to other printers. You can organize and scan important documents or print directly from your mobile devices. It is about the size of a small microwave oven, so you can imagine its portability and space capacity capabilities

Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer HL-L2350DW is versatile in connectivity. You can either connect with an in-built WiFi connection or even connect it to a nearby laptop or phone via USB ports. This ensures that you always get to keep your work going regardless of whether you have a proper internet connection.

Highlighted Features

  1. It is perfect for small businesses that need monochrome prints.
  2. Hi-speed USB 2.0 portal lets you print even without the internet.
  3. It has a versatile range of mobile device connectivity for ease.
  4. They have an environmentally safe way of disposing of ink cartridges.

3.HP ENVY 5055

We have looked at color and monochrome printers so far. What about photo printers? We can sense all the photo and DIY enthusiasts light up in excitement and you have every right to! HP ENVY 5055 is “the one” if you love making art projects or photo albums.

Art projects and photo albums are just the tip of the iceberg, the possibilities are, in fact, endless. You can scan, copy, and print the finest quality of borderless pictures in just minutes. No more waiting in line to get your photos washed. The crisp and in-depth detailed pictures are what makes HP ENVY 5055 worth the buck.

Don’t worry about paper dimensions at all, this multifunctional printer is able to give great results on a range of papers including No. 10 envelopes! Of course, you have the HP Smart App to perform all operations remotely from the convenience of your mobile devices. 

If you want to make personalized pages for your journal or perhaps make a custom time table, needless to say, HP ENVY 5055 will step up to the task. Thanks to its dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can print your inspirations right from your smartphone should internet networks fail to support you.

Highlighted Features

  1. It has a 2.2-inch standard touchscreen for easy access to tasks.
  2. The pictures that come out are unfaltering in quality and resolution.
  3. Although it does not have an ADF, 2-sided printing can still be done.
  4. The operational buttons are uncomplicated and easy to comprehend.

4.HP Color LaserJet PRO

A business workplace is always jampacked. The constant scurrying of footsteps has become a natural sound in the air as people move from one place to another to perform tasks like copying, scanning, faxing, or printing. Well, HP has heard you loud and clear and has brought you the HP Color LaserJet PRO.

Scan invoices right away by lifting the flatbed scanner. Do you need about 50 copies printed out immediately? The 150-sheet output bin will keep catching your prints fresh from the “oven” and you don’t even have to empty it every now and then. The ADF holds up to 50 sheets ready for dual-sided printing. 

A color touchscreen of 4.3 inches is easy on the eyes and operations can be carried out without any fuss. The instructions are easy enough for even a toddler to get right. Perhaps the best feature is the fact that it truly considers the need for energy conservation. Thus, was born the HP Color LaserJet PRO.

The printer is a lock fort when it comes to security. It has integrated passwords, PINs, and instant threat notifications delivered to your phone should there be a breach of security. Printers can often be the entry point for system hacking due to lax security and HP takes these issues personally.

Highlighted Features

  1. It is a multifunctional printer that lets you copy, print, scan, and fax.
  2. The input bin can hold up to 300 sheets of paper for quick refills.
  3. It comes with 3 color ink cartridges and a preinstalled black ink cartridge.
  4. Security measures are strict to prevent third-party from hacking the system.

5.Canon PIXMA TS6320

Like the HP ENVY 5055, Canon PIXMA TS6320 goes head to head with HP contenders when it comes to printing high-quality photos. But that’s not all, this marvelous device can print, scan and copy over a wireless network. You could call this the “Jack of all trades”.

Canon PIXMA TS6320 has quickly become a household favorite among DIY aficionados. With this multifaceted device, you can print your square Instagram feed right away! It is compatible with a wide array of paper dimensions and photo papers to make them into stickers or photo albums.

The output tray is responsive even when the printer is switched off. Pressing “print” from your smart device will automatically push the tray out to hold your hot prints. The 5-ink cartridge system is the reason for the fantastic colors.  With its inclusion, Canon PIXMA TS6320 makes sure that you never run out of ink.

However, in case you do run out of a particular ink tube, you can replace it instead of changing the entire unit of cartridges. Most standard printers have that limitation which makes people make use of partial prints as a result of uneven ink resources. 

Highlighted Features

  1. The Canon PRINT App lets you edit, crop, and scan your photos.
  2. An LED strip mimics a status bar showing the printing progress.
  3. It has a built-in QR code scanner that pops up on the OLED display.
  4. It has a system of 5 different color cartridges that produce top-notch prints.

Printers For Mac Buying Guide

Usage Purpose

It is important to identify exactly what type of service you expect from your printer. Are you a student who needs to print reports all the time? Are you an arts and crafts enthusiast? Do you need an all-in-one printer to perform your daily business operations?

Once you have a clear objective, you will be able to make an educated decision and save money. Monochrome printers are perfect if you only dabble with black and white copies. Photo printers are ideal for home projects while a multifunctional printer is perfect for businesses or for working from home.


Ideally, you would want a petite and portable printer if you have very limited space. Let’s say you want a printer in your dorm room, or you want to be able to send out a photocopy of your grocery shop inventory list to an employee. These areas are not too spacious and you could benefit from physically carrying it to a different area.

However, if you plan on making a central printing hub, you are better off with the heavier and bulkier choices which are usually the ones that you will come across in stationery shops. 

Printing Speeds

Of course, everyone wants a lightning-fast printer because no one has the time to wait anymore. Different printers have different rates of ppm or pages per minute for monochrome and color printers. You can customize the printing speed if you wish but keep in mind that this could affect the quality of the output.

Laser printers have incredible speed if that is what you are looking for as a student or a bookkeeper but inkjet printers are equally fast. Inkjet printers have very good speeds as well and the quality of the prints is commendable as well. Experimenting with the speed options will help you find the best mac compatible printers.


Now that you know what makes for the best Mac printer, you can breathe easy knowing that you do not have to panic thinking about the documents you forgot to organize. These panic attacks in the middle of the night are bound to keep you sleepless until the break of dawn! 

It is advisable that you seek insight from someone who already uses a third-party printer for Mac. Needless to say, we have tested these out ourselves and we believe that you should not have any issues with compatibility whatsoever. 

Happy printing!

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