Best Printers Under $200

Best Printers Under $200

So you have launched a start-up right in the city’s business hub, your hopes and excitement skyrocketing.

Your office is nicely decorated with a photo of your son beaming at you from your desk! The tiny ninja-pack of employees will start arriving from tomorrowu2014everything is picture perfect, except one thing.

A printer!

You have been looking left-right and center for a printer that fits your budget. An economy printer, that occupies less space on a desk and gives quality and speedy prints.

Your friends have suggested printers that can fax and copy, and could also be wirelessly connected. That would be awesome and you want that. But aren’t all-in-one printers too expensive?

Not anymore. This article will help you find the best printers under $200.

Please note that, although the products were under or around 200$ when we were researching, the price may change by the time you’re reading this article. But still, all of the printers we featured here are budget options and value for the money.

Top Pick

Brother HL-L2350DW

  • Wireless connectivity to any deviceu2014laptop, desktop, android, tablet; has built-in WiFi
  • Replacement toner options are availableu2014TN730 for 1200 prints
  • Excellent customer service with 1-year warranty
  • Amazon Dash Replenishment feature detects toner running low and reorders at discounts

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Printers Under $200

Brother HL-L2350DW
  • HL L2350DW feature allows printing speed of 32PPM

  • Duplex printing
  • High connectivityu2014Wireless, high-speed USB, WiFi
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HP OfficeJet Pro 8025
  • HP Smart App allows remote printing
  • WiFi detects network anomalies and auto-reconnects
  • The body of the printer made of recycled plastic
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HP OfficeJet Pro 9015
  • Built-in securityu2014encryption, password protection
  • Amazon Dash Replenishment Service
  • Print speedu201418 PPM color, 22 PPM black
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HP ENVY 5055
  • HP Smart app facilitates direct printing from devices
  • Printer auto orders HP instant ink at a discount rate
  • Supports a wide range of paper sizes
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Epson EcoTank ET-2720
  • No cartridgesu2014eco-fit bottles of different colors
  • Supports wide range of OS
  • Voice activated printing
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Brother HLL2395DW
  • HL L2395DW allows printing speeds of 36 PPM
  • Direct printing from Cloud services
  • Amazon Dash Replenishment Service
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Canon PIXMA TS6320
  • 44u201d OLED and LED display and printing status bar
  • Five individual ink-tank system
  • The output tray can extend automatically
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HP LaserJet Pro M15w
  • World’s smallest laser printeru201435% smaller than its predecessor
  • Speedu201419 PPM
  • HP Smart App allows print and scan from devices
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Brother MFCL2750DW
  • Speedu201436 PPM
  • Auto 2-sided copying and scanning, auto doc feeder
  • NFC Technology allows print without network
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Canon PIXMA TR8520
  • 5 color individual tank system
  • Easy connectivity to devices and Cloud Services
  • 4.3u201d LCD touchscreen display
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Reviews For Best Printers Under $200

1. Brother Compact HL-L2350DW

Highlighted features

  • Wireless connectivity to any deviceu2014laptop, desktop, android, tablet; has built-in WiFi
  • Replacement toner options are availableu2014TN730 for 1200 prints
  • Excellent customer service with 1-year warranty
  • Amazon Dash Replenishment feature detects toner running low and reorders at discounts

In the 21st century, one of the rising trends among entrepreneurs is to work from home, since this culture is highly cost-efficient and hassle-free. Small businesses, be home-based or a traditional work setting, need to file their day-to-day paper-work for future references or as a backup.

These days one of the finest laser printers under $200 would definitely be Brother HL-L2350DW monochrome printer. It can generate A-quality prints at 32 PPM and even has wireless connectivity. Its feed slot being manual, prints can be taken on various sizes of papers for various purposes.

The printer has a 250-sheet paper tray and has duplex printing feature. Toner used in this laser printer could be set onto a Save Mode which will help in saving your money by producing more quality prints without any wastage. Brother provides their genuine TN760 high-yield toner which can produce up to 3000 prints.


  • Wireless connectivity helps do away with messy wiring.
  • Save Mode gives you more quality prints and less waste.
  • High compatibility across a wide range of devices and OS.


  • Manual feeding is more time-consuming.

2. HP OfficejetPro 8025

Highlighted features

  • Prints at a speed of 20 PPM and is 14% smaller than other printers
  • The Smart Task App makes work 50% more convenient and faster
  • HP Smart App allows access to devices from miles away
  • Strong WiFi connectivityu20143 stage reconnection process
  • The structure is constructed with recycled plastic therefore Eco-Friendly

It could be for decorating the room of your little honey-bun’s 1st birthday, or making lovely home-made cards to invite your friends over to the house-warming party–photos will liven up any one’s mood at any given time!

A printer fit for use at both homes and offices is the all-in-one wireless printer by HP. Its Smart Task App will present you an unbelievable ease in maintaining receipts and payments like you have never experienced before. Simply scan you receipts, save the files to Quickbook, and voila, your expenses have been taken care of!

It has a mobile print app as well, which will give you the luxury to take printsremotely. Remote access to your printer and scanner will allow you to take prints while standing in the lunch queue or waiting in a super-occupied lift.


  • It enables you to print your projects remotely.
  • Smart Task App helps make otherwise tedious tasks easy.
  • Easy to set up a network with multiple printers with the help of its app.


  • Printing process is slow relative to other printers.

3. HP OfficejetPro 9015

Highlighted features

  • Amazon Dash replenishment feature enables 10% saving with every reorder
  • Built-in security component allows encryption and password protection
  • Self-healing WiFi ensures detection of poor network and reconnection
  • HP Smart App allows remote connectivity to scanners and printers
  • Smart Task App, Quickbook and Google Drive make work faster

Training centers need to maintain hardcopies of admission forms, hairdressers need to file away client-specific paperwork, a cloth store need to keep track of hundreds of receipts per dayu2014including many other SME’s which need to rely on prints no matter how much they seek to build a paperless office!

Taking prints has never been so easy, it is as if the entire printing press is at your fingertip. HP Officejet Pro Printer is a genie which will print at a superb speed of 22 PPM monochromes and 18 PPM color prints. With a 2.65u201d touchscreen display, this printer provides Ethernet Connectivity of 802.11b/g/n.

Apart from providing auto duplex printing facility, the printer is equipped with high-yield HP cartridges which will ensure that you never run out of ink again before an important presentation. The printer is not only highly-functional, but will also tug at the environment-lover in you with its structure made of recyclable plastic and other electronics.


  • It prints faster with automatic double-sided printing.
  • Connect apps to process repetitive tasks when saving documents.
  • Strives to maintain a stable WiFi connection on its own.


  • It can’t scan legal-sized documents in one go.

4. HP ENVY 5055

Highlighted features

  • Wireless Connectivityu2014dual band WiFi support and Bluetooth Smart
  • Using HP Instant ink and reordering from Amazon Dash Replenishment will save you money (10% to 50% discount)
  • Versatile paper size supportu2014letter, legal, No.10 envelopes
  • Print speedu20147 PPM color, 10 PPM black

What could be a better gift for your best friend that a candid shot of him screaming his teeth out on the last roller coaster ride you took together? Or what about that moment when your spouse’s guilty face got caught while stealing ice-cream from the refrigerator at 2AM at night?

Take crystal-clear prints of these amazing photographs to have a good hearty laugh at the next hang-out with the HP Envy Printer! An exquisite feature of this printer is that you can connect to and print straight from your mobile device, which promises a hassle-free, time-efficient experience.

Make the clouds appear fluffier and mountains shine more blue with prints using the HP’s original ink cartridges. The printer even allows scanning and copying, no wonder it is called an all-in-one printer. Additionally, the HP Smart App it is equipped with allows you to scan directly with your camera or print straight from social media, or iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive.


  • BlueTooth and WiFi connectivity solves messy wiring.
  • Easy set up using the HP Smart App.
  • Permits remote connectivity that allows you to print wherever you are.


  • Print speed may not be suitable for high volume printing.

5. Epson EcoTank ET-2720

Highlighted features

  • The ink bottles are replaceable and highly recommended as opposed to ink of other brands
  • Ink replacement cost is quite cheapu2014you will save by 90%
  • OS supportu2014Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS
  • Ink bottles last for 4500 monochrome prints, 7500 color prints
  • Easy wireless connectivity to iPad, iPhone, Android, WiFi Direct

When your child’s science project could be made extra special with colorful pictures of reptiles, or that literature 3D-model project where you need printouts of the entire Harry Potter familyu2014you would need an excellent quality printer which will give you crystal clear borderless prints and quickly!

The product promises u201cJust fill and chillu201d and keeps its every word. The very unique feature of this printer is its Ecotank. What is that? The Ecotank is a super tank which fit Epson’s own eco-fit ink bottles available in the colors magenta, black, yellow and cyan, to gift you and your family a cartridge free experience.

Each set of Eco-fit ink bottles last as long as 80 cartridges, so just imagine how much money you would be saving, with minimal tension of ink running out when you need them the most. The printer can also be maneuvered with voice-activation mechanism and is compatible with a wide array of operating systems


  • Well-defined, vibrant colors – thanks to non-heat printing tech.
  • Compact printer fits smaller spaces.
  • It comes with an ink tank so you can forget about replacing cartridges for a very long time.


  • It doesn’t have BlueTooth connectivity.

6. Brother HLL2395DW

Highlighted features

  • Compatibility with Alexa
  • WiFi, ethernet, and USB connectivity
  • Cloud-based printing and scanning enabled
  • Auto Duplex
  • Supports printing on multiple media

This printer came with the promise of printing out as many as 36 pages per minute and we’re happy to report it does satisfy our need for speed! Wide compatibility with cloud-based apps help improve how and how fast you can deliver on repetitive and tedious tasks like scanning and saving or organizing your receipts.

We hope Brother will come out with a BlueTooth-enabled version soon but, at least for now, you may choose between connecting via WiFi or USB. Also, go smart home or smart office by enabling voice command using Alexa.


  • Touchscreen print and scan operation gives you better monitoring and permits multitasking.
  • You may choose to enable Amazon Dash so you’ll never run out of ink.
  • Cloud-based printing and scanning speeds up manual and admin work.
  • This unit is capable of handling legal-sized paper.
  • Online support for your questions and troubleshooting needs is available.


  • BlueTooth compatibility is not available although WiFi and USB are always an option.
  • There’s no option to connect mobile directly to the printer even without a network.

7. Canon PIXMA TS6320

Highlighted features

  • Compatible with Alexa
  • 44” OLD display
  • BlueTooth and WiFi connectivity

Canon aces photo printing — there’s no question about that. The printout quality is superb. What we liked best about this printer is how well it executes while keeping your printing project within budget.

It comes with 5 ink tanks, separating the black ink from all others for crisper, sharper black prints. We also see this to be advantageous when you have large volumes of photos to print on a regular basis. Not only do the ink tanks give you more prints,  this set up also allows you to replace the ink on need basis so you won’t have to buy full cartridges when you run out of just 1 color.


  • Automatically replace inks before they run out and save 10% with Dash replenishment.
  • The printer turns on and automatically extends the tray when prompted via your mobile device.
  • No need to stand when queuing your print jobs since tray automatically extends to catch your work.
  • BlueTooth and WiFi connectivity simplifies printing across devices.
  • Crisp and true to color printouts are a norm with this printer.


  • It may not be the ideal choice if you do repetitive scanning and saving tasks.
  • There’s no feature that can connect directly to cloud-based apps.

8. HP LaserJet Pro M15w

Highlighted features

  • Prints 19 pages per minute
  • 35% smaller than previous model
  • Automatic switch on/off capability
  • Monochrome prints

Small space? No problem. This HP printer is so compact it should be able to suit the smallest of spaces.

With WiFi connectivity, completing your printing tasks is as simple as A-B-C. You won’t even have to manually manage the on and off switch. This printer automatically turns on when you have print jobs in queue. And, it stays off when not in use.

Whether you’re working from a stand-alone desktop, a local network, or Cloud, this unit gets the job done for you. If you’re looking to step up your performance or want a printer that works just as efficiently as you do, then this is the printer suited for you.


  • It’s unbelievably compact and fits most space.
  • All purchases come with a limited 1-year warranty.
  • You may register this unit with Google Cloud Print and virtually print from anywhere.
  • Easy to set up using an app.
  • Prints black only which helps you save on ink if you don’t need full color.


  • Slower printing volume per minute but if you’re not expecting to print a lot, it’s good.
  • It may not be the best choice for business or commercial printing.

9. Brother MFCL2750DW

Highlighted features

  • Up to 36 pages printed per minute
  • Single pass, double-sided copying and scanning
  • Monochrome prints
  • 7-inch touchscreen
  • Cloud-based print and scan

We’re a big fan of tech that helps save money and the planet. The feature that helped make this product stand out for us is its capability to print double-sided in just a single pass. Already, you can easily point out how it saves on paper and energy.

At 36 pages per minute running Black print jobs, it’s easy to see how it could be a great choice if you’re mostly printing out texts or spreadsheets and have occasional need for colorful printouts.


  • Desktop setup, regardless of OS, is quite easy.
  • Printing and scanning is fast enough for personal or family use.
  • Monochrome printing lets you save more on ink if you need B&W prints most days.
  • Directly save scanned documents to Cloud or print documents from Cloud.
  • Print quality reaches a maximum dpi of 600 x 600.


  • The touchscreen settings do not automatically adjust the desktop settings and vice-versa.

10. Canon PIXMA TR8520

Highlighted features

  • AirPrint-enabled
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Scan, print & fax
  • 5 individual ink system
  • Cloud-based print and scan

All your printing, sanning, and faxing needs all in a compact equipment that works just as hard and as fast as you do. Its 5 individual ink system lets you save on ink costs too.

Connect to your frequently used Cloud-based apps to save scanned documents or even to organize receipts. With this Canon printer, you can significantly increase your performance and efficiency by connecting directly with Cloud-based apps. Now, you can forget about having to transfer files to your desktop before you can store it in your network.


  • Its 5 individual ink system helps you save money on ink.
  • Replace only individual inks if and when necessary.
  • Complete workstation – lets you save and print straight from Cloud.
  • Wide compatibility with various desktops and mobile devices with various OS.
  • It has a memory card slot for transferring files across your devices which is handy when WiFi is down.


  • It isn’t possible to switch the printer on/off remotely from your mobile device.
  • Delivers all the basic functions with pluses but it still isn’t made for heavy use.

Buying GuideFor Printers Under $200

Looking for the finest printer when you are on a budget could be quite tricky. Buyers who have the experience would know that cheaper printers are notorious for this one thingu2014cheaper cartridges need more frequent repair and refills.

Before we tell you which brands of printers are available under $200, here are some pointers which you must bear in mind before opening your wallet.

Laser Printer Or Inkjet Printer

This is one of the first things you should consider. If your home or office requires a high volume of print-outs on a regular basis, you should opt for a laser version as the toner or powdered ink in a laser printer is melted into the paper, thus the color formed is more resistant to fading.

Printers Under $200

Also laser printers work far more efficiently once they are warm. However, they are costlier to ink-jet printers. You can get some color ink jet printers at around $40, but color laser printers are rarely found at prices below $126. For example, some of the HP laser color printers like HP Color LaserJet Pro M252dw start at $160.

Category Of Ink

Inkjet printers come equipped with different types of ink-technologies, like thermal or piezo, and different varieties of ink, like aqueous dye, pigment, UV curable, dye sublimation or solvent.

For users who need printers for their small business or home, they need to pay attention mainly to the difference between dye and pigment based inks.

Dye-based inks are quite bright but they fade when exposed to UV light, water-based dye runs when wet, pigment-based inks do not fade easily and are a bit more expensive than the previous two.

Monochrome printers usually use pigment-based ink while color printers use dye-based inks. Expensive high-end printers use pigment-based inks mostly.

Presence Of A Print-Head

In inkjet printers, cartridges may come along with the print-head or without it. Cartridges with print-head are more preferable, since with every replacement, you will get a print-head too.

In case of printers with only the ink, the print-head is fixed inside the printer, which clog up with usage or fail to work completely. Canon and HP models use cartridges with print-heads, whereas some Epson models use the in-built fixed print-heads.

Color Printing

If you want a printer mainly for color printing, go for dedicated color printers, like HP ENVY 5055 or 7855 models between $100 and $200, orEpson EcoTank ET-2720 available below $200.

The super tanks in Epson last very long and can print around 4500 monochrome prints and 7500 color prints in one lifetime.

Ink Replenishment Service

Always look for ink replenishment services. If you subscribe to these services, you will get discounts. For example: HP printers offer Amazon Dash Replenishment Service which can save you money by 10%.

Additional Features

Printers these days do not only print, but scan and fax as well. Most of the HP and Brother brands have these features, together with duplex printing and WiFi connectivity. The printers could also be easily connected to mobile devices, android, iPads, iPhones.

HP high-end printers, which are also available under $200, have Smart Task app which allow scanning of receipts and saving the amounts immediately in Quickbooks.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best printers under $200. Some of the models will be discussed in more details in the rest of the article-


All-in-one printers are a thing these days. Maintaining official tasks without one is next to impossible, even in this fast-paced paperless work cultures. Gone are those days when all-in-one printers used to be huge, heavy and expensive.

Nowadays brands like HP, Canon, Brother and Epson have brought some of the best printers under $200 to suit everyone’s needs. Grab one while stocks last.

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