Best Projector For Nintendo Switch

Best Projector For Nintendo Switch 2022

Almost every household has a Nintendo Switch today, thanks to the versatility it provides. You can use it with a handheld console or a TV, but did you know you can use this with a projector too to ramp up that screen further?

While the TV gives you a brilliant large screen, it is no match for a projector that can cover almost an entire wall. It redefines the ‘life-like’ tag-line that most games hold nowadays, and lets you enjoy games on a scale like never before, right at home.

Now, how do you buy the best projector for Nintendo switch? It requires looking at things in a different light, and even prioritizing features like refresh rate which you otherwise would not look at.

This, and many more qualities together make the finest projector for use with a Nintendo. So we suggest you take a look below to find out what they all are.

Top Pick

VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector


  • Projection Size: 33-170 inches
  • Lamp Life: 40000 hrs
  • Connectivity: HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, TF Card, TV BOX
  • Resolution: 1920*1080

Top 10 Projectors For Nintendo Switch Comparison Chart

  • Display Resolution: 1080P
  • Contrast: 2000:1
  • Display size: 33-170 Inches
  • Speakers: Two Built-in
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Meer Pico Projector
  • Display Resolution: 480×272
  • Contrast: 800:1
  • Display size: 24-80 Inches
  • Speakers: 8Ω1w Speaker
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  • Display Resolution: 1080P
  • Contrast: 2000:1
  • Display size: 180 Inches (Maximum)
  • Speakers: Dual Speakers
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  • Display Resolution: 1080P
  • Contrast: 3000:1
  • Display size: 40-200 Inches
  • Speakers: 5W Built-in
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  • Display Resolution: 1080P
  • Contrast: 3000:1
  • Display size: 230 Inches (Maximum)
  • Speakers: Two 3W Built-In Speakers
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GooDee Pico Projector
  • Display Resolution: 320 x 240
  • Contrast: 500:1
  • Display size: 24-60 Inches
  • Speakers: Built-in
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  • Display Resolution: 1080P
  • Contrast: 2000:1
  • Display size: 32-176 Inches
  • Speakers: Built-in
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  • Display Resolution: 1080P
  • Contrast: 200:1
  • Display size: 32-176 Inches
  • Speakers: Two Stereo Speakers Built-in
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GooDee BL98
  • Display Resolution: 1080P
  • Contrast: 5000:1
  • Display size: 35-300 Inches
  • Speakers: Built-in
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VANKYO Leisure 430
  • Display Resolution: 1080P
  • Contrast: 2000:1
  • Display size: 236 Inches (Maximum)
  • Speakers: HiFi Built-in Speaker
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Best Projectors For Nintendo Switch Reviews

1. VANKYO LEISURE 3 Projector

The VANKYO LEISURE 3 is a mini projector that lets you use it with a bunch of multimedia devices, and not just the Nintendo Switch, making it a family device for all. It sports a lumen count of 2400, which lets one use this at home, and even outdoors when used at night.

Now, you might not play games outdoors, but you can surely use it to watch movies. Being a mini projector, it has the perk of portability, allowing you to move it to any place you want for different needs.

The screen size can be extended to 170 inches, which gives us a pretty large screen to enjoy. It is definitely much bigger than typical LCD screens we see, so no matter what form of entertainment you plan to use this device for, it will surely be a lot better now.

This projector is powered by the MStar Advanced Color Engine. It helps to give you a better color on screen than what you expect from most projectors. perfect colors are a must-have for gaming, when you are being thrown hundreds of colors and shades every minute. This feature lets you experience all that at its finest.

Highlighted Features

  • 2000:1 contrast ratio is suitable for use at home
  • Can be connected with other multimedia devices as well
  • Provides a display ranging from 32 inches to 170 inches
  • MStar Advanced Color Engine provides realistic colors
  • Innovative cooling system ensures an efficient device

2. Meer Projector

The Meer Pico Projector is ideal for all who do not want the biggest screen, but value portability instead. The maximum sized screen this can project is 80 inches. While this is not small, it is not the largest either, because the main focus of this model is that it is portable.

Hence, if you like to play games at your friends, or change rooms often, this can help you out. Resembling the size of a smartphone, you can throw this in a bag and be on your way.

The device comes with 400 lumens and an 800:1 contrast ratio. This often comes as a shock to newbies who do not think much of these numbers. But then again, they are in comparison to the projection size you get.

So the brightness and contrast are actually pretty good, and will provide you with popping colors and a bright screen. It is recommended that you use the device in a darkened room for the finest experience.

Highlighted Features

  • Equipped with a new generation LED for low power consumption
  • 400 lumens provide enough brightness for a medium-sized screen
  • Screen sizes range between 24 inches and 80 inches
  • Speakers are included providing a complete gaming set up
  • 800:1 contrast ratio creates color depths within the screen

3. APEMAN Projector

The APEMAN Mini Projector is one to be used in spaces where you cannot always control the lighting, or if you wish to take the projector out at times for entertainment outdoors.

This is possible due to the high brightness of the projector sports. With 3800 lumens, this can easily be used in any space without having the screen dulled.

You can also expand the screen size up to 180 inches, which gives a screen large enough for a group of friends to enjoy together. If you want to have gaming sessions with all your friends, this will prove to be a good addition to any setup.

For the perfect alignment, this has keystone correction too. Sometimes the projection can get out of the screen borders. If you have a mounted projector, correcting these can be a hassle. This is where the keystone correction comes in, which lets you fix these lines for a perfect screen.

The device comes equipped with its own speakers too. You get dual speakers, which in addition to the large screen create just the right setup for a full-blown gaming session with your buds.

Highlighted Features

  • 3800 lumens provide intense brightness for use in lighted spaces
  • Screen can be expanded up to 180 inches
  • Dual speakers are built in to cater to an audience
  • Keystone correction allows for perfect alignment with the screen
  • 2000:1 contrast ratio gives proper depth to the colors

4. AZEUS RD-822 Projector

This video projector is the AZEUS RD-822 which works great with not only a Nintendo switch, but with a lot of devices, and is especially loved by people who enjoy movies on a big screen. You get a projection size of up to 200 inches, promising to give you a life-like projection, thanks to the sheer size.

But that is not all. Besides supporting a 1080P resolution, it also sports an impressive contrast ratio of 3000:1. These together ensure that the projections are crisp, and highly detailed, both of which are integral to proper gaming.

The brightness is truly exceptional at 5000 lumens. Although you do not always need such a high count for gaming at home, this will come in handy if you ever want to use this projector for other purposes like hosting events or parties for a large crowd.

On the inside, you have the LED light source, which helps to minimize energy loss. Hence, the projector runs smoothly for 50,000 hours before you start to notice the lights dimming.

Highlighted Features

  • 5000 Lux provides intense brightness for outdoor use
  • Can create large projections from 40 inches to 200 inches
  • 3000:1 contrast ratio ensures the depth of colors and hues
  • Dual fan lowers noise and heat buildup increasing efficiency
  • 5W speakers are built-in eliminating need for extra ones

5. GooDee Projector

This projector from GooDee comes with all the finest features you can possibly ask for from a projector. And these make it not only suitable for use with a Nintendo Switch, but for just about any multimedia device out there.

The screen here can be expanded up to 230 inches. You will find that this is one of the highest when you compare with average projectors in the market. So if you have ever wanted to play games on a screen almost the size of a wall, this is it.

You get a HiFi stereo built-in which serves all the audio needs you can possibly have. This removes the need for an external sound system all together which can actually cost you more.

The 3000:1 contrast ratio provides intense depth to the colors on screen. This is very important for gamers because lots of color changes occur on screen, and very fast too. The right contrast is needed to be able to experience that, and the one you get here is very well-suited to this job.

Highlighted Features

  • 3000:1 contrast ratio adds depth and intensity to the projections
  • Large projections can be created from 44 to 230 inches
  • Numerous multimedia connections are provided for versatile use
  • Two 3W speakers are built-in catering to a crowd
  • Fast heat dissipation ensures the device stays cool and efficient

Nintendo Switch Projector Buying Guide


You do not want to miss out on small details when you are gaming, and this is why brightness becomes such an important factor to consider. But before deciding, you need to look at the space where the projector will be set in order to determine the brightness needed.

For specialized rooms, where you have controlled light, any brightness over 1000 lumens will work just fine.

But if you are in the living room or other spaces where some ambient light exists, a minimum of 1500 lumens is required for a proper view.

For a complete open space with lots of light, a minimum of 3000 lumens is needed. And if this space were to increase in size, then 4500 lumens or above should be bought.

Also, cross check brightness with the screen size. For a 50-inch screen, 1000 lumens will work. For 60 to 80-inch sized screens, 1500 lumens and above is recommended. If the screen size is larger than 100 inches, a minimum of 2500 lumens is needed, which should be increased if the screen size increases by a lot.


Most projectors today come with a good built-in speaker, and the best Nintendo switch projector would too. It saves your cost from getting a separate sound system as well. Look for speakers that suit the space requirements. For example, if you have a larger space, opt for dual speakers instead of single ones.

Projector For Nintendo Switch

Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio is a key feature when it comes to gaming. Here you have a lot of colors, fast-changing screens, and intense depth. None of this can be experienced if you lack a good contrast. As the screen size increases, the contrast ratio should increase as well.

For average screen sizes between 150 and 200 inches, the 2000:1 contrast ratio will provide the perfect depth and intensity to the pictures. As the screen size increases, opt for a higher ratio, and vice versa.

Display Resolution

The two most common resolutions we come across are the 720P and 1080P. There is the 4K resolution too which provides the ultimate screen, but it ends up being too expensive as well. If budget is not a factor for you, go for the 4K without hesitation since it is the finest in the market right now.

If the budget is very tight, the 720P will suffice. While it is not bad, it is not the best either. These have a good picture quality that will work for average gamers.

For avid gamers though, you might not be satisfied with the 720P, so we suggest you go for the 1080P, even if it takes a little saving up.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is not always available in the specifications, but when it is, do check it. This is one of the most important parts to check for gaming, since you need a high refresh rate, especially with live gaming online. We recommend one above 120 Hertz for shooting and driving games especially.


We hope this has cleared out the fact that buying a projector for use with a Nintendo Switch is a bit different than buying one for other purposes like work or movies.

Of course, these same models can be used for a lot of different purposes once you get your hands on them, but they have been chosen for their compatibility with a Nintendo.

There is no doubt that every model mentioned here fits the criteria for the best projector for Nintendo switch. Your job is to match the requirements stated in the guide to these models to find one that works for you.

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