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Best Projector Mount 2022

Projector mounts are a necessity for anyone who wants to use a projector properly. After all, the setup can affect the projection quality and how you see it. This is why it is important to not jump onto the first model you come across, and do some digging of your own.

From the type of mount, the material it is made of, to the way it is built and its weight capacity, so much has to be taken into account if you want the best projector mount. Otherwise, you will end up with a flimsy structure that can not only break itself but the projector too in the process.

The right mount will help you set up the projector relatively quickly, it will host options that allow the projector to be flexible for multiple uses, and most importantly, it will make sure that you receive a properly aligned projection with the screen.

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Projector Mounts

  • Mounting Type: Ceiling
  • Material: High-Grade Steel
  • Mounting Hole supported range: 12.5 Inches and less
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QualGear PRB-717-WHT
  • Mounting Type: Ceiling
  • Material: Heavy Gauge Cold-Rolled Steel
  • Mounting Hole supported range: 6.6 – 16 Inches
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Cheetah Mounts APMEB
  • Mounting Type: Ceiling
  • Material: High-Grade Steel
  • Mounting Hole supported range: 18.75-27 Inches
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  • Mounting Type: Ceiling/Wall Mount
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Mounting Hole supported range: N/A
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  • Mounting Type: Ceiling
  • Material: High Grade Steel
  • Mounting Hole supported range: 2-12.5 Inches
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  • Mounting Type: Ceiling/Wall
  • Material: Solid Steel
  • Mounting Hole supported range: 8.85-12.40 Inches
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  • Mounting Type: Ceiling
  • Material: Heavy Duty Steel
  • Mounting Hole supported range: 12.1 Inches and less
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  • Mounting Type: Ceiling/Wall
  • Material: Heavy Gauge Steel
  • Mounting Hole supported range: 6.7-12 Inches
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QualGear PRB-717-Blk
  • Mounting Type: Ceiling
  • Material: Cold Rolled Steel
  • Mounting Hole supported range: N/A
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Suptek (PR05)
  • Mounting Type: Ceiling/Wall
  • Material: Cold Rolled Steel and Aluminum Alloy
  • Mounting Hole supported range: 12 Inch and smaller
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Best Projector Mounts Reviews

1. VIVO Universal Adjustable Projection Mount | Best Projector Ceiling Mount

This is a universal projector mount from VIVO that pairs well with almost every projector found in the market today. Also known as one of the strongest out there, because it can hold a weight of 30 pounds, which makes the entire structure secure and you stay worry free.

The structure itself is made from a high-grade steel, that ensures strength and sturdiness. You want the structure to be a strong one, otherwise thee is a risk of it breaking and falling.

This strong structure also allows multiple tilt options, swivel options and even a 360-degree rotation. You can achieve all these multiple angles and views, and still be sure that the structure will stay in place.

It also boasts a low profile, where the projector can stay only 6 inches from the ceiling. This gives you a better view, and since so many flexibility options are already provided, you need not worry about the light hitting the screen properly anymore.

Besides that, this low profile also allows the structure to blend into the wall, so it does not stick out. Not to mention, the surface has been coated with a white powder finish to further help it mix into the background.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a hex tool for loosening and tightening bolts
  • Being fully adjustable lets you use all the right angles
  • Installation is made easy with the quick release feature
  • High grade steel lets it handle weights up to 30-pounds
  • Projector is held only 6 inches from the ceiling

2. QualGear PRB-717-WHT

The QualGear PRB-717-WHT is one which can be mounted on a variety of surfaces. A lot of times we worry about the surface itself, since they are not versatile enough. But with this structure, you can use it on any surface, wall or ceiling, as long as they are made of concrete, wood or brick.

It comes with the universal design, so you know it is versatile as well. Holding up to 30 pounds of weight also make it one of the strongest structures out there.

The material is a heavy gauge cold-rolled steel, which is one of the finest out there. It gives the mount a lot of strength and ensures a durable construction above all else.

Then you have the low profile too, which lets the projector stay close to the ceiling for a fine view, and lets it mix into the background as well. But that does not put a stop to its adjustments, since you get a high tilt of 60 degrees, roll of +/-20 degrees, a pitch of +/-30 degrees, and even a 360-degree rotation.

With all these options, this becomes one of the most flexible options out there that you can get your hands on.

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-axis adjustments mean it can hit all sorts of angles
  • Installation is quick and easy thanks to the simple structure
  • Can be attached onto wood, concrete or brick surfaces
  • Usable on both walls and the ceiling
  • Cold-Rolled steel lets it tackle weights up to 30 pounds

3. Cheetah Mounts APMEB Mount

The Cheetah Mounts APMEB Mount is made from 100% high-grade steel and come with four adjustable arms to be able to fit to a lot of various projector models. Having four adjustable arms make this very secure, but often confuse buyers making them think it is suitable with projectors carrying 4 points.

But that is not true because you can use this with projectors that have 3 mounting points as well, because the arms can be removed if needed.

The low profile of 7 inches allow the projector to stay close to the ceiling. But if needed, it can be extended downwards using the adjustable extension pole.

On the center of the ceiling plate, you will find that it is stamped. This is done so that cables can easily be passed through it, and you are left with a clean and neat outlook. Often having wires can be troublesome, to both clean and look at. This helps to fix that.

Highlighted Features

  • The 0 to 90-degree turn allows for recessed installation
  • Can take on weights up to a whopping 65 pounds
  • Structure is strong thanks to the 100% High-Grade Steel
  • Four connection components can be used with 3 component projectors too
  • Ceiling plate center has been stabbed out for cables

4. YiePhiot Mini Projector Mount | Best Ceiling Projector Mount

This projector mount from YiePhiot is suitable with most mini projectors out there. Since these happen to be smaller in size than regular ones, you do need to dig a little to find the ones that suit this style the most.

The mount comes with 3 different sizes of screw adapters of 3.9mm, 6mm and 6.35mm, to make it flexible for multiple model use, making it a truly universal mount.

While using you will get just as much flexibility from this mount. It has a 90-degree tilt angle, and it rotates a complete 360 degrees. These make sure that if you need to change the alignment of the projector for a better view, you can do that with utmost ease.

Even though this one is made for mini projectors, it can still hold onto 5 kilograms of weight, which is the maximum capacity. While most mini projectors actually weigh a lot less, this helps to ensure that the entire fixture stays secured.

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with almost all mini projectors in the market
  • 3 different sizes of screw adapters ensure flexibility
  • The maximum weight this can take is 5 kilograms
  • 360-degree rotation and 90-degree tilt makes this very flexible

5. VIVO Projector Mount (MOUNT-VP02W)

Another choice from VIVO, this too is a universal mount, but what makes it special is that it brings forth a lot of top-notch features, but comes at an affordable price.

The mount comes with a lot of adjusting options so you can have all the right angles that you want. All you need to do is tighten or loosen the bolts, and you even get the hex tool with it.

From a 15-degree swivel to a 15-degree tilt and even a 360-degree rotation, this model supports all forms. The structure of this mount is made from a high-grade steel. Because of this it can support weights up to 30 pounds, which ensures that the projector will be tightly and securely placed within the mount.

If you need a model where you get a lot of height adjustability, this is the one to go for. From 15 inches to 23 inches, this can come down and give you all the flexibility you need for the perfect screen.

Highlighted Features

  • Can take on a maximum weight of 30 pounds
  • 15-degree tilt and swivel plus 360-degree rotation is possible
  • Sturdy structure is made from high-grade steel
  • Height extension can be done between 15 and 23 inches

Projector Mount Buying Guide

Universal versus Dedicated

When buying a mount, you will come across two options- a dedicated mount and a universal mount.

Like the name suggests, dedicated mounts are made dedicated to specific projectors. This is useful if you have bought an expensive and heavy-duty projector which you do not plan on changing. These are also easier to set up since the pattern of screw holes are exactly the same as the ones on the projector.

Universal ones on the other hand can be used with various projectors since their screw hole patterns can be changed up to certain degrees. They come with arm extensions which can be adjusted as needed for every different projector.

Hence the setup takes a little longer too. This is also the one we will be covering mostly in this article, so no matter what projector you are using, at least one model will fit your needs.

Ceiling Versus Wall

While searching you will find that most models are ceiling mount, and some are ceiling plus wall. This is because the ceiling mount is generally better. It ensures that the projection is uninterrupted since one can walk in front of this and yet not disrupt the projection, which can happen with a wall mount.

Projector Mount

Another reason is that the angles at which the projection occurs is generally better when mounted on the ceiling.


The best mount for projector has to be one that lets heat escape. Ventilation forms a big part of projectors, since they create a lot of heat. Projectors also come with their own fans to dissipate this heat. But if the mount structure is not supportive, the heat becomes trapped.

Focus on structures that are not compact and take up less space. This way the heat can escape.

Material wise, steel tends to trap heat within the projector, so if the mount is made of steel, check to see if it has enough space for ventilation. Otherwise, the device can get damaged over time. Aluminum on the other hand is a brilliant material in this regard which does not trap as much heat.

The mount structure should also have enough space to let the wires through, in case the projector is not a wireless model.

Weight Capacity

The market is filled with all kinds of projectors, from regular sized to mini and even Pico. Know the projector size, and then see if the mount has enough weight capacity to hold it. The mount should be one that is durable, strong, and sturdy.


Some mounts are fixed, whereas others have options of tilting, and some even rotates 360 degrees. The kind you need depends a lot on the projector.

For slight changes in the angle, you need one that can swing-out. These come with arms which can move the projector and change angles by tilting to match the projection requirements.

If the space has glare, and the projector needs complete rotation, a 360-degree mount is suggested. To know if this can happen you need to check the room’s lighting.


When buying the best projector mounts the market can offer, do not be haste. Be sure to note down your preferences so you can crosscheck and get the right one.

If you are 100% sure of the projector, go for that dedicated mount. If not, the universal works great too, and for every kind out there! So it really depends on what you want and what you can accommodate.

Installing these can take a while, since these are fixed structures. Meaning, if you are not careful to choose, you will have to go through the painful process again!  We don’t want that now do we?

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