Best Projector Under 200: Top Products & Buying Guide 2022

Home entertainment is one of the best ways to experience the world and beyond. The best part is that a full gas tank or a plane ticket is not required. Upgrade bonding with family and friends and escape at home with the best projector under 200.

Combined with projector screens under 200, you can give your home theater a decent facelift in no time without breaking the bank. Sit back and put your feet up. Learn more about how to shop the top projector under 200 and what to look for before you buy.

Top Pick


  • Image projection min, 33-inch, max. 170-inch
  • Built-in speakers
  • 60% brighter than older version

Top 10 Best Home Projectors Under 200

Love going to the movies? Why not recreate the viewing experience in your living room? In fact, you can set up outdoors too! There are infinite possibilities to enjoy your new projector under 200.

Don’t feel compelled to go to the movie theater again when you can play the latest movie releases or revisit your favorite adventures or romcom flicks right where you are.

Here’s an overview of the amazing products on this list:

VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini/Portable Projector
  • Resolution: 1920x1080P supported
  • Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Connectivity: HDMI,VGA,USB, AV, TF Card, TV BOX

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FANGOR Bluetooth/WiFi HD Projector
  • Resolution: Full HD 1080P
  • Contrast Ratio: 6000:1
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, VGA, AV, Audio, USB, SD

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ELEPHAS Mini/Portable Projector with RC
  • Resolution: 1080P supported
  • Contrast Ratio: Not specified
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, VGA, AV, Audio, USB, SD

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Bomaker YG280 Native 1080P Mini Projector
  • Resolution: 1080P supported
  • Contrast Ratio: Not specified
  • Connectivity: USB/Type-C to HDMI Adapter
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NICPOW Full HD Native 1080P Projector
  • Resolution: 1920x1080P Native
  • Contrast Ratio: 8000:1
  • Connectivity: USB, VGA
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Artlii Full YG600 LCD Projector with HiFi Stereo
  • Resolution: Full HD 1080P
  • Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
  • Connectivity: VGA, USB, HDMI, wireless
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ELEPHAS W13 Mini/Portable LCD Projector
  • Resolution: Full HD 1080P
  • Contrast Ratio: 3500:1
  • Connectivity: VGA, USB, HDMI, wireless
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Bomaker Projector LCD Native 800P
  • Resolution: 1280×800 Native
  • Contrast Ratio: 9000:1
  • Connectivity: HDMI, USB , VGA , AV , Audio Out, WIFI
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1. VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini/Portable Projector

Highlighted features

  • Image projection min, 33-inch, max. 170-inch
  • Built-in speakers
  • 60% brighter than older version

This affordable projector offers an acceptable range of givings and misgivings. Overall, it gives you the minimum acceptable specs for optimal satisfaction. The contrast ratio meets the minimum requirement for the picture to be clearly distinguishable and not appear washed out.

Still, the contrast ratio will make the image appear washed out if the room is not completely darkened. At least that’s one downside that you can easily fix.


  • This unit is compatible with a wide range of devices.
  • Projection size is ideal for average-sized living spaces.
  • Dual cooling fan protects against overheating.


  • 1080P support is good but this unit is not native.
  • This top projector under 200 is not ideal for computing apps.

2. FANGOR Bluetooth/WiFi HD Projector

Highlighted features

  • WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled
  • High contrast ratio
  • 60-inch to 230-inch projection size

A premium pick but still the best projector under 200, this product guarantees compatibility with any device that you own. Multiple ports allow you to play from an Android phone or a laptop or even a TV stick.

WiFi and Bluetooth connections help you keep your space uncluttered. However, the quality of output depends on WiFi connection speed. The seller recommends connecting to mobile WiFi for a more seamless and uninterrupted viewing.


  • Native full HD, this unit will deliver true 1080p image resolution.
  • Connects with most devices with a wide variety of ports.
  • High contrast ratio ensures a clear image even outdoors.
  • M1 Apple devices running on Thunderbolt may be connected via adaptor, Bluetooth or WiFi.


  • This projector comes at a slightly higher price than most products in this list.
  • The unit is slightly heavier than most other projectors at this price point.

3. ELEPHAS Mini/Portable Projector with RC

Highlighted features

  • USB and HDMI connectivity
  • WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled
  • 60-inch maximum projection size
  • Built-in speaker and port for plugging in headphones

Lightweight and easy to use, this unit definitely wins as one of the top affordable projectors that’s kid-friendly. If you’re looking for a better way to take care of your kids’ eyes, this projector just might be the solution that you’re looking for. The best part is that it connects with most any device you let your kids use.

It also comes with a young, stylish design. Make it your next best gift for your tweener!


  • Extremely lightweight, it’s effortless to take anywhere with you.
  • It’s ideal as an alternative to tuning in to laptop, phone, and tablet screens
  • This unit will connect with most devices


  • Throw ratio and image size is good for solo viewing but too small for groups.
  • The fan inside can be noisy.

4. Bomaker YG280 Native 1080P Mini Projector

Highlighted features

  • 35-inch to 300-inch image projection size
  • Built-in HiFi stereo
  • Comes with remote control

The unparalleled range of possible projection size is definitely this product’s top feature. Add to that, this product also comes with superb brightness, making it ideal for outdoor viewing.


  • High ANSI lumens value equals high bright ideal for outdoors.
  • Fan noise is more tolerable than average projectors.
  • Clear audio output hardly requires an external soundbar.


  • Screen mirroring may not work but that could be caused by poor Internet connection.
  • This product may work best with wired connections.

5. NICPOW Full HD Native 1080P Projector

Highlighted features

  • Comes with multiple connection ports
  • Maximum 300-inch image projection size
  • 2 Built-in Hi-Fi speakers

Fully functional and highly customizable with a gigantic, 300-inch maximum projection size, this definitely deserves to be on our list. It does borders your $200 budget but you do get so much more. Plus, it lets you keep entertaining outdoors or even with light filling up your indoor space.


  • High contrast and high brightness level makes it great for outdoor use.
  • Native 1080p guarantees true Full HD output.
  • Pitch black darkness not required for clear picture.


  • This product is not ideal for use with computing apps.
  • Built-in speakers do not support Dolby sound output.

6. Artlii Full YG600 LCD Projector with HiFi Stereo

Highlighted features

  • Maximum 250-inch projection size
  • Noise-reduction system
  • 2 built-in HiFi speakers

A money back guarantee and a 1-Year factory warranty — why not? This top projector under 200 offers a widescreen viewing at just mid-range of your budget. It delivers Full HD but if you’re planning to use it with YouTube, you can get a 4K resolution too.


  • Native 1080p guarantees true Full HD video output.
  • High contrast ratio shows clearer images.
  • Quieter than units without a noise-reduction feature.


  • An adaptor may be required to connect to some devices.

7. ELEPHAS W13 Mini/Portable LCD Projector

Highlighted features

  • 200-inch maximum projection size
  • Multiple ports connect with any device
  • Noise reduction
  • Built-in HiFi speakers

High contrast ratio that comes with true Full HD output, this unit could be the top projector under 200 that fits you. The best part is that you get up to 5 years factory support. Every purchase comes with 1 HDMI cable and 1 remote control.


  • Silent operation provides a more conducive space for entertaining.
  • High contrast ratio cancels out ambient brightness for clearer image.
  • Wide range of image projection size.


  • Tripod will have to be bought separately.

8. Bomaker Projector LCD Native 800P

Highlighted features

  • 300-inch maximum image projection size
  • Zoom function
  • Built-in HiFi stereo

Looking for a projector that you can take anywhere with you? This projector is definitely designed for backpacking and would even make a great camping companion. That is, if you have a power cell in tow as well. The downside is that it is considerably heavier than most other units on this list. However, if you don’t mind the difference then there’s no other disadvantage to stress.


  • Allows hassle-free screen mirroring.
  • High color contrast promotes clearer video output.
  • Port for external speakers provided.


  • This projector is heavier than other products on this list.
best projectors under 200

How to Shop the a Projector for Less than $200

After browsing through those 10 remarkable products, you’re probably itching to click and shop. You must have your eyes on a new projector under 200 that suits your preferences well. But don’t rush. Have a little more patience and the rewards are guaranteed to be sweet.

Very quickly, here are the considerations that matter when you’re shopping for a projector:

Throw Distance

You’ll need to do a little bit of Math here but there’s no need to be too technical about this. Throw distance simply tells you how far from the screen the projector should be to achieve a specific viewing width.

So for a projector that has a throw ratio of 2 and a projection width of 5 feet, it means you need to position your projector 10 feet away to achieve the ideal 5 feet width of projection. The takeaway is you need to consider the size of the living space where you plan to use your projector. Of course, how big your screen is matters as well.


Just like resolution matters when you’re shopping for a laptop or television, it matters just as much when you’re out looking for a projector. The top projector under 200 will have a resolution of 1920x1080p. Often, you’ll just see this written as 1080p or Full HD.

A 4K resolution is ideal but at a $200 or less price point, it’s probably not a realistic goal. Nonetheless, a native 1080p will offer a satisfying viewing experience just the same.


It’s a no-brainer but a lot of buyers often forget to check this very important feature when shopping for the best home projector under 200. You have to consider what device you’ll be using with your projector.

Will you be using your android phone? Then you need an Android projector. If you’re using newer Mac, iPad, and iPhone releases from Apple, you may have to consider getting a thunderbolt cable with an HDMI output that points to your projector.

Perhaps you prefer an uncluttered setup. Then, you better check that you’re buying a projector that enables Bluetooth and WiFi. You can also use adaptors in case it doesn’t have these features ready but, you still have to check that it works with adaptors.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Of course, it’s way better if you could seamlessly enjoy your projection experience across your indoor or outdoor spaces. In which case, an HD or 4K or Ultra HD would be ideal.

However if you’re looking a projector under 200, your budget might not be quite sufficient for this resolution. What you need to understand is that a 1080p will work just as well. Then, you just have to make sure to set up your projection outdoors when it’s already considerably dark outside so you can get the most resolution. The image will be almost just as good as when you’re watching outdoors.

Size of Projector Screen

If you’re not already happy with your projector screen, consider a replacement. There are projector screens under 200 made with great quality and built to last.

Now, the only thing left for you to consider is to make sure that your projector will throw the image size that your screen can accommodate. If you’re not sure, you can always ask the seller what the ideal distance of the projector is from the screen and what screen size would work best for the output image size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does a 1080p-enabled or 1080p supported mean?

When shopping for the best home projector under 200, your choices usually narrow down to units that either have a native 1080p or a 1080p supported resolution.

The difference is that native 1080p will give you a true, full HD resolution whereas a 1080p supported unit will be able to project to a maximum resolution equivalent to a native 1080p. However, that also means it will play the higher resolution at a more expanded frame. Thus, to be able to experience 1080p, the image has to be compressed so that empty pixels can be filled, giving you a clearer 1080p output.

Q: Are lumens important when shopping for a projector?

Yes. Lumens is a measure of how bright the projection is. It matters even more if you’re planning to use your new projector outdoors.

In which case, you should shop for a projector that has at least 2500 lumens. At this level, you should be able to see your screen even when the sun has not yet fully set. The projector resolution will have a lot to do with image clarity too.

For indoors, most especially if your space is enclosed and there aren’t too many doors or windows for outdoor light to come through, a projector with at least 1,500 lumens should work just as well.

Q: Is there anything that can be done to make a projector last longer?

It doesn’t matter if you own the most state-of-the-art projector today supported by Alexa or Echo. Any device, when properly maintained, should keep working in tiptop shape for many years to come.

Here are some ways you can make your home projector last longer:

  • Give it a break. Projectors operate on high heat. Many use LED lighting. Although LED lasts many years, these bulbs burn out easily when not allowed to cool down. So, try to minimize back-to-back viewing and turn it off when you’re fetching your next bowl of popcorn.
  • Keep it clean. Keep off those buttery hands! Make sure you’re using soft cloth only. You should use a lens cleaner only for the glass part.
  • Handle with care. Take extra care when you’re making adjustments to the legs or when pulling out the lens cover. You should also keep your unit safe from shocks and drops. Designate a table or storage space for your projector.
  • Use a voltage regulator.  Avoid damage caused by intermittent power or power surges. At the very least, you should plug it in a gang with an individual fuse. Any surge in power should automatically cut the power supply, effectively preventing damage.
  • Don’t second guess. Operate your unit accordingly. Take the time to read the manual. Show everyone at home how to use it so you can all use it well.


Aren’t you glad to know you can take home the best projector under 200? It’s so easy to get lost in features that are nice-to-have when you’re looking for the best home projector under 200. At the end of the day, all you really need is a unit that meets your need to stay entertained at home. Now, get that popcorn popping. It’s time for Netflix!