Best Pull Down Projector Screen

Best Pull Down Projector Screen 2022

Projector screens come in as many varieties as projectors themselves. While some prefer a manual one, others a motorized. It all boils down to personal preference. A pull-down screen is also a similar kind where you manually pull the screen down to watch videos.

This is mostly chosen by people who are short on space and want to have a projector. You can pull this down, and after watching roll it back up so you have your space to yourself again. Because of this, they are used in various places, be it the home or an office.

If you want to buy the best pull down projector screen, you need to look further than just the system. But check out other factors that make it a complete package, so you can be satisfied with what you see, and not only with how the screen works.

Comparison Chart for Top 7 Pull Down Projector Screens

Mdbebbron Projection Screen
  • Screen Size: 120 Inch
  • Gain: N/A
  • Color: White
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
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TaoTronics Projector Screen
  • Screen Size: 100 Inch
  • Gain: 1.1
  • Color: Matte White
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
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Elite Screens Manual B
  • Screen Size: 100 Inch
  • Gain: 1.0
  • Color: White
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
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PropVue Projector Screen
  • Screen Size: 100 Inch
  • Gain: 1.1
  • Color: White
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
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VIVO Projector Screen
  • Screen Size: 100 Inch
  • Gain: 1.1
  • Color: Matte White
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
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  • Screen Size: 100 Inch
  • Gain: 1.2
  • Color: Matte White
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
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TaoTronics TT-HP020
  • Screen Size: 120 Inch
  • Gain: 1.1
  • Color: White
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
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Best Pull Down Projector Screens Reviews

1. Mdbebbron Projection Screen

The Mdbebbron Projection Screen is a screen that is chosen by a lot of different people, thanks to its versatility. From offices to home theatres, it is used in a lot of spaces due to its easy setup.

This is a one-piece screen, so you do not have to think about carrying multiple items when setting this up. The material is lightweight, which adds to the versatility and makes it flexible enough for one to fold and carry.

You can throw it in a bag and take it outdoors if you want, to set it up in a different room when required.

The 16:9 aspect ratio makes this ideal for entertaining. All your movies and TV shows will fit right onto the screen. For office work however, presentation slides might not fit right into the corners, but it is still usable because that is not really required when presenting.

Polyester fabric is one of the finest for projector screens, and that is what you get here. It ensures that projections are crisp, and that wrinkles are not caused even when folded.

Highlighted Features

  • Screen is large at 120 inches diagonally
  • Comes with a 160-degree viewing angle allowing for big audiences
  • Screen can be folded without causing wrinkles
  • High-quality polyester material makes it easy to clean
  • Can be used with both front and rear projectors

2. TaoTronics Projector Screen

The TaoTronics Projector Screen is one you need to check out if you have a projector that plays in 4K, 3D, or HDR. Since not all screens are up to this task, you need to look for ones especially compatible with these latest technologies, and this screen is one of them.

Looking at the size, it is 100 inches. This makes it good for use at home, where a size that is too big can be a nuisance instead of enjoyable. And 4K on a screen this size actually gives a perfect screen, where a size too large can distort images.

The material is a premium PVC. It ensures that the screen is foldable without causing wrinkles. At the same time, you also do not have to worry about yellow staining, which can sometimes occur in these white screens, also thanks to the material.

Gain is 1.1, which lets you have a brighter screen than most others since the projections are reflected in a brighter manner than what was initially projected. The screen becomes clearer and is less reflective too, so all you see is a proper projection.

Highlighted Features

  • Is compatible with 4K Ultra HD, 3D and HDR
  • Screen size is a big 100 inches diagonally
  • The 160-degree viewing angle allows for a large audience
  • 1 gain provides bright projections suitable for outdoors
  • Can be set up using a tripod for better stability

3. Elite Screens Manual B

This one from Elite Screens is a manual pull down screen. It is good for those who are on a budget and want a good screen that can project 4K. Since these screens tend to be more expensive, having a manual one can actually bring the costs down by a little bit.

It comes with a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees. So you can enjoy this large screen with your friends and family without having to cluster right in front of it. Sit at any comfortable angle surrounding the screen, and the views will still be just as good.

The backside is completely black. This is done so that the projection light does not pass through, which can result in a lighter screen than what you are supposed to get. With this, the view becomes similar to one you would see on a TV since the entire light is captured and reflected.

Highlighted Features

  • Auto-lock mechanism allows for multiple heights
  • Viewing angle is wide at 180 degrees for large audiences
  • Comes in a sturdy steel casing for durability
  • Can be used with 4K ultra HD, 3D and HDR
  • Screen is mildew resistant and cleans easily

4. PropVue Projector Screen

The PropVue Projector Screen is a great option for anyone who wants a screen that is easy to carry, yet comes with all the latest features. It comes with its own bag and straps, which secure the screen and lets you carry it anywhere you want to.

Set up only takes 3 easy steps. You have to attach the screen to the stand, followed by setting the height required, lock it down, and attach the loop to the hook.

Having the stand makes it simple to put up anywhere you want. And the lock feature ensures that the screen stays taught throughout a movie session.

Rolling the screen up will not cause any damage either, since it is made of a premium wrinkle-free PVC material. The gain is 1.1, which lets you use this in slightly lighted spaces as well since it has a higher reflectivity.

The aspect ratio of 16:9 lets you use this at home for movies, and also fits presentations in case you want to put this up at work.

Highlighted Features

  • The PVC material prevents wrinkles from forming
  • Is secured with tight straps for a consistent screen
  • Comes with a stand for stability during use
  • Retractable design makes this easy to carry
  • 1 gain gives a bright screen suitable for outdoor use

5. VIVO Projector Screen

This VIVO Projector Screen is a universal screen that works with LCD, DLP and LED projectors to give a proper and clear projection. It comes in a metal casing for durability. This casing also allows you to put this up on the ceiling or the wall, whichever seems more convenient.

Viewing angle is 120 degrees, which is well suited for the home. You can sit in various positions and do not have to be straight in front for a perfect view. This flexibility is also great for when you are watching with your family.

The surface is a matte white, which helps to evenly distribute the projection in all directions. And being white also means that visuals come out bright and clear. The 1.1 gain helps out here by further brightening the projection, so you can have some light on if needed.

On the back of the screen, you will find it is blacked so that the projections do not go through. This way the screen ends up becoming more solid for a better view.

Highlighted Features

  • Metal casing provides strength and durability to the screen
  • It can be installed on the ceiling or a wall
  • The 1.1 gain gives the screen increased brightness
  • Screen is universally compatible with LED, DLP and LCD projectors
  • 120-degree viewing angle makes this suitable for the home

Pull down Projector Screen Buying Guide


The size of the screen is one of the primary things to check out, regardless of what kind you buy. One of the first thoughts people have is to aim for the largest size. After all, the price difference is not as much when compared to a TV. But other factors become a boundary.

Wall size is one, where the screen might not fit. And even if it fits, the viewing distance needs to be considered. Because the larger the screen, the more viewing distance is required.

If you cannot sit the required distance from the screen, visuals cannot be seen the way they are supposed to. Therefore, if the entire room is not big, do not go for a large screen.

For easier calculations, multiply the screen size with 1.2 if you prefer a cinematic view. And multiply by 1.6 for a standard view. The distance you get is the distance you need to keep between the screen and yourself.

Aspect Ratio

When it comes to aspect ratio, you want to get one you use most. Since these are pull down screens, the height cannot always be changed to change the aspect ratio. You will have to do that from the projector if the option is provided.

This is why it is optimal to stick with a size that can fit all your desired ratios. We recommend going with the 16:9, because this is the ratio most TV shows are shot at.

Pull Down Projector Screen

Even if you end up watching something with a 4:3 ratio, which is rare, it can fit in without becoming smaller. However, if you go with a 4:3, and play a 16:9, the content will condense, and you don’t want that.

Projector Compatibility

Getting excited with a new screen can make you buy one that is not even compatible with the projector in the first place. This is a common mistake you need to avoid. Specifications to check against with the projector include the resolution, aspect ratio support, and throw distance.

Screen color

When you are buying the best pull down screen for projector, you want to look at the color of the screen. In most cases, it will be a white screen, which is used because it can reflect light very well. For usage at home and work, white screens work really well.

The other kind is a grey screen. These are better to show the depth of colors, and hence are more suited for cinemas. Using a grey screen also requires a higher brightness from the projector.


The screen gain determines the reflectivity of the screen. If you see a gain of 1.0, it denotes that the projection is reflected in equal amounts from the screen. A higher gain means reflections are brighter, and vice versa.

Since pull down screens are mostly used for use at home or offices, you will not need the highest gain. 1.0 is enough for the home where you can control the ambient light. For work or offices, where some light exists, a gain of 1.1 is suitable.


The best pull down projector screen is one that is easy to pull down and roll back up, made with the right fabric, easy to maintain and serves you well for long times to come.

All these factors and more together make the screen a perfect one, where the pull down feature only serves as a preference.

We hope this article has cleared out all the points for you so that you can make an educated purchase and be able to set up a projector in no time!

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