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8 Best Rabbit Ear Antenna Reviews with Buying Guide

Everyone enjoys watching TV. You can see countless of high-resolution TVs in the market whenever you go out too. Most people use their TVs and stream content on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Roku, etc. But they do come at a monthly cost. 

This streaming service can not only get expensive but inconvenient for you. You don’t want to see money taken out of your bank every month, right? Thankfully there is a cheaper way to enjoy TV now

Let us give you a list of the best rabbit ear antennas available in the market now. Remember these? All the TVs had these back in the day. Not only do these give you free channels, but they have gotten much better in quality too.

Best Rabbit Ear Antennas On The Market

Isn’t it confusing to choose from hundreds of products? Well, don’t worry, because we got your back. We have picked the best ones out there, so you can get the best experience.

1. GE Traditional Rabbit Ears Indoor Black TV Antenna

We still remember when the quality of the TV was horrible. Even if the channels were in high-definition, the antennas would make them look 480p at best. Also, don’t get us started over the connection quality.

Well, those days are over now. You don’t have to worry about lousy quality channels anymore. When it comes to providing great quality channels with good connectivity, GE Traditional TV antennas are the best.

They offer you a very high-quality connection, and you will get a lot of free channels. Who said that you have to pay for entertainment? There are ways to watch countless content for free nowadays.

And this product makes it much more comforting. So, ditch cable service providers, which only provide you some subpar quality channels, and it is also very costly. If you want to relax and watch TV with no hassle, then this will be the best rabbit ear antennas for you.

Also, the installation process is not hard at all, and it works with all HDTVs. So, no matter what type of TV you have lying around in your house, it will work. Can you imagine getting one antenna and enjoying a lifetime supply of free HD channels? It completely changes the game.

Another good feature of this antenna is that it has a weighted base and rubber feet. So, you won’t be able to knock it over and damage it easily.

Highlighted Features:

  • The antenna supports various HDTVs.
  • It has a weighted base and rubber feet for protection.
  • This antenna provides you with amazing quality.
  • The connection is top-notch.
  • You get access to all of the current events.

2. RCA ANT111E Indoor Digital TV Antenna

Saving money is always good. You never know when you might need it. What if you go out one day and don’t have any money for the nearest Starbucks? Well, that was only an example, but you get the point.

One of the biggest reasons to get a rabbit ear antenna is to get lifetime free channels and save money. However, even the antennas can be out of your budget too. Well, check the RCA ANT111E Indoor Digital TV Antenna out.

So, if you want to get the best bang for the buck option available, this antenna would be perfect, because you are getting high-quality channels and a good connection.

It can reach up to 40 miles. If you are wondering, it is powerful enough to get you all of the free channels available. When you thought it can’t get cheaper, this product reveals itself. 

However, the quality of the channels depends on where you are. If you live in a city, then you will have a much better experience. It is the only drawback of this antenna. If you don’t live in a city, it would be much better to go with something stronger.

This product will be the best budget option than the rest. So, if you want the best bang for the buck option, you might want to check this out.

Highlighted Features:

  • The connection can reach up to 40 miles.
  • You get very good quality channels.
  • Watch all the top-rated programs in your region.
  • It supports 1080i broadcasts with no issue.
  • You can adjust the dipoles.

3. Fosmon HDTV Antenna

Technology is advancing very fast, and we have to adapt to it. The same goes for your TV too. Why must you only watch stuff on 1080p when there is 4K available. It’s very sad, especially if you have to watch 1080p content on your 4K TV.

It’s not very common to see rabbit ear antennas offering 4K quality. Still, we have found a very good product that can deliver it—presenting the Fosmon HDTV Antenna. 

Many channels are using this resolution now, and we have to keep up with technology, so we don’t fall behind. The connection needs to be very strong when it comes to streaming in the best quality possible.

You are in luck because this antenna can hold up a powerful connection from 25 to 40 miles. So, you can view almost any free channel in your area in the best possible quality. Watching TV like this feels amazing with this antenna.

Who doesn’t want to see the pores on someone’s face on TV, right? Of course, you do, and don’t you dare deny it. Besides streaming in high-quality, this antenna offers some other features, too, like how you can adjust the dipoles for the optimum reception.

You don’t need to use batteries or an AC power cord for it, and you can easily mount it anywhere you desire. So, you are getting great convenience too. So, for the best streaming quality, you won’t be finding a better option.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can stream in 4K resolution.
  • It supports any high-definition channel available.
  • The dipole is adjustable for optimum reception.
  • It is very affordable.
  • The versatility is great.

4. Philips Rabbit Ears Indoor TV Antenna

Everyone knows that cheap products do not last very long, right? Well, you are not wrong. Manufacturers have to keep the cost low in some way. However, this can be a big pain. Who wants to deal with broken products every few months?

Especially when it comes to rabbit ear antennas, you don’t want to break it accidentally. So, for the most durable product, we recommend the Philips Rabbit Ears Indoor TV Antenna.

The product has a weighted base and rubber feet, which helps a lot with grip. So, imagine your pet playing with the antenna. If you don’t have a pet, imagine you just got one, and it started playing with it and scratching it.

They love to knock stuff over and broke your antenna. Now, you are out of TV for the time being, and your favorite show is airing. A horrible nightmare, right? So, having some protection like this will be worth it.

Anyone who has a little bit idea of tech knows how popular Philips is and it’s quality. This one is no different at all, either. Not only is it affordable, but you are also getting 4K streaming capabilities.

If you are in the market for a good 4K capable antenna with the durable build quality, it would be best to consider the Philips antenna. You are getting a very good value out of this, and the quality is amazing.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can now ditch expensive satellite services.
  • The streaming quality is fantastic.
  • It is ready for 4K TVs.
  • The weighted base and rubber feet give top-notch durability.
  • You get amazing customer service.

5. RCA ANT121Z Durable Passive Indoor Antenna

We have noticed that keeping a clean look in your house can be a pain. Not everything goes together. Plus, you don’t want anything to stick out like a sore thumb. It is a legitimate issue with rabbit ear antennas. Most of them don’t look good.

If you have a clean setup going on, it can easily ruin the vibe. So, what about we help you get something that does not only look good but also a very capable device? Well, check the RCA ANT121Z Indoor Antenna out.

This product is very popular because of how flush it looks. It can sit in one corner and keep the aesthetic clean and does a good job not sticking out. The antenna has a very durable design.

So, you don’t have to worry about accidental falling and scratches. The reception is very well, and the stream quality is amazing. If you have any guests over, they will most probably compliment you about the streaming quality too.

You can easily get all of the channels available. If you watch Fox, ABC, or other channels, then you will be more than fine. The product also has Energy Star certification, which means that it is extremely energy efficient.

So, not only are you saving money from satellite service providers but also saving your electricity bills. That is two birds with one stone. So, if you want a piece of this cake, then hop in. You won’t regret it.

Highlighted Features:

  • It has outstanding durability.
  • The product is energy star certified.
  • You get a sleek design.
  • The signal reception is great.
  • Perfect for people living in the city.

6. Philips Modern Loop Rabbit Ears Indoor TV Antenna

Have you ever experienced dealing with bad quality channels and not getting all of them properly? It is very sad and frustrating. This issue occurs when your TV antenna does not have proper reception of VHF and UHF signals.

These two signals are compulsory when you are watching TV because most channels use these. You also get a lot of channels from these signals. So, to experience this, you need something capable, and the Philips Modern Loop antenna is what you want.

You get more or less 50 high-quality channels from these signals. That is a lot of free channels, to be honest. Other than that, like any other Philips product, you get good durability and quality.

With a connection this strong, you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. You can finally rest and watch your favorite shows in the highest quality. The versatility of this antenna is good enough for most TVs available. So, don’t sweat it too much.

It may be something underrated, but the installation process is something you never worry till you have to do it. If the product has compatibility issues, you might want to rip your hair off, but thankfully, this one is not. The whole process is a breeze.

So, if you are in the market for something, which has the best UHS, and VHS signal reception, then this one will be the one for you. The signal strength is outstanding, and the radius of it is very wide.

Highlighted Features:

  • You get amazing signal strength.
  • VHS and UHS signal reception is outstanding.
  • The durability is fantastic.
  • It can stream in 4k resolution.
  • The design choice is great.

7. Antop TV Antenna

We remember back in the days; we would smack our TVs because we thought it would improve the network. Well, funnily enough, some times it worked, but it was not the solution at all. All it needed was a good reception.

Things are a lot different these days. Technology is improving every day, and we are getting more stuff to watch. So, get the best of everything, you might want to check out the Antop Tv Antenna.

The biggest reason this antenna is a best seller is due to its top of the line signal strength. Trust us when we say that the other products don’t even come close when it comes to bringing a lot of channels. You’ll get a good service, even outside the city.

However, just like what uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great pricing.” This product is not the cheapest option available. It might be a tough choice, but if you are in dire need of strong signals, this is the way to go.

They have a good reason for having such a steep price. It’s primarily because of all of the features is top-notch. If you want the best of all worlds, you have to look into this one.

So, if you have the time to save up, then we highly recommend you doing it. It will only be a one-time purchase, but you will be getting top of the line quality for a very long time.

Highlighted Features:

  • The signal strength is outstanding.
  • It has an amplifier to enhance the signal.
  • You get amazing technical support.
  • The installation process is effortless.
  • It looks aesthetically pleasing.

8. GE Indoor Rabbit Ear HD TV Antenna

There is no point in buying a product which will disappoint you later. Customer satisfaction is very important. What if you get an antenna, and it breaks down after a month or so? Well, simply you will have to buy another one.

If this keeps going on, then it is no better than paying for a subscription. So, what do you do in cases like this? Well, there is one fail-proof plan. Getting a product from a reputable brand. Like the GE Indoor Rabbit Ear TV Antenna.

Getting a famous product has its perks. Not only are they more reliable, but they have great support too. GE has been in the game for a long time. Also, they know how to handle all of your problems.

So, if you face any issues, you can call them up and get a solution easily. There are thousands of satisfied customers, and their credibility is fantastic. Of course, like other products, this TV also has other fantastic features.

You can stream in 4K and get outstanding reception. The price of the product is also pretty reasonable. So, affordability will not be an issue. The receptors can enhance the connection, so you will have a smooth experience without noticing any buffers or static.

If you are concerned about the longevity and overall quality of a product, you should check it out. The quality is fantastic, and you are getting a lot of features too.

Highlighted Features:

  • You get a lot of free channels.
  • The quality is amazing.
  • It can stream in 4K with no issues.
  • The customer service is great.
  • It works with any smart TVs.

Comparison Table of Rabbit Ear Antenna


4K Ready

Easy To Install

Lifetime Warranty

GE Indoor Rabbit Ear TV Antenna




RCA ANT111E Indoor Digital TV Antenna




Fosmon HDTV Antenna




Philips Rabbit Ears Indoor TV Antenna




RCA ANT121Z Indoor Antenna




Philips Modern Loop




Antop Tv Antenna




GE Indoor Rabbit Ear TV Antenna




What To Look For Before Buying?

Best Rabbit Ear Antenna Buying Guide

When you look for the best rabbit ear antenna, there are some things you need to keep in mind before buying. This way, you can ensure that what you are getting is top of the line and won’t give you any issues later.

There are a lot of things to consider when you are in the market. It can get very confusing. You don’t want to be one of those guys that stand in one place because he can’t choose yet.

It is tiring and a waste of time. So, let us tell you everything you need to know.

Where You Live

It would be best if you got to know about your surroundings. Channels vary from place to place. You won’t get hundreds of free channels in the woods or a small town secluded elsewhere.

So, if you live outside the city, it would be best to have something that has a very strong reception.


Most people use 4K smart TVs in this day and age, but if you get a rabbit ear antenna for it, you might need to double-check it. If the product is not compatible with the TV, then there is no point in buying it.

Well, thankfully, most rabbit ear antennas these days are capable of handling any HDTVs. So, you most probably won’t face this issue, but you can never be too safe.

However, if you have an older TV, then checking it would be more than a wise choice.

Signal Strength

More than having a powerful signal, you need to get a product that will give you the same good signal consistently. Consistency is better than strength in a lot of cases.

It does not matter if your connection can reach 40 miles, but always has ups and downs. The chances are that you may get a horrible experience when you need to watch TV the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channels will I get with a rabbit ear antenna?

Rabbit ear antennas can primarily get UHS and VHS signals. There are a lot of free channels that use these.

Do Rabbit ear antennas work in this day and age?

Yes, they do. A lot of channels use the same signal they have been using in the past.

Are rabbit ear antennas necessary?

It is the best option when you are trying to save up money.

Can I watch TV on 4K with these antennas?

You have to check if the antenna is capable of 4K or not at first. 4K TV will also be compulsory.

Do I need the internet for rabbit ear antennas?

It is not necessary to have an internet connection when you set up the antenna. Most of the work is offline.


Out of hundreds of products, we gave you a list of the best rabbit ear antennas available. These antennas are top of the line, and you will get an amazing experience with them. Rabbit ear antennas are the best option when it comes to saving up money.

There are no easy ways to watch hundreds of channels for free without using an antenna like this. Even then, to have the best experience, you have to get the perfect product. For that, you can follow our guide. Say goodbye to a monthly subscription and hello to a free world.

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