Best Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

Best Remanufactured Ink Cartridges 2022

The best remanufactured ink cartridges provide a cost-effective option for cartridge replacement. You see, printing machines don’t work without inks. That’s why you purchase a new printer complete with filled cartridges. But the ink is not bound to last forever. The cartridges will soon run dry.

The nightmare begins when that happens. Where do I get my next ink supply from? That’s always the big question.

Most manufacturers recommend fidelity to original ink cartridges. However, brand name options have a high price tag and may take aeons to get to you. Your solution, therefore, lies in considering generic cartridges.

Remanufactured cartridges come with three significant advantages. Firstly, some of them have reputable names with many years of market presence. They are readily available. Finally, and more importantly, is the fact that they come at a fraction of what their EOM counterparts cost.

Now, what makes a suitable aftermarket ink cartridge?

Top Pick

ejet Remanufactured Ink Cartridge

ejet Remanufactured Ink

  • Top quality print output
  • Professional and secure packaging.
  • Compatible with Printer : DeskJet Series, Envy Series:, OfficeJet Series

Comparison Chart For Top 10 Generic Ink Cartridges


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ejet HP 63XL
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  • A green printing choice.
  • Displayable ink capacity.
  • ISO standards and accreditations.
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LxTek 61XL
  • Has a smart chip.
  • Great page yield.
  • Color fidelity and explicit texts.
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ejet Canon PG-240XL CL-241XL 240 XL 241 XL
  • Ideal for Canon PIXMA printers.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • 630 page yield for black and 560 for tricolor.
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GREENBOX 245 and 246
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AISEN 245 and 246
  • Ideal for Canon models.
  • Operates on low power.
  • Easy to use.
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Uniwork Epson 410XL 410 XL T410XL
  • Great option for Epson owners.
  • Also ideal for upgraded printing devices.
  • A pack of 5 cartridges.
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Valuetoner HP 950XL 951XL
  • Ideal for HP machines.
  • Saves energy.
  • Easy to use.
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Best Remanufactured Ink Cartridges Reviews

1. GREENBOX Re-Manufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP 63XL | Best Inkjet Replacement Cartridges

Talk about brands when buying replacement cartridges, then GREENBOX is one of the most reputable names in the market. The manufacturer has been in the market for ages. Over this period, the company strives to maintain its renowned name with a range of amazing products. One of those products is the GREENBOX Re-Manufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP 63XL.

It is a highly versatile generic cartridge model. It allows compatibility to arrange of HP inkjet printers. Notably, you can use it with most HP ENVY 4510, 4520, 4512, and 4525, among other popular ENVY models.

The ink is also compatible with a range of DeskJet and OfficeJet printers. You will find it useful for HP DeskJet 5230-5234 as well as DeskJet 3630 through to 3639. OfficeJet Models include the famous, HP OfficeJet 3830, 5200, 3833, and 5252, among many others.

The package contains a pair of cartridges. It has a single black 63XL cartridge and a tricolor 63XL cartridge. Interestingly, this combination conveniently prints out nearly everything you need from your device.

Finally, the productivity of the GREENBOX remanufactured ink is not in question. Sufficient ink levels have favorable productivity. The page yield for the tri-color and black cartridges is 330 and 480 pages, respectively.

Highlighted Features

  • The product features high compatibility levels.
  • It is easy to fit into the printing machine.
  • It has high page yields.
  • The package contains both color and black cartridges.

2. ejet Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP 63XL | Best Refilled Ink Cartridges

The ejet Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP 63XL is a true testimony that you can save on the cost of ink replacement without compromising print quality. After rigorous quality control measures, the company gives users an ink that guarantees vivid colors and sharp texts.

The cartridge is an outcome of a patented formula that delivers unbeatable quality. You can print both texts and images that meet the needs of your clients. Even more, the company gives product performance an ultimate attention as it tests each cartridge that it produces for quality.

It comes with a user guide for effortless installation and use. But even without that, you have to give it to the ejet HPXL when it comes to convenience and ease of use. Simply remove the protective cover and insert the cartridge as you’d to with an EOM option. Print a sample page and cherish the results.

It is a replacement for the famous HP 63XL cartridges. That makes it compatible with OfficeJet 5258, 5255, 5260, and 3831, to mention a few. This machine also covers DeskJet printing tools such as the DeskJet 1110, 1112, 3632, and 3636, and many others.

And, as you’d expect, there are HP ENVY models that are also compatible with these refilled inks. The ENVY 4513, 4524, 4516, 4517, and 4522 are a few of the models that this product perfectly fits in.

Highlighted Features

  • It is easy to use and install.
  • It is ideal for HP 63 XL Replacements.
  • It features high page yields.
  • It guarantees remarkable quality.
  • The product is ISO certified.

3. JARBO Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP 63XL | Best Replacement Ink Cartridges

The first, and often the primary reason why people look for aftermarket ink options is to save on costs. JARBO meets that requirement through the famous JARBO Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP 63XL. The company ensures that you print more for less.

Purchasing this ink cartridge will not leave a dent in your bank account. The pricing is pretty affordable. But even more incredibly, the company doesn’t compromise quality. It blends reliability, high-value, and performance in a single device to come up with an ink cartridge that surpasses expectations.

Vivid and balanced colors characterize the exceptional print quality. This is credited to the clean green chip and complex sprinkler optical technologies that the company deploys. Print outs are, therefore, smooth and consistent. Just don’t worry about the font size.

Ordering any JARBO product guarantees the delivery of a correctly working product. If you ever wonder why then note that the company has a comprehensive product inspection service in place before dispatch. Besides, the product packaging is often safe and secure.

Any environmentalist will consider greener printing options. The JARBO 63XL fits the bill perfectly well. It utilizes less energy during operation, making it a favorite for most of us who value the environment.

The 63XL from JARBO is compatible with most HP inkjet printers. You can use it with the DeskJet 1110-1112, 3630-3637, and 2130-2134 HP printing machines. Notable models in the HP ENVY series that are compatible with this remanufactured ink cartridge include the 4520, 4510-4513, 4522-4538, and 4516-4517 models.

Highlighted Features

  • It is easy to install and take out.
  • ISO accredits it.
  • It has broad compatibility with most HP products.
  • It features a displayable ink capacity.
  • It features a remarkable page yield.

4. IKONG Compatible Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP 950XL 951XL | Best Non-EOM Ink Cartridges

The price of OEM ink cartridges is an eyesore. No one ever wants to look at the prices twice. But since printing must never stop, we need companies such as IKONG to save the day with reliable but less costly ink options. A perfect example is the IKONG HP 950XL 951XL Compatible Ink Cartridge Replacement.

It is an incredible product for anyone with HP printer models that support 950 or 951 inks. Often, these printing machines consist of those of the HP OfficeJet Pro series. They include the 8100, 8610, 8600, and 8615, among other subsequent releases in the series.

Interestingly, the ink combo comes with cartridges for up to 4 ink variations. At a perfectly affordable price, you get a package containing a black, yellow, cyan, and magenta colors.

Unlike their predecessors, the 950 and 951 inks, the XL variants have a higher page yield. The page yield is twice as many as those of their predecessors. This ensures that you have an ink that will serve you for longer. Also, this feature ensures that you save money from frequent reorders.

Highlighted Features

  • The pack contains up to four colors.
  • It is affordable, yet has a remarkable page yield.
  • It guarantees accurate and vibrant colors.
  • It prints smoothly and consistently.
  • The chip provides accurate ink levels.

5. LxTek Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP 61XL | Best Generic Printer Ink

We end our review with a LxTek product. Firstly, it is essential to know that the company is one of the best manufactures of aftermarket printing supplies. It has a versatile range of products. But here, we will deal with the most popular item from the market leader, the LxTek Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP 61XL.

Like most aftermarket supplies, the cost of this cartridge is just a fraction of the brand name options. Yet, the LxTek product guarantees an equal page yield at remarkable print quality. Everyone is in the know that original 61XL inks will yield 480 and 330 pages for tri-color and black inks, respectively.

The replacement comes with a smart chip that not only adds reliability to your printing work but also the ink capacity level visible. The latter ensures that you are not caught unawares by dry cartridges.

Finally, the LxTek 61XL is compatible with a wide range of machines. If you have the HP ENVY 4500-4505, then you have yourself sorted. It is also compatible with a versatile range of DeskJet models. Owners of HP DeskJet 3050A-3052A, 1000, 2546-2549, and 2540-2544, among others, will find themselves sorted. It is also compatible with a range of Officejet printers.

Highlighted Features

  • It features a wide range of HP compatibility.
  • The pack is a tri-color and black cartridge combo.
  • It guarantees crisp texts and accurate colors.
  • Smart chip shows ink levels.
  • The page yield matches that of OEM cartridges.

Buyer’s Guide For Remanufactured Cartridges

You stand a better chance to purchase an excellent compatible ink cartridge if you understand the features and specifications of an ideal product. These factors should help you get a product that meets your needs.


Irrespective of how good a cartridge is, you can’t purchase it if it doesn’t fit into your printing device. That makes compatibility the first and most essential feature to look out for in a generic ink cartridge. How do you know that a cartridge is compatible with your machine?

Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

Well, manufacturers of generic cartridge models often list the printer brands that are compatible with the ink cartridge. They even go the extra mile to provide the brand models and numbers that match the ink cartridge. The information is available on product/manufacturer websites and online stores.


Like printers, remanufactured cartridges also have brands. Epson, HP, Brother Solutions, and Canon are some of the most popular printer brands. You won’t find such names on aftermarket inks. However, you will find a good number of reputable brands to choose from.

Consider buying from companies whose manufacturing standards and qualities are above reproach. The yardstick for manufacturing these inks should involve a detailed process. This should include rigorous cleaning and refilling. Finally, the company must also ensure comprehensive product testing.


Let’s set the record straight. Purchasing third-party ink cartridges doesn’t mean that you will be resigning yourself to low-quality printouts. In fact, the best remanufactured ink cartridges will conveniently stand up to their brand name counterparts. Of course, this is despite their comparatively moderate pricing.

Print quality is a critical component in printing. There is no doubt that ink quality and other supplies are responsible for the overall print output. Look out for models that guarantee color fidelity, text clarity, and image sharpness. Since this is difficult to know before you try your hand on one, consider customer appraisals and expert reviews.

Page Yield

Do you intend to shop for printer ink cartridges every too often? Well, no one is looking to go through the heartache frequently. So, page yield becomes a vital aspect when shopping for aftermarket ink cartridges. Apart from saving you the stress, page yield also determines the productivity of your business.

Consider options with as high page yield as possible. This should be in relation to the price. Note that manufacturers often state the ink page yield after performing in-house testing. That should guide you in making a decision.

Final Words

Aftermarket cartridges have a lot of benefits. They are less costly yet provide similar or even better print quality in comparison to EOM options.

You will only enjoy these benefits if you muster the ins and outs of the best remanufactured toner cartridges. We have provided you with everything you need in this article. Hopefully it’ll help you make the right choice.

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