Best Scanner for Medium Format Film

Best Scanner for Medium Format Film 2020

Does your cupboard contain those film reels from your childhood which have been screaming to be noticed by you?Do they finally have your attention?

Good! But now, are you confused what to do with them?

Well, easy peasy! You can digitize them. Physical photos are nice. But that are not really shareable. Even if you scan the photos, the resolution may not always satisfy you.

Moreover, they have got specks of dust on them. So, how about extracting the photos directly from the films? That way, the dust accumulated over them will not trigger your OCD anymore and you can even enrich your social media accounts with their timeless glory. But how?

Obviously, all you need is a film scanner. Now, tell me the format of those films. Are they medium format? If so, this article is dedicated to you. Here, we have narrowed down the finest picks for you. Besides, our buying guide will tell you how to purchase the best scanner for medium format film.

Comparison Chart For Medium Format Film Scanners



Epson Perfection V600

  • Resolution: 6400 x 9600 dpi
  • Enlargement: up to 17” x 22”
  • Supported films:  6 cm x 22 cm


  • Resolution: 22 MP
  • File Format: JPEG
  • Image sensor: 14 MP CMOS


  • Resolution: 22 MP
  • File Format: JPEG
  • Supported films: Super 8 & 8mm


  • Resolution: 22 MP
  • File Format: JPEG
  • Supported films: 8 mm,35 mm etc.

Wolverine Titan

  • Resolution: 20 MP
  • File Format: JPEG
  • Conversion time: 3 sec

KODAK MobileFilm Scanner

  • Supported films: 35mm
  • Power source: AA batteries
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces

Magnasonic All-in-One

  • Resolution: 22 MP
  • File Format: JPEG
  • Memory: 128 MB

Wolverine Digital MovieMaker Pro

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • File Format: MPEG-4 (MP4)
  • Supported films: 8 mm & super 8

Wolverine SNAP20

  • Resolution: 20 MP
  • Conversion time: 5 sec
  • Supported films: 35 mm


  • Resolution: 22 MP
  • File Format: JPG
  • Memory: 128 MB

Top Scanners for Medium Format Film Reviews

1.Epson Perfection V600

Have you been looking for a scanner that will not only digitize your medium format films, but also will work proficiently with photos and negatives? Then Epson Perfection V600 is the one you should check out.

This affordable scanner can handle medium-format films up to 6cm x 22cm with ease. Moreover, if you would like to scan your photos, the size limit would be 8.5” x 11.7″. Other than that, it can also work with negatives and slides.

But what about the quality? Well, you will be glad to know that this device can capture your media with a supreme resolution of 6400 x 9600 dpi. It is adorned with 48-bit depth.Hence, your scans will be well pigmented and precise through and through. Not only that, it lets you have enlarged photos up to 17” x 22” from your films. That too without distorting them.

This high-tech scanner does not demand you to be a tech savvy to operate it. It comes with four customizable buttons. These are just what you for scanning, copying, creating e-mail attachments or even PDF files in a breeze.

It has Energy Efficient Ready Scan LED light source for Epson knows the value of your time and money. On being turned on, it does not take any warm up time. Besides, it processes your scans pretty fast. Hence, at one hand, it is saving your time and, on another hand, it is making sure that you are not overusing electricity because of scanning.

Now moving on, let’s talk about how it provides you with professional quality scans. This scanner works with a combination of a bunch of software depending on the type of your media.

For films,it has a dedicated software named Digital ICE for films. It works in a way so thatscratch marks or flakes of dust on the film reelscannot come between you and picture-perfect scans.This is one of the major reasons why photography enthusiasts are going gaga over the scanner.

Another noteworthy coming this scanner isArcSoftPhotoStudio. If your old film reels are in not so good condition or if the vibrancy of your photos are faded, with this software you can bring back their lustrousness in the digital version.

Highlighted Features

  • The digitized images will have 6400 x 9600 dpi.
  • Prolifically scans film up to 6cm x 22cm.
  • Comes with a number of efficient software.
  • Saves energy and time.
  • Offers enlargements up to 17” x 22”.


Do you want make sure that your captured memories never go missing from your reach? Well, no matter how old they are, now you can digitize your films and photos to make sure that they are always intact behind your computer screen. Thanks to Kodak Slide and Scan Film Scanner.

With this fancy and gorgeous looking scanner, digitizing your films, negative or slides are just a matter of seconds for you. It can effortlessly present you with 14/22MP digital pictures from 50mm Slides [135, 110, 126mm)] or Old Color & B&W Negatives [135, 110, 126mm]. 

It comes with 5” LCD display which features GALLERY MODE. On its screen, you can preview your scans. Also, you know what? This scanner can be used as photo frame! When you use it positioning the scanner on your desk or coffee table, the scanned pictures serve as a photo frame. Moreover, its easily navigable screens will guide you while converting and then editingthe scans.

To help you scan without hassle, it comes with a quick-feeding tray.You can continuously and conveniently load your films in it which results in an easygoing and quick scanning experience.Besides, its slide holder is apt for 50mm slide and the adapters can bear 135, 110 & 126 films.

You can directly save your digitized picture in its external SD card slot. It allows cards up to 32 GB. However, you have to buy it separately. Or you may transfer your files to any computer with the USB cable included in the box. The package also includes a cleaning brush and HDMI Cables other than the adapters and USB cable.

Highlighted Features

  • Ensures 14/22MP for your digitized images.
  • It lets you scan with ease.
  • Can be used as an electronic photo frame.
  • Scans in a pretty fast pace.
  • Allows 50mm Slides [135, 110, 126mm)] or Old Color & B&W Negatives [135, 110, 126mm].

3.KODAK Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanner

If you want an adorably tiny film scanner for your medium format films, here you go! KODAK Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanner will get everything done for you with perfection.

This tiny machine is capable of converting Old 135, 110, 126,Super 8 & Monochrome Negatives & Slides into precisely detailed 14/22 Megapixel resolution digital images. Its 2.4” LCD lets you preview your scans and is enabled with One-Press Scanning technology to make scanning simpler for you.

The machine does not require any additional software to edit your images. The easy-read buttons on the screen move through the different menu options to let you choose wisely. It alsopermits you to adjust brightness and RGB values.

Moreover, it comes with distinctive accessories to handleyour media. The Negative Adapter, 110 Negative Film Tray, Super8 Slide Tray, Slide Adapter, 110 Negative Slide Tray coming in the package will make sure you can enjoy an orderly scanning experience.

Now, let me ask you something. Do you prefer to scan from studios because you are scared of making mistakes? Well, fret not. To err is human and keeping that in mind, Kodak enabled this machine to undo your mistakes. In case, you load any film inverted or upside down, you can correct your images with its flip and mirror tools. How thoughtful of Kodak, don’t you think?

This smart scanner is able to do everything all by itself, without needing any computer. All you have to do is install the specific adapter for each media type. After that, the device will quickly convert them into JPEG files.

It comes with an internal memory of 128 MB. You can either store your files in it or you can use up its external memory. But to do the latter, you have to buy an additional memory card up to 32 GB. So, bask in the glory of your nostalgia and make others nostalgic with you too!

Highlighted Features

  • It lets you enhance your photos from 14 MP to 22 MP for certain film types.
  • Has an in-built memory of 128 mb.
  • Does not need a computer.
  • Converts images to JPEG files.
  • It lets you rectify if there has been any mistake while loading films.

4.KODAK SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanner

How precious are memories for you? Can you compromise with the resolution of those memories which only exist in pictures but are timeless? Well, to keep them intact forever, digitize with KODAK SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanner.

This device can efficiently convert your 35mm,110, 126, Super 8 & 8mm FilmSlides&Negatives into clear and vivid JPEG files. The optical resolution of the pictures scanned with this machine will be 14MP. Whereas, the interpolated resolution can even aim for 22MP!

You can turn this device on in only 3 seconds. Its built-in 14mp camera takes shots of the developed films to extract photos from them. But bear in mind that the films must be developed beforehand. Otherwise, you cannot process them.Additionally, the machine lets you save electricity as it gets turned off automatically unless it has not been used for 10 minutes.

This machine has three soft keys on its 3.5″ LCD color screen. These 3 keys are sufficient for you to operate this device. The screen shows you previews of your scans.It can be tilted up as well for simpler operation. Its horizontal slot takes yourcommands and makes adjusts brightness or colors as per your taste.

Moreover, the device offers you One-Touch technology. So, just touching the screen once, you can accomplish your desired task- be it scanning or editing.The adapter trays coming with the scanner are designed for you to easily and quickly load films. After they are done, you can transfer the files to a computer with either the USB cable coming in the package or a 32 GB SD card. In case of SD cards, you have to purchase is separately.

KODAK SCANZA is compatible with Windows and Mac. The scanner comes along with aUSB Power Cable, AC Adapter, Video Cable,HDMI Cable & Film Cleaning Brush. So, dust out your films and start scanning right away!

Highlighted Features

  • Provides you with 14/22 mp scans.
  • Scans by taking snaps of already developed films with its in-built camera.
  • Offers one touch technology.
  • Saves energy and time.
  • Easy to maneuver.

5.Wolverine Titan 8-in-1 High Resolution Film to Digital Converter

The last pick on our list is beautiful Wolverine Titan Digital Converter. This machine will proficiently provide you with 5472 x 3648 dpi images from 35mm, 126Kpk, 127 (1.5×1. 5″), 110, Advantex APS slides & negatives. And guess what? The device will make it happen in only 3 seconds!

This standalone machine does not need to be backed with any computer or software. With its 20 MP sensor, it processes your films into JPEG files with dexterity.

On its 4.3″ color LCD screen, you can preview your scans and the nitty-gritties regarding scanning information.It also helps you in customizing brightness and color adjustments.

To ensure you a flexible scanning experience, it come withspecific speed-load adapters suited for each type of media.You can save the digitized files in its internal memory and then transfer them to a computer with USB cable. If that seems like an extra step for you, you can utilize its external memory card slot that can accommodate up to 32 GB SD/SDHC cards. The machine is compatible with MAC and WINDOWS.

Moreover, if you want to revel in nostalgia along with your family, you can use any HDMI cable and view your memories playing on tv screen. To power up this device, you can opt foreither USB connection or AC power using the included power adapter.

This brilliant scanner comes with a 35mm Negative Adapter, USB Power Adapter, 35mm Slide Adapter, 110/APS Negatives Insert, 110 Slide Insert, USB Cable, 8mm/Super 8 Adapter and Cleaning Brush.

Highlighted Features

  • Converts 35mm, 126Kpk, 127 (1.5×1. 5″), 110, Advantex APS slides & negatives.
  • Its LED backlight helps in Single pass operation.
  • Has a 20 MP sensor.
  • Only takes 3 seconds to process your scans.
  • Has a decent internal and external memory.

Medium Format Film Scanner Buying Guide


The reason you are buying a film scanner is that you never want to go wrong resolution. So, buy a scanner with decent resolution.

Since you are directly scanning from films, your photos are bound to have high quality.So, unless your films are in pretty shape,a 3200 dpi scanner will just be fine for you.

Ease of Use

You do not want to torture yourself by buying a scanner that is arduous to operate. So, get yourself a scanner with simplistic features. The best medium format film scanner models usually feature one touch technology. Their displays are easily navigable and work as helpful guides in this task.

Software Handled Scanners VS Standalone Scanners

If you want to convert your medium format films flawlessly, you may go for scanners that come with editing software. They help you in customize your pictures like a professional but with minimal effort. They may also enhance the quality of your scans. So, the digital versions will be perfect even if the films are in not so well condition.

On the other hand, standalone scanners may also come with independent features to provide you with spotless scans. Besides, they are easier to run.So, pick the one you think suits you the most.

Final Words

If you are a photo junkie,here you’ll find the best scanner for medium format film for you. All of them are equipped with essential features to let you scan your films in a breeze. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the nicest scanner and start digitizing your films at your heart’s content.

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