Best Thermal Label Printer

Best Thermal Label Printer 2022

A thermal printer is an essential tool for offices and businesses looking to find an in-house solution to the printing of labels, tags, addresses, receipts, barcodes, wristbands, and many other unique items. But only the best thermal label printer will meet your expectations as well as the industry standards.

They are incredibly versatile machines that use an inkless technology to create packaging and shipping materials at lightning speeds. Such a feature makes them ideal for enterprises with bulk orders and short turnaround time.

Besides, it is interesting to note that the impressive print rates do not translate to low-quality printouts. Thermal printers deliver highly visible and durable prints. There’s a perfect balance between speed and quality.

However, choosing the right thermal printer is a tedious task. A wrong choice will mean that the printing process will be tiresome, time-consuming, and characterized by poor quality results.

That is why we decided to come to the rescue of our esteemed readers with this elaborate article. You will find an exhaustive buying guide as well as up to 10 incredible models that you may consider.

Comparison Table For Top 10 Thermal Label Printers

ROLLO Label Printer
  • Speed: 150 mm/s or 238 labels/min.
  • Compatibility: Mac and Windows
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
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DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4XL
  • Speed: 29 labels/min.
  • Compatibility: Mac and Windows
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
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Brother QL-1100 Wide Format
  • Speed: 69 labels/min.
  • Compatibility: Windows
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
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MFLABEL Label Printer
  • Speed: 127 mm/sec.
  • Compatibility: Windows
  • Resolution: 203 dpi
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ZEBRA – GK420d
  • Speed: 127 mm/sec.
  • Compatibility: Windows and Mac
  • Resolution: 203 dpi
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Star MicronicsTSP143IIU GRY US ECO
  • Speed: 250 mm/sec.
  • Compatibility: Windows and Mac
  • Resolution: 203 dpi
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Epson TM-T20II
  • Speed: 200 mm/sec.
  • Compatibility: Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac
  • Resolution: 203 dpi
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Phomemo Label Printer
  • Speed: 150 mm/sec.
  • Compatibility: Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Resolution: 203 dpi
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  • Speed: 127 mm/sec.
  • Compatibility: Windows
  • Resolution: 203 dpi
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Phomemo M02S Mini Bluetooth
  • Speed: 200 mm/sec.
  • Compatibility: Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
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Best Thermal Label Printer Reviews

1. ROLLO Label Printer | Best Thermal Transfer Label Printer

If you are looking for a commercial-grade printer for high-volume printing, then the ROLLO Label Printer is an excellent pick. It is a direct thermal printer that prides itself on unbeatable speed, incredible productivity, and unimaginable reliability.

The device features a label printing speed of up to 238 labels per minute. The implication of this is that you can conveniently print between 5 to 5,000 labels every day without compromising the quality of your tags. Thus, this ROLLO machine is ideal for enterprises with high workloads.

Owning the thermal printer comes with unimaginable levels of printing convenience and versatility. You can easily print labels of any sizes and types.

Even more, if you are into the shipping business, then you will find your labels acceptable by significant courier companies such as UPS, DHL, USPS, and other international couriers.

It is also compatible with nearly all the major shipping platforms, so you don’t have to worry about the quality that this device can deliver. It is compatible with Ordoro, Ship Works, Endicia Dazzle,, and Ship Station, among others.

Finally, the printer features a modern, sleek, but rugged design to stand the test of time. The printing tool is low on maintenance and will serve you for a long time.

Highlighted Features

  1. It prints at an incredible high-speed and fantastic performance.
  2. It is easy to set up and use.
  3. You can use it with any type of direct thermal label.
  4. The wide-format option gives it the required versatility.
  5. It is compatible with all major couriers and shipping platforms.

2. DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4XL

While the market has many thermal label printers, all and out shipping label printers are not easy to come by. That’s basically because shipping labels have a lot of requirements without which a label isn’t acceptable.

The DYMO 1755120 Label Writer 4XL Thermal Label Printer is an excellent choice if you are looking for a printer for your shipping labels. It can conveniently print the standard 4 x 6-inch shipping labels at convenient costs. The labels are of high-quality and are pretty durable.

Like most modern DYMO thermal printers, the device comes with fantastic compatibility options. It is compatible with both Mac and PC machines, a feature that makes it a perfect tool for both Mac and PC users.

More versatility comes with the fact that you can easily print the labels from a selection of popular programs. You will find printing customized labels from MS Office, Quick Books, and Mac Address Book straightforward and convenient.

The printer features a terrific print resolution of up to 300 dpi. This enables the printing of crystal-clear labels for a variety of functions. You can also use these labels for Etsy, Amazon, and Etsy shipping, to mention a few.

Highlighted Features

  1. The device can deliver extra-large printouts.
  2. It comes with many pre-designed label templates.
  3. The device also allows customization of labels.
  4. It is a perfect tool for printing shipping labels.
  5. You can as well print your labels from popular selling platforms.

3. Brother QL-1100

Interestingly, you can own a top-quality thermal printer without breaking the bank, thanks to the Brother QL-1100 Wide Format Professional Thermal Label Printer. While the device stands out for its versatility, its pricing is incredibly affordable.

It stands out as a perfect barcode thermal printer. Even more, acquiring this machine gives you the convenience to perform a range of other thermal printing functions. It is also an ideal tool for people looking for addresses, mailing, and postage labels.

Besides versatility and convenience, the Brother QL-1100 features exciting label printing speeds and excellent print resolution. The device can print up to 69 labels per minute.

Moreover, it does this at an impressive print resolution of 300 dpi. Such a fantastic combination means that you can print your faster without compromising the quality of your labels.

If you are looking for a thermal printing tool that is easy to use, this is a perfect choice for you. The Plug and Label feature ensures that you can conveniently use the device without stressful software installation. Doesn’t this make using the device more straightforward?

More convenience comes with the fact that the printer features an automatic cutter. You can, therefore, print barcode labels from A4 templates and trim to suit your needs.

Highlighted Features

  1. It efficiently produces wide-format labels.
  2. The automatic cutter makes printing from more significant templates easier.
  3. The USB host interface allows for use with a scanner.
  4. Plug and label design quickens the process of printing labels.
  5. It is versatile and ideal for a range of label printing applications.

4. MFLABEL Label Printer

One of the primary reasons why thermal printers remain a favorite for many is because you don’t use any inks. Don’t you think that it would be a great idea to evade the inconvenience that comes with ordering toners and messy ink refills? Well, every environmentalist will love this.

The MFLABEL Label Printer is one such device. So, you can expect that the ink-free technology that the printer utilizes will give you clean and convenient printing.

But what makes the printer different from other thermal printers?

Firstly, this simple printing machine strikes a perfect balance between speed and quality incomparably. It can reliably print at 127 mm/sec. While the print speed is sufficient, the device doesn’t sacrifice much on quality.

It features a print resolution of 203 dpi. The implication of this fantastic combination means that you can print faster and still deliver amazing print quality.

Another illustrious feature of the MFLABEL machine is that you can easily print labels of different sizes. You can print labels that are as small as 1.57 inches in width to those that have widths of 4.25 inches. This versatility allows you to print labels for a variety of applications.

Highlighted Features

  1. It is compatible with Windows PCs.
  2. The USB connectivity option is fast and reliable.
  3. It features a perfect balance between quality and speed.
  4. You can easily adjust the print format to suit your needs.
  5. It is ideal for printing labels for most online shopping platforms.

5. Zebra – GK420d | Best Thermal Transfer Printer

Whether thermal or otherwise, a good printer should bring into the table some unbeatable versatility. That’s the biggest selling point of the Zebra – GK420d Direct Thermal Desktop Printer.

It is a versatile machine that you will find convenient for a range of activities. Notably, this thermal printer can handle the printing of wrist bands, receipts, tags, barcodes as well as both shipping and packaging labels. That certainly makes it a good inclusion for any business or office.

That aside, the Zebra – GK420d is a high-end device that features incredible compatibility and connectivity options. It uses parallel port connectivity, USB connectivity, and serial connectivity options.

Besides, while most devices in this list are only compatible with Windows machines, this thermal printer will surprise you. It is reliably compatible with both Mac and Windows devices.

Finally, there is no better way to save time and money than with the Zebra – GK420d. Establishing an in-house is an incredible way to save money as you can opt for cost-effective labels for your business. The device also utilizes less energy as compared to most models.

Highlighted Features

  1. It is a dependable device for printing labels for various applications.
  2. It is an energy-efficient device.
  3. It is compatible with both Mac and PC devices.
  4. It is easy to use with straightforward connectivity options.

Thermal Printer Buying Guide

It is essential to understand what makes up an excellent thermal printer before putting your money on any model. Now, gear up for our short buying guide on thermal printers.

Look out for the following factors;

Print Resolution

Quality comes first in the printing industry, and that includes thermal printing. You need to ensure that the device you are putting your money on will deliver high-quality prints that are not only crystal-clear and legible but also durable.

Interestingly, the quality that a printer can produce relies on the resolution of the printer, a feature that is measured in dpi. Thermal printers are no different.

Thermal Label Printer

However, for the resolution of thermal printing devices, you shouldn’t expect significant figures comparable to those of laser or inkjet models. Instead, at 203 dpi, a thermal device will conveniently produce incredible prints. Even more, thermal printers with 300 dpi are considerably the finest.

Print Speed

We know that this may not be of any importance to you if you are simply looking for a low-volume thermal printer for occasional labeling tasks.

However, the best thermal printer for label for you would be the one that has an ideal rate to meet the needs of your business or office. That’s why anyone looking to achieve high printing demands will need to consider the printing speed of their preferred printing device.

Often, the printing of labels happens on specialty papers, and the process is quite intricate. That means that the speed will be considerably slower than when you are printing on plain paper.

Despite that, it shouldn’t take you a whole hour to print a single label. The print rates of thermal printers are measured in mm/second, inches/second, or number labels per minute.

Compatibility And Connectivity

Interestingly, you will need to take special notice of the compatibility and connectivity options that the printer of your choice has. Not all printing devices will work with all operating systems.

While nearly all printers are compatible with Windows PC machines, not all thermal printers are compatible with Mac devices. You will need to be more vigilant if you intend to pair the printer you are looking for with a Mac computing machine.

Finding a printer that is compatible with other operating systems such as Linux, iOS, and Android is equally a difficult task, and you will need to confirm compatibility before you make a purchase.

When it comes to connectivity, most thermal printers use a reliable connection method. So, you can quickly establish a secure connection between the printing and the computing devices via a USB cable.

Print Format

Another critical factor that we would like to discuss in the print format. What is the largest label that you will print?

Indeed, that will depend on the sizes of your products or packaging boxes. Standard label sizes are often 4 x 6 inches. This should be okay for a range of standard products.

However, larger products will require larger labels. That’s why you may need to consider wide-format printers when shopping for your ideal device. Roll-fed options will print extraordinary lengths.

Final Words

Arguably, one of the biggest challenges that office and business owners have to contend with when they decide to add a new printing device into the setup is the type of printing technology. Should you go laser, inkjet, or thermal?

But once you decide to invest in a thermal printer, you need a model that will deliver as desired. Just we have discussed in our buying guide above, look out for compatibility, convenient speed, high resolution, and the appropriate printing format.

In this article, we have delved deeply into why these factors are essential. We have also included up to 10 thermal printer models that you could choose from. Hopefully, this information will help you to find the best thermal label printer for your label printing objectives.

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