Best Zink Printer

Best Zink Printer 2022

Unless you have been living inside a cave, you must have heard the common utterance u2018Pics, or it did not happen.’

So, brace yourselves for we have already entered an era to instantly print the pictures to show the naysayers that it indeed happened.

Digital pictures are a blessing of modern science. However, the feelings you get from handheld pictures cannot be compensated with digital pictures.

Nevertheless, a lot of us do not want to invest in the lump sum of regular printers. That is where zink printers come in handy.

Using zero ink technology, these portable instant printers can print pictures on specialized zink papers without any ink toner or cartridges. As a result, it has garnered quite popularity among youngsters.

So, if you want to know which could be the best zink printer for you, go through this article and thank us later.

Top Pick

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

Fujifilm Instax Mini

  • Speed : Photo prints in just 12 sec.
  • App: Yes (Instax mini Link).
  • Photo Printing: smartphone, camera.
  • Print from Video: Yes.

Comparison Chart For Top Zink Printers

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link
  • Can print within 12 seconds.
  • Super fun filters and modes
  • Pictures with 318 dpi.
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Polaroid ZIP
  • Damage resistant pictures.
  • Prints in a minute.
  • Directly prints from social media.
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Polaroid MintPocket Printer
  • Pictures with sticky backs.

  • Water and tear proof photos.
  • Allows photo print with captions.
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Kodak Dock
  • Supports docking 2 devices.
  • Prints bigger pictures.
  • Lets you print from digital camera.
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Brother VC-500W
  • Supports background changing.
  • AirPrint enabled.
  • Durable pictures and labels.
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HP Sprocket
  • Print from social media.

  • Customizebefore printing.
  • Sticky backed photos.
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Lifeprint 2×3
  • Connect to global printer network.
  • Customized photos with memes.
  • Print from social media.
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HP Sprocket(2nd Edition)
  • Has a sleep mode.
  • Smudge proof prints.
  • Connect multiple devices.
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Kodak HD Wireless Portable Mobile Instant Photo Printer
  • NFC enabled.
  • Prints in seconds.
  • Laminated protection prints.
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Polaroid MintWireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer (White)
  • Has built in Bluetooth.
  • App features wide range of filters.
  • Prints 50 photos if fully charged.
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Best Zink Printer Reviews

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini Link | Best Zink Photo Printer

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link is an adorable mini printer which will get you the tag of funky tech savvy in your friend circle. You can carry this light as feather printer to wherever you go and print your captured moments.

To connect it to your smartphone, you need to download the Mini Link app. After that, you can connect it via Bluetooth.

This tiny printer can print striking photos from your gallery with 12.5 dots/mm or 318 dpi. Not only that, using the u2018video print mode’ of its app, you can print your favorite moment from videos.

The u2018fun mode’ in the app lets you experiment with the photos with different kinds of collages and frames. In fact, you can combine it with your friends’ phones and make random collages.

This review will be incomplete if I don’t mention its u2018match test’. You can upload a couple photo or two separate photos. In the printed pictures, this eccentric feature tells you in percentage how compatible you two look together.

To make this verdict a bit realistic, it quizzes you to see how similar you are.

Aside from quirky frames and filters, you can retouch your pictures before printing for the finest outcome.

This portable printer can replicate an image within just 12 seconds. Its battery life allows it to print 100 photos at a stretch without being exhausted.

The device can be recharged in less than 120 minutes.

Most zink printers deletes pictures from their memory once they are printed. But if you want a second copy of the picture you just printed, simply turn the device upside down and press power button.

The supported image formats for this printer are PNG,JPEG,HEIF.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a plethora of entertaining modes.
  • Lets you edit pictures for the flawless outcome.
  • Produces paramount quality photographs with 318 dpi.
  • Able to print 100 photographs with a single recharge.
  • Can print a picture in 12 seconds.

2. Polaroid ZIP | Best Portable Zink Printer

Polaroid ZIP Mini Printer will make your travels even more exhilarating with its unique features and vibrant printed images.

This printer can be connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Besides, it is NFC enabled. Moreover, you can directly print from your social media accounts.

Downloading its free mobile app, you can enjoy numerous exciting features. It allows you to edit pictures before printing to ensure picture perfect outcome.

Moreover, it allows you to make collages combining maximum 4 pictures.

You can also add amusing stickers and filters to your filters. You can doodle on your pictures as well. So, get ready to channel your inner child and have fun with it.

This printer can print 1 picture per minute on an average. Its battery life lasts up to 25 prints. The batter takes 1.5 hour to be fully charged.

The 2u201d x 3u201d sized prints come with sticky backs. So, if you are a scrapbook enthusiast or love to stick around pictures, this gadget will make your life easier.

Now coming to its most favorable aspect, this inexpensive printer gives you the privilege to have u2018lifeproof’ pictures. That is to say, the zink papers come with protective layers which hinder any kind of damage.

Highlighted Features

  • NFC enabled.
  • Can print directly from social media.
  • Pictures have sticky backs.
  • Pictures are resistant to any kind of external damage.
  • The free app allows you to make quirky edits.

3. Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer | Best No Ink Printer

Get ready for the ultimate personalized printing experience with Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer. This sleek printer can get inside your pocket in exchange of a few bucks.

But just spending this little amount of money, you can enjoy versatile features and instantly print pictures to heart’s content.

To start with, this detail-oriented printer ensures the quality of prints are crisp and well saturated. It can print a picture in less than a minute.

This printer takes 2 hours to be charged. Once you fully charged, it can print up to 50 pictures.

With the help of mint app, you can edit your pictures before printing to make sure they are flawless. You can also play around with the offbeat filters, frames and stickers.

It does not end here. To give it more personal touch, it can print the polaroid pictures with different colorful captions and doodles.

The 2 x 3 inches printed pictures are resistant to damages and can last a lifetime. They come with peel off sticky backs to help you paste them wherever you want.

To connect this wireless printer to your device, you need to use Bluetooth. After that, it can access your gallery, social media and directly print from them.

Highlighted Features

  • You can add personalized captionswith filters and frames to the pictures.
  • Charging once, you can print up to 50 pictures.
  • Edit your photos before printing for picture perfect outcome.
  • The protective layers help the pictures last a lifetime.
  • Can print directly from social media accounts.

4. Kodak Dock | Best Zero Ink Photo Printer

Kodak Dock is a high-tech instant printer which will give you a printing experience like never before.

This gadget can be connected to your device via Bluetooth, wifi or USB cable. But let me tell you that being connected with a USB, it can simultaneously dock (charge) two devices from the dock and from the USB port.

However, make sure to use only high-quality adapters to do that. The safest option is to stick with the one that comes in the packet.

The printer is equipped with PictBridge. So, now you can have the gratification of printing from your digital camera as well.

The printer supports JPEG image format.

This machine is enabled with one touch printing to save you from all the technicalities. But it does not mean that you cannot have fun with your pictures.

By downloading its free companion app, you can use plethora of stickers, collage maker, card templates, filters and so on.

This printer can replicate a photo within the span of a minute.

Kodak Dock is not necessarily heavy but it is bulkier than most other zink printers. But it also lets you print bigger pictures in 4u201d x 6u201d.

Unlike the other printers on this list, it uses photo cartridges. The Thermal Transfer Technology secures the pictures and prevents them from bleeding or fading.

It also makes them water resistant. So, the photos are usually long-lasting

Highlighted Features

  • Allows you to dock two smart devices at the same time.
  • Prints bigger pictures than regular instant printers.
  • The pictures wont bleed or fade.
  • Comes with a simple but fun app.
  • Lets you print from digital camera.

5. Brother VC-500W | Best Inkless Printer

Brother VC-500W is a pleasantly oddball on this list for its capacity is not just limited to image printing. It also allows you to print stellar labels to enhance the vivacity of your spaces.

This adorable device can help you in making customized gift wraps, invitations, props, greeting cards and home décor. Besides, if you have a little sibling, helping them with their school project will be easier for you now.

To set it up with your device, you have to connect it to your WIFI. Doing so, it can not only access your photo gallery, but it also can print directly from social media.

The printer is also AirPrint enabled. So, you don’t even have to worry about a connection.

By downloading its free adjunct app, you can unleash your creative. There are diversified tags, filters, frames, fonts and so on for you to have fun with.

Not just that, it also lets you edit the background of your picture. So, even if you could not physically make it to Venice, this app will make it possible for you to have a picture there.

It warrants glossiest resolution photos with 313 dpi.

Now coming to labels, the P-touch Editor software lets you produce professional or eccentric labels however you may please.

Its paper rolls come with adhesive backs. You can stick them to any surface to beautify your home or accessories.

This compact printer can produce 2u201d x 17u201d pictures. The pictures are smudge, water and tear resistant. So, you can totally preserve this love in a photograph forever.

Highlighted Features

  • Lets you change the background of any picture.
  • The photos have adhesive backs
  • Prints labels and other fun accessories along with photos.
  • AirPrint enabled.
  • Long lasting pictures.

Zink Printer Buying Guide


First thing first, zink printers are usually inexpensive.

So, do not indulge in unnecessarily expensive instant printers which are only fancy to look at but cannot provide what it was designed to do.

However, it does not mean you should grab the cheapest one you can find. Before buying your desired gadget, compare its price and features to others. Then proceed to make your purchase.


Instant printers serve as a delight which can be carried to wherever you go.

Zink Printer

So, if you get yourself a bulky printer which makes it feel like a chore to be carried around, you are making the wrong choice.


Most instant printers come with an adjunct app. Before purchasing the printer, navigate through this app to see how easy it is to manipulate pictures and how much experimentative you can get with this.

It is the app which lets you understand if the particular option could be the best zero ink printer available for you.


Connectivity works as the crucial factor while buying a zink printer. If the printer you buy is not compatible with your device, you are surely going to regret your purchase.

Moreover, if your printer is both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, your printing experience is going to be more pleasurable.

Battery life

Battery life is another essential criterion you need to focus on when you buy a zink printer. Most instant printers come with a nonremovable but rechargeable battery.

Enquire your dealer about how many photos can be printed with a single time charging. If the answer satisfies you go on to buy it. Otherwise, say thank you, next.

Zink paper

I am assuming most of you know that instant printers thrive on zink papers.

But for the uninitiated, zink printers can only print on ink papers, nothing else. It is a multilayered thermal paper which eliminates the need of toner or ink cartridges.

Instead they are armored with the all the required ink for printing.

There are multitude ozink papers in the market which are resistant to heat, water, tear or any kind of damage. They come with sticky backs as well.

So, for the glossiest pictures, go for the printer which are compatible with the finest quality of zink papers.

Final Words

Zink printer technology has come a long way since its emergence. Because of the obsession of young generation with latest gadgets, tech industry is engineering new zink printers everyday as per market demand.

Nevertheless, all of them are not subpar. Hence, here we have narrowed down the list of best zero ink printer models so that you can spend your money wisely.

Which of these do you think is in accordance with your personality? Go ahead with that and flaunt your pictures to your friends and family.

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