Cheap Portable Photo Printer

Cheap Portable Photo Printer 2020

The availability of smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras make taking photos on the go pretty easy and convenient. However, most of these snapshots are retained in digital form or shared on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

Whether you consider this trendy or not, there comes a time when you need to have certain photos printed out on paper. It brings the nostalgia associated with age-old photo pints. That’s the primary reason why you will find yourself looking for a cheap portable photo printer.

If you are in that situation right now, then you are in the right place for the mission.

Comparison Table For Top 10 Cheap Portable Photo Printers



Polaroid ZIP Mini

  • Print Speed:60 secs/photo
  • Max. Media Size : 2×3 inches
  • Functions :Print

Kodak Dock Instant

  • Print Speed: 60 secs/photo
  • Max. Media Size : 4×6 inches
  • Functions :Print

Fujifilm INSTAX Share SP-2

  • Print Speed:10 secs/photo
  • Max. Media Size : 62 x 46mm
  • Functions : Print

Canon SELPHY CP1300

  • Print Speed:47 secs/photo
  • Max. Media Size :4×6 inches
  • Functions :Print

HP ENVY Photo 6222

  • Print Speed:12 ppm
  • Max. Media Size :8.5×11 inches
  • Functions :Print, scan, copy

Phomemo-M02 Mini

  • Print Speed: 12 secs/photo
  • Max. Media Size :2×3 inches
  • Functions : Print

HP Sprocket

  • Print Speed: 16 secs/photo
  • Max. Media Size :2×3 inches
  • Functions : Print

KiiPix Portable

  • Print Speed:18 secs/photo
  • Max. Media Size : 3×4 inches
  • Functions : Print, Scan

Lifeprint 2×3 Portable

  • Print Speed: 30 secs/photo
  • Max. Media Size : 2×3 inches
  • Functions : Print

Canon IVY Mobile Mini

  • Print Speed: 10 secs/photo
  • Max. Media Size : 2×3 inches
  • Functions :Print

Cheap Portable Printers Reviews

1.Polaroid ZIP | Cheap Portable Printer

Comrades, owning the Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Mini Printer gives you the convenience to print high-quality smudge-free 2×3 pictures from anywhere you go. Yet, you don’t have to shake your prints as you’d do with a Polaroid picture.

Moreover, the device delivers tear-proof, waterproof photos with sticky peel-backs. These elements make these prints viable for sticking wherever you want to stick them including on refrigerators, cabinets, ort walls.

It is an apt-tilted mini printing tool that comes with reliable Bluetooth and NFC connection options and a free Polaroid Print App. It allows compatibility with both android and iOS devices.

Weighing slightly over 6 ounces, the pocket-sized mini photo printer is a perfect tool for avid outdoor adventurers. Stuff it in your pocket or bag and assume it’s not there until the need for it arises.

2.Kodak Dock | Best Cheap Portable Printer

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard about Kodak. Maybe, you’ve heard about the name a thousand times or more. This is because it is a century-old brand in the photo-printing industry. They continue to prove that with the Kodak Dock Portable Instant Photo Printer.

This printer is pretty small and lightweight and boasts of being able to conveniently dock your phone. However, it is impossible to use the device without a power source as it doesn’t come with an inbuilt battery.

It uses a dye-sublimation method to print 4×6-inch photos that dry instantly hence reduce any rusks of smearing and smudging.

The Kodak dock comes with an android pin and a lightning adaptor for Android and iOS devices respectively. Besides, it features an inbuilt Wi-Fi for more efficient connectivity.

It is an amazingly easy to use piece of tool that features one-touch printing mechanism. This feature allows you to make prints directly from your smartphone.

3.Fujifilm INSTAX Share SP-2

Fujifilm is popular for its fun to use products, and the Fujifilm INSTAX Share SP-2 Mobile Printer is no exception. The mobile printer is fun, fast, compact, and incessantly stylish. It features a more advanced mobile app, updated from its predecessor, that adds more templates and filters for more customized prints.

The SP-2 gives you a golden opportunity to instantly transform any picture from your tablet or laptop into a physical picture. The interface is perfectly easy to use with options to view, choose, and print photos at your convenience.

It uses a film instead of cartridge inks and paper. The inkless and paperless medium makes it one of the most environmental-friendly options that you will get in the market today.

Finally, the device is pretty small and comes with a removable, researchable battery for limitless portability options.

4.Canon SELPHY CP1300 | Cheap Portable Printers For Laptops

It is impossible to review affordable portable photo printers without talking about the industry famous Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer. The device is versatile and produces outstanding color as well as enhanced black and white photo prints.

The Selphy CP1300 is comparatively larger than your ordinary mobile photo printer but still not as bulky as the smallest multifunction desktop models. However, the fairly compact footprint comes with amazing features that you will marvel at.

The device is more dynamic than its competitors. It can comfortably churn out high-quality 2×2-inch square printouts, 2×3-inch photos, and the popular 4×6-inch photos from your digital library.

Arguably, this gadget offers the most diverse compatibility options. The Wi-Fi option allows connection to smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It is also compatible with USB flash disks and SD cards.

5.HP ENVY Photo 6222 | Cheap Portable Printer Scanner

It’s not by coincidence that we come to the end of our review section of the article with an HP gadget. The HP ENVY Photo 6222 Wireless All-in-One Printer is what you need if you are looking for great print speeds, versatility, high-quality prints, and low running costs in your ideal portable printer.

Without spending your lifetime savings, you are assured of a compact portable device that delivers beyond expectations. The affordable HP ENVY Photo 6222 guarantees startling 4×6-inch photo prints but will accommodate documents of up to 8.5×11 inches.

It features inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity that is compatible with a range of media devices. Besides, this connection option also allows you to print photos from social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Finally, you have to give it to the HP ENVY Photo 6222 for its unbeatable print speeds. It delivers premium A4 documents at 12 pages per minute.

How To Choose Cheap Portable Photo Printer

We can’t ignore the importance of portable photo printers. But what makes the best cheap portable photo printer. The following tips are essential when shopping for a portable photo printer;

  1. Size And Portability

The term portable is quite ambiguous. While an array of models may fall in the portable category, you need to determine the level of portability that will do for you. So, the first factor to consider when shopping for an excellent photo printer is printer size.

The size of your printer will determine its level of portability. The market has a range of portable desktop options as well as cell-phone sized pocket-friendly models that you can easily slip into your pocket, and you are good to go. Choose the correct size depending on your travel needs.

  1. Maximum Media Size

You are in the market for a portable printer. Granted! But what photo sizes are you looking for? From the onset, it is essential to set the record straight by categorically stating that the size of the printing machine does not necessarily determine the dimensions of photos that you receive from your printing machine.

They deliver a variety of photo prints. Notably, you can get 2×2-inch, 2×3-inch, 3×4-inch, 5×5-inch, and 5×7-inch photos, among other more massive printouts. What you get will depend on the type of printer that you choose.

  1. Speed

How many seconds can your printer of choice take to print a single photo? Well, photo printing is an intricate process, but you shouldn’t take eons to print a single photo. Slow photo printers will frustrate you, mainly if you are at a party or family get together and intend to share the live experience with others.

You need, therefore, to consider the print speed of your device. Most printing machines in this category have print speeds of about 10 seconds per photo. However, any device that takes less than one minute to print a single photo is tolerable. Such rates also allow for top quality photo printing.

  1. Connectivity Options

Finally, the connectivity options that your printing machine comes with is equally a reasonable consideration. The essence of owning a portable printing machine is to enjoy printing and sharing memories when you are away from home.

That means that you will most likely be printing the photos from your camera or smartphone. What would be the ideal means to connect these devices to your printer? Yes, you will need a wireless network such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for more efficiency. Look out for the availability of either of those.

Final Word

Inkless printing technology and the dynamic connection options bring forth the convenience of owning a portable photo printer. An ideal photo printer easily transforms your digital life into a physical keepsake. Most models use the 2×3-inch, 4×6-inch, or slightly larger zinc papers.

A cheap portable photo printer is as compact and lightweight as your ordinary smartphone. Also known as travel printers, they ideal for use during trips across town, business trips, vacations, camps, and road trips. Their dynamism goes beyond printing photos to provide a medium for printing small documents and labels.

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