Eufy Doorbell Review

Eufy Doorbell Review: Are These Any Good?

There is no denying how important security systems are, especially in today’s world. It is one of the best investments to put your money into, and you can find different types of these devices in the market.

Among them, in particular, one brand stands out, earning the trust and admiration of thousands of people worldwide. And you might be wondering what is all the hype is about, or if it is worth it or not.

Well, then you are at the right place as we are doing a eufy doorbell review on two of their popular products. One of them is wired and the other is wireless, both claiming to take high-resolution footage and give excellent security.   

Eufy Doorbell Review

Having a sleek and stylish design is definitely one thing that stands out right off the bat with this brand. However, and luckily, it is not here to serve looks only. But we will let you decide for yourself as we go into the products’ full details.

1. Eufy Security Wireless Video Doorbell

While we have all established the fact that everybody needs a security camera on their door, when it finally arrives, the bigger problem at hand becomes the installation process. All the drilling and passing wires around the house are something we wish wasn’t necessary.

And it seems like the company has taken it into full consideration while making this security doorbell. It attaches to the mount with a snap, taking only a couple of minutes to install it. There is no need for any wiring or drilling except for fixing the mount.

Besides, its sharp 2K resolution camera captures a crystal-clear face and voice of the visitor. And thanks to the WDR, you will be getting a clear view outside, even in the dimmest lighting. But what’s more amazing is that they take no subscription fee to store your data, unlike other companies.

Moreover, the built-in AI system detects a human presence, alerting you immediately when a person is at the door. It means you will only get relevant notifications. You can also draw an “Active Zone” for the motion detector to focus on specifically. 

Another outstanding feature we really like is the camera’s standby mode, which keeps the battery charged for nearly a year! Yes, the rumors are true; the camera only records manually or sensing a presence, leading to 58% less power consumption and charging.  

Responding is also easy and more convenient than ever. This thing lets you record three responses to your choice, which you can simply select from your phone to answer or give instructions without opening the door. It comes in black and white colors.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2K resolution camera with WDR gives sharp footage in any lighting.
  • Camera standby mode helps consume 58% less power.
  • One-time purchase comes with no subscription-fee.
  • AI detects human presence and sends alerts.
  • Lets you record three responses for easy and safe interaction.

2. Eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

The wired version of the device, it seems to be almost equally impressive and has similar features to the wireless. However, apart from coming in both the same colors, it is slightly smaller than the other and costs less.

It comes with an HDR 2K resolution camera that captures the visitor’s clear images and sends the snapshot to your phone immediately. All your data are also securely saved without requiring any subscription-fee!

Apart from that, its 4:3 camera aspect ratio gives you a top to bottom view of the person. We found this to be well-thought-out and impressive since most security cameras typically come with 16:9 ratios, where you can only see half of the person.

Between the two devices, the biggest difference is the 3-second footage feature. In this wired version, you will get a 3-second motion of the person with the alert when they appear at the door.

This is an excellent feature to add and gives more reassurance than a still image for sure! As speaking of reassurance, their storage system is military-grade encrypted, which makes it safe from hackers.

And like the wireless, it also comes with the “Active Zone” and AI motion detector. Even though the system is always on, you won’t get any false alerts. There’s also a useful feature that allows you to record three responses.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4:3 camera aspect ratio shows top to bottom of the person.
  • Sends 3-second footage of the person with the alert, providing context to the situation.
  • Requires no subscription-fee to view your data.
  • The military-grade storage system is secure and safe from hackers.
  • HDR 2K resolution camera gives a clear voice and footage.

Comparison Table


Local Storage

Virtual Assistant Compatible

3s pre-buffer


Wireless Video Doorbell

Built-in 16 GB eMMC

Google and Alexa


2K WDR resolution, on standby

Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Built-in 4 GB eMMC

Google and Alexa


2K HDR resolution, always on

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it record 24/7?

No, it only records when sensing a human presence before alerting.

Can it record 24/7?

It doesn’t support continuous recording.

How much footage can the built-in storage system save in a day?

Hypothetically, it can store up to10 videos of 10 minutes a day.

Can you link multiple chimes to them?

Yes, you can link four chimes at once.

Is there a voltage requirement for the wired video doorbell?

It requires a 20VAC voltage with a 30VA or above output power.

How do I know if the voltage is too low?

The LED light will turn red, indicating the voltage is low.

Can you connect the device to any virtual assistant?

Yes, it is compatible to connect with Google Voice Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Final Words

We hope we answered all of your questions about the products in our article. If you’re looking for a reliable great quality video doorbell, then these two might just be it. They both do the job that it claims, so there are no complaints from us there.

These devices are also IP65 weatherproof rated. So, they can handle any harsh weather without issue. However, the budget is something to consider among the two.

The difference is relatively justifiable, but it depends on what you’re looking for and your budget. But we can confirm both will provide excellent security.

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