How to Adjust Printer Settings for Avery Labels

A Complete Guide on How to Adjust Printer Settings for Avery Labels

Avery offers plenty of space to get creative when you need to jazz up your mailing label or school scrapbook.

Once you adjust your printer settings to create those beautiful labels, you can always return to print different patterns and sizes to suit any pressing need. Guess what! The creative side of making labels goes beyond stamping envelopes and stamping spice.

Good news! You do not need to go shopping for a special label printer for this job.

If you have a laser or inkjet printer, you can craft any label, anytime, anywhere.

Now, you may be wondering how to adjust printer settings for Avery labels?

Here, we discuss how to get this done on all printer types. Even if you own an old-school inkjet or laser printer, you still will be able to print your Avery labels at home.

Read on to discover how to adjust your printer settings and alignments for Avery labels from the comfort of your home.

How to Adjust Printer Settings for Avery Labels

Adjusting your printers for Avery labels is a process involving several steps or stages. You need to set resolution, paper size, prints per page, alignment, and customize templates.

Even when you adhere to all the instructions, labels can come out badly misaligned.

Although the online Avery Design & Print Tablet App is easy to use and now compatible with popular browsers like Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.

It is a good idea to understand the nitty-gritty of label printing using an everyday application you are familiar with. This will make printing and customization of Avery labels easy to do.

You are in luck today!

Your home printer can print an entire Avery label directly from Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

Let’s get started!

Step one: Open your Microsoft word application and go to mailings.

Open your Microsoft word application, and start a new document. On the new document, you will find the “Mailings” menu between References and Reviews. Click on mailings; it will display a list of submenus such as Select Recipients, Start Mail Merge, Labels, Envelopes, etc.

Step two: Select labels and choose an Avery product number

Click on labels from step one, an “Envelopes and labels” pop-up will come up. Click on options, select product number, and other customizations to get creative.

If you want the same wordings on all the labels, type it in the Address box.

However, if you aim to have different text on different labels, click on the new document on the pop-up window and write your desired text.

Step three: Locate the gridlines tab on the layout menu

The next step in this guide on how to adjust printer settings for Avery labels is if the new document from stage two might appear blank on startup. If you encounter this, go to layout, select view gridlines, and choose labels from mailings.

These menus are on the top row of the pop-up window. They are very easy to locate.

This is where to fill out the required address info for all the labels. You can also choose different colors, font sizes, and text alignment. This is the same as editing a regular Microsoft Word document.

Step four: Insert, align, resize images for the Avery labels (optional)

If you want to include a template or image to the Avery label, we suggest using the online Avery Design & Print Tablet App.

However, with Microsoft Word, you can print Avery labels with an image on a Canon printer.

To do this, create a new doc as we did in step three. Once you have the label grids on the document, locate the insert menu on the top row of the pop-up window.

Go to the image location, and select the picture to be used on the label.

If the image is too large or you do not like the image position, right-click on the image for available customization tools.

Also, there are picture customization tools at the top menu bar. You will find menus such as crop, align, text-wrap, position, effects, border, and picture format.

These are pretty straightforward options and will assist you with the customization you desire with arrows for crafting the best Avery label that suits your needs.

After the customizations, go to the “Mailings” menus again. Select “Full Page of the Same Label” to keep the same design for all your Avery labels.

You can also work with different texts and patterns by selecting a single label or a collection of Avery labels for one page.

Wondering how to adjust printer settings for 3x 5 Avery labels?

It’s easy!.

After clicking on “Mailings” and “labels” on the Ms word application, click on options. Then select Avery US letters on the product number drop-down, choose 5388 index cards, and you are good to go.

Step five: Click on the menu “file” and select print

Go back to the menu bar at the top, this time to the left side. Select “File,” then “print” from there. If you do not like the default print setting, select “Color” to print colored Avery labels.

Click on “more settings” select paper scale, quality, and size. Select “Fit to printable area” to prevent cutting out designs and text from the sides. Note, never choose “Fit to the page” when crafting address labels.

Step six: Choose Cardstock or Premium Paper if you do not find labels

On the print menu, click on Paper Size, go to uncheck Plain Paper, then labels. If your Microsoft Word does not support Labels as one of its supported printing media, choose either heavyweight or Cardstock, both will come out fine.

How to align Avery labels correctly on MS Word

You can set rulers to auto-align the label designs on Microsoft Word. However, it is much easier to accomplish using the online Avery Design & Print Tablet App.

This app allows you to align the entire label to the right or left, up or down, using your desired customizations.

It is worthy of note that the online Avery Design & Print App has a menu function specifically designed for printing labels.

All that is needed is selecting the Avery Product and Design, editing or customizing, previewing your design, and printing the labels one after another.

After this, the app opens your printer app automatically after confirming the templates. This works with all kinds of branded printers.

In addition, if you are wondering how to adjust printer settings for Avery labels mac. The procedures described above work for both Windows and Mac OS.

What type of Avery label paper will work for my printer?

Avery products come in plenty of sizes; they are one of the best label papers on the market today. You can buy by materials, usage, and shapes on their website. You will find color labels, waterproof labels, clear labels, white labels, and many more.

There is an option to select intended use: folder labeling, file, party & events, color coding, address & shipping, etc.

Avery products are designed for laser and inkjet printers; you will always find a label stock that will work well for you.

How to set your printer to print Avery labels.

For instance, your laser printer can print Avery labels. We recommend using the Avery 22816 (Print-to-the-Edge 2-inch square labels) and Avery 22807 (round labels).

This will print outside the trim line making for an output with full-bleed designs. (This means zero random white borders on the printed template.)

Print totally borderless if you want zero white margins on all sides of your designs. Although it is a safe option, all printers do not support this feature.

In all, never feed an inkjet label into a laser printer.

How to Adjust Printer Settings for Avery Labels


Few things are as beautiful as a label with a colorful layout and nice fonts. It adds extra aesthetics to your invitation cards, mailings, and letters.

Avery labels can create highly personalized labels for your business or personal needs. It will come in handy when you need to process and send out bulk orders during a rush.

You only need a good printer and a couple of Avery labels to upgrade your mailing. Use size 7+ font, do text wrapping, set the alignment correctly, and send to the printer.

We hope this article “How to Adjust Printer Settings for Avery Labels” answers all your questions.


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