How to Clean a Printer

How to Clean a Printer

Do you take notice of the need to obey your printer’s maintenance schedule? Do you know that the first level of action in printer maintenance is to clean a printer regularly? If this fact is not known to you, then now you know. And, you’d better take it seriously.

Most offices and businesses immensely benefit from the services of a printing tool. You turn the machine on, make a print command from your laptop or phone, and wait for neatly printed sheets on the output tray.

With the same level of enthusiasm, you should acknowledge that routine printer cleaning is beneficial to your printer’s lifespan as well as the print quality.

When we discuss how to clean a printer, then we don’t mean the occasional wiping of dust and debris off the top of your machine. That’s just part of the process, but it encompasses well beyond that.

Benefits Of Cleaning Your Printer Regularly

1. Improving Its Looks

When a stranger comes to your home or office, the first items that they meet are your décor, furniture, and equipment. The impression and perception that these items create portray who you are. Do you want to depict a dirty and disorganized image?

Cleaning the top and the general exterior of your printing machine is a perfect way to make it look clean and presentable. However, there is more beyond the looks and aesthetic aspect.

2. Improved Efficiency

Paper jams are dreadful, aren’t they? It is even worse if you have loads of unfinished work to attend to. The good thing is that you can quickly solve and prevent future occurrence of paper jams if you have a regular cleanup of your printer.

Even more, it is interesting that you can conveniently maximize your machine’s output per ink cartridge if you consistently keep the machine clean.

3. Improved Lifespan

A printing machine has multiple movable parts and systems. These parts are susceptible to dust, ink, and debris build up over time. With continuous use, a printer with a lot of accumulation of foreign bodies is at risk of strenuous wear and tear.

Such a condition reduces the lifespan of your printing machine. And, who wants to invest in a single office equipment every few months or years? You, therefore, end up saving substantial amounts of money by the sheer practice of regularly cleaning your printing machine.

4. Improving And Maintaining Print Quality

Finally, the quality of your print output is dependent on how clean your printer is. You can minimize and eliminate smudging, smearing, and blurring on pages. Consistent printer cleaning also eliminates uneven printouts or blank pages as it gets rid of ink buildup.

4 Essential Tips On How To Clean A Printer

1. Cleaning The Printer Exterior

We know that you often wipe off the dust on the outside of your device. But do you follow these steps?

  • Put off your computer and let it cool.
  • Use a moist cloth to get off dust and debris. The fabric should not be too damp.
  • You can use vinegar or alcohol to help minimize mineral residues.

2. Automatic Cleaning Of Printing Machines

Both laser and inkjet printers have an effective and straightforward cleaning mechanism. You can easily find out from the user manual on the activation steps. These tips should help you through;

  • Go to the “All Programs” operation on your computer and locate the control panel of your printer.
  • Click “Printer Services.” You will either find “Maintenance”, Properties”, “Utility”, or “Toolbox”.
  • The term will depend on the make and model of your machine. Click on that which appears and locate the “Clean” function.
  • Print a sample page and notice the difference.

 4. Manual Cleaning Of Inkjet Printers

a) Cleaning The Cartridge

  • You will need cotton swabs, a piece of clean paper, distilled water, and alcohol for this process.
  • Turn on your printer and carefully lift the cover. You will observe the cartridges move swiftly to the central position. When that happens, unplug your power cable and pull out the cartridges from the machine.
  • Put the ink cartridges on a piece of paper with the broader sides facing down. Dampen the swabs with distilled water and carefully clean the edges of the nozzle plates after squeezing out excess water. Be careful neither to touch the copper contacts nor the nozzle plates with your hands or cotton swabs.
  • Clean the cartridge cradle with clean cotton swaps and weight till they dry before you replace the cartridge.
  • Close the cover and test the system with a single page.


b) Cleaning Paper Rollers

  • Take out the paper tray and find out if you can locate the rollers. They are often made of rubber.
  • Moisten cotton swabs with little water and wipe the rollers all round. You can keep rotating them as you wipe to ensure that all sections are wiped clean.
  • Dry them up with dry swabs and close your printing machine.
  • Print a test page to find out if everything is alright.

4. Manual Cleaning Of Laser Printers

  • Turn off your computer, remove the power cord, and wait till it cools.
  • Remove the paper trays and toner cartridges and place the toner on a piece of paper.
  • Use a printer brush and a lint-free cloth to clean the toner cavity. Ensure that these cleaning items are dry.
  • Use a brush to carefully clean the printer mirror, taking note that you decease from touching the mirror.
  • Remove paper particles, spilled toner, and dust.
  • Gently clean the printer rollers without touching the transfer roller.
  • Replace the cartridge and perform a sample print.


Final Words

The importance of cleaning your printing machine regularly is not debatable. But most people find themselves too entangled in a busy work schedule. Alternatively, many people have little or no idea on how to clean a printer properly.

The above factors make it difficult for people to conduct regular cleanup for their printing machines consistently. Irregular or total lack of cleaning limits the lifespan of your device. It also the quality of your work. The above tips should help you clean your printer effectively.

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