how to connect instax printer to iPhone

A Short Guide On How To Connect Instax Printer To Iphone

Instax printers are small-sized photo printers that don’t need wires and connectors to attach with the camera. With their specialized software, it can connect to your iPhone and print out the picture you want. It is a great way to get your fantastic moment on paper from the digital format of your iPhone. Do you know how to connect instax printer to iPhone and have a print of your photo ready, just like that? We have listed some ways to help you connect your iPhone to the Instax printers.

Steps To Tell You How To Connect Instax Printer To Iphone

Instax printers are an accessory when you need to take a print of the photo on the go. It doesn’t need a computer, or lengthy and complicated wires or adapters to put your recent photo in the camera into a colored printout. The company has developed several models of different printers for colored printing of different sizes.

Nowadays, you don’t even need a separate camera to connect; your trusted iPhone could directly command the instax printer to print whichever photos you like, provided it has the proper software and firmware installed.

However, to print the photos out, you need to connect to the printer first. Here is some information on some situations you can face when trying to solve the problem of how to connect instax printer to iPhone.

Step #1: Connect The Printer With Iphone

Check the following settings if you cannot connect the printer with the iPhone:

  • First, check if the Wi-Fi connection is active or not. To do that, select “Wi-Fi” in the “Settings screen” and then select “INSTA – ######” from your list of connections available. You have to choose the SSID in the phone which is printed on the back of the instax unit.
  • Secondly, you have to ensure the permission settings on the “Instax SHARE” app, as some of the features will not function unless the following are not permitted in the Instax SHARE app: “take a picture”, “camera”, “real time template”, “photos”, “select from photos”. You will have permit location access for iOS 13 or later.
  • If you have disabled the permission the first time you tried to connect with the printer through the “Instax SHARE” app; you have to do the following:

Steps To Follow

  1. Click “Settings”.
  2. Select “Instax SHARE” on your iPhone.
  3. Find out “”Allow instax SHARE to access”.
  4. Ensure that “Photos”, “Camera”, and “Location” are not enabled.
  5. These permission settings will not be displayed if the following functions haven’t been used: “Take a Picture”, “Camera”, “Real Time Template”, “Photos”, “Select from Photos”.

Step #2: Check If The Printer Can Be Connected To iOS 13

You will need to access “Location” to connect to the printer with iOS 13. You can follow the instructions given below to access it:

  • Go to the “Settings” in your iOS. Find the “Instax SHARE” bar and then select “Location”, and then select the “While using the app” option.
  • If you are unable to find the “location”, please tap on the “Instax SHARE” app. Type “Real Time Template” on the app screen at the upper left corner, and then select the dialogue marked “Allow”.

Step #3: Print Photos Saved In Icloud

Sometimes, you may want to print a photo you have saved in your iCloud. However, Instax printers cannot print photos directly from the iCloud. To print photos present in the iCloud, you will have to download them in the “Camera Roll” of your device. After you have finished downloading, you can access the printer and print out the photos you like.

Step #4: Know About The Latest Firmware

Firmware are important programs that direct a digital device to perform various functions or work in an improved manner. Most of the digital devices used by the general public can be updated with the latest firmware from time to time. However, to update the device with the latest firmware, you will need to know about the current firmware installed within the printer. Here are the steps to know the firmware of Instax printer:

  • Check whether the printer is powered on. If it isn’t, switch it on.
  • Open your phone.
  • Select the “Settings” app in your phone.
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi settings.
  • Select the SSID of the printer in your Wi-Fi settings.
  • Start the “instax SHARE” app.
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Then tap on “Printer settings”.
  • If you are connecting with the printer for the first time, you will see a dialogue box seeking the password. Input the password and press “OK”.
  • Tap on the “Firmware version” tab present on the screen.
  • The current version of firmware installed in the printer will be displayed at the top of the printer screen.

Step #5: Updating The Firmware To The Most Recent Firmware

Often, you will find that several functions cannot be completed and the printer cannot provide printouts. This event may happen due to the presence of an older version of the firmware associated with the printer. You will need to update the old firmware to the recent one, and you can do it through your smartphone. Let us go over the guidelines that will help you update the firmware of the printer to the most recent one:

  1. The printer should have a full charge, or could be connected to a USB power supply.
  2. You will need to update the “Instax SHARE” app to its latest version. To know the app’s version, start it, and then select “Settings”, followed by “Other”. The version will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Switch on the printer if it has full charge. Otherwise, plug into an USB power source and turn on the printer.
  4. Go to “Settings”, and then “Wi-Fi settings” of your smartphone. Find and select the SSID of the printer.
  5. Start the “Instax SHARE” app by tapping on it.
  6. Go to the “Settings” of the app.
  7. Press on the “Printer Setting” tab.
  8. The system will ask for a password if you are connecting for the first time. If you see a dialogue box, input the password. Unless it hasn’t been changed, the initial password is “1111.”
  9. You will get the “Printer Setting” page. Tap on the “Firmware Version” tab.
  10. Press on the “Update firmware” tab.
  11. You will see a message – “the printer firmware will be updated.” Press OK.
  12. You will see a progress bar with the text “transferring the firmware”.
  13. If the note “No firmware update is available” is exhibited, it means that the most recent version is installed, and the firmware cannot be modernized further.
  14. You will see the LEDs of the printer blink alternately and then stop.
  15. After some time, a dialogue box will come in the app saying “If the LEDs of the printer are not blinking like this…”, and have a picture of the lights blinking alternately.
  16. If the LEDs of the printer are not blinking off and on, then press “OK”.
  17. If you see a message “Turn on the Wi-Fi of your device…”, tap on the SSID of the printer in the Wi-Fi settings of your smartphone and press “OK”.
  18. The message “The update was completed normally” should display on the screen. This text means that your printer’s firmware has been successfully updated to the latest version.

Some of the models in this printer contain an “Auto power off” function that switches off the machine after a certain period of no activity. You may have to disable this option.

Step #6: Connecting The Printer With The Desired Device

Often the connection issue with the printer persists because of the limitation on the number of devices a printer can handle. More specifically, the printer device can connect with 8 smartphones at one time. If you would need to print your photo urgently, disconnect or delete the Wi-Fi connection of some of the smartphones.

  • You can find the connections at the “Settings” screen of the smartphones.
  • Next, you will need to add the connection of your particular smartphone with the printer.
  • After that, you can easily connect your iPhone with the printer and have the most glorious printouts of the photos you want.
how to connect instax printer to iPhone


You can find info on the various events that can occur when you are trying to connect your iPhone to the Instax printer in this article. Hopefully, the steps provided here will help you in answering the query of how to connect instax printer to iPhone. You can now print any photos you like directly from your iPhone, without transferring them to a computer first. For troubleshooting, you can also check out the guide on Instax

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