how to use Neat scanner without software

A Short Guide on How To Use Neat Scanner Without Software

Neat Scanners are high-speed desktop scanners that enable the user to scan different documents in one go.  In a business and during its operation, you are always collecting receipts, business, and other documents. However, the Neat scanner along with its software declutters your desks and cabinets and gives access to your important business documents anywhere in the world. Do you want to know how to use Neat scanner without software? We have listed some ways to do it successfully and get your scanning jobs done without resorting to the use of their software.

Are You Wondering How To Use Neat Scanner Without Software? Ways To Check Out!

Neat scanners can work on both Windows and Mac platforms. Usually, it can scan multiple types of documents and load them into the Neat server. However, for functioning properly, the user has to pay for the scanner and a subscription for its associated software. If you would like to know whether it is possible to use the scanner without the software, then your answer is yes, and we can tell you some ways to access the functions of the Neat scanner by buying a subscription to its software. Let us talk about the methods to apply when you face the question of “how to use Neat scanner without software”.

1. Using Windows Fax and Scan Utility

Neat scanners can be directly used with any software compatible with the TWAIN platform. So, it means that other third-party programs can be utilized to run the Neat scanners. The Fax and Scan Utility of Windows can be utilized for running the Neat Scanner. Let us look at the steps for it:

  • Firstly, open the Windows Fax and Scan Utility in your system. This program is built-in for all devices running Windows OS. To access it, type Windows Fax and Scan on the windows search bar. You can also find it by going into the ‘Start’ button and then clicking on the Windows Fax and Scan tab.
  • The program will give you two options – either scan the document (s) into the Windows Fax and Scan Utility folder or into the Documents folder. Select the option as per your liking.
  • Find the ‘Tools’ button, and you will find two options among others – ‘Scan settings’ and ‘Scan Routing’. Select ‘Scan settings’ to edit the settings according to your requirement and to set the Scanner profile.
  • A new window will open containing the available scan profiles. From the list on that window, choose the profile that meets your requirements for the needed scanner model.
  • You can also make other changes here, like changing the resolution, selecting the color as per your need – like black, white, or others – or you can even change the extension of the file to be saved, and with it, the file type of the final scan. Click on ‘Save the profile’ when you made all the necessary connections as per your requirement.
  • When you are fully ready to scan any document, look at the top left corner of the window being displayed and find the ‘New Scan’ button.
  • You can further modify the image after scanning. For example, you can rotate the image to a specific direction by right-clicking the image and then selecting the ‘first option’ view. You will find two buttons under the image, which you can also use to change the image direction as your requirement.
  • When you have completely modified the image and are happy with your result, Go to the ‘File’ tab and then click on ‘Exit’.
  • The procedure of scanning a document with Neat scanner on a Windows system is complete and you will find it in the appropriate destination folder of your choice.

2. Using The Scanner In Mac Platform

The way to run scanning on the Neat scanner without the software is different on the Mac platform. The commands and programs are different but the documents you need will be scanned as per your requirement. Here are the steps to make the job possible:

  • Firstly, close your Neat Software entirely. Either click on the close button or go to the Neat software and choose ‘Quit Neat’.
  • Now, tap on the spotlight icon on the top right corner of your screen. It is the default search option for Mac. Type ‘Image capture’ in there, and hit the Enter button to start the searching process.
  • After the Image Capture page opens, find the Neat scanner you are using from the ‘Devices’ Menu. It will be on the left side of your window. To view or edit any options in the scanner or other choices, click on the ‘Show Detail’ option.
  • To specify the location for the saved scan, click on ‘Scan to’ and choose the location.
  • To set the type and the format of your scanned images, choose the ‘Format’ tab and select.
  • Finally, set the document into the scanner and enter the scan mode.
  • Your document will be scanned in your chosen format and saved at your chosen location.

3. Using NAPS2 Software For Windows Platform

The manufacturing company of Neat suggests the use of NAPS2 (Not another PDF Scanner 2) software in place of its associated program to scan documents. As said earlier, Neat scanners are compatible with TWAIN-compliant programs, and the NAPS2 software works just as well for scanning with them. Let us know the steps to do it:

  • At first, you will need to install the driver associated with your Neat scanner model.
  • If you are using NeatConnect, then you will need to set the scan destination to computer by swiping until the touch screen shows ‘Computer’.
  • Download the latest version of the NAPS2 program from the URL: If you have a previous version installed, update it to the newest version.
  • Open NAPS2. You will need to set up a profile for your Neat Scanner. For that, select the drop-down menu on the Scan button and click on ‘New profile’.
  • On the profile settings dialog box, first select the TWAIN Driver button.
  • Then click on the ‘Choose Device’ tab. The ‘Select Source’ dialog box will open.
  • Choose your Neat scanner model from the available option.
  • You can choose the settings as required too. For NeatConnect and Neat Desktop Scanners, you can select ‘Paper Source’ to Feeder for single-side scans and Duplex for two-sided documents.
  • You can also choose resolution, Page Size, Brightness, Contrast, and other related factors.
  • After you have put in all the required options, Click ‘OK’ to save the settings of this particular scanner profile.
  • To return to the profile settings, you can select ‘Profiles’ and then ‘Edit’ for making any further changes.
  • Your Neat scanner device is ready to scan. You can load the documents into the scanner and click on the ‘Scan’ button present on the top left of the NAPS2 program.
  • Once the scan is completed, you can select the file in a PDF or image format.

FAQs About Using Neat Scanner Without Subscription

Q: How to use a Neat desk scanner without any subscription?

If you have the proper neat hardware, then you would be able to easily scan your documents directly to your laptop. You wouldn’t need any subscription for this purpose. However, your Neat desk scanner will not function properly with hardware manufactured by a third party.

Q: Can Neat scanner scan photos?

Neat scanner can scan the documents with the help of a desktop program. The software can scan different business papers like invoices, receipts, business cards, and other documents. With the help of the Neat mobile app, you can get a snap of the receipt and exchange it on the correct platform easily.

Q: What is the most pressing concern for Neat Scanner?

The Neat scanner is functional, useful, and great for scanning different business documents but it takes considerably more time to scan than other scanners. Moreover, after the discontinuation of several Neat products, the company has stopped giving any tech support. You cannot speak with any support person if your Neat scanner starts giving problems. This is currently the most pressing concern for the Neat scanner users.

Q: Which version of Windows can it work with?

Neat scanner can work with all recent versions of Windows OS, and certainly with Windows 10. The scanner is recommended, appreciated, and judged by most business organizations as one of the best-selling portable scanners. We can assure you that it will help you scan all types of documents and receipts on the go.

how to use Neat scanner without software


So, here you have multiple methods to use if you are thinking “how to use Neat scanner without software”. Hopefully, this has answered all the queries about using Neat scanners without software. You can now scan all business documents easily and access them whenever the need arises.

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