What Is The Best Printer With The Cheapest Ink Cartridges

What is the Best Printer With The Cheapest Ink Cartridges

What is the best printer with the cheapest ink cartridges? That’s now a common question on the minds of prospective printer buyers. But why would someone ask this if they can afford printers?

Well, while printers are incredibly getting cheaper, more productive, and friendlier, the cost of ink refills continue to be an eyesore. A few years ago, the reverse was true. Printers were costlier, less productive, challenging to use, while inks came at throwaway prices.

It is now surprising that users have to bear with skyrocketing costs of ink refills. Most of the low-cost printer models are now synonymous with ink expenses that exceed the value of the printer itself.

But you don’t have to go through that. You will find top quality printing tools with cheap and reasonable ink prices if you are patient enough in your research. So, read further.

Top Pick

HP OfficeJet 5255 worldcuptech

HP OfficeJet 5255 Printer

  • Function: Print, Scan, Copy, Fax
  • Maximum Print Speed: 20 Pages per minute
  • Resolution: 1200 x 4800 dpi
  • Auto Document Feeder: 35 Sheet

Comparison Table For Top 10 Printers With The Cheapest Ink Cartridges

Canon PIXMA TR4520
  • Speed: 8.8 ipm.
  • Resolution: 1200 x 4800 dpi.
  • Functions: Print, Fax, Scan, Copy.
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Canon PIXMA MG3620
  • Speed: 9.9 ipm.
  • Resolution: 1200 x 4800 dpi.
  • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy.
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HP OfficeJet 5255
  • Speed: 10 ppm.
  • Resolution: 1200 x 4800 dpi.
  • Functions: Print, Fax, Scan, Copy.
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Canon MG2520
  • Speed: 8 ipm.
  • Resolution: 4800 x 600 dpi.
  • Functions: Print
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Canon TS202
  • Speed: 7.7 ipm.
  • Resolution: 4800 x 600 dpi.
  • Functions: Print
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HP OfficeJet 4650
  • Speed: 6.8 ppm.
  • Resolution: 1200 x 4800 dpi.
  • Functions: Print, Scan, Fax, Copy.
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Canon TS302
  • Speed: 7.7 ppm.
  • Resolution: 1200 x 4800 dpi.
  • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
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HP DeskJet 3755
  • Speed: 8 ppm.
  • Resolution: 1200 x 4800 dpi.
  • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
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Canon Office Products PIXMA TS5020
  • Speed: 12.6 ppm.
  • Resolution: 1200 x 4800 dpi.
  • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
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Canon MX492
  • Speed: 8.8 ppm.
  • Resolution: 1200 x 4800 dpi.
  • Functions: Print, Scan, Copy
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Best Printers With The Cheapest Ink Cartridges Reviews

1.Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless All in One Photo Printer | Best All In One Printer With Cheap Ink Cartridges

Look, printing is about quality. We understand that. We hope you do, too. But the quality prints that we all strive to achieve should not come at neck-breaking prices. The Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless, All in One Photo Printer, is a cost-effective means that also comes with unbeatable print quality and convenience.

Firstly, the inks are pretty affordable and guarantee moderate yields. The ink will pretty last you through a convenient number of pages. Besides, the printing tool is compatible with a versatile selection of reliable ink cartridges.

You can opt for the PG-245 XL/CL-246 XL combo pack, PG-245 XL monochrome ink, CL-246XL color ink, or PG-243 black ink. These ink cartridges don’t cost much. Yet, they guarantee high print yields. Such a characteristic not only reduces the cost per page of printing but also enhances efficiency.

Still, more efficiency comes from the inbuilt features of this device. The device comes with an exciting range of connectivity options. You can either opt for wireless or wired connectivity depending on the type of device you intend to pair it with.

Like every other PIXMA printer, the Canon PIXMA TR4520 is pretty easy to use. You can establish a connection through Wi-Fi, AirPrint, Mopria, or USB.

Highlighted Features

  1. It comes with an auto ON/ON feature for convenience and power-saving.
  2. It features both wired and wireless connections.
  3. You can quickly enable mobile printing through AirPrint and Mopria.
  4. The voice-activated function enhances convenience.
  5. It’s pretty convenient and easy to use.

2.Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer | Best Wireless Printer With Cheap Ink

The PIXMA series of Canon printers are famous for their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. So, the Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless Multifunction Color Inkjet Printer is no exception.

The device can copy, print, and scan. However, it stands out as an incredibly wireless option. Interestingly, you can easily print from anywhere around your home or office. The Canon Print App allows you to scan and print documents and photos from mobile devices.

The essence of shopping for an ink-efficient printer is to help you save money. The Canon Pixma MG3620 does that perfectly well. Firstly, you have access to affordable Canon inks in the PG-240, PG-240XXL, PG-240XL, CL-241, and CL-241XL.

Interestingly, these are no doubt, cheap options with flexible ink capacities. You have the convenience to choose an option that meets your print volumes. Moreover, you’ll enjoy the convenience of using the PG-240XL/CL-241XL Combo Pack. This combination allows you to create both color and mono documents.

The printing tool also allows you to save time and resources through the auto-duplexing feature. Interestingly, this feature ensures that you save precious time by printing and scanning both sides of a document in a single pass. The feature also helps to save on paper hence reduces the cost printing.

Highlighted Features

  1. The multipurpose printer can copy, scan, and print.
  2. It also allows for mobile printing and scanning.
  3. It comes with powerful wireless printing options.
  4. It is compact and incredibly saves on space.
  5. The auto-duplexing feature saves time and money.

3.HP OfficeJet 5255 Wireless All-in-One Printer | Best Printer For Home Use With Cheap Ink

Printing from home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. However, it sure does if you don’t invest in a printer that you can use with cheap inks. The HP OfficeJet 5255 Wireless All-in-One Printer saves you from a predicament where every ink replacement occasion turns out to be a big-money activity.

The manufacturer of this device, HP, gifts clients with two precious opportunities to save on ink. The first option is to use the efficient HP instant ink service and save up to an incredible 50% on ink replenishment. This service is equally efficient as you don’t have to make orders. The device makes orders automatically.

The second opportunity that you can utilize to save on ink costs is to enroll for the Amazon Dash Replenishment and save as much as 10% on ink replenishment. The printer independently determines when to place orders and does so, as in the case with the HP Instant Ink program.

The printer isn’t all about cheap inks without productivity and quality. As you will find out, this machine can scan, copy, and fax, besides providing printing functions. It also guarantees unbeatable quality for photo and text prints. It is a tool that you will no doubt find useful for home and small offices.

Highlighted Features

  1. You can directly print email and PDF attachments.
  2. The HP Smart app enables remarkable remote control.
  3. The 4 in 1 printer performs all the necessary tasks in a home office.
  4. It comes with a powerful 35-page ADF capability.
  5. It is efficient and easy to automate.

4.Canon MG2520 Color Photo Printer | Best Color Printer With Cheapest Ink

The presumption that color printers have high running costs is just that, an assumption. The Canon MG2520 Color Photo Printer is a printing tool that guarantees cost-effective printing accompanied with incredible efficiency.

The printing tool comes with an ink cartridge that will keep you going for long. Yet, the initial cost of the device and ink is perfectly reasonable. The device is a true color printer that faultlessly utilizes a combination of dye inks to produce vivid colors and explicit texts.

You can easily order original inks that are pretty affordable. However, you will find much cheaper remanufactured ink cartridges that are compatible with the Canon MG2520.

Many people buy printing machines only to end up that the device of their choice is not compatible with the media device. Stay on the lookout for that. The advantage of choosing the MG2520 lies in the fact that it is compatible with Mac and Windows, which are arguably the primary operating system for most computers.

Highlighted Features

  1. It is compact and saves space.
  2. It is ideal for color and black and white printing.
  3. It comes with ink that will last you for a long time.
  4. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows devices.
  5. It prints photos, graphics, and other high-detail documents.

5.Canon TS202 Inkjet Photo Printer | Best Inkjet Printer With Cheapest Ink

Photo printing is about quality. However, quality doesn’t mean that the entire process of printing photos should be a complicated one. The Canon TS202 Inkjet Photo Printer is an ideal tool for printing photos that brings into the business an unachievable level of simplicity.

The combination of a high print resolution of 1200 x 4800 dots per inch and the unique excellent hybrid ink system ensures that you attain incredible in every document or photo that comes from the Canon TS202. You won’t find fault in the print quality.

This is by far the most compact printing machine in this review. So, expect to save on space. It is also a machine that is reasonably portable, and you can tag along wherever you go.

But the compact nature of the device should not make you underrate its abilities. Apart from the quality, this product also comes with fantastic productivity features. It is a dual tray printer with a rear tray that will conveniently handle specialty papers.

The device is compatible with PGI 246 and PGI 243 inks. These inks come at affordable prices but feature high page yields. Moreover, you can also opt for XL sizes, which have lower costs per page.

Highlighted Features

  1. Compatible with cheap aftermarket ink cartridges.
  2. It features a fantastic print resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi.
  3. It is ideal for color and mono documents and photo prints.
  4. It is easy to set up and use.

Buying Guide For Printers With The Cheapest Ink Cartridges

Cost Per Page

Call it ink efficiency or whatever you deem fit, cost per page of a printing machine is undoubtedly an essential factor to look at. It not only determines the ability of your device, but it is also a key component of determining the overall running costs of your printer.

Every cartridge or toner features a designated number of pages that it can print before it is due for replacement. This number is often referred to as the page yield.

Divide the price of the cartridge by the page yield to find out what the cost per page of your printing device is. An excellent printing tool should have a combination of moderate prices and high page yield to deliver a desirable cost per page. The best printer with cheapest ink should have a low printing cost per page.

Laser Or Inkjet

Whether you prefer a laser printer over an inkjet model or vice versa is no longer a matter of personal preference. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. So, find out what works for you.

Generally, lasers beat inkjet printers on cost efficiency. They have high page yields, and this helps to bring down the cost per page of printing. Of course, toners cost more, but the extraordinary page yield immensely brings down the running costs for lasers.

Inkjet options have an unbeatable photo and graphic printing quality. Besides, there are reasonably more compact and portable. That explains the reason why they are a familiar figure in small businesses and home offices. You can’t ignore them.

The purpose of this article is, therefore, to discuss the most ink efficient inkjet printers. You will be amazed at the number of options with ink cartridges that are pretty cheap and efficient. Averagely, the cost per page of some models compares competitively with those of laser printers.

Size Of Cartridge

If you are no newcomer to the printing industry, then you understand that cartridges come in two sizes. There are standard yield and high yield (XL) ink cartridges.

Ideally, high yield options can print nearly twice the number of pages that standard options print. They cost a bit higher, though.

But if your enterprise does high-volume printing, then high yield cartridges will immensely save you money. They are also more convenient as you can print hundreds or a thousand pages in between grappling with the process of cartridge replacements.

We also have XXL cartridges that print more than XL. It is even more exciting that some printing devices come with large ink bottles or ink tanks in place of ink cartridges. These high capacity options are more cost-effective and efficient.

Compatibility With Generic Inks

Ink replacement is a nightmare for everyone. And, OEM inks don’t come cheaply. Fortunately, there is a range of aftermarket options that come at a fraction of what original ink cartridges cost.

However, does your printer of choice accept remanufactured ink cartridges? If it does, then how available are the compatible options?

A printing tool that is compatible with generic ink cartridges substantially offers most customers a chance to cut down printing costs by more than 50%. But ensure that the type of aftermarket ink that you intend to use meets the required manufacturing standards for quality and safety.

Final Word

The internet is awash with insinuations that the print industry is dead. We disagree with this insinuation. And, we bet that you also disagree with that, too. That’s why you are here in search of a cost-effective printer.

However, the process of transforming digital texts and images into physical media should not be an expensive venture. The primary cause of expensive printing processes results from the exorbitant costs of inks.

You don’t need to worry. The best printer with cheapest ink saves you from high running costs that come with expensive ink replacements when you run out of ink. If you find choosing an option difficult, then you’ll appreciate the viable options included in this article.

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